Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

Oct 18 2020 34 mins 17.2k

True horror stories written by those that made it out alive. First person accounts narrated and produced in an anthology of terror and suspense.

4.4 • 7 Ratings

Nox Orion Aug 15 2020
While I do enjoy this podcast, Mr. Tate seems to rely heavily on guest narrators. Not all of them have the pleasant voice to carry a story. While Tate tells stories in a way I find relaxing and actually creepy and is the reason I subscribed. I just seem to be skipping through a lot of stories since there's another guest while he's recording episodes for his Patreon contributors. He can do what he wants obviously but this is just my opinion. (The girl that's on now sounds like she's about to cry)

OneSharpTooth Jul 22 2020
My favourite podcast by far.

walbyni Jul 14 2020
So spooky good!!

RageQuitter Jun 12 2020
Great podcast. One of my favorite subreddits 💜

juicysmollyay Jun 09 2020
Almost everything about this is pathetic. Lol

KOJ Apr 15 2020
Listening this one for years now. Doesn't get boring.

Windoula Apr 14 2020
The host's voice is a bit monotone, but I don't care because I'm getting a curated selection of (allegedly) true horror stories read aloud to me while I work. Always on the top of my list.