The Unmade Podcast

Oct 07 2020 54 mins 13.1k

Tim and Brady discuss ideas for podcasts that they will never make.

5 • 6 Ratings

F1nches Sep 05 2020
I came across this podcast via Hank Green, & it's one I really look forward to. Tim & Brady are funny, creative, & energetic. The thing I enjoy most is the genuine warmth & enthusiasm (& sometimes open, good natured contempt) they have for each other's ideas. Their relationship- having been friends since childhood, & living in separate hemispheres- is what makes this podcast. I could listen to them talking about spoons & imaginary sports for hours, & sometimes do! Thanks both!

VinceAdult Jun 25 2020
Brady and Tim are childhood friends, and it shows in their conversations. They always make each other laugh wholeheartedly and the laughter is absolutely contagious! Some of their podcast ideas are simply brilliant while others are downright silly, but it's the friendship you come to this podcast for. The Tommyball episodes will forever be some of the greatest podcast episodes of all time! You will be hard-pressed to find two podcast hosts with more chemistry than these 2! Definitely 5/5 stars.

Jay Dezi Jun 09 2020
Awesome Podcast! Such a fun dynamic and hilariously creative!

james May 27 2020
Really funny podcast, love listening to it.

Charzaga May 25 2020
An excellent podcast about two guys whose friendship is obvious in their banter. Every episode has me laughing out loud and having to explain their absurd and, sometimes, good ideas for podcasts that will never be made.

Wayne Clarke Apr 17 2020
Brady and Tim share their ideas of podcasts that could be made on a podcast they have made. Sometimes they try making the unmade podcasts. The genius of the podcast is the relationship between the hosts. Their teasing of each other and their shared history adds so much to the content. The comedy is in the content, but it's mainly in the banter. This is a podcast I look forward to more than any other. Thanks Tim and Brady.