Kermode and Mayo's Film Review

Oct 16 2020 113 mins 146.2k

Mark Kermode joins Simon Mayo to give his verdict on the week's movies.

4.3 • 11 Ratings

JC Oct 16 2020

ronansprake Oct 10 2020
Used to be better when Mark was less careful in his criticism. Over the past couple of years, mawkish sentimentality and repetitive anecdotes have gone through the roof. It's painful to hear Mark constantly refer to dance as "the highest art form". Pretty sure 5 years ago he'd have said it was movies. That said, if you skip the huge intro section it's still half decent content.

R Johnson Aug 24 2020
Used to be my favourite podcast until they started injecting their political views into everything. Tried to go back and wondered how I ever listened to this sanctimonious self indulgent tosh.

Frannybobs Jun 26 2020
Simply THE best film review podcast, also contains fabulous random witterings. Recommended to anybody intelligent with a sense of humour.

Sideshow Dave Jun 01 2020
Simply amazing!

Logical_Falacy May 27 2020
Great - as ever!

maddogg May 11 2020
Always a good pod except when theres stand ins

rsf21 May 10 2020
It's all about the decades-long friendship between Simon and Mark - simply the perfect podcast!

John Apr 12 2020
I can't remember a single episode that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, and I've been listening for about 12 years. Just fantastic.

Yoyo85 Apr 12 2020
One of if the greatest podcast it's a must listen

Meteorological Apr 12 2020
This podcast has been an almost constant companion for many years , not just film reviews, but the witterings of 2 old blokes, the community of like minded people makes it more than a podcast. Tinkerty Tonk and down with.......