Star Trek: Lost Frontier by Eric L. Busby

Jan 02 2021 14.7k

This story begins after a long and devastating war that has left The Federation in shambles. The pressing mission for the remaining ships in Star Fleet is to travel the war-torn galaxy's and find old alleys to reunite under one federation. Many of the classic Star Trek races make an appearance in this series including the Klingons, Romulans and everyone's favorite the Borg! This book is fast paced and a very creative read. It comes recommended highly for anyone who has followed Star Trek and it also fills in a good amount of background information for those less well versed in the subject.

4.7 • 3 Ratings

Son Of Kyuss Dec 05 2020
Wow!! An absolute MUST LISTEN for any Trekkies. Fantastic production through and through. More please!!!

fabrice d'ozenay Sep 08 2020
Very clear english and i have the images when i listen to it

Fearg Apr 23 2020