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Feb 24 2021 13 mins 254

Host of the most watched primetime cable news program in America, Bill O'Reilly brings headliners, newsmakers and news breakers into his "No Spin Zone" to discuss the topics important to listeners. The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly features interaction with listeners nationwide and great interviews from the foremost interviewer in the country.

O'Reilly: Why to Keep Fighting for Your Country
Dec 15 2020 8 mins  
Stand Up For Your Country! But why? Why 'Stand up for your Country'? That's what millions of people are asking. Here's their thinking: My country let me down. I voted and fraud possibly negated my vote. And no one will right that wrong. So why should I stand up for my country? Well, my answer is simple because I am a simple man, as you know. If you do not stand up ... the place that has provided you with so many good things ... will vanish. The forces of evil are approaching the gate. And I think the majority of Americans recognize that evil ... the question is ... will they continue to support freedom and justice... or will they surrender to election controversy and walk away? So let's run it down. I hope you respect the accuracy of our analysis and reporting. While most in the media were trying to mislead you ... we did not .. even when some viewers got angry with me. Now, I submit that no news organization covered the election better than we have. And we can prove it. Almost everything I told you, came true. As I laid out ... Covid badly damaged President Trump. More than anyone could imagine, because it led to the mail-in votes. But in spite of that horror - and possibly that corruption - President Trump achieved 74 million votes. So if you supported Mr. Trump ... you have a lot of company. But as we told you last week ... the Supreme Court was not going to overturn the vote. Only incontrovertible evidence - incontrovertible - of massive cheating could force the Justices to do that. And there was not enough time to gather the amount of evidence needed ... especially with some states and almost the entire national press corps hindering any thorough investigation. That is corruption, by the way. Now, the truth is that every loyal American ... including Joe Biden ... should want to know the facts about alleged cheating in the election of 2020. If you don't want to know exactly what happened in places like Philadelphia and Atlanta... you are a bad citizen. Period. Therefore, Attorney General Barr must appoint a Special Counsel to examine allegations of fraud. The country needs to see forensics on suspect voting machines ... as well as analytics on suspicious write-in ballot results. Those who corrupted this election - and I am not going to put a number on it, but there are many people - they need to go to prison ... and what they did ... has to be exposed ... so it will never happen again. If Attorney General Barr does not appoint a Special Counsel... I will lose all respect for him. In addition... Congress has to pass a law called "The Fair Election Standards Act" ... that requires each state to obey certain rules. Especially about counting mail-in ballots. we have to have standards, we cannot be counting mail-in ballots six weeks after the vote. We simply cannot continue with the chaos we just witnessed. It is far too easy to corrupt the mail-in voting process ... and those who deny that are liars. Unfortunately, I do not expect the upcoming Congress to pass such a law. Pelosi would surely oppose it. But if Republicans take the House in two years ... that bill should be first up. Now, let's get back to standing up for your country. Glenn Beck asked me on Friday what options are available for Americans furious about alleged election fraud. I told Beck there are few. You could move to another country. I have a friend living in the Caymans who likes it down there. Also one in Switzerland who is thriving. You could become a traitor like the looters .. and try to hurt your country. Or you can just accept that the USA is not always a fair or just place. I think most of us have experienced gross injustice in our lives ... I know I have. But I still love my country, and am trying to make it better. When Senator Mitch...

O'Reilly on Hannity: The Constitutional Flaw in National Elections; More Deceit from the Press
Dec 02 2020 15 mins  
Bill O'Reilly joins Sean Hannity for their weekly radio appointment to go over the evidence of fraud in the presidential election. O'Reilly opens up the conversation with some advice for Congress, "It is a Constitutional flaw that allows the individual states to conduct the elections any way they want." "The only solution to the corruption we are seeing in some states is for Congress to make an election standards law. Say to the states, yes you will supervise but here are the things you must do in a national election." That clearly has to happen for there to be free and fair election going forward. The pair then turns to the biggest news of the week so far-Attorney General Barr's statement on the evidence of fraud in the election. Bill points out a fact that every American should understand. "I think it is important for everyone to understand that the federal government did get involved, and then yesterday, the Attorney General said, 'we didn't find enough evidence of fraud to overturn the vote.' But of course, the press took the last part of that out and said Attorney General Barr says there's no fraud in the election. That was the headline everywhere. Another deceit, another sleight of hand." While many things are unsettled in this election, one thing is clear-the press is not going to investigate anything. Why? Because they are happy about the outcome, they won. Listen above for more from O'Reilly and Hannity on what happens now and the future of US elections.

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