Malicious Life

Nov 22 2020 33 mins 16.5k

The wildest computer hacks you could ever imagine. 500 million dollars disappear into thin air. Two teenagers disrupt a rocket launch. Foreign spies rig an election. Hosted by author and cybersecurity expert Ran Levi, Malicious Life unravels complex, dramatic historical events, with interviews from people who were actually there. Lock your door, wipe your hard drive, and come listen to fascinating stories from the cyber underground.

4.5 • 4 Ratings

IListenToMuch Nov 04 2020
I look forward to this podcast every two weeks. I would rate it 5 star but can't stand nonpolitical podcast discussing politics.

ibrahimqureshae Oct 01 2020
Learned a lot. Thanks

Gurulee Sep 25 2020
Love this podcast! Especially enjoy how they delve into stories and investigations of hacks and breaches.

Eldaly May 08 2020
Thanks to this podcast I've learned so much about the world of hacking, security, dark markets. Their bad side but also their good sides. Clearly told and it listen like a story! Great job!!! And thank you for making me more aware of all this.