Up First

Mar 19 2020 64.6k

NPR's Up First is the news you need to start your day. The three biggest stories of the day, with reporting and analysis from NPR News — in 10 minutes. Available weekdays by 6 a.m. ET, with hosts Rachel Martin, Noel King, David Greene and Steve Inskeep. Now available on Saturdays by 8 a.m. ET, with hosts Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Scott Simon. Subscribe and listen, then support your local NPR station at donate.npr.org.

4.5 • 27 Ratings

jakeswensen Jan 10 2021

relativelypainle Dec 08 2020
Great podcast to keep you up to date with the latest news as you head out the door each morning.

popped66 Dec 07 2020

tkelley0897 Nov 23 2020
Having become a remote worker since the pandemic hit, I don't get to listen to as much news as I used to, and this condensed format allows me an opportunity to stay informed while doing the shorter morning drices to take kids to school/daycare.

three20three Nov 06 2020
Great morning podcast to recap the start of the day

Randie Oct 27 2020
Excellent daily news podcast. Can get all the headlines in under 15 minutes while getting ready for my day. Love all the reporters.

ashleylin1130 Oct 20 2020
Love it. Been listening every morning since episode 1.

StrumLifeAway Oct 16 2020
Good snapshot of the day's news.

EricProfits Sep 16 2020
Best way to start your day

playcations Sep 14 2020
Great episode, great gun rights group that needs to get out there more. The npr slant is very obvious here about how they feel about the situation, but gun rights are one of the most important issues out there.

BenjiAlan Jul 05 2020
Objective journalism. Do that

JMS Jun 26 2020
Extremely left in all their opinions and attempts to portray facts. They only give the information which supports their biased agenda. Sad to think people call this news.

cdn Jun 25 2020
Great podcast

impat Jun 19 2020
Best npr pod!

bj14klein May 22 2020
Thank you for update.

RoyM May 20 2020
Part of my morning routine.

ae May 16 2020
An excellent daily news show!

ShawnOfSulfur May 12 2020
Imagine having such a distorted view of reality that you think this is a heavily biased show. A decent daily news shows despite 25-35 of the runtime being ads.

MerryMasquerade May 09 2020
Good daily news update!

ksoucy May 08 2020
Concise and covers the big news; however it is so blatantly biased that you really cannot know what the truth is. I listen to this podcast for the liberal perspective, then listen to a conservative leaning news source, and then try to determine the actual facts. Reporting news in this country has become so political, they should be ashamed.

blast0 May 08 2020
Short, sweet, to the point, and unbiased. It has quickly become one of the most refreshing events of my day.

JoelC May 07 2020
Very informative. Very short.

[email protected] May 07 2020
The best! Keeps me in the know every morning.

Ming3r May 01 2020
Really love Up First. They've kept me on top of what is happening in the world in a quick, informative matter.

Taptowntraffic Apr 15 2020
Short, sweet, and to the point. It really is the news you need to start your day.

blaneyface Apr 13 2020
Just a good way to get a global snapshot on a daily basis. I've recommended this podcast to all of my friends and coworkers and will continue to do so.

Sean Downey Apr 12 2020
Quick, straight honest facts, to the point. A must listen every morning.