John Rosemond

Jul 30 2018 29 mins 1.6k

John's radio show on parenting, "Because I Said So!" aired on American Family Radio until July 2018. Archived episodes can be found here. If you'd like more information on John, how to book him for an event, or to purchase books, Audio CDs or other materials, head over to John's membership website is at Keep in touch by signing up for John's newsletter at Find John on Facebook: On Twitter: On Instagram: On Pinterest: on Facebook: John Rosemond is the nation’s leading parenting expert and provides common-sense advice for raising your children. John is a nationally syndicated columnist, author and public speaker, (delivering over 200 presentations annually to parents, teachers and professional groups). His audiences are left feeling empowered, educated and entertained. A family psychologist by license, John points out to all his audiences that “psychology has caused more problems than it has solved for American parents.” John’s mission is to be a counter-weight to the psychological parenting paradigm that was sold to America in the late 1960s/early 1970s, restore commonsense to the raising of children, and give parents the guidance needed to raise happy, well-mannered children who will, as adults, contribute value to culture and society.

Because I Said So! 3.26.2016
Apr 01 2016 25 mins  
[This episode originally aired 3.26.2016] The CNN digital short film, "Raising Ryland," and book of the same name chronicles a 5-year-old's transition from girl to boy and the parents pledge to raise him with "no strings attached." In this week's broadcast, John takes issue with the therapist who advised the family during this process. The therapist, Darlene Tando, says that a person's gender is in their head and sex is in their biology, something she calls "biological gender." She claims that it is entirely possible for a person to have one gender in his/her head and a completely different one in his or her body. This claim, John says, has no scientific basis whatsoever and, as a psychologist himself, feels that it is unethical to tell parents to do something without scientific evidence. The fact is that young children often take on roles not assigned to them and their play often reflects this, whether it's pretending to be a cowboy or a mother or a police officer or a superhero. John believes firmly in the Christian position that God creates male and female and not something in between. He recommends that Christians who seek counseling go to a Biblical Counselor and directs them to Editor's note: John mentions that the child began claiming to be a boy after the birth of her younger brother. She began claiming to be a boy after the birth of her younger sister, not brother. More about John Rosemond at and

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