Global News Podcast

Oct 17 2020 29 mins 450k

The day’s top stories from BBC News. Delivered twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends

4.3 • 10 Ratings

kukoo76 Oct 01 2020
Thank goodness, real news, the only spin is their audible disdain for that which is ignorant or unfounded.

SeekingUnbiasedN Aug 28 2020
I used to listen to BBC global news podcast, daily, because it was mostly unbiased and provided unfiltered news. After listening to today's piece by Nick Bryant, which is riddled with a clear bias against Trump (if you dont like Trump, fine, but the piece should not be included in a news podcast. News should be delivered for informational purposes) I can no longer trust BBC. As an American, I am outraged Nick Bryant picked apart the pieces of the NRC instead of simply providing details/facts.

Jerry Jul 12 2020
An everyday must

connoisseur de p Jul 06 2020
Biggest newsroom budget, and it shows. Perspective is leftist. Does not understand nor report objectively about things like the Arab "spring" and immigration. Better perspective on the US than American media provides though. Long segment near the end is rarely interesting.

listener84 Jul 01 2020
Useful and global. Very informative

deadmou5ie May 07 2020
Great and informative

jamesdeluk May 03 2020
Best source for news

Vinvalnas May 02 2020
A great range of daily news. I've been listening to this podcast for a couple of years and it's so good for me improving my English skills 😉🔝

Lily K K May 02 2020
Your server isn't allowing downloads immediate after a fresh updated episode is posted. Often have to wait an hour or more until the issue is sorted out. Very frustrating. Please look into this ASAP.

Pedro Paulouro May 01 2020