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Oct 12 2020 62 mins 178

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DJ Toomp Talks New Law For Producers to Get Paid, Why Most Producers & Artists GO BROKE + More
Jan 31 2020 198 mins  
Interview with the legend DJ Toomp who is one of, if not, the creator of making trap beats. He has produced countless hits including many of the beats on T.I.'s first succesful albums like Trap Muzik and songs like "U Don't Know Me" as well as the grammy winning T.I. song "What You Know." His producer credits also include Kanye West "Good Life" & "Can't Tell Me Nothing" as well as Young Jeezy "I Luv It" all which went platinum before Apple Music and Spotify streaming was a thing. We covered a wide variety of topics in what is now our LONGEST INTERVIEW yet (lol we know its long AF y'all!)! We talked about how much producers & artists get paid from Spotify and the difference between songs going platinum now vs 15 years ago when selling physical CD's were a major part of the music industry's business model. Carrington and Toomp had a nice convo about the good ol' days when ladies and gentleman would slow dance at the club (oh how they wish it would come back 😔😢) **** We think the MOST IMPORTANT part of this interview is DJ Toomp's groundbreaking idea on ways for producers to get paid every time an artist performs their song at a show or concert (sort of like a government regulated tax.) This is something he also brought up at our Producer Town Hall in Atlanta. This is important because most producers have to rely on getting placements, selling beats & music publishing checks to pay their bills. Another one of our favorite parts of this DJ Toomp interview is when we talked about poor money spending habits made by artist's and producer's who make a lot of money before really getting a financial education

Cardo Got Wings Talks Producer Come Up, Legendary Placements, Selling Beats Online + More
Oct 18 2019 105 mins  
Cardo Got Wings Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with Cardo as soon as we got to LA for a legendary music producer podcast. This has been one of the most asked about and anticipated interviews we have done so far. We got the full producer come up story as well as some personal gems and advice on making beats and getting placements. Cardo told us about how it was a struggle at first when he was scrambling around trying to make a name for himself until he linked up with Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller & Chevy Woods which led to getting placements on legendary projects like Kush & OJ. Making money as a music producer was still not easy until he discovered how to start selling beats online & linked up with other soundclick OG's like Johnny Juliano & Vybe Beatz. This episode is filled with a lot of good producer nerd talk like how loops took over and relationships with sample makers like CuBeatz has led to great beats being made at a faster rate (ex. Travis Scott - Goosebumps.) 0:45 Cardo Got Wings Producer Come Up Story 10:28 What was your focus when you were coming up? 17:48 Not signing to wiz khalifa / taylor gang & how to end a relationship without burning bridges? 22:31 The Placements That Changed Cardos Life 28:04 Read Between The Lines, Branding Play Just Might Be more valuable than the upfront money 30:55 Johnny Juliano Stops in to talk about selling beats online & the soundclick days 34:30 Why did Cardo stop selling beats online? 38:57 Selling Beats on Youtube Took over 42:18 Transitioning from Internet producer to Industry producer 44:13 Producing and Sending Beats Out Daily Routine 46:40 Clearing Sample horror stories 51:15 Mixing drums in FL Studio sauce 57:30 Transitioning from not having vsts, to using best vst plugins, to making beats with loops 59:25 Getting Cubeatz rich, Getting Travis Scott Goosebumps placement 1:04:33 Whats your favorite Cardo type beat you've ever made? 1:05:57 Producers signing Admin deals and music Publishing Deals 1:10:09 *Fan Questions What was the KEY major thing that got him in the right position? @cracka_lack 1:13:08 What’s one piece of producer advice you would give to yourself if you could go back 10 years? @jayraza22 1:17:17 Have you farted during a collab?? And if so, did they cancel the session? @prodbyhero 💩💨 1:20:15 How could a producer union benefit the community? 1:24:48 Producer Rappers getting respect 1:27:50 Working With Andre 3000 1:35:57 Drakes God's Plan at 154.4 BPM?? 1:38:12 Is it true you out here making beats naked? Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @cardogotwings 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

CashMoneyAP Talks About His Come Up, The Future of Selling Beats Online, Signing a Pub Deal + More
Oct 15 2019 66 mins  
CashMoneyAP Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with CashMoneyAP out in LA for his longest music producer interview yet. We talked a whole lot about his come up story and how he found success in selling beats online. He basically went from giving away free CashMoneyAP beats on youtube living on a small island to becoming one of the most successful type beat producers ever and moving to LA to jump into the music industry and getting placements more frequently. You know we had to ask about him signing producers to CashGang including YoungKio. We talked about the future of selling beats online and even brought up the legion beats producer funnel talk again. CashMoneyAP also talks about publishing deals for producers and how he was able to sign a deal off of the strength of his producer brand without having any really big placements. 0:28 CashMoney AP Come Up Story 3:17 Was AP one of the the first to do “Free Youtube Beats” 7:15 Youtube is how you stay in touch with up & coming artists 9:30 Selling Beats Online with Facebooks Ads 11:06 Having a solid team can go a long way 14:04 Is there a way to monetize streams as a producer? (content ID) 16:19 Signing producers and the goal of signing them 19:25 Best advice for a producer wanting to make selling beats a full time job! 22:12 Why do you still go live and collab with up and coming producers? 23:44 What's the best type beat of 2019? 26:22 Exclusive producer brands vs. well known producer brands *Fan Questions (sorry Chris forgot to edit your screenshot in) 27:33 What is the future of selling beats online in your opinion? @chrisfelixmusic (we also talk about legion beats producer funnels) 32:40 Yo! Ask Cash Money AP how much money he throws at promo for each beat release and what kind of ads he typically uses for producer marketing @tre_scott_beats 36:36 If you were starting off now, would you start go industry or Youtube? 40:50 Budgeting Advances and Working with Labels 51:57 Be careful who you hang with 54:27 CashMoney AP making Boom Bap beats 🤔? 58:17 Any investments outside of music? 1:00:15 Final Producer Advice From CashMoney AP 1:04:10 What’s the best advice you’d give to European/overseas producers CashGang @kingad35 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @cashmoneyap 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan

My Best Friend Jacob Talks Hidden Opportunities For Producers Scoring Films, Sync Placements + More
Oct 15 2019 89 mins  
My Best Friend Jacob Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Another podcast live from LA. In this episode we talk to Jacob about his come up working as a producer and videographer and how he blended both worlds to create opportunities for him to monetize making beats. Most producers try to figure out "how to get placements" or the selling beats online route. Most of us are leaving a lot of opportunity and money on the table by not pursuing tv/film sync placements or film scoring projects. The dope thing about Jacob is the fact that he does all his fim scoring in FL Studio (including the new Travis Scott Documentary Look Mom I Can Fly. We also brought up some of Jacob's favorite producer advice from our Ryan Leslie interview as well as producer beat selling sales funnel advice from our Legion Beats interview 00:50 Working on the “Travis Scott Documentary” 3:57 Scoring “Look Mom I Can Fly In FL Studio” 🦅 5:28 Hidden Stock FL Plug in Gem For Scoring Films FL Video Player Clip 9:28 How much producing goes into scoring a film? Vs blending already made songs? 10:56 - 12:22 Film Scoring is a major opportunity for minorities 🔥 12:23 Free VST Sauce 🎁💎 15:16 How do I start scoring films now? Super Gem 🧠 💎 19:56 Sync Placements, and How to get them 21:21 How do you get paid from film scoring in fl studio? 💰 24:59 New Approach to Scoring Films (Travis Scott "Butterfly Effect") 29:43 Selling Beats Online Using Click Funnels 37:20 Lessons Learned From The Greats 39:08 Advice for all the shooters out there 🎥 46:18 Finding out Netflix picked up "Look Mom I Can Fly" 50:10 Free Arturia Analog Lab 4 Preset Bank ⬇️Download Here: 53:27 Mixing VST Sauce 👀 57:15 Working On The Kylie Jenner Birth Video 1:00:03 Being Strategic When Getting Paid 1:08:02 Interviewing Metro Boomin 1:10:35 One Thing Canada Lacks And Music Scene In Toronto 1:14:14 Day To Day Schedule (Secret Opportunity) 1:19:10 {OVERRATED/UNDERRATED} IS BACK HAHA - Omnisphere 1:22:14 - Balenciagas 1:22:33 - Vinyl Effects (Lil Sauce) 1:25:55 - Checks Over Stripes?????? 1:26:30 Relationship Building Advice (Quantity or Quality?) 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @mybestfriendjacob_ 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch:

KBeaZy Talks Being Financially Free in High School, Selling Beats & Kits Online, Moving To LA + More
Oct 02 2019 58 mins  
KBeaZy Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with Big BeaZ while we were out in LA to get his full come up story. We talked about how he started a successful brand while in high school that helped him become financially free and sign a pub deal all before graduation. He talked about being pressured from his parents to go to college as a back-up plan and how he was able to convince them and his high school counselor that he was good without it. After establishing a business selling beats online and selling drum kits online he has moved to LA to further his career with placements and relationships with major artists and producers like G Eazy, Smokepurpp, Cashmoney AP & more. 0:20 Getting into making beats and Starting Youtube Channel 5:50 Making money in High School 7:33 Not Paying For Promo, Views or Ads 9:21 Does a Beat Store Water Down an Industry Producers Brand? 11:15 Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera 12:29 What separated KbeaZy From Everyone Else on Youtube? 14:19 To Build a Brand Theres No Way to Cheat 16:13 Advice on Selling Beats Online 17:04 Moving Out To L.A. and Not Going To College 22:40 Being Creatively Drained💎 25:20 You Might Be More Productive In Your Home Town 🏙 30:35 Troubles Driving From Michigan To LA 🤦‍♂️ 33:48 Skipping Finals To Work With G-Eazy 37:13 Making Drum Kits and Pirating Kits 43:55 *Viewer Question @grayzee__ I’m contacting managers sending out emails and still don’t get any placements and they say my beats not even trash, why is it not working? 46:00 *Viewer Question @fcapek14 When did you realize the spinz 808 was ur soulmate? 46:30 *Viewer Question @daeztheproducer What’s his next 5 year goal and how does it feel to be financially free at a young age? 47:11 *Viewer Question @555hotline_ @kbeazy what’s your favorite bpm to make beats ? 48:00 *Viewer Question @jayxm450 What would he do today starting from 0? 48:47 *Viewer Question @dawson_amaral Is the tutorial game getting too over saturated for other producers to make a come up on youtube? 51:38 *Viewer Question @jreedsknocking Why does he use fl 11 still over 20? 💎 53:44 *Viewer Question @popebeatsc Is transition from Youtube to Industry hard? Do people take producers as serious in the Industry if they have mainly Youtube background? 54:33 *Viewer Question @young__mooski Describe your music career in 3 words 55:20 Signing a Pub Deal 57:51 Go Watch this Tutorial Be on the look-out for the Producergrind X KbeaZy loop kit free & premium versions 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @kbeazy 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: #ProducerGrindPodcast

YoungKio Talks Making of "Old Town Road", Selling Beat For $30, Signing to CashMoneyAP + More
Sep 20 2019 59 mins  
YoungKio Interview on The Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with Producer YoungKio out in LA for the exclusive long requested interview with the now Diamond producer and creator of the longest running #1 Billboard single ever! We talked about him starting his career selling beats online until he eventually sold the Lil Nas X "Old Town Road" beat to the then undiscovered star. Since then he has dropped out of college, moved to America, signed to internet beat selling legend CashMoneyAP (CashGang), and cashed out on some big royalty checks from the success of his breakout hit which has led to many Lil Nas X old town road remix versions. Another dope producergrind interview with many more to come. 1:45 Getting into making beats and making money online 6:17 How Kio's Beats stood out on Youtube 7:54 Keys to being successful selling beats online 🔑 10:30 Dropping out of college and Advice for College Producers ⭐️ 13:25 Producing Old Town Road *Viewer Question @typeohbeats A lot of producers stay away from sampling for fear of clearance difficulty, cost etc. Has the success of old town road and the sampling of Nine Inch Nails changed Kio's view on sampling? How do you feel about the process now that you've gone through it? 19:25 Discovering Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus made Old Town Rod 26:16 Knowing Billy Ray from Hannah Montana and Meeting Him 29:04 Selling Old Town Road Beat For $30 Misconception 32:50 Signing with Cashmoney APand Universal 37:25 That Old Town Road Check Hittin 💰🤑 38:18 Advice to Overseas Producers ⭐️ 40:58 Still Having A Beat Store 42:58 People Asking For Country Trap Beats 46:26 *Viewer Questions @__codyt What’s the most important thing you had to do to start making better beats? 48:10 VST Sauce 🔥 49:32 Chopping Samples and Loops 50:26 *Viewer Questions @e9__x Ask them if they like collabing more or working alone 51:12 Tuning 808's 52:04 *Viewer Question @dammi_blahblah When do you let an idea just die ? 53:06 How Has Success Impacted Your Family? 56:24 Difference Between People in USA and Netherlands 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @youngkio 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: #ProducerGrindPodcast

Rico Brooks Talks When You Need a Producer Manager, Publishing Music ,Getting Beat Placements & More
Sep 10 2019 72 mins  
Rico Brooks interview on the Producergrind Podcast. In this episode, we linked with Super Producer Manager Rico Brooks, whose managed some of the top producers in the game from Sonny Digital to Southside to Metro Boomin he's worked with them all. We covered so many topics, this podcast clears up many misconceptions about what a manager does and is supposed to do for their clients. We talked about a managers role when it comes to lining up placements, negotiating contracts and making money outside of music. We discuss the differences between managing a producer and managing an artists, and the unique power producers have as the backbone of the music industry. Rico Brooks answers questions like "When should I get a manager?", "What should I look for in a manager?" and "What should I being doing right now as a producer to build my brand?". Also we drop gems on how to maneuver in the music industry, being self-aware and pursuing your passion. We definitely appreciate Rico pulling up and dropping game for the producer culture! 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 1:52 Mom said it was time to start paying some bills 3:51 Working at Kroger helped me be a better manager 6:51 Meeting and managing a 18 year old Sonny Digital 8:22 Why did you want to manage producers over artists? 9:58 To be a successful artists you have to be selfish 13:19 What habits do your most successful producers have? 16:04 What to look for in a manager? 19:41 Having a full time job while pursuing music, should it be done? 21:57 Sometimes a part time job is what you need to jumpstart that hunger to make it! 22:47 Internships help you define what you want in your career 24:45 Money in the music industry is cyclical 25:45 What are some practical steps to help develop vision? 29:52 What does a producer need to have going before they get a manager and what should a producer expect from a manager? 31:58 If I have no money, if I don’t know anyone what can I be doing?? 💎💎 Alert 34:39 Money is not in the advance, get the placement then the money!! 36:47 Publishing Deals and why they’re necessary and effective 40:46 Different types of deals 42:22 What is a copyright? 43:37 Negotiating Good, Great and the Best Deals 49:16 What to expect from a manager 54:14 Studio etiquette and handling industry beef 58:17 Common mistakes producers are making 1:00:10 Rico’s beats would get us all shot 1:01:05 How the Producer Union can take form! 1:06:42 Rico linking with Tasha Catour Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @brooksrico 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan

Ryan Leslie Talks Secret Formula to Success, Leveling Up as a Producer, Building Wealth + More
Aug 22 2019 116 mins  
Ryan Leslie interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with Ryan Leslie in New York City for a dope music producer interview. In this video Ryan talks about how important relationship building skills and communication are for a music producer or any successful entrepreneur. He talked about how his smart financial decisions allowed him to start building wealth and really level up as a music producer and overall businessman. You know we had to ask him about those famous "Ryan Leslie making a beat in studio" videos and how he knew to go all in on YouTube. Another big gem we picked up was how producers in 2019 can use technology to their advantage and work smarter instead of harder. 0:45 How The Legendary Cook Up Videos came about 3:47 Cracking the Google algorithm (SEO) 11:30 Creation is the closest we can get to God 15:15 Its different when you know how to play the real instruments 20:02 We're in the age of the story teller 22:15 There's a lane for all music but its about your intentionality 26:14 "I have no beats on deck!!!" Ryan Leslie come up through interning 32:17 When I bet I want to bet on myself! Keep your promises you make to yourself 34:37 "Irrational decisions are made when there are emotional connections!" 40:09 The number one way to getting placements 48:48 Practical advice for stepping up your relationship building 56:05 Communication starts with a value exchange 1:00:09 Helping is one of the greatest pleasure of life 1:03:13 How do you keep yourself in check on the daily 1:09:57 48 Laws of Power conversation 1:14:00 Real value is created through a need or desire, Creation of the SuperPhone etc.\, Books that shaped Ryan Leslie 1:18:11 Humans are predictably irrational 1:22:17 Staying Focused in a Distracting environment 1:25:06 Expressing a vision for a beat as a producer 1:27:30 What is the most important skill for a producer? 1:32:40 You got to keep it real with yourself and who you are 1:37:52 You dont need a huge audience to make a living 1:42:39 Conversation on subscription business models 1:45:50 Ryan Leslie Wealth Plan 1:50:12 Conversation on Investing 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @ryanleslie 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Legion Beats Talks How To Make $1 MILLION The NEW Way of Selling Beats Online + More
Aug 22 2019 80 mins  
Legion Beats Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. IF YOU PRODUCE YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS. This is by far the most beneficial podcast for any producer period! Gabe from Legion beats breaks down step how to model your beat store to maximize sales through click funnels. He also breaks down why the current business model for selling beats online is not scalable nor effective. Not only did we discuss what the new more effective way of selling beats but we also talked about how chasing placements is not a consistent form of income. We also discuss the benefits of engineering, building a team, and how to use facebook ads to boost your sales. We can't stress enough how vital this is for the producer community, big shout out to Legion beats for dropping so much sauce man! Learn The New Way of Selling Beats Online 📈 0:19 Are you the highest selling online producer of all-time? 1:12 How did you first get into making music? 3:04 Interning led to a successful career engineering and building industry relationship that ⭐️ 5:40 10 years of chasing placements wasnt working 12:34 What is a Click-Funnel?? 14:19 This is why most beat stores are failing! ⭐️ 19:19 This is how you fix it! Build your Producer Funnel Pt.1⭐️ 21:55 Paying a business coach $25,000 a year to transform his business 25:20 Build your Producer Click Funnel Pt.2 30:40 How to build a personal brand and build a connection without being corny? ⭐️ 35:27 You cant rely on one platform! Build your email and sms lists!!! 38:38 EMAIL LIST GROWTH HACK BABVY!!!!!!⭐️⭐️ 43:27 Producer Click Funnel Pt.3⭐️ 48:52 FACEBOOK ADS WORK!!!! 📈 55:50 Selling beats online works even if you dont have placements! 58:23 Common producer marketing mistakes 1:00:22 Instagram engagement hack (Super Sauce🔥) 1:01:45 Guess what?? There's a full course on this stuff!!!! 🔌 🔥 1:07:29 What does over saturation with this new business model look like? 1:08:29 Does Gabe make beats? 1:09:20 When its time to build a team and when its not! 1:14:16 Making beats with hooks is better for placements 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @legionbeats 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

BANDPLAY Talks 15 Year Producer Come Up, Putting on For Nashville, Dum & Dummer Placements + More
Aug 08 2019 57 mins  
Bandplay interview on the Producergrind Podcast. On this episode, Bandplay talks about producing for 15 years and all of the ups and downs he faced on his journey. We talk bout the struggles of a producer and how to overcome those struggles especially when it comes to getting credit for placements. BandPlay shares stories of producing for Nipsey Hussle and French Montana and not getting credit but eventually working things out. Bandplay talks about working to put on for Nashville's urban music scene and the current state of the Nashville. This podcast is full of relatable stories that producers of all levels can relate to, whether your just starting off and working to get your first placement or have been in the game for a while and have experienced the same struggles. 💪💪 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:17 Producing 20 out of 22 songs on Dum and Dummer 3:13 Urban Music Scene in Nashville needs help 5:34 Not getting distracted by life 7:24 Linking up and working with Young Buck 8:16 Operating off of handshakes at the beginning of your career 9:12 How to protect yourself on the business side as a producer 12:38 How were you making money before getting placements? 14:22 Story of getting placements with Nipsey Hussle and French Montana but not getting credit for it 18:03 How did you link with Dolph? 18:59 How do you promote yourself after being on a project? 20:41 Why weren’t you credited on the album? 24:13 Producers need to boss up and promote themselves 25:53 How did you producer "1 H*** Of A Life”? 27:15 Whats the Nashville sound? 28:12 Having Country Placements - Working with Country Session Players 30:41 Division in the Nashville music scene 33:09 BandPlay gets fired from his regular job 35:12 Industry producers vs Online producers 36:21 Is Country rap a legit wave? 43:56 Street Orchestra Production Team WE BROUGHT BACK OVERRATED UNDERRATED!! 45:35 Overrated/Underrated - Producers investing in jewelry 47:04 - Beat Battles 47:57 - No FX on the master channel 51:47 Collabing with other Producers 53:43 BIRD SCOOTERS????? 55:14 Management Convo 56:05 Advice fro anyone who wants to do music 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @iambandplay 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Quay Global Talks Creating Lil Baby Sound, Signing to QC, Life Before Getting Placements + More
Jul 26 2019 39 mins  
Quay Global Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Cook that Sh** Up Quay. We linked up with QC Producer Quay Global in Atlanta to talk about his come up and life before finding success, liking with Lil Baby, Signing to QC & his newest releases with Future, Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, Yella Beezy & More. We related to Quay when he told the story about his mom yelling at him for "making too much noise" and having people over the house to record music and selling beats when he first started taking interest in making beats. Another dope Producergrind interview with some gems for music producer advice and any creative in the music business. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:40 Quay talks about his family being into music 3:11 When Quay started taking producing serious 4:38 Quay deciding college wasn't for him 6:09 Making money from music immediately 8:22 Quay quits his job and meets Gucci the same night 10:55 Using Guccis face card to get a job 12:43 Quay gets signed as an artist but takes a different path 14:21 Is it a lot more work to come out as an artist? 15:30 Meeting Lil Baby through working with BricksdaMane 18:40 How life changed after linking with Lil Baby 19:25 Quay's business investments 21:30 How to split loop percentages?? 27:36 Changes that came after signing to QC 28:56 Getting tired of being asked for the same beat and reshaping his sound 30:46 Music Industry 2018 vs. 2019 33:33 Music for the radio vs Music for the streets 35:00 Handling business as a song writer 36:03 Attempt at Producing Sauce lol Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @ayethatsquay 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Brandon Thomas Talks Why He NEVER Signed a Deal, Traveling Helps You Make Better Beats + More
Jul 26 2019 79 mins  
DamnBrandonT interview aka Brandon Thomas on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with DamnBrandon to talk about what he has been doing since his breakout hit with OG Maco "U Guessed It" which includes working with artists like Kanye West, Madonna, A$AP Rocky & more. He told us why he never officially signed to OGG, QC or any label and remains independent to this day 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:24 Why is DamnBrandon so lit on Instagram? 3:14 Evolving with the Atlanta sound 6:20 Brandon links with hustlers for financial support 8:17 Getting paid $20K per beat 10:10 Building a fan base from Parties!! 11:27 How we became successful and remained independent 12:47 Who's in OGG? 15:00 Working with Key! and OG Maco through the beef 17:20 Going from buzzing in Atlanta to meeting Madonna and Kanye 19:30 Brandon gets assaulted by a school cop!! 25:36 Create a family/fraternity around a vision 26:00 Dealing with flaky artists 30:11 What does a universal shift feel like? 33:52 OG Maco slapped Brandon over U Guessed It record??? 37:56 Brandon tells Kanye hes not going to send him beats 45:19 Traveling helped Brandon become more confident in his music 48:46 You have to do what you want to do 49:20 Becoming more of a music director 50:33 Pro's and Con's of being Independent 51:50 Don't try to remake a song that made you big 54:00 Independent producers NEED to hear this!! 55:10 Advice from Quincy Jones 1:01:53 This music industry is just like High School 1:07:56 Claim producer credits with artists if song has never released?? 1:14:17 Is Soundcloud bigger than Youtube? 1:16:00 Soulja Boy is the G.O.A.T of capturing attention Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @damnbrandont 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

KinoBeats Talks Getting Placements Overseas, Touring The World As a DJ, Virginia Producers + More
Jul 26 2019 55 mins  
KinoBeats interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We got up with KinoBeats, Norfolk Virginia producer known for his work with Lex Luger, A$AP Rocky, Jeezy, etc. He has also recently become known for touring the world as an international DJ for OG Maco, Lex Luger, and himself. Bro dropped a lot of knowledge about how he carved his own lane as a successful music producer coming from a small city with no major music scene. He shed some insight on overseas music markets and why American music & pop culture is consumed worldwide. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:18 Talks being from being from Virginia, working with Lex Luger, and beginning DJ'ing 2:40 The world loves American music 7:57 Building relationships to help build a world tour 11:44 Transitioning from bedroom producer to being in the limelight 14:09 Kino gets frustrated with the American music scene 22:20 Working with artists that speak another language 27:32 Why is it time to be in Atlanta Now? 31:55 How the music industry really works 34:12 You not a real producer for using Fruity Loops?? 36:37 Make somebody else some money first!!!!! 40:21 This is what's wrong with Virginia's music scene? 46:02 You can't make it without sacrificing 50:08 Don't sleep on LinkedIn 52:58 Reworking beats is the secret sauce Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @kinobeats 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducergrindPodcast

Bighead Talks Almost Getting Killed, Taking Major L's, CRAZY Tour Life Stories & More
Mar 31 2019 66 mins  
Bighead Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We pulled up to @KillBighead house in LA for an exclusive interview. This one is filled with so many CRAZY death defying stories as well as funny almost unbelievable stories about stuff that happened being on tour with Lil Pump. We talked about his come up, life after major success with hits like "Lil Pump - Gucci Gang", his creative process, making beats for Lil Peep, struggles with snake friends, getting shot at, struggles with drug addiction & more including why he only makes beats with shoes on 🤔Bighead dropped some real gems and producer advice in this one too including some sauce on how he uses MIDI loops a certain way to create original melodies fast and easy! Enjoy! 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:40 BigHead Getting Into Producing 3:35 BigHead's Gotta Have Shoes On To Cook Up 5:02 BigHead Gettting Robbed By His Own Friends!! 8:41 Big Head Stay Takin L's 9:22 BigHead Almost Killed After Trying To Buy Xans at 2AM 10:59 Producing For Major Artists - Cookin Up In Front Of Lil Pump - Using Loops/Midis *Lil Gem Alert* - Using Scales 15:02 Using Promotion To Sell Beats On Soundclick - Starting His Own Beat Store 18:33 Image and Personality Hold Weight - Being Taken More Serious Because of Image 21:45 Can You Reach Diddy Level Success Living Like A Rockstar? - Working While Partying 24:43 Labels Holding Music Back 26:07 How Life Changed After Gucci Gang - Running Through Money 29:24 BigHead Talks Real Effects Of Drugs - When BigHead Hated And Didn't Do Drugs 33:00 Making Music Changed BigHead - Crazy Coke Stories - Not Caring About The Long Term Effects 36:10 Sound Selection Over Mixing - Making Gucci Gang 38:40 Studio Sessions With Lil Pump 40:15 L.A Is A Toxic City - Artists Should Stay In Their Home Town 43:06 Relationship With DJ Flippp - Selling Cars/Hustling 47:35 Tour Life With Lil Pump - CRAZYYY STORYY!! 50:22 Effects Of Drugs On Personalities - Experience with Fake Xans And Ketamine 55:55 Having Friends That Do What You Do 58:00 Overall Vision For His Career Listen to Bighead Rapping (Mentioned in Podcast) Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @killbighead 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

PVLACE Talks Signing To 808 Mafia, Secret Melody FX Chain & More
Mar 17 2019 59 mins  
PVLACE 808 Mafia Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We linked up with PVLACE from 808 Mafia out in LA for an exclusive interview during his first time in the United States. In this podcast we talk about his life in Germany, how he linked up with Southside and eventually got signed to 808 Mafia because of his dope melodies. We talked about his EDM influence and how it took him a while to learn how to make bouncy trap drums. We talked about his secret sauce when making his sample sounding melodies and some VST's he recommends for Producers. Lot of gems dropped in this episode watch it!!! 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:26 Pvlace almost gets robbed in LA? 1:20 Safety in America Vs. Germany 3:18 Growing Up In Germany 5:00 Starting To Make Beats 6:07 Getting Good At Melodies 7:12 How Did You Build Your Fan Base 8:07 Waiting To Send Beats Out To Artists 9:50 Linking and Signing With 808 Mafia 16:30 Lawyers Reviewing Contracts Before Signing 18:51 How Did Life Change After Signing? 20:45 Keep Everything Simple! 21:45 SECRET SAUCE *but no for real, its a SECRET 24:12 VST Secret Sauce 28:50 America Has The Best Food!!! 30:45 *Viewer Question* - Do you find it hard to build relationships with artists as a foreigner? 35:25 What did it feel like getting your first major placement? 36:22 Human Brain is Amazing!!! 41:18 *Viewer Question* - What skills or plug-ins to your melodies to the next level? 44:48 How Much Time Do You Spend On A Melody? 46:15 What Advice Would You Give European Artists/Producers? 49:28 What Was Toughest Point In Your Career? 53:25 Best Advice Your Dad Every Gave You? 57:14 Music's Influence On Your Decisions 🔥 PVLACE MELODY FX PLUGINS RECCOMENDATIONS 👇 Waves Kramer Tape Machine Waves Mondo Mod XLN Audio RC-20 Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @pvlace808mafia 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Jimmy Duval Talks Suing XXXTentacion Estate Over Look At Me & More
Mar 11 2019 36 mins  
Jimmy Duval interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We pulled up on Jimmy at his home studio in Bel-Air while were out in LA. Jimmy talked to us about his come up, how he started making beats & more. We spent a lot of time talking about the controversy behind "Look At Me" the hit song he produced for XXXtentacion. Recently Jimmy announced he would be suing the late rapper's estate for $1 Million in publishing percentages that were given to another party without his consent. A lot of X's fans have been lashing out at Jimmy on his IG comments but he just wants everyone to know that this is business and has nothing do do with his friendship with X. We also talked about a few other topics including mixing & mastering. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:37 Getting Into Music Production 2:32 Journey To Linking Up With Major Artists 4:50 Linking Up With XXXTentacion 5:26 Producing "Look At Me" for XXXTentacion 7:40 Beginning of the Controversy 15:40 Why Do Producers Have A Problem Sticking Up To Artists? 17:40 Why Just Now Is This Being Noticed? 18:20 Conversation on Publishing 19:55 How Has This Situation Affected Your Relationships? 21:35 Dealing With The Crazy Fans 23:35 Having A Dope Home Studio 24:55 Love For Studio Equipment 25:55 Advice For Producers On Linking With Artists 28:14 Difference between Producing, Mixing, And Mastering 31:08 Should Producers Worry About Mixing And Mastering? 32:40 Jimmy's Childhood And Being A Studio Rat 34:55 Jimmy's Biggest Moment/Highlight Of His Career Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @jimmyduvalmusic 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Remix God Suede Talks Soulja Boy Placement, Making Your Own Lane As a Producer + More
Mar 11 2019 45 mins  
Remix God Suede Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We sat down with the instagram remix legend DJ Suede aka Remix God to get the full story on how he found success in his own lane as a music producer. We talked about his first successful project (Greens, Beans, Tomatoes) and how that led to getting his fanbase up on social media so he could drop content to a bigger audience. His most successful song to date was from remixing Bhad Bhabie's Dr. Phil interview which helped launch her career as a rapper. He talked about some of his struggles along the way and how he has been able to carve out his own lane as a music producer. We also talked about his latest remix which actually turned into Soulja Boy's latest single "Cut That Check" 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:52 Remixing Memes/Come Up Story 2:48 Introduction to Producing 4:17 Remix God Going To College 5:25 Finding Your Lane As A Producer 9:35 Being Yourself Around Major Artists 11:25 Producing Soulja Boy's "Cut That Check" 13:30 Clearing Meme Samples and Vocal Samples 17:30 Have You Ever Burnt Any Bridges Or Made Any Mistakes? 20:06 Promoting His Brand And Getting Credit For Production 26:00 Building Your Brand First Before Signing A Deal 27:35 Everything You Need To Protect Yourself And Collect Payment 32:50 Can Someone Buy The Rights To Your Music? 36:20 How Do You Spend Your Time? 39:00 How Do You Make Your Remixes? 40:55 You Know What P***ed Me Off Man?!? Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @remixgodsuede 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

OG Parker Talks Collab Splits, Using Loops, Manager Benefits & More
Feb 27 2019 33 mins  
OG Parker interview on the Producergrind Podcast.OG Parker stopped by to talk about his come up and some producer topics that we brought up including how he handles splitting percentages with producers he collabs with and creators of loops that he may use when making beats. He talked a little about going to school for graphic design but dropping out shortly after to pursue his music career. We also asked OG Parker about signing to QC, the benefits of producer's having managers & more. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:31 Getting into Producing Music 1:03 Taking 4 Years to get first placement 1:30 Benefits of Knowing How To Play Instruments 3:17 Typical Beatmaking Process 4:07 One Instrument Every Producer Should Know 5:15 First Notable Placement and Linking With OG Maco 5:57 Working a Job and Going To School While Producing 7:53 Linking Up With QC 11:53 Using Loops and Collabing 13:41 Anything On Mixer Channel? 15:17 What's The Longest And Shortest Time Spent On A Beat? 15:45 EDM Production Team "Merge" 18:16 Invited To Dreamville "Revenge" Cook Up Session 22:22 Has The Progression of Trap Slowed Down? 23:30 How Much Top Production Placements Earn? 26:02 Letting Managers Handel Business 27:53 Building Your Brand And Image To Link With Artists 29:15 Random Questions - (29:25) When Is The Last Time You Watched A Tutorial - (30:12) Favorite VST - (30:35) Favorite Meal / Best Pizza In ATL - (31:11) Favorite Scale To Use - (31:19) GRIZZLY OR SILVERBACK???????? (The Last Time 💀) Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @ogxparker 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Digital Nas Talks Producing For Underground Artists, Making $100,000 on SoundCloud & More
Feb 16 2019 65 mins  
Digital Nas Interview on The Producergrind Podcast. On this episode Digital Nas talked about being apart of the original Soundcloud wave with artists like Yachty, Carti and Keith Ape. We also discussed the effects money can have on ones career, especially when it comes to motivation. In addition, Nas gave his perspective on the messages the music industry sends out to listeners. Finally we discussed how culture influences and drives the entire industry. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:24 Come Up Story (Working With Yachty, Carti, etc.) 5:22 Dropping Out of College 8:00 Nas Feeling Like He Made It After ASAP Placement 10:30 Getting a Check Made Him Lazy 12:20 Signing An Imprint Deal With Warner 13:53 Importance of Having Vision 17:00 Process of Getting Signed 19:13 Labels Target The Youth 25:25 Production Process And Using Loops 29:52 New single "Project Pat" and New Project 31:30 Nas Realizing He Need To Get Back To Work 33:15 Saving Not Spending!!! 37:15 Label Considering Dropping Nas 40:30 Being A Part Of Skate Culture 43:33 Warner Being Hesitant About Embracing Skate Culture 46:22 Self-Talk And Finding Your Motives *Deep Talk Coming lol 52:40 Working With Artists That Promote Evil Messages? 56:00 (Overrated. Underrated. Or Burnt Out) - (56:28) Supreme - (56:55) Publicity Stunts For Clout - (57:10) Producers Charging For Collabs - (57:54) SuperBowl 59:11 Random Questions - When Was The Last Time You Watched A Tutorial? - (1:03:29) Whats Your Favorite Meal? - (1:03:51) Yall Already Know Carrington Had To Ask(Grizzly Or Gorilla) Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @digitalnas 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Danny Wolf Talks Making Beats, Getting Placements, Keys to Life + More
Feb 07 2019 70 mins  
Danny Wolf interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Danny stopped by the office to talk to us about his come up, childhood struggles, path to spiritual enlightenment & more. He dropped a lot of gems on maneuvering through the industry and getting placements throughout the episode. We also talked a lot about his process of making beats and why he switched from FL Studio to Ableton. We get into real life talk and the conversation goes spiritual where Danny sheds some light on his personal beliefs and morals. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: Kanye Airplane Pic Headphones 0:24 Danny Walks About His Upcoming Album Project "Night Of The Wolf" 2:34 Importance Of The Little Things 6:30 Being Grateful Even If You Didn't Have To Struggle 8:39 Where Does Wisdom/Enlightenment Come From? 9:55 It's About Having Personal Relations And Showing Up To Work 11:42 Relationship With StreamCut And Admin/Pub Deals 14:10 *GEM ALERT* Don't Be Thirsty, Serve Others, Law Of Attraction 18:01 *GEM ALERT* Maneuvering In The Entertainment Industry 21:05 Being Featured As An Artist / Executive Producing "Hood Wolf" Series 24:49 Talking Business and Production of "We Don't Luv Em" Track 27:17 *GEM ALERT* Using Swing (FL Studio) To Create Rhythm And 5th and 7th Rule for Tension in 808's! 30:38 Danny's Production Process 32:28 Danny's Work With Splice And Creating Melodies 34:45 Learning To Get A Good Mix 35:29 Master Channel Effects and Switching To Ableton 37:46 FL Studio Circular Panning Law 38:17 Using Same Brand Headphones Kanye Used In Airplane Video 41:03 Equipment Danny Uses To Cook Up 45:44 Book Recommendations and Discussion About The Truth 57:37 Overrated/Underrated - (58:05) Producers Selling Cracked VST's As A Side Hustle - (1:02:21) Puma - (1:02:30) Yamaha HS8 Monitors *SUPER GEM ALERT* - (1:05:33) Chasing Placements - (1:08:55) Producers Rapping Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @dannywolf 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Ness Talks Getting Placements in College, Losing Motivation to Make Beats + More
Jan 31 2019 61 mins  
Ness Beats Interview on The Producergrind Podcast. Shout out to Ness for stopping by the office to have a talk with us and drop some knowledge on the community. He talked about signing to A Boogie (High Bridge) while going to College and some of the struggles that came with wanting to grow his career and get placements while still being a responsible student, getting good grades, and finishing school. We also talked about some of his personal challenges including losing motivation to make beats sometimes, dealing with social anxiety & more. We also talked about the New York music scene, specifically Rochester NY where Ness is from. He shed some light on 2019 Rochester rappers that he believes in including Lil Wes & more. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:35 Rochester, NY In Da Building 3:02 Effects Of Using Samples 4:48 Being Signed To A Boogie's Label HighBridge - Being Taken Advantage Of - First Time Doing Business In The Industry 9:44 Being A Producer In College - Why Not Drop Out? - Chasing Placements and Balancing Work - Exposed to Different Fields 15:30 Loosing Motivation to Make Beats - Ways To Get Inspired - Favorite VST's 19:40 Current State Of New York Music Scene 26:16 Characteristics For An Artist To Have 27:27 Thoughts on 6ix9ine as an artist 31:11 Role Of A Producer 36:33 Why Not Take The Online Producer Route? 38:21 Ideal Vision For Your Career? 40:40 Being a Homebody and Not Wanting To Go Out - Discussion On Anxiety - Effects Of Social Media 48:13 Ness's Placement W/Russ 49:48 Why Is Music Dumbing Down Or Is It? 54:30 Overrated/Underrated - (54:35) Garbage Plates *Some Rochester Food Dish - (56:35) New York Pizza - (57:18) Slicex Vs. Serato Sampler - (57:55) Gross Beat - (58:31) SuperBowl - (59:00) College Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @ness 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Spiffy Global Talks Choosing Management, Mixing Beats, Executive Producing + More
Jan 18 2019 61 mins  
Spiffy Global interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Spiffy pulled up to the office to chop it up about why he chose Hoodrich Ent to manage his producer career, his process behind mixing beats and a lot more including executive producing Hoodrich Pablo Juan - Master Senseii. We started off talking about his 2 recent placements on Gucci Mane's Evil Genius album which dropped late 2018, he told us about how he made the beats as well as how he got Gucci to use them. We talked about ways labels take advantage of producers and dont always pay for them getting placements. We also asked Spiffy why he has chosen to remain independent despite offers from labels like QC, Mony Powr Rspt, 1017 & more. Spiffy also told us about an article on ways to get paid in the music business which we have included below. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 🔗13 Ways To Get Paid In The Music Industry Links 👇 0:30 Spiffy Talks Getting Placements On Gucci's Evil Genius Album 2:33 Choosing Management 4:32 What Does Management Do For A Producer? 5:40 Growing Up In Atlanta 7:50 R&B's Influence On Spiffy's Production 9:30 Conversation On Mixing 10:35 Mixing 808's and Percussion 15:09 Not Having A Particular Production Style 16:00 What Do You Put On Your Master Channel? 19:07 Learning How To Produce From Metro Boomin 22:46 Spiffy Talks Relationship With HoodRich Pablo Juan 26:32 What Does It Mean To Executive Produce A Project? 32:30 What Changes Came From 1017 And MPR Merging? 33:33 Why Have You Stayed Independent? 35:46 How Do Labels Try To Finesse Producers? 37:08 When Is It Worth It To Invest In A Lawyer? 38:10 What To Do If You Haven't Got Paid For Producing A Song Thats Been Released? (Independent Vs. Label) 42:30 Collecting Youtube Money As A Producer 44:57 13 Ways To Be Paid In The Music Industry 48:55 Working A Regular Job Before Music 52:57 Overrated/Underrated - (53:12) Rare Backwoods - (54:27) Engineers Remixing Your Beats - (55:35) Electra X - (57:52) Runtz Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @spiffyglobal 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

BricksDaMane Talks Ways To Get Placements, Touring w Drake, Owning a Studio + More
Jan 11 2019 64 mins  
BricksDaMane interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Bricks stopped by the office for our second interview of 2019. We asked him about his humble beginnings as a young producer who had to live in his car for a few months until he got on his feet and eventually opened his own studio in Atlanta and started getting placements with rappers like Drake, Young Thug Kevin Gates, Gunna, & Lil Wayne. We talked a lot about branding and how important it is to build clout as a producer or rapper in 2019. He also talked about why he moved to the UK and lives there now. Bricks also talks about why he has stayed independent and would never sign to a label! We also asked Bricks what to do if a rapper uses your beat without paying you or reaching out to handle business. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:44 Being Based in London 2:04 Difference Between UK and USA Culture 4:40 Benefits of Engineering 6:38 Pro's and Con's of Tour Life 7:55 Building and Owning Studios 9:16 Pros and Cons of Owning a Studio 11:47 Living Out The Whip for Months 15:45 Relationship With Quay Global 21:45 How Do I Get Into The Studio With Major Artists If I Don't Have a Big Name? 25:00 Rap game is all about D*** Riding? 28:00 Getting Placements in Different Ways 30:00 Its All About You and Your Brand 33:25 Producers Rapping 35:30 How To Maintain Relationships 37:23 Staying Independent Vs. Signing a Deal With a Label 41:15 Dealing with Songs Being Leaked 43:44 What to Do If Artist Puts A Song Out On Youtube With Your Beat? 46:30 Best Advice for Producers 52:10 How The World Looks At The United States 53:27 Overrated/Underrated - 53:47 (Nexus) - 54:43 (Emailing Beat Packs) - 56:20 (Producers Investing In Jewelry) - 59:50 (Engineering For Hourly Rate) - 1:00:23 (Twitter) 1:02:06 What Are You Leaving In 2018? Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @bricksdamane 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Chopsquad DJ Talks Producer Gimmicks, Signing to Metro Boomin & Young Chop + More
Jan 03 2019 39 mins  
Chopsquad DJ interview on the Producergrind Podcast. DJ stopped by for our first episode of 2019 to speak his mind on a few topics including producers copying style from other producers, everyone using the same sounds & plugins, and the difference between a gimmick and a trend. He gave us some background on his come up & how he linked up with Young Chop, Chief Keef and Metro Boomin who all changed his life in different ways. He talked about getting signed to Chopsquad, as well as signing to Boominati. DJ gives some producer advice throughout the podcast when we talk about networking, getting placements, what producers should do at SXSW & other conferences & more. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:55 Creating Higher Quality Music 3:16 Block Pattern Formation (FL Studio) 5:19 Pushing For Cultural Advancement (Musically) 6:49 Music Getting Simpler and Simpler 8:03 Innovation Lasts Forever 9:33 Having A Strategy For Music 11:10 Relationship With Young Chop 11:40 Take Advantage of Being Put In Position 12:37 Gimmick Vs. Style Vs. Trend 17:50 Streaming Changing the Industry 19:22 The Way for Producers in 2019 20:43 What To Do As a Producer at SXSW 24:15 History of Chopsquad 27:11 Relationship with Metro Boomin 28:25 Stay You and Be You 29:28 Producers Signing As Artists 31:33 Biggest Lesson from 2018 33:18 How Did You Learn To Play The Keys? 34:50 Correct Way To Getting Paid As a Producer 37:26 Favorite Strain of Cannabis 37:52 Cookin Up in LA vs ATL Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @chopsquaddj 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducerGrindPodcast

Bobby Kritical Talks Studio Sessions With Artists, Necessary Distractions & More
Dec 27 2018 56 mins  
Bobby Kritical Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Shout out to Bobby for pulling up to talk music business. In this interview we ask him about his come up, getting placements with major artists, beat making habits, advice for producers, selling beats on his online beat store & a lot more. This is the last episode of 2019. Happy New Year to the viewers, we appreciate you watching, subscribing, commenting & supporting! Lot of dope guests lined up for 2019... Stay Tuned. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 1:24 Introduction into Producing 3:21 First Major Artist Bobby worked with 4:08 Process of Charging for beats 6:11 Differences producing in 2008 and now 7:55 Which is more powerful social media or in person? 8:28 What to do when you get invited to a studio session with artists? 10:26 Advice to your younger self 11:17 Email Beats or In person? 13:26 Linking with DjPlugg 14:57 Being influenced by EDM Music 18:31 Did EDM help usher in the Festival Movement? 21:18 Screamo Trap music? 23:23 Biggest influences musically 24:08 Who invented trap? 28:53 Why have Zay and Gucci stayed more relevant than Jeezy and Shawty Redd? 30:46 Alcohol and making beats?? 32:40 Whats the longest it has taken you to make a beat? 34:25 Mindset going into making beats 39:09 Labeling Beats 40:13 Is there necessary distraction for producers? 42:50 Online Beats Store & Selling Beats online 45:50 Figuring out what type of producer you are (In-person vs Online) 47:00 Working closely with KCamp 48:30 Advice for all producers and artists 49:22 What stops artists from dropping music when going through label issues? 50:25 Working with Lil Uzi and having records leaked 52:15 Random Questions - (52:33) Whats your favorite place to be in the entire world? - (53:12) Is the Illuminati Real? - (53:55) If you had the worlds attention for 30 Seconds, what would you say? - (54:20) Whats your New Years resolution? Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @sircarrington_ @beatsbydsims @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @bobbykritical 🎥 Directed by @ceodylan #ProducergrindPodcast

Jetsonmade Talks Daily Routine, Not Having a Plan, Getting Placements & More
Dec 21 2018 64 mins  
Jetsonmade interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Jetsonmade stopped by the office to tell us about his come up and how he transitioned from growing up in a small city in South Carolina to traveling to big cities like LA and ATL to work with big artists like 21 Savage, Lil Wayne, Young Nudy, & More. Jetsonmade also dropped a lot of producer advice when we talked about things like how it is difficult to have a career plan as a producer because of how the industry is constantly changing and going through trends. He talks about his daily routine, how often he makes beats, how to get placements & network with major artists and lot more. We got a little deep in our "random questions" segment when we talked about religion and spirituality. Definitely an episode worth checking out. Shout out to Jetsonmade for pulling up to the office. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:28 Background Story Getting into producing 2:48 Coming to ATL from South Carolina 3:31 Relationship with Videographer @savani 4:01 Linking and networking with Artist 5:20 Developing your Social Media Image and your Skills 8:38 Selling Beats and Collecting Money as a Producer 15:04 How should artist approach producers for beats? 17:04 Soulja Boy not paying producers and how to handle bad business 20:36 Making money while producing 22:40 Different Roles and Positions as a Producer 25:25 Building Your Sound and Being Comfortable 26:40 Taking and Giving Advice 28:00 Daily Routine 30:25 Not Having a Plan and Going With The Flow 37:40 Best Thing For Producers is To Have Beats 40:40 Must Haves To Make Beats 44:00 Things That Hold Producers Back 45:12 Random Question -(45:39) Do You Think There Is Free Will In Heaven? -(51:42) Weirdest Experience at a Barber Shop -(52:50) What High Level Job Could You Lie Your Way Through and Not Get Caught? -(53:50) What Part of Your Culture Are You Most Proud of And Least Proud of? 57:03 How Do You Feel About Producer Rappers? 1:03:00 Whats The Last Text You Sent? Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @whoisjbeats @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @jetsonmade 🎥 Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

30 Roc Talks 6 New Grammy Nominations, Never Watching Tutorials, Signing to Ear Drummers + More
Dec 13 2018 55 mins  
30 Roc Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Ear Drummers music producer "30 Roc" stopped by the office to give us his story of going from working at Dairy Queen to signing a deal with Mike Will and producing several Billboard charting hits. He talked about the journey he took to get to where he is today and the decisions he had to make. We also talked about his 6 Grammy Nominations going into the 2019 including Album of the year. He gave some producer advice and talked about the biggest things he has learned from working around Mike WIll and the rest of Ear Drummers. He also talked about how he has never watched a tutorial on how to make beats, he says he learned how to use DAW software through his own personal use of the programs and experimenting. We also got 30 Roc to give us an example of his daily lifestyle before success and now that he is successful in music. At the end we tried out a new segment called "Random Questions" where we ask 30 Roc some off-topic questions for fun instead of our "Overrated/Underrated" segment. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 00:41 Where is 30 Roc from & how he got into making beats 02:10 The first placements & people to rap on his beats 05:21 Says he never watched a DAW tutorial 7:55 Watching tutorials makes you think like the person who made the tutorial 8:58 How do you feel about someone else mixing your beat? 9:41 How do you structure your beats? 10:32 First billboard charting song 10:54 Lifestyle before billboard placement 11:08 Accounting firm job 12:50 going to school for a semester 13:15 Going to college to make parents happy 15:09 Family reaction to your success 16:10 how life changed after Billboard Hit & meeting Mike Will 18:43 Not getting credit & getting beat remade 22:00 Benefits of signing to Mike Will 22:25 Biggest thing learned from working with Mike WIll 26:02 Working with Travis Scott & Cardo on AstroWorld in LA 28:01 Having 6 Grammy nominations this year!!! 31:12 30 Roc's Current daily lifestyle 35:42 Spiritual life & praying every day 36:58 How often do you make beats & how many on a good day? 39:02 Why he doesn't make beats every day 40:19 Ever had problems getting paid for your beats/placements? 42:18 Best producer advice you could give to up & coming producers 48:15 *Random Questions* (48:47) If you had to evacuate your house what would you grab? (50:56) Cup Noodles Vs Stove Top Noodles (51:38) Who had more influence on Hip-Hop T-Pain or Soulja Boy (52:27) Grizzly or Gorilla Pt 2 (53:36) If you had to, would you rather eat a cockroach or tarantula (55:48) If you had to would you rather be stuck in Desert or Alaska? Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @beatsbydsims @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @iam_30roc 🎥 Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

Fresh Jones Talks Making $100K in Royalties, Staying Independent, Runtz & More
Dec 08 2018 86 mins  
Fresh Jones Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Music Producer Fresh Jones stopped by the producergrind office to talk about his success as a music producer, working with YFN Lucci, Bankroll Fresh, 2 Chainz & More. He talked about making over $100,000 per year off music publishing royalties & the benefits of producers staying independent. Fresh also dropped some music producer advice as well as the things that are holding producers back from finding success these days. We also talked about how engineering helps producers get into situations where they can get placements or play beats for big artists. Lots of gems in this podcast as usual. Shout out to Fresh Jones for pulling up. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:40 Fresh Jones come up story 1:54 What got you into making beats? 2:25 How & why he started engineering 4:58 Producers getting paid now vs the mixtape era 8:29 Is dropping mixtapes dead? 12:30 How Fresh Jones linked up with Bankroll Fresh 14:47 Bankroll Fresh New Posthumous Album 15:45 Producing 5 songs on YFN Lucci "Wish Me Well" Mixtape 17:50 New Lucci music vs old Lucci music 18:37 What type of beats does Fresh Jones make? 18:59 The rap game is missing real music 20:20 Who does Fresh Jones listen too? 23:58 Beats getting copied & remade 26:25 Importance of rappers dropping music the right way 29:58 Spending money on radio campaigns 31:07 Benefits of producers staying independent & signing a deal 32:10 Posting his $100,000 + music royalty statement 32:41 How do you get your royalty money from songs? 35:00 Producer advice & being serious about making it 37:41 How to meet & connect with rappers in a club environment 38:49 How engineering helps producers career's progress faster 41:29 Producing is LIFE - THERE IS NO "PLAN B" 42:05 The biggest thing holding young producers back from success 45:40 When producers try to sound like other producers 48:10 Why your image & fashion is more important than ever 52:20 The next wave of rap music & different markets emerging 54:35 Having your own publishing company 55:10 Producers dropping songs with artists instead of waiting 58:20 Getting consent to sell music featuring major artists 1:04:28 Hiring friends as your manager 1:07:05 Overrated/Underrated - (1:07:20) Rap Snacks - (1:07:45) Producers Signing to Labels - (1:10:15) Buying Software - (1:23:30) Runtz Weed Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @beatsbydsims @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @freshjonesworld 🎥 Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

Mattazik Talks Quitting Job for Music, Working With Lil Baby, Young Thug, Gunna & More
Dec 08 2018 51 mins  
Mattazik Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Our good friend and Atlanta based recording engineer/music producer stopped by the office so we could ask him questions about his come up and how he got to where he is today. He told us about how he moved to Atlanta from Mobile, Alabama to pursue his dream of being a music producer. He told us how it was actually beat battles that got him to start coming to ATL. After he finally pulled the trigger on moving he was engineering to make a living but after a string of bad luck he found himself working at a clothing store for 2 years until he linked up with the people at LoudHouse studios (Turbo & D.Sims) and he started landing engineer gigs and production placements. It wasn't an easy straightforward journey according to Matt. Fortunately, his skill in engineering was his leverage to get into situations that provided opportunity like recording Yung Thug, Lil Baby, Gunna, Hoodrich Pablo Juan & more. Because he was the engineer of the sessions he was able to pull up his beats and turn those sessions into placements. Matt drops a lot of music producer advice on the business, getting paid, networking, getting in the door & more. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 1:03 Journey into the music industry 2:50 What is 48kHZ? 4:15 Difference between 44.1 kHz vs. 48 kHz 5:58 Becoming a music engineer and producer 8:55 Process of Transitioning to Atlanta 10:22 Were you interning on engineering as a job? 12:05 How were you making money when you moved to ATL? 13:19 Working at Underground ATL lead to music connections 16:48 Old Loudhouse Studios on the East side 17:42 Looking back, would you have stayed at your regular job as long as you did? Do you feel like it slowed you down at all? 20:19 Trinidad James blew up while working at the Underground 22:20 Advice to producers wanting to do music 24:20 Getting into sessions with artists 26:14 How to network at studios 28:30 What time and how long should I book studio sessions for? 31:20 Pulling up beats for Young Thug and the process behind getting paid 34:55 How to name beats for artists? 36:40 Getting paid from labels 40:44 How to handle bad business 42:10 Drip Harder Placement 45:39 Lil Baby calls Matt mid interview. 46:24 Benefits of engineering 48:50 Who would win in a fight a Sliverback Gorilla or a Grizzly Bear? Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @mattazikmuzik @Jayrich_Laplaya 🎥 Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

Nas Moore Talks Signing to Murda Beatz, Working in LA vs ATL, Being Mistaken for Lil Uzi + More
Nov 16 2018 22 mins  
Nas Moore Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Music producer Nas Moore stopped by the office to talk about growing up around the Migos, his first placement with Skippa Da Flippa, his new deal signing to Murda Beatz (Murda Gang) & how his lifestyle has changed since signing. We talked a little about the differences between working in LA and ATL, what life is like on tour (Is it harder to get work done?) Nas Moore also told us a story about when a fan came up to take a picture with him thinking he was Lil Uzi Vert (lol) We also asked him some of his opinions on a few topics in our overrated/underrated segment. This was the shortest podcast we have ever done so hope you guys still enjoy it! 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:26 Brief producing background 1:18 Who got you into making beats? 3:00 First Placement 3:55 How did you get Murda Beatz attention? 5:05 What does signing a deal do for a producer? 6:55 Is it difficult balancing friendship and business? 9:07 Overrated/Underrated - (9:19) Tour Life - (10:48) Taking pics with Celebs - (11:25) Paying for collabs with other producers - (12:35) Carter 5 - (13:15) Wild 'N Out 13:41 Being mistaken for Lil Uzi 14:50 Difference between working in LA and ATL 16:17 Favorite place to make beats 17:04 Use the internet to you advantage 19:30 Taking time off from making beats Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @nasmoore_ 🎥 Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

BlaqNMild Talks Making Beats For Drake, New Orleans Bounce Music + More
Nov 16 2018 54 mins  
BlaqNMilD Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. In house Music producer for No Limit (Master P) BlaqNMild stopped by the office to talk about co-producing Drake - In My Feelings with Murda Beatz in which Drake reached out to add a New Orleans Bounce Music sound to the record. He talked about his long career in the music industry which started in the early 2000's, Being a producer at No Limit Records and Partnering with the legend Master P. Blaq talks a little about how his process of making beats has changed over the years and he has finally wound up using strictly Propellerhead Reason. We talked a lot about New Orleans culture and its influence on the rap game. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 1:11 How his Drake Placements came about 2:57 What is Bounce Music? 6:02 Relationship with Master P 9:30 Feelings on the current state of music 12:21 Why did you choose to stay in New Orleans 17:33 New version of selling tapes out the trunk 20:55 Talking about FL Studio, Reason, etc. 25:45 Discussion on Soundcloud and YouTube 27:31 What does an average day look like for you? 30:43 What does your perfect studio session look like? 32:40 Life after Drake Placement (The Drake Effect) 36:14 I Got The Hook Up 2 Movie (39:59) Overrated/Underrated - (40:04) Plastic Tip or Wood Tip Black n Mild - (42:00) Bourbon Street - (44:07) Cafe Du Monde - (44:44) Winning Grammy - (45:40) Pappadeaux (46:34) Tha Carter V and Lil Wayne's influence on the culture (51:48) Plans for 2019 Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @beatsbydsims @producergrind 👥 Special Guest @blaqnmild 🎥 Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

Beat Demons Talk Keys To Selling Beats Online, Branding Yourself + More
Nov 16 2018 48 mins  
Beat Demons interview on the Producergrind Podcast. The Beat Demons stopped by the office to talk about their come up, how to sell beats online effectively & much more. We got into detail when talking about strategies for selling beats online through YouTube, Beatstars, Instagram, Facebook & other platforms. They talked about email marketing advice, instagram ad tips & tricks & a lot more sauce when it comes to marketing your beat store. We even talk about how rapper Money Man purchased a beat from their store which landed them a placement. They also shed some light on how producers "steal sounds & recreating beats" which happened to these guys. They did however reach out to a lawyer and were able to turn the situation around to their favor. The duo talked about how they linked up and formed a production team in their hometown Austin, TX which lead to the 2 quitting their jobs to pursue music full time. We talked about their daily lifestyle and how they manage to stay focused and stay creative. Overall these 2 dropped hella producer advice for you to learn from. 🎹 Sound Kits: 👕 Producergrind Merch: 0:36 How Beat Demons came together? 3:00 Challenges of being a team 5:20 Day in the life of Beat Demons 7:04 Being efficient and structured as a producer 10:00 Online vs. Industry Producer 12:12 Placements from Beat Stores 15:30 Social Media's impact for producers 18:51 Daily budgets for online marketing 22:07 Tunecore and CDBaby agreement issues 25:33 Advice for producers taking the online route 27:13 GET YA BRANDING RIGHT!! 31:21 Overrated/Underrated - (31:56) SXSW - (33:15) NFL Superbowl - (34:20) Schlotzsky's - (35:18) MIDI Loops - (36:26) Eminem Kamikaze 38:13 Producers that inspired Beat Demons 40:10 Personal Growth as a producer 45:00 Legal action after beat was wrongfully remade Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: 🎙Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @producergrind 👥 Special Guests @beatdemons 🎥 Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

SuperStar O Talks The Golden Age of Selling Beats Online, His Come Up, Moving to ATL + More
Oct 13 2018 94 mins  
SuperStar O Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. SuperStar O stopped by the office for an exclusive talk about his come up & the early days of the online beat game. He talked about his humble beginnings where he was often homeless periodically throughout highschool which was one of the reasons he dropped out. He talked about how he started his journey as a rapper/artist but found his true love in making beats. He was one of the producers that was early on soundclick so he found success fairly quickly compared to how long it takes to go from 0 to successful in today's online beat selling market. He talked about linking up with the other OG's like Vybe Beatz, Johnny Juliano & more during a period he refered to as "The Golden Age of Selling Beats Online" SSO dropped a lot of game on branding yourself as a producer as well as staying ahead of trends like when he transitioned from soundclick to his own website. We tapped into SuperStarO's spiritual side when he shared his nightly routine of bath's & reading. He even gave a recommendation of his favorite book "The Alchemist." There are crazy amounts of gems for producers and artists in this interview. Special shoutout to SuperStar O for pulling up for this podcast as well as our VIP Studio Session 3 in Atlanta with Sonny Digital, Dun Deal & More. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 0:26 O Talks about his journey to becoming a producer 3:21 Give us a time frame for when all this happened 4:11 Was being a producer always your goal? 4:40 O Talks about his inspirations 6:03 How long did it take you to start making money off beats? 7:02 Finding out about his first placement with Jim Jones 7:55 Johnny Juliano telling him to hop on SoundClick 8:38 Was there much money you put into SoundClick Promo? 9:47 Downfall of SoundClick 10:58 O Talks his next steps after SoundClick and building his own website 12:07 Using Instagram to promote your image in 2018 13:26 Importance of brand image 14:43 Best advice for branding yourself as an up and coming producer 17:35 DM'ing Links to music through social media 20:21 Learning the game through trial and error 22:00 Common mental mistakes people make 24:02 Making the mistake of pursuing money over passion 25:34 Staying focused and hungry even after the money comes 28:02 Having the right people around you to keep you in check 28:52 Book recommendations for producers and to anyone that wants to be on the path of success (The Alchemist) 30:20 What's your daily routine like? 31:51 Bubble Baths for the win!! 34:38 Not falling into laziness or losing focus while working from home 36:53 Finding a workflow that works with your personality 38:10 Would you consider yourself more of an entrepreneur or an artist? 38:53 Artists linking up with more business savvy people and vise versa 39:55 Overrated/Underrated - (40:46) Starting a beat store in 2018 - (41:55) Fortnite - (46:37} Akai Fire MPC - (48:51) Analog Gear - (52:55) Moving to a major city for music 55:55 What would be your first steps as a producer if you were moving to Atlanta? 57:00 YOU GOTTA WIGGLE!!! 57:53 O talks about his crazy car collection 1:04:14 Selling 300+ Exclusive beats to an app company 1:07:10 Superstar O talks about his relationship with weed 1:20:00 O tells us a funny story 1:23:11 Advice for young people coming out of high school that want to take the entrepreneurial route 1:33:42 Social Media Drops Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @superstaro Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

Nebu Kiniza Talks Making a Platinum Song "Gassed Up", Dealing with Record Labels, & Making Beats
Oct 09 2018 51 mins  
Nebu Kiniza interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Rapper/Producer Nebu Kiniza stopped by the Producergrind office for an exclusive talk about his come up and how he recorded his platinum song "Gassed Up" in his house while holding the microphone in his hand with no mic stand. He talks about how he blew up without spending any money on promotion and established a fan base that really enjoys his music and his personality. He talks about how he got into making beats because he couldn't find the type of beats he wanted to rap or get in touch with the producers he wanted to work with. Now he even has other famous rappers using his production. He talks about his humble beginnings in Atlanta working as a recording engineer and how most people don't realize he has such a wide range of skills. Nebu dropped plenty of good info for artists & producers dont miss this Episode Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 0:30 Nebu explains how the Gassed Up track came about 1:09 What was your following like before Gassed Up came up 1:28 How did you link up with Mexiko Dro? 2:53 Did you purchase the beat or lease it? 3:15 Did you put any promotion behind the song? 4:06 Nebu talks about his situation at the time Gassed up released 5:56 Nebu talks about how engineering helped him network in Atlanta 7:04 Would you say engineering helped you get your foot in the door? 7:23 Nebu says hes only been making beats for two and a half years 7:30 Nebu talks about how he learned to use music production software 7:42 Nebu represents a different type of producer(Tech Savy) 8:00 How did you learn music theory? 8:53 Nebu says hes produced for a lot of major artists 9:32 Nebu talks about not signing to a label to make the most money 10:40 Talks about his management situation with his long time friend 11:30 Nebu talks about his label situation after Gassed up blew up 13:17 Nebu couldn't tell the song was blowing up 13:28 Major artist weren't really reaching out after the songs success 14:56 Nebu wasn't fazed by old people from high school trying to come back around once they saw his success 15:26 Knowing that he was an artist is high school and the things hes learned from that time period 16:52 Advice for people in high school that believe that school isnt for them 17:32 What inspired him to get into music 18:00 Nebu's future oriented mindset in high school 18:17 Nebus mother supported his musical dreams 18:55 His presence on on social media and Youtube 19:50 Talks social media and Youtube following 20:34 Why and how he started making beats 21:12 Not needing the best equipment to make records 23:12 What is going to the studio best for? 24:50 Artistry is the most important thing 25:24 Advice for producers and artist that want to make it big 27:00 Do you think theres the same sound going on in the industry? 28:18 What do you do to keep yourself humble? 28:46 Have you found yourself at any point in time getting away from yourself or falling into a certain laziness? 29:39 Whats your long term plan? 30:58 Whats your day to day lifestyle look like? 32:05 Do you have any side businesses outside of music? 32:56 Overrated/Underrated 33:26 - Producers Chasing Placements 36:00 - Artist Collabs 37:04 - Auto-tune 38:12 - Exotic Jewelry 39:18 Would you spend $20,000 on a watch or chain? 40:49 What are some better investments you could have made? 41:44 What are some smart music investments? 44:15 Have you found it difficult to make a song that tops Gassed Up? 45:16 What other things are you doing to focus on improving yourself? 46:05 How do you keep your head clear in an industry that is surrounded by drugs? 47:30 Where did your name come from? 49:03 Whats next for you in 2018? What can we look forward too? 50:15 Social Media Drops Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @nebukinizaoshs

STLNDRMS Talks Making LoFi Beats, Spotify Income, History of LoFi + More
Oct 04 2018 87 mins  
STLNDRMS interview on the Producergrind Podcast. STLNDRMS stopped by the office to talk about his come up and how he made thousands of dollars on Spotify without even knowing until his friend told him to check his Distrokid Bank. STLNDRMS has quickly becomer one of the biggest names in LoFi he has even been the face of the largest LoFi playlist on Spotify. He talks about how he formed connections and fans from hosting a weekly show on Facebook Live. He even met the owner of 'Chillhop" through doing the show. We talked a lot about the history of LoFi and how millions of people worldwide listen to LoFi Playlists as study music or just chill background music. STLNDRMS biggest advice to any producer or creative is to stay in your lane and persue what you like to do. Do not try to do something you are not passionate about for the sake of making money. Lots of gems dropped in this one! Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 1:03 STLNDRMS makes Lo-FI beats in a shed at home 1:42 What is Lo-fi? 2:40 What is and is not considered Lo-fi? 3:05 Different genres of Lo-fi? 3:32 Anime's influence on Lo-fi 4:35 How STLNDRMS grew his spotify following 5:02 STLNDRMS talks about being laid off from google fiber 6:09 Discovering thousands of dollars in his DistroKid Account 7:03 Quality drives success in Lo-fi genre more than brand 7:29 STLNDRMS discusses factors that helped drive his success 8:13 Relation ships with ChillHop 8:59 STLNDRMS being the face of Lo-fi on Spotify 9:22 Benefits of using Facebook Live 11:06 People don't buy things, they buy themselves 11:55 ChillHop is like DeathRow 13:23 Is it easier finding success in Lo-fi over Trap? 15:00 Your best bet is to do you to the fullest 15:37 Does STLNDRMS make anything other than Lo-fi? 16:29 Trying to make trap beat for Common 18:05 Difference between a Beatmaker and a Producer 19:03 Do people rap on Lo-fi Beats? 19:21 What type of artist raps on Lo-fi Beats? 19:58 STLNDRMS beatmaking background 21:33 Why didn't DRMS take the trap route? 23:10 The "Magic Couch" 23:54 DRMS career as a Videographer /Photographer 25:58 Staying patient during the journey 27:54 Setting up different sources of income 28:30 STLNDRMS' "Slappy Drums" Drum Kit 30:52 Selling Beats online 32:14 Lessons to learn from DRMS failures 33:43 Understanding your Data and using results for growth 35:12 STLNDRMS' Shows (Controllerise) 36:28 STLNDRMS' Team 39:33 Applying Macro View to Martial Arts 42:18 Overrated/Underrated - Trap Music - VST's - Veganism - Supreme - Thrasher 1:02:48 Discussion about Capitalism 1:06:59 Camera Gear setup for Live Broadcast 1:09:06 Developing Skill set out of necessity 1:10:13 Lighting Setup for Videos 1:11:10 DRMS tells story about moving his studio to the shed 1:13:06 Top 3 most important things when it comes to videos 1:13:35 DRMS breaks down composition 1:16:11 STLNDRMS shares his long and short term goals 1:17:08 ChillHop Radio Licensing, Sync deals, Live Stream etc. 1:18:53 STLNDRMS talks why he got a manager 1:19:54 STLNDRMS talks about buying sample libraries 1:20:43 DRM talks about selling digital products through Gumroad and Shopify 1:23:08 What type of person can relate to you? 1:24:04 Upcoming Projects for STLN DRMS 1:26:35 STLNDRMS drops his social media info Hosted By @ceodylan @carrington_hill @theletterlbeats @producergrind Special Guest @stlndrms Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

Dun Deal Talks New Quavo Album, Trying DMT, Going Vegan, False Arrest + More
Sep 20 2018 87 mins  
Dun Deal interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Dun Deal stopped by the office to talk about making beats for Quavo's new solo project, getting noticed & building relationships with artists, trying DMT and what he learned from his DMT experience, going vegan for 2 years & a lot more. Dun Deal dropped some gems in this producer interview on the best and worst investments for producers & talked about why producers go broke spending money on women and material things that don't progress their career. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 0:50 On working with artist Kris Wu in China who already has a feature with Quavo and movie soundtracks in China 2:15 How to build relationships with artists if you're completely unknown - Dun knows a guy on tour with Migos who got their attention by following them on tour using his own money 4:29 If his computer crashed right now he'd be ok because he always backs up but learned the hard way from losing a Drake placement 5:40 Sent a beat to DJ Khaled to give to Drake and Khaled put it out without telling Dun Deal 7:10 Top streams of income include investing in weed & studio spaces 7:40 Early on in his career he didn't spend his money wisely 9:15 Gold can always go back to cash but diamonds are worthless 9:50 Diamond industry propaganda 11:26 Things he keeps his brand away from, specifically TV events - He's turned down VH1 Love & Hip Hop 12:03 Using music as a stepping stone to get to the next level 13:14 Scared money don't make money, take risks 15:02 Remy Martin Producer Series as a way to maintain relationships 15:56 Keeping business relationships is a full time job 16:09 Dun Deal on the Trak at the Producergrind VIP Beat Showcase 3 at ABS Studios in Atlanta, GA 17:01 Finding creativity within the pocket 17:29 Started making beats in 2004 19:58 Talks about Astroworld's Carousel & Sicko Mode by Travis Scott as a great example of making the beat do a lot without doing to much 21:08 The evolution of his sound, working with Rich Kidz, Young Thug & Cash Out - Understanding when the sound is changing 22:40 He takes time off and seeks out newer younger producers to help evolve his sound 23:34 Learning how to play piano and mix 27:11 Spending money on women 30:13 Migos - Hannah Montana was performed on MTV with a live symphony 31:52 On using an MPC 2000 and a Motif starting out 32:29 Overrated/Underrated -The Olympics -Award shows -Chicken & Waffles -Omnisphere -Producers rapping 39:42 Making queso with government cheese 45:24 Meal preps on Sundays 45:38 Smoking weed & eating bacon all day 48:58 Doing DMT and ayahuasca 56:28 Dun says the drawing of L has a nose that looks like ti***** 57:18 Loving Omnisphere 59:55 Producers who rap 1:01:54 Artists take up all the air in the room 1:02:04 Who would be the loudest person in the room with Michael Jackson 1:08:25 Going on tour with Migos 1:10:35 Instead of calling certain music wack, measure it by the standards of its genre 1:13:35 Where can we find Dun Deal on social media @dundealonthetrak 1:14:00 Quavo’s album coming out in 2018 which he did a lot of work on 1:14:35 On getting arrested for a robbery he did NOT commit and getting paid $300,000 for having to spend 10 days in prison Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @DunDealOnTheTrak Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

Pyrex Talks Joining Boominati, Moving to ATL After Being Homeless & More
Sep 13 2018 64 mins  
The young legend Pyrex stopped by the Producergrind office to talk business and drop gems on the culture. He told us about his come up & early days growing up in Baltimore, being homeless and moving to Atlanta with a dollar and a dream, linking up with ATL legends like DJ Plugg, Southside & Metro Boomin and how those relationships changed his life. Pyrex gave us his opinion on selling beats online and why he doesn't like to do it to prevent oversaturating his sound. Pyrex also talks about getting placements and how he started to build his contacts when he moved to Atlanta. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 1:04 T Hood in the building and shouts out to DJ Plugg & Bobby Kritical 1:31 How Pyrex got his start coming out of Baltimore 2:08 Was homeless in Baltimore and moved to ATL last year at the age of 18 3:53 Met DJ Plugg at 11th Street Studios 4:58 Meeting Don Cannon and getting beats to Jack Harlow through working with CashOut 7:03 Built his relationship with Plugg and met artists - Cites Plugg for Atlanta's darker weirder sound 9:37 Met Metro Boomin in a session with Young Nudy - Finished a beat on Metro's computer 10:45 Metro flew him out to LA on a private jet 11:41 Handling business on that first 10 pack of beats he sold - walking a line between business and craft 12:52 If artists get in his inbox asking for beats, he leaves the message on read 13:45 Never forget that it's a business and make moves that lead to long term wealth 14:57 On executive producing Free Agent 4 for Southside 15:44 Learned how to make beats by re-creating beats and using FLP templates 16:38 Every producer has that one beat try and remake to help learn how to make beats 17:03 Decided to executive produce Free Agent 4 so he didn't oversaturate it with his own beats - Other production credits include DY, ChaseTheMoney, Cicero, DMC 21:16 Pyrex doesn't like tour life - Talks about his experience going on tour with Future 22:36 He was star struck the whole time and didn't get any work done 22:58 Embarrassed at being star struck when seeing Scooter and Casino 23:39 The spiritual meaning behind one of his facial tattoos 24:38 Admitting your wrongs in order to advance spiritually 25:33 Eliminating negativity from his life 27:02 When does the money conversation occur with artists? 28:04 Selling your leases for 10% of your exclusive price 28:51 Beatstars page is up but he's not using it 31:01 Having beats that sound like ChaseTheMoney 31:28 The PyrexBoomin mixtape 33:25 Bandhunta Izzy putting pressure on Pyrex to rap 34:10 Was trolling when he said was retiring - admits to being a troll 35:11 Overrated/Underrated -BAPE -Slime Language -Walmart -FL 20 -Crab chips 47:53 Pyrex's relationship with Jazze Pha 49:35 People cappin about traveling to ATL 50:42 What would Pyrex do if his computer crashed? 51:24 He has 4 computers full of beats 52:23 Never too big to reply to a DM and tries to collab with everyone 53:42 What is Pyrex favorite VST? 54:44 B Racks is one of his personal sound designers 55:47 Pyrex & T Hood 56:12 Making loop packs specifically for producer homies through relationships 56:46 On taking his time with his drums 58:44 What's next for Pyrex? 59:10 He doesn't put anything on his master channel 1:02:09 Where can we find Pyrex on social media and the story behind the quote "If you got Pyrex in your name you my son" Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @PyrexTurnMeUp Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

Aaron Reid Talks Hitco, Artist Development, Pierre Bourne, Crazy Work Ethic + More
Aug 30 2018 82 mins  
Aaron Reid Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Aaron Reid stopped by for an exclusive talk about his Hitco Music which is his newest business venture with his father LA Reid. We got into Aaron's come up as an A&R for epic records as well as being a successful artist & songwriter early on in his career. He also talked about growing up around icons like Rihanna & Kanye West, his love for artist development & more. Aaron gives some producer advice and insight on building relationships organically as well as his opinions on selling beats online, marketing yourself, the importance of having crazy work ethic and living in the studio & much more. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 0:57 Hitco record label with Aaron Reid & LA Reid 1:25 Started as an A&R at Epic in 2013 2:36 Started as an artist and songwriter - Dropped out of Morehouse to produce full time 3:38 Aaron Reid had a hot 100 record and his dad didn't know 4:26 Played the record for Rihanna & Kanye at Thanksgiving 5:03 Started making beats on GarageBand and got a beat to Young Joc 7:52 Building his own legacy and continuing to uphold his family name 9:25 Aaron Reid's role in Future & Travis Scott's development 13:01 Rock star mentality and the change in hip hop culture through festival rap 14:20 A$AP Rocky's style and culture 15:10 What Aaron Reid looks for in a new artist 16:31 Wishing he could have worked with Xxxtentacion & what he looks for in a producer 18:22 Building a creative environment 19:00 He gets too many emails to listen to all of the beats he gets sent 20:41 Understand that building relationships and networking is a process - you have to build organically 23:12 Why is the there a high turnaround for A&Rs? 25:40 Social media priorities for artists - social media as a currency 27:53 The labels know when artists have fake numbers - Organic growth is always best 30:08 Merch should be lifestyle driven not necessarily profit driven & Aaron Reid's favorite strains 32:08 Pop up shops as a marketing, branding and culture building tool 32:41 Overrated/Underrated -Live instruments -A&Rs in 2018 -The XXL Freshman List -Artist development -Selling beats online 44:56 How he develops artists, helps them build their brand and sound and helps them get higher quality beats 45:31 skinnyfromthe9 was the first artist signed to Hitco 48:08 Aaron Reid truly beleives in quality over quantity - not always accepting first takes and being a proponent of punching in 52:13 Compares his father, LA Reid to Phil Jackson 53:56 The Umm Factor - How has the process of making a record changed since you were a kid being able to watch your family make records? 55:56 Aaron Reid on the value of engineers 58:57 The value of a good relationship with an engineer 1:00:03 The line when an engineer crosses over to becoming a producer and gets producer credits and compensation 1:04:14 Aaron Reid's solo record 1:10:22 Aaron Reid's favorite R&B song 1:13:27 His favorite rapper and greatest rapper of all time 1:16:37 Wearing flip flops everyday 1:16:04 Shopping online 1:17:21 One good style tip 1:19:29 What's next for Aaron Reid in 2018? 1:20:57 Taking care of yourself Listen to this Podcast on iTunes: Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @producergrind Special Guest @cassiusjay07 Directed by @cookitupkayo #ProducergrindPodcast

Tasha Catour Talks, Signing to Future, Female Producers & Front End Vs Back End Money
Aug 23 2018 47 mins  
Tasha Catour came by the Producergrind office for an exclusive podcast/interview. We talked about a variety of topics including, Tasha's come up and how she got into the game by signing to Future as a songwriter. She talked about how she got into making beats because it interested her and there wasn't too much money to be made as a writer. We talk about the lack of female producers compared to male producers in the game as well as her thoughts on the ratio. We also talked about some of her new music out including Future "Scammalot" & some new stuff with Tokyo Vanity. We talked briefly about her success selling beats online and how she is able to make money selling beats online without investing in promo like YouTube ads, or Facebook ads. We also got to ask her what the benefits are to having a manager as a producer and exactly what role the manager plays. Tasha dropped a lot of good producer advice in this one. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 0:48 How Tasha Catour achieved her current success 1:16 Executive producing Keke Palmer & mixtapes with Miss Mulatto and Tokyo Vanity 1:57 Started as a songwriter 2:12 Using FL Studio 2:46 Getting the Joe Gifted placement less than a year after she started producing 3:23 Songwriters don't get up front money 3:52 Used songwriting relationships to help get production placements 4:15 Working with Tinashe 4:39 How she supported herself when she was only songwriting, not getting up front money 5:32 Why is there a lack of female producers in the music industry? 9:47 Tasha's work with Renni Rucci 12:29 Something falls over on set and Carrington & Dylan laugh at L 12:44 How the Joe Gifted record "Water" came about 14:37 Tasha worked with Future on Astronaut Status in 2012 15:12 Just dropped a record with Future-Scammalot 15:55 Sometimes producers tag artists and try to get the fans to pressure the artist to drop a record 16:39 Not knowing when work will drop 17:20 Tasha's professional relationship with Beatmonster Marc 18:17 Tasha Catour's keys to success selling beats online 19:40 Producer's rights & when it's time for a producer to get management 20:38 She makes more money on the front end from exclusives beat agreements right now 20:10 On being signed to Future in a deal that wasn't great 24:24 Differences in her career as a songwriter vs her career as a producer 25:52 She won a Grammy for her writing on Lecrae's Gravity 26:33 Producers get more money from a song than songwriters 27:34 Tasha Catour wants to explore all parts of the entertainment industry 27:56 Having her baby in the middle of her big run 28:28 Overrated/Underrated -Collabing with other producers -The term super producer -Radio spins -Paying for promo on Instagram -Paying for Worldstar 36:15 The Umm Factor What are all the steps a producer needs to go through to build an artist from the ground up? 37:29 What does a manager do for a producer? 40:42 What's next for Tasha Catour in 2018? 40:58 Bring Your Own Beatz with DJ Esudd London Elixir & Charity Evaughn 41:53 Is there a correlation between winning beat battles and working well with an artist in the studio? 42:49 What's the purpose of producers participating in beat battles? 43:18 Beat battle dance routines 43:53 Artists should hang out at beat battles 44:11 Playing the role of A&R and talent scout 45:11 Balancing being a mother with long, late night studio stations 46:20 Beatmonster Marc & Yung Lan on The Umm Factor Listen to Podcast on iTunes: Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @TashaCatour Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

D. Sims Talks Recording Young Thug, Moving to ATL & Getting Placements
Aug 16 2018 81 mins  
Producer/Engineer D. Sims stopped by the office to drop some knowledge on the community in a dope producergrind podcast episode. We talked to Sims about his early career and moving to Atl to pursue his dreams. We also talked about his recent work recording Young Thug for hours on end at LoudHouse recording studios Buckhead. D. Sims talked about what it took to learn how to become a good recording & mixing engineer including advice he learned from legendary engineer Alex Tumay. He talks about what a blessing being an audio engineer has been for him in the fact that it has put him in rooms with major artists that he was then able to play beats for. Lots of good gems in this dope producer interview. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 0:35 Wall Street Hippies 1:32 An introduction to D Sims 1:59 Returning from his work in Seattle 2:51 Producing since he was 13 using FL Studio 3:20 Posting beats on MySpace & trap remixes 3:56 First placement at age 15 was with the artist now known as Shad Da God & OJ Da Juiceman 4:20 Moved to ATL for college to be close to his artists - his mom moved with him 6:02 What is like as an engineer working at a major studio? 8:25 Engineers getting overworked 10:27 Engineers afraid to tell the artists "no" 11:59 Meeting Kanye West 12:25 Perfecting his craft by working with Strap Da Fool 13:01 The artist's opinion matters most 13:57 Stripper fell off the pole and @1djplugg remixed the video with the 808 14:28 Stripper culture in Atlanta and how records break in the gentlemans club 16:12 Catching the vibe of Atlanta music and taking time to understand the culture 16:51 How did D Sims get in tune to the current trap sound? 17:59 Recording Young Thug and learning from Alex Tumay 19:04 Thug's ability as an engineer on Pro Tools 19:28 The Young Thug & Lil Durk meme 20:49 Being an artist is a whole business 21:44 Turning studio L's into lessons 22:39 Too many mixing revisions - the client is always right 24:24 Being a self taught engineer 26:20 Using college as a networking tool 28:32 Keeping your mind open and be willing to do ANYthing 29:47 Don't be a d***head 30:09 Be nice regardless of how people treat you 30:25 Overrated/Underrated -Stock plugins -Interning at a studio -Working with a major artist -Mixing for online clients -Fortnite 36:25 Tulones brand out of Alabama 37:10 Being a tastemaker 38:31 Knowing the culture of Atlanta to become a contributing member of it 39:46 Artists using drugs heavy 42:54 Safety issues in the studios 44:39 Scott Storch overcoming drug addiction 45:18 How has engineering helped D Sims a a producer? 48:19 Being on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on VH1 49:53 Inviting other producers into his network 51:25 Working with Domani Harris - How Domani built his own sound 53:17 Stop making beats and start making music 55:19 The Umm Factor - The Greatest Caps of All Time 56:54 Invest in people who invest in you 58:09 Getting away from ATL for a break 1:00:55 Shouts out to @jonboiibeatz & the Louisiana sound 1:02:13 Drake culture hopping 1:03:02 DJ B Real played beats in Dallas and shut it down 1:05:09 Shouts out to @stjamestheproducer 1:06:09 D Sims sharing his knowledge on @producergrind platforms 1:08:13 What's next for D Sims in 2018 1:10:58 D Sims in the comments on all platforms 1:13:22 Dedicated to the game - The Kevin Hart book 1:16:28 Illmind & Gary Vee and changing your mindset to be positive 1:19:31 Producergrind in Baltimore 1:20:29 Being managed by @official_hills Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @BeatsByDSims Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast Listen to Young Thug Slime Language Full Album

Sonny Digital Talks Producer's Union, Bad Contracts, Astroworld + More
Aug 09 2018 87 mins  
Sonny Digital stopped by the office for a Producergrind Podcast interview where we talked about some real exclusive topics. We got to ask him about of the "Producer's Union" which is an idea Sonny has been vocal about on Twitter for a while. Sonny told us about the new Studio he is currently building in Atlanta, his latest placement on Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD album, his new career as a rapper and why he chose to go the artist path. We also got to talk a little about the bad contract he signed with Universal and how he recently won his litigation and was awarded a decent settlement. We also talked about Sonny Digital's come up, dropping out of high school, producer advice, and how he always knew he would be successful as a music producer. We asked him to spill some real producer advice when we asked him what he would do if he was just starting off as a producer in 2018. In our overrated/underrated segment Sonny expressed his views on using MIDI/WAV loops or trap samples and how certain loop designers have put him in weird situations by sending everyone the same loop packs. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 1:28 Google Sonny Digital if you don’t know how he got to the current success he’s been having the last 6 years 2:28 Communicating his vision to music industry gatekeepers 5:07 Finishing high school early and being able to focus on music 6:39 Not really ever having to work a true 9-5 & working with his mom 9:49 The price went up on record labels that passed the first time 16:05 The day trading of rappers 16:50 Bad contract offers for artists 23:10 The transition from producing to rapping 24:33 The Producer’s Union 28:33 Sonny agreed with Russ’ sentiments about a lot of beats being wack 31:42 Sonny speaking for the culture 34:47 Sonny’s relationship with Splice 41:08 Artists and producers using school to build fans 43:00 On being, or not being signed to Universal Music Group 53:30 Produced the opening track on Travis Scott’s Astroworld 55:40 Overrated/Underrated -Chasing placements -Cooking up by yourself -Midi/Melody loops -Beat battles -FL 20 1:09:40 The Umm Factor - The difference between Sonny Digital 2012 vs Sonny Digital 2018 1:11:38 What's next for Sonny Digital in 2018? 1:14:14 Mac Miller's work with Sonny Digital 1:17:46 Can I still buy a beat from Sonny Digital in 2018 1:20:25 Where can we find Sonny Digital on social media 1:22:28 Sonny getting mistaken for Metro Boomin, Wiz Khalifa & PNB Rock 1:23:49 A Sonny Digital live show 1:26:38 Taking a break from smoking Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @SonnyDigital Directed by @cookitupkayo @Samo_ent #ProducergrindPodcast

ShotBySpencer On Coming Up, Working with Big Artists, Setting Your Price + More
Aug 02 2018 52 mins  
PRE music video director ShotBySpencer interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Spencer came by for an exclusive business talk, covering his come up & early inspiration to get into photography/videography. We got Spencer to shed light on his humble beginnings and how he worked at AT&T for a few years before getting a job as a graphic designer for a medical company. He also talked about going to college for graphic design and how that has helped his career in a creative field. He gave advice on finding clients and setting your prices in the music video space. He also talked about how he linked up with big artists like Young Dolph & Kevin Gates. In our overrated/underrated segment we got him to give his thoughts on film cameras coming back, the Epic Red camera & videographer beef. Lots of gems in this one for any entrepreneur especially videographers and producers. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 1:13 Who is ShotBySpencer? 2:10 Inspired by father and grandfather who always had cameras around 2:34 Originally went to school for Fire/EMT and changed his major 3:09 Always shooting in his free time - loved the art form 3:58 Began going to college for graphic design 4:05 Dropped out a week before his final to go on tour with Kevin Gates 4:38 How to get business as an independent photographer just starting out 5:39 Didn't start out doing video but learned how so he could pay rent 6:44 Knew which clubs big artists went to when they came to Gainesville, FL and started networking 7:58 Always been a fan of hip hop music videos 8:50 Inspired by Cam Kirk 11:48 You don't necessarily have to relocate to Atlanta 12:36 Photo and graphic design outside of hip hop - Shot Kevin Gates' wedding which is how he developed the relationship 13:39 Everybody needs good content - with the right approach you can build a relationship with almost any artist, DJ, producer 15:20 Influenced by the artists themselves - Kevin Gates has good contagious energy 16:37 The stripper who fell on her head at the video shoot 17:30 Overrated/Underrated -Film cameras -RED Cam -Photography classes -Behind the scenes videographers -Industry beef - Do photographers and videographers have industry beefs? 25:35 Wants to do a retreat for photographers and videographers 26:08 Works on set with his girlfriend 27:55 People have been trying to steal Spudds McKenzie style 28:35 Protocols on watermarking photos putting logos on videos 35:35 How to set service prices and knowing when to raise them $250-$1000 is low end on a video 37:56 How do you find a balance between underpricing yourself and making a living? 46:47 Have you ever lost footage while on a project, had a hard drive crash, forgot to press record, had a battery die in the middle of a shoot? 47:29 Sony has an awkwardly placed record button on their cameras 48:03 Losing footage from police confiscation - Especially LAPD, they tried to take his camera 49:20 What's next for ShotBySpencer in 2018? Branding, mentorship and improvement 51:40 Has a lot of work coming up with Young Dolph 51:53 @shotbyspencer on all platforms Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @shotbyspencer Directed by @cookitupkayo #ProducergrindPodcast

Cicero on Being the Keys of 808 Mafia, Moving to ATL from Chicago & More
Aug 02 2018 69 mins  
Cicero of 808 Mafia Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Cicero stopped by the office to speak with us about his title as "The Keys of 808 Mafia" and how he was first blessed with the opportunity to make a beat with Southside, who recognized his talent instantly and told him he had to come with him to LA to continue working. We talked a lot about Cicero's struggle, come up & making it out of Chicago and coming to Atlanta on a greyhound bus with basically no money. He talked about how his spirituality and belief in the law of attraction made him know he was going to find success. He talks a lot about being humble and playing your role as a team member when it comes to making music & supporting your friends music at all costs. He talks about how he makes loop packs for other members of 808 mafia and his most notable work being on the Future - Hendrixx album. Overall this interview is filled with great producer advice on how to get placements, networking & more. Cicero even dropped some dope knowledge on his favorite keys of songs and trap chords to use when making beats. Stay tuned for our studio session vlog with Cicero and Tre Pounds of 808 Mafia. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 0:25 Carrington whooped Kato the Producer in ping pong 1:07 How Cicero's career got started - His grandma always wanted him to be at church so he started playing the drums and keys 2:52 Learning how to play 90's and early 2000's R&B 3:39 Why trap is influenced by old school R&B 4:08 Growing up in Chicago 4:28 Becoming a member of Brick Squad at the age of 16 4:55 Creating the Bop wave with Kemo and D Low (D Low Shuffle) 5:20 On being the keys of 808 Mafia 6:51 Sending melody packs to 808 Mafia - Being an in-house sound designer 7:54 How they handle business with the in-house loops 8:57 Most notable contributions with 808 Mafia is the Future Hndrxx album 9:43 Took three summers to get good on the keys 10:28 Learning how to play every song he heard on the radio 12:35 808 Mafia expanding outside of the United States, outside of trap and hip hop 16:59 How he feels about people who false claim 808 Mafia 18:40 What does it feel like to be stamped official 808 Mafia - The work he had to put in after he got the official blessing 21:00 He had to learn that it was ok use the 808 Mafia name to get where he needed to go because he had Southside's co-sign 22:20 Being hands-on in building his fan base, one person at a time 23:15 Calls himself "the king of the struggle" 23:38 Going to clubs in Atlanta and taking a year to catch the sound 33:22 Building relationships first and staying down to help an artist on their journey 36:20 Meet artists at their budget point instead of trying to break a wallet - every client is different 37:31 Overrated/Underrated -Harold’s Chicken -Chord creators -Gelato -Selling beats online -Tekashi 6-9 41:32 If it wasn't for type beats, nobody would be rapping 50:07 808 Mafia as a publishing company and shortcuts to distribution 53:23 His work with SpeakerKnockerz and his rap career 1:04:54 Making EDM music 1:06:38 When producers start rapping 1:07:59 Cicero spiritual habits Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @ciceroondabeat Directed by @cookitupkayo #ProducergrindPodcast

Kato Talks Making $30K Per Month Selling Beats, Producer Marketing, Facebook Ads + More
Jul 22 2018 66 mins  
Kato stopped by the office for a Producergrind Podcast episode where we talked a lot about the business side of making beats. Kato shared a lot of knowledge about selling beats online and the marketing strategies that go into running a successful online beat store. It seems that building your brand and having a fan base has been key for his success along with having big placements. There is a crazy amount of producer advice in this episode so enjoy. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 1:15 Kato on The Track Biography/Come Up Story 3:11 Kato didn't like school and he felt pressure to go to college 6:24 How Kato built up his social media following 7:35 Spending $1000 a month on Facebook ads 8:15 Being an "online" producer after in-person situations weren't getting him where he wanted to be 10:30 Top 3 tips for spending money on promotions and ads 11:50 If you don't have an online audience, the music has to be amazing, and even then it might not be enough 12:33 Selling beats online is mostly about marketing & branding 13:51 Giving things away for free and why 15:49 How Kato stands out from other producers 16:29 So many profitable independent artists need beats but people keep going after the same artists 18:26 How he linked with Futuristic 19:44 What was it like at Funk Volume? 22:05 You don't always need a team, you might just need to put in more work Partnership with DJ Pain 1 and how Beat Club became Music Entrepreneur Club 30:22 How his ethnicity is relevant to his music career 31:40 Korean background opened doors to other genres, specifically K-Pop 33:19 Overrated/Underrated -Email Blasts -Lebron to the Lakers -Having a team -Type Beats (as a Marketing tool) -Starting Beat Stores in 2018 43:32 Kato can guide people but he won't do the work for you 44:39 Have grace and be ok with someone telling you "no" 46:12 Signs of people who might be built for this - positivity and optimism, willingness to listen and learn 47:19 Stopped using Vlogs as much and converting to more short form content 48:10 IGTV as an emerging platform 50:50 Why did Kato start his Youtube Channel? 51:37 The rapping platform 53:22 The Umm Factor - Everything you know about selling beats online and marketing and branding yourself online 54:39 Kato once made $30,000 in a month selling beats online 55:14 Distribute your audience among the different platforms 59:58 Kato puts all music on all platforms when he releases 1:00:39 Rappers purchased beats because they heard the instrumental album 1:01:36 Beat Club/Music Entrepreneur Club format and what you can learn from them 1:03:22 Kato's song "Money Bag" with Jarren Benton which had similarities to Cardi B's song "Money Bag" 1:04:47 Jarren Benton & Kato dropping new album Yuck Fou on RocNation July 27 1:05:22 What's next in 2018 for Kato on The Track Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @katoproducer Directed by @cookitupkayo #ProducergrindPodcast

Beatking Talks Rapping On Your Own Beats, Getting IG Famous, Not Needing Placements + More
Jul 13 2018 72 mins  
Producer/rapper Beatking interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Beatking aka Club Godzilla stopped by to talk about his come up, his observations of the music industry & trends, why he brings cucumbers every time he goes to the club & more. We got him to talk a lot about his music producer career and how he was able to go viral and be succesful as a rapper to the point where he has never needed a placement with a big artist rapping over his beats. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 1:16 Beat King FW the @Producergrind comment section 1:35 Having a real actual fan base 1:55 How he got his start in Houston selling music locally 2:51 His music is known but he's not known as much 3:21 H-Town sound vs Atlanta sound 3:57 Started making hits in 2010 and made Houston's sound more aggressive 4:18 The Memphis sound 4:49 Atlanta gets all the plugins and gets everything first 6:54 How he got the name Club Godzilla/Beat King and started rapping 8:22 The demographic of his 160k+ IG followers 9:01 New single "BDA" he's in Atlanta promoting 9:27 Looking at his IG you can't tell exactly what he does 9:57 Entertainment is about getting attention 10:36 Turning down DJ gigs because the artist money is better 11:40 Listen to the songs at college parties 13:17 The value of having a college audience 14:01 Dying his hair green and calling himself Disgustin Justin 14:41 How to get verified on Instagram & Twitter - Be highly Googlable 16:44 Steps to getting songs to DJs 17:49 The definition and evolution of the "club record" over the last 9 years 20:16 Pain and struggle rap is hot in the club right now 21:01 Never rapped about anything he didn't really live or know 21:41 How does an artist find their authentic truth and still get people to listen 24:12 How understanding production helps him find the vibe of what people are feeling 25:07 Dropping more songs in an album like Drake & Migos - streaming trick 27:30 Different rules for producers - "You can't disrespect somebody with a snare" 28:48 His production group called Texas Hammers - Kid beat prodigies 30:03 TM88 doesn't have any keyboards in his house 31:34 What are his long term plans for artistry and production 32:32 Vine broke Beatking "Throw Dat Ahh" 33:46 People are sleeping on Facebook 35:00 Freaky shows influenced by Uncle Luke 35:47 People close to him and their reactions to his work 36:42 His kids seeing some of his work 38:15 What happens if you walk into the kitchen and see them licking cucumbers? 39:28 BET Uncut & Beat King "childhood memories" to Tip Drill 40:15 Boonk Gang smashing unprotected on Instagram 41:15 How do you do something original on Instagram? 42:11 He tried putting the video out ahead of the song and used a new strategy with Snapchat to promote it and he broke his Snapchat 43:48 He put the video on PHub and monetized it - Monetized content on p sites 45:56 Overrated/Underrated -Bad publicity -Props -Paid promotion on IG -DJing -Throwing money in the club 56:27 Always try to do more than one thing - flex multiple talents 58:08 Trying to find time to make beats & his project with Gangsta Boo 1:01:06 The Umm Factor - Everything Beat King knows about creating a buzz 1:02:27 Converting his current success into long term success 1:03:58 The fan base in Texas is so big you can go platinum just in Texas 1:04:25 The @producergrind fan base and building producer culture 1:07:35 Is Snapchat done? 1:10:39 His friend Lil Ronnie the Bill Cosby impersonator Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @clubgodzilla Directed by @cookitupkayo

DJ Burn One Talks Industry Plants, Drugs & Tour Life, Superfly + More
Jul 05 2018 78 mins  
Atlanta legend DJ Burn One stopped by the Producergrind office today for an exclusive podcast interview. We talked over an hour with Burn One covering everything from his come up & early entrepreneurial ventures, making beats for Gucci Mane & A$AP Rocky, doing drugs to pass time while on tour, his role behind the scenes in the new Superfly movie score, his production team "Five Points Bakery", What are industry plants and industry plant meaning, & much more. Enjoy this hour long podcast interview filled with producer advice and music business talk. 2:17 How DJ Burn One got started in the game 3:20 Being from Atlanta but not having a signature trap sound 4:58 Working with Walt Live & Go Ricky Go 6:23 DJ Burn One's household musical influences growing up 7:24 Taking a year off from DJing to learn how to make beats 8:57 Starting off in Sony Acid Pro 9:22 Selling mixtapes in high school 10:43 Always listened when OGs gave advice 12:38 Tour life and struggling with alcoholism 14:47 Using FL in high school 16:50 Reading Gucci’s book 21:03 The culture of Five Points 22:52 Working with live musicians 25:25 His thoughts on The Art of Organized Noize documentary on Netflix 30:28 Not getting paid by A$AP Rocky 32:50 On convincing Gucci to do mixtapes 34:18 Public perception of him and A$AP Rocky's relationship 36:45 The Umm Factor - Describing The Culture of 5 Points Bakery 38:13 His group iNDEED 38:57 Creating their own sample catalogue 41:16 Artists selling themselves instead of selling songs 46:14 Working with Bubba Sparxx and seeing him get pigeonholed into a character 47:08 Parallels between rap and wrestling 48:50 Defining what an "industry plant" is and examining the case of A$AP Rocky 52:20 Record labels know if your numbers are fake 54:44 Pop now has hip hop drums 56:49 Overrated/Underrated -Thrift Store shopping -Limewire -Backwoods -Tour life -Big commercial studios 1:02:52 What's next for DJ Burn One 1:03:33 Superfly soundtrack 1:05:00 On putting on a producer masterclass 1:06:30 His philosophy on helping people 1:07:11 Hack on learning how to produce 1:11:42 Being able to admit what you don't know 1:12:12 Shut the fuck up and learn something 1:13:34 Pro tip for 808 mixing 1:15:36 DJ Burn One on social media Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @djburnone Directed by @cookitupkayo

Mechie So Crazy Talks About His Come Up , Social Media Marketing, Crazy Fans & More
Jul 01 2018 51 mins  
Mechie So Crazyy stopped by the Producergrind Podcast office for an exclusive interview where we talked about his come up, how he marketed himself on social media (instagram, twitter, vine) How the Blac Chyna sex tape brought him a lot of publicity (good & bad), him sleeping with his college professor who was 17 years older than him, having sex with a fan for the first time & his new single Mechie - Like Dat (official music video) Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 1:17 How Mechie got started dancing 1:50 Joining R&B Group 4EY and being trained as a performer 2:57 Mechie went through artist development at a time when it’s rarely done anymore 3:32 The viral/social media dance community 4:05 How Mechie built his social media and carried his audience across several platforms including Twitter and Vine 5:07 How Mechie felt about Vine shutting down 5:25 People who were hot on Vine not being able to transfer over 6:17 The platform is not the real world and if it shuts down make sure you have an audience on other platforms 7:29 Getting recognized in public for his Vine, Instagram and Twitter work 7:59 People are sleeping on Facebook as a viable platform 8:26 Tips for using Facebook a a tool for your career 9:11 Amount of engagement is better than number of followers sometimes 9:42 Mechie says Snapchat is dead 10:17 IGTV coming for YouTube 10:52 Social media influencer marketing 11:26 When you rely on your phone for your career and you lose it 12:21 His social media fame putting his life in the public eye 13:10 Regulating social media as a part of our everyday life 13:35 Having a team that helps him his career and social media 14:01 Having patience and building a career over time 15:29 Going from zero to 100k followers in a month 16:15 Changing social media habits after Blac Chyna situation 17:21 The Blac Chyna sex tape and his relationship with her 18:30 A lot of what was written about him in the media was wrong 19:02 Media wanting to talk about the tape and the relationship instead of his actual music career 19:42 He separated himself from Blac Chyna because it was affecting his career 20:35 Moving on from Blac Chyna and how social media cycles through stories quickly 21:15 People caring more about the bullshit than the music 21:24 New single called Like Dat 22:48 Troy Taylor producing Like Dat 23:14 Giving away $2500 in his new video challenge 24:05 Are challenges washed? 26:17 Your brand makes the challenge not the other way around 26:50 How he linked with Troy Taylor 27:41 Doing Scoot Over with Zaytoven 28:08 Being from DC 28:26 Opening for Meek Mill 28:48 Having sex with a fan for the first time 30:48 Dunking on Rick Ross 31:36 Overrated/Underrated - History of Challenges -Harlem Shake -Mannequin Challenge -Ice Bucket Challenge -30 Day Blap Challenge -Cinnamon Challenge 33:19 The importance of being engaged in the culture 37:14 Tide Pod challenge 38:01 All attention isn't good attention 38:33 Do's and don'ts for building social media following 39:36 Practicing on stage for rappers and singers 40:30 Rappers taking vocal lessons 40:42 Biggest influencers on Mechie as a dancer 41:04 Taking pay for promo 41:40 Hit Mechie's email before you hit his DM 41:56 Balancing promo with keeping accounts authentic and not turning off fan base 42:20 The Umm Factor - Mechie Describes The Craziest Things Seen On IG For Clout 43:36 Girl told him the names of the babies they were gonna have together 44:41 Being mauled by crazy fans 46:26 The after parties and moving through teeny bopper fans 47:47 Single Like Dat 48:30 Mechie on social media Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @mechiesocrazy Directed by @cookitupkayo

Zaytoven Talks Producing Trap Holizay, Signing a Deal, Superfly, Beast Mode 2 + More
Jun 21 2018 45 mins  
Zaytoven interview at the producergrind office. The goat stopped by for an exclusive podcast/talk with us about his new album "Trap Holizay", Superfly, Signing to major label Capitol Records, Beast Mode 2 with Future, Birds of a Feather 2 & more. Producergrind Merch: Sound Kits: 1:10 Trap Hoilzay new release 1:40 Signing a publishing deal with Capitol 2:08 Doing the album on his terms 2:42 His entire career has been breaking new artists 3:00 The majors didn't understand his music for a long time 3:21 Had #1 song in the country w/Usher and Zay wasn't getting calls from majors 3:43 Got the Usher opportunity because of how hot his ATL acts were 4:12 Most people won't get a major label call after a couple placements 4:43 Branding himself with hard work 5:02 The logistics of a major label deal - Using your OWN relationships 5:57 Future and Jay Z recorded to the same beat that became Future's Mo Reala 7:18 Up and coming producers should get with an up and coming artist 7:45 Producers today are chasing placements 8:12 Artists have to have a strong work ethic 8:52 Zaytoven's daily routine - Been doing the same thing for 20 years 10:02 How to make 10 beats a day without playing keys 10:33 If he makes 10 beats a day at least 1 is gonna be hot 11:01 Zaytoven has always been worried about falling off - Once saw music as a side hustle 12:10 First Usher check was $101,000 and he still kept cutting hair 13:01 Versace came out and Zay had to quit cutting hair because people were showing up to take pics and drop mixtapes 13:57 Enjoying his family and home is how he enjoys his success 14:50 When he got his big checks he always reinvested in himself and his image 16:36 Your image matters so put that in the budget 17:17 Zay's scene in Superfly as a local artist 17:50 Zaytoven scored the movie in the music 18:10 The logistical process of scoring movies 18:29 He made Birds of a Feather because he thought he was falling off 19:42 Birds of a Feather II COMING SOON 20:55 Overrated/Underrated -Being able to play keys -Papadeaux -Buying jewelry when you can’t afford real -Focusing on quantity more than quality -Beat battles 24:44 Working with Lil Uzi and Lil Pump to impress his son 25:05 His son wants to be in the music industry 25:39 Zaytoven's take on the new class - Lil Baby, Blocboy JB, Key Glock, NBA Youngboy 26:39 Hard to tell which beat is better without words on it 27:19 New Music! Let the Trap Say Amen with Lecrae 28:20 Who is Lecrae? Inspirational music with a message-It's not necessarily gospel 29:44 Being a man of faith and balancing that with the music industry 30:40 How did a church man become the Godfather of the trap? 31:16 Gucci proud to be friends with Zay because he's a good guy 32:01 Knowing that people are watching him and that he can be a good example for other people 32:41 He and Gucci are able to laugh at some of the bad times 33:01 Gucci is influencing new rappers to make good choices 33:55 The Umm Factor - Everything you know on balancing being a husband with being in the music industry 34:59 He and his wife making fun of rappers on the road 35:21 The craziest chains Zay has ever seen 36:15 International DJ Zaytoven - Messed up on first set and nobody knew 38:18 Paris LOVES Zaytoven 39:15 DJing on the road made him really miss his family 39:50 Zay social media habits 41:21 What is Zay listening to? 42:31 Zaytoven says Snapchat is dead 44:10 A Zaytoven cut is $100 44:24 Zaytoven is the 20th guest on the Producergrind Podcast 44:51 Beast Mode II Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @zaytovenbeatz Directed by @cookitupkayo

ATL Jacob Talks Making Beats For Future, Signing to Freebandz & More
Jun 20 2018 42 mins  
ATL Jacob interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We talked to the young Freebandz producer about a bunch of topics including how he met casino & eventually signed to Freebandz, People performing fake publicity stunts for marketing, making beats since 9th grade & more. He gave some producer advice and talked about his upcoming projects including his song with Future- Nowhere (Produced By ATL Jacob) on the newly released Superfly album. ATL Jacob 0:52 Tired of going to the bank 1:11 How ATL Jacob got into the game 2:04 ATL Jacob’s 2018 so far 3:00 Publicity stunts for the gram 5:48 Staying in the house for his birthday 6:05 How he linked up with Freebandz 7:54 Making beats since 9th grade 8:50 being able to makes in quantity with high quality 9:18 What is a throw away beat? 9:42 How do you know which beats to play for which artists 10:24 Being officially signed to Freebandz 13:04 The buss down who thought Future just wanted to hangout and not smash 14:41 New rules in Atlanta 15:38 Rappers hating on producers 17:00 Spending no more than 30 minutes on a beat 17:36 Not spending too much time mixing while making the beat 18:08 Establishing relationships is the key to getting placements 19:36 Overrated/Underrated -Omnisphere -Chik Fil A -Being able to play keys -Spinz 808 -Face Tattoos 27:44 Working with Logan Paul 30:09 ATL Jacob started rapping 33:40 Blurring out his screen during his last Producergrind beat cookup 36:58 The new Superfly movie, ATL Jacob’s placement on the soundtrack and Future’s involvement as a producer of the film 40:39 Doing MoneyBagg Yo’s entire EP The Producergrind Podcast @CEODylan @TheLetterLBeats @Carington_Hill Special Guest @AtlJacob Directed By @Cookitupkayo

SikWitIt Talks Producer Income Streams Beat Battle Culture DallasUp + More (1)
Jun 07 2018 60 mins  
Sikwitit Interview on producergrind podcast. We flew out to Dallas to link up with some Dallas producers including SikWitIt who has been getting major placements and working with industry artists for quite some time now. We talked about his come up, making the #DallasUp documentary with Maschine Masters, selling beats online and having multiple streams of income, Perfecting his craft and relationship building through Dallas Beat Battle Culture & much more. SikWit it dropped some dope producer advice gems on getting placements, producer branding/marketing, selling beats online, etc. We look forward to being back in Dallas to connect with more up & coming producers at our VIP Studio Session on June 23, 2018. 1:20 How SikWitIt came up as a producer 7:42 International beat battle Toronto vs Texas was one of his big breaks (beat battle culture) 9:43 Putting on for Dallas & Maschine Masters #DallasUp documentary 15:39 Sik Wit it opening doors for others as well as himself 16:37 They almost didn't put the documentary out 20:22 Being flexible in the studio with artists 24:58 Dallas music BUSINESS culture 26:27 Overrated/Underrated -Moving to another market for music opportunities -Getting placements with established artists -Having a producer logo -Major label deals as a producer -Fuel City Tacos 30:51 Producergrind coming to Dallas & Sik Wit It showing the cookup 32:35 Sik Wit It's signature style... Is it Boom Trap? 34:00 Sik Wit It's Father and his musical legacy 36:19 Be a good person in the industry because it matters 39:13 Producergrind connecting with Dallas 40:31 Working with Bobby Sessions and helping him build as a new artist 45:25 The Umm Factor: ATL Producer Culture vs Dallas Producer Culture 46:52 **Correction** The fam DJ E Sudd is Street Execs DJ and tours with 2 Chainz--We sincerely apologize for the mistake 47:17 The Beat Lounge and the Sound Social in Dallas 52:29 Freddie Bruno, Brown Royal, Suave on the Track & Lucy Clubhouse 56:02 What to expect from Sik Wit It in 2018 57:10 Branding yourself as a producer 58:11 Multiple streams of income as a producer 1:00:12 Find Sik Wit It @iamsikwitit & Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @producergrind Special Guest @iamsikwitit Directed by @cookitupkayo @samo_ent

Earl The Pearll Talks Making Beats For Lil Yachty, Working With QC, Staying Independent + More
Jun 01 2018 57 mins  
Earl The Pearll Producer Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We had Earl stop by and talk about making beats for Lil Yachty who has been his best friend since 3rd grade, He also talked about making beats for Lil Baby - Harder Than Ever album, working a regular job before his big opportunity as a producer, Working with QC rappers & more. Earl dropped some producer advice on how to get placements and build relationships. Earl also shared with us the best adivce his friend and mentor Coach K of QC/Solid Foundation has given him. 1:02 How Earl got his start with Yachty 1:41 How working with Yachty led to opportunities with other QC artists 2:26 Yachty started rapping in high school 3:31 Yachty being good at photography, graphic design and fashion 3:55 Earl moving out when Yachty signed his deal 4:31 How Earl survived between the time he graduated ad when Yachty got his deal 5:34 Working at Six Flags before he got on with Yachty & QC 9:15 Getting fired from Dollar General as Yachty is buzzing 9:47 The video One Night was a turning point for Yachty 10:35 Meeting P for the first time 11:09 Going on tour with Young Thug & XXL Cover 11:41 Moved out of his mom's house when Yachty signed his deal 12:44 Doing beat battles around the city 15:08 Being humble and kicking it with old friends 15:42 Yachty never turns down a picture 16:20 Selling beats online as an unknown producer 17:19 Don't rely on anybody 17:45 Don't be afraid to speak up and say you have beats around artists 18:57 Being Yachty's main producer and trying to get beats to other artists 19:44 Learning how to navigate social situations 20:29 Earl the Pearl's advice on getting a placement 22:35 Investing in yourself and your sounds 23:11 The new sound in music 23:58 Get your craft right before you do anything else 24:58 Have you ever had any conflicts working with an artist in the studio? 25:37 Earl & Lil Boat being honest with each other about their music 26:05 How Yachty got the red braids 28:15 Yachty has a great sense for entertainment 28:59 Overrated/Underrated -FL Studio 20 -Moving to ATL for music -Rap Snacks -Home studio spaces -V Lone 34:36 Being melodic with beats but also not doing too much 36:06 Learning to like pop music working at Dollar General 37:47 Yachty's relationship with Bad Bhabie 38:49 Blue checks, likes follows, jewelry and cars can dictate your career more than talent & music sometimes 41:29 Spotify streams vs Apple Music streams 42:18 Hire a music attorney 42:56 Working at QC as an independent producer 43:58 The Umm Factor - The Craziest Chains Earl Has Ever Seen 45:51 K $upreme raps but also makes his own beats 46:22 Earl reacts to Russ blaming producers for music being whack 4825: Hottest beats Earl has heard recently 50:08 making beats for Lil Baby - Harder Than Ever (Never Needed No Help Instrumental / Lil Baby - Fit In) 52:28 Always be at the studio 52:57 Putting out his own album 54:05 Emulating DJ Khaled and the old style of producing 54:59 Where to find Earl on social media 55:22 How Coach K gave him his nickname Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @earlthepearll Directed by @cookitupkayo

TL 12th Street Talk Being Creative Shooting Music Videos + More
May 29 2018 51 mins  
TL & 12th Street Pharmacist interview on the producergrind podcast. The duo stopped by the producergrind office to talk about being creative as an artist & producer team. They discuss the process of how they linked up & started creating music together. TL On the beat talked about his most recent placement with Rae Sremmurd on the Sremm Life 3 album. 12th street's manager & video director Marquis Garden also spoke for a second about his input in the creative process TL On The Beat 12th St 1:14 TL on the Beat vs AyeTL on The Beat 2:03 TL on The Beat origin story 3:05 12th Street Pharmacist origin story 5:39 Bone Thugs N Harmony influenced 12th Street Pharmacist 6:33 Lex Luger influenced TL on the Beat 8:03 How TL & 12th Street Pharmacist linked up 10:30 Come Get Some Bars Music Video 13:20 They have an entire team including videographer Marquis Gardens 14:25 Perfectionism vs overthinking 15:19 Knowing when to tell someone if something is trash 16:15 Marquis Gardens talks about the direction of the videos 18:33 What is an Icebreaker Jacket? 20:58 Overrated/Underrated 24:45 The Umm Factor 27:45 Collaborating effectively 28:49 TL gives advice on getting placements in 2018 30:49 TL’s placement with Rae Sremmurd 34:30 Learning to be patient in an industry that moves slow 37:04 Recognizing stress and how it affects you creatively 40:38 Staying consistent with content 44:05 Where you can find TL on the Beat & 12th Street Pharmacist on social media Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @12thstreetpharmacist @tlonthebeat

ChaseTheMoney Talks Making Beats Executive Producing Networking More
May 17 2018 38 mins  
Chasethemoney interview on the producergrind podcast may 2018. We asked Chase the money questions about his come up and moving freom st. louis to chicago to start his career, build relationships & network with up & coming artists like Valee & Z Money (both who have released projects executive produced by chase the money) Z Money - ZTM Valee - VTM Chase let us know what was important for him when coming up as a producer which was consistently working and moving around to build relationships in the music business. Chasethemoney has produced for many industry rappers this year including, Blocboy JB, Moneybagg Yo, Jeremih, Lil Yachty, Chance The Rapper & more. 1:56 How he got started in the game 2:15 First placement with Soulja Boy, Young Chop, Lil Durk, Waka Flocka 2:49 Producers who also rap 3:28 How he got the Blocboy JB placement 3:49 Deciding to get management after making $10,000 4:13 How he got to his big success at the start of 2018 5:10 On being an executive producer, not just a beatmaker 5:49 Playing Call of Duty when he's not making beats 6:14 Sync licensing opportunities 7:07 Working consistently 7:39 His branding strategy and how it came organically 8:43 Geting the idea for the projects with Valee and Z Money 10:18 Going on IG live constantly 10:41 Making beats live on IG 11:02 The industry stealing his drip 11:23 People trying to give him advice on things they've never done 12:04 How the industry sound has changed in the last two years and where it's going 12:24 His thoughts on 69 and Trippie Redd's music 12:40 What he listens to--Future, Gucci, Yung Bans 14:26 Overrated/Underrated 17:59 Doing a whole tape with Southside 19:23 Learning multiple skills sets 21:02 Artists punching in as opposed to writing 21:41 Linking up with producer Rio Mac 22:22 His thoughts on Kanye 24:19 Charlemagne Tha God shows about gossip 25:54 Not liking to do media 26:28 Not judging people 27:55 The Umm Factor 28:49 St. Louis being known for Chinese food 29:46 Thoughts about veganism 30:20 Who's next to pop out of St. Louis 31:34 Moving from St. Louis to Chicago 31:56 Linking with Valee 33:07 Face-to-face networking 33:55 Artists who are already on are more willing to work with new producers than a lot of people think 34:19 The importance of being your authentic self 34:59 What's coming in 2018 35:30 Professional etiquette and not talking about projects before they drop 36:42 Why do people change when they get money? Hosted By @ceodylan @theletterlbeats @carrington_hill @producergrind Special Guest @chasethemoneychasethemoney Directed by @cookitupkayo

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