Jessica on a Journey: Decide to Live!

Sep 09 2020 9 mins 5

Welcome to the Decide to Live Podcast! I'm a morning news anchor in Norfolk, Virginia. Like many of us, I've struggled with weight issues much of my life. A few years ago, I was at a crossroads with my weight when I had a serious wakeup call. I was nearly 270 pounds and I had high blood pressure. Doctors put me on medication, and I finally realized this wasn't just about a number on a scale or what size my dress was at the time. I had to make a choice. Would I keep making decisions that would damn my health, or, would I decide to live? Five years, 100 pounds, and some scale ups and downs later, I'm so happy to say I took the jump and decided to live! A healthier lifestyle is an uphill decision every single day. So, right here on "Decide to Live", I'll share what I'm learning along the way, and introduce you to friends on their own journeys to live a healthier or more purposeful or peaceful life. We've all got something to grow through, right?

Episode 27: LIVE! Defeating Depression | Ariane Aramburo on Decide to Live with Jessica Larché
Oct 16 2019 31 mins  
Hey friends! I am excited to share the expansion of the “Decide to Live with Jessica Larché” podcast into an online talk show! You can stream the live taping of this episode on my YouTube Channel: Decide to Live® has served as an open diary about the emotional and spiritual lessons I’m learning along my 100-pound weight loss and wellness journey. Now, each month we’re inviting others who have overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to share what helped them decide to live along their own journeys, too! The first episode features fellow morning news anchor, postpartum depression survivor – and my best friend – Ariane Aramburo to share her journey. Get the tissues ready! We shot this episode almost an ENTIRE YEAR AGO! We invited an intimate group of her friends and supporters to join us when she visited Virginia for her daughter’s third birthday in 2018. We prayed about the best time to share it with all of you. Now, almost exactly a year later, I’m excited to reveal a show that has the power to change – and save – lives. One day at a time. One moment at a time. We can all decide to live! *This is an independent production of Live to Win, LLC. All rights reserved. A huge THANK YOU to our family at the The Redelynn Group for executing our vision for the show. This would not have come to life without you! Thank you to Slover Library and Onelife Fitness - Norfolk for creating a space for us to share our stories! Thank you to my brother K'bana Blaq and DJ Kalisemo for creating “Pushing,” our official podcast theme song! Thank you to Will DjPrecise Thorpe for holding down the music and introductions that night! To my husband, Mr. Washington, thank you for holding my hand and creating a way for my dreams to come true. I love you with everything in me. This would not have come to life without your love, support and confidence in our mission. I am so proud to be MRS. WASHINGTON!

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