The DODcast

Sep 07 2020 59 mins 5

The DODcast features a wide range of interesting guests from every walk of life. It previews the stories of ordinary people who have done extra-ordinary things in an effort to allow the listener to recognise their own true potential in life. Major themes include: - Health Promotion - Personal Development - Human Endeavour - Optimistic Realism Its time for ~The DODcast

xxx ~ Dr. Kate Dawson ~ Sex Education
Sep 07 2020 64 mins  
Dr Kate Dawson is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at National University of Ireland, Galway. Her study primarily focuses on sexual health promotion and educating the youth on key areas like consent, communication, and intimacy. Her PhD was based upon the development of a pornography intervention programme for young adolescents in an effort to improve sex education in Ireland. Kate is no stranger to the media eye, in her efforts to de-stigmatise conversations on sex. She has featured on ITVs daytime talk show ‘This Morning’ speaking about the benefits of sexual health promotion and why we should talk more openly about it. She recently completed a Ted Talk, talking about her research, that focuses on how we can approach the topic honestly with our children, communicate things better with our partners and feel more at ease with ourselves. In today’s podcast, we talk about the most common questions asked in a primary and secondary school settings, relating to sex. We explore the reason why it has been seen as shameful for women to want sex and why men have been afforded more sexual freedom in the past. We discuss the reasons why kids may feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about sex and some useful approaches that can be taken. Kate also debunks some of the myths that exist around sex and pornography. She explains how much is too much masturbation, the importance of genital compliments, and how important body exploration is.

xxvii ~ Jack Kavanagh ~ The Magic of Authenticity
Jul 31 2019 70 mins  
Jack Kavanagh is a life coach, motivational speaker, business analyst, a pharmacy masters graduate and a wheelchair user. On the first day of a summer holiday to Portugal back in 2012, Jack dived into the ocean hitting his head off a sand bank and breaking his neck. This left him paralysed from the neck down with less than 15% global muscle function. Jack has a gift. His mental clarity is refreshing. His outlook on life; Inspirational. Here is a young guy who was left in a wheelchair after a freak accident at the age of 20. He lives with no resentment, no bitterness, no anger. After the event, he went through a transformative time whereby experiencing his rock bottom, he began to rebuild, forming a mind so strong that it made him unbreakable. When there’s a will, there’s always a way and there certainly was when it came to jack. In this week’s episode we speak about body image issues and the destructive role its playing in young people’s lives. We talk about the importance of using a constructive and positive internal voice when speaking to yourself and how valuable some self-compassion can be in times of stress. We delve into the issue of how society perceive abilities and disabilities, restricting you from being your true authentic self. We touch upon the new era of medicine and tapping into the mind. And finally the importance of gratitude and it shifting your mental framework completely. Website: Ted Talk: Documentary:

xxv ~ John Power ~ Medical Device Company CEO ~ Embracing the Ambiguity of Life
Feb 25 2019 67 mins  
John power is the Chief Executive and managing director of the international Medical device company Aerogen, who are the world leaders in aerosolised drug delivery. A Serial Entrepreneur in technology and innovation, John has worked in various novel sectors including biopharmaceuticals, Aerospace engineering and artificial intelligence. A Chartered Engineer, John is recognised as a technology innovator and is credited with over a dozen commercialised International patents in products ranging from robotics to life-support ventilation. In 2016, he won the coveted prize of entrepreneur of the year at the European business awards in Milan and was recognised for his contribution to innovation this century. John was also my next door neighbour for the first 12 years of my life and having the chance to sit and catch up with him again was an absolute pleasure. This episode is full of surprises! Its action packed with stories of how he was able to pave his way in the world after leaving school at 16. He talks about his humble beginnings, working underground connecting live sewage pipes by day and then completing an engineering degree by night. Like any successful businessman, you always find a way and john certainly did that when looking for the next round of funding off a banker for a business venture of his and designing a robot that had the ability to pour a gin and tonic. After going bust and seriously struggling financially with a young family, he speaks about being commissioned to build tanks for Colonel Gadhafi, coming up with the idea while sitting on the toilet. These are just some very small snippets to the wonderful stories john tells throughout this chat. He is a wonderful man who see’s potential in every human being and has touched the lives of over 6 million patients with his unique nebuliser device. For the first time ever, we can now medicate neonates and premature babies through inhalation thanks to john. He has recently established a sister company – Aerogen Pharma – which pairs the wonderful device with surfactant, allowing correct development of premature babies lungs.

xxiv ~ Caroline Foran ~ Owning My Anxiety
Jan 21 2019 55 mins  
In this week’s episode, I speak to best-selling author Caroline Foran. After releasing her book, Owning It – the bullshit free guide to living with your anxiety, she has been praised far and wide for providing a universal tool to dealing with daily stresses and anxiety. Caroline has always suffered from anxiety and in this episode we speak about how this initially presented in childhood. We talk about how important it is to recognise the early signs so that they can be dealt with practically and the journey she went through looking for a non-existent quick fix. We speak about her mental breakdown at the age of 26 after moving jobs and the things she did at the time which just ended up making things so much worse. Afraid to leave the house, she explains how it feels to hit rock bottom but more importantly how she started to put the pieces back together again. Caroline has just recently published her new book The Confidence Kit which details the transformation in her person but at the same time recognising that anxiety will always be a part of her and useful tools of how she keeps it at bay. Episode Breakdown 10.12 – Anxiety manifesting in childhood 14.02 – Owning your vulnerability 17.05 – Perception vs reality through the lens of social media 18.48 – Experiencing a mental breakdown 26.40 – The awareness of experiencing mental health difficulties 30.40 – Normalising mental health 36.10 – Practical advice overcoming mental struggles 38.08 – Negativity bias and putting your irrational thoughts on trial 42.30 – Exercise & nutrition 51.29 – Niche questions Website: Book: Article:

xxiii ~ Prof. Sherif Sultan ~ Pills Are NOT The Answer
Dec 17 2018 56 mins  
The level of people suffering from obesity and diabetes has exploded in recent years. There is now an unprecedented proportion of people suffering from cardiovascular disease due to westerns societies eating more than ever and not maintaining a healthy balanced diet. For years, cholesterol has been blamed as the primary culprit due to its ability to clog arteries causing heart attacks or strokes. Professor Sherif Sultan denies this fact. In today’s podcast, I speak to a controversial yet globally recognised endovascular consultant. Professor Sherif Sultan boasts 30 years of endovascular experience and heads a team of dedicated vascular specialists focused on prevention of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. He has pioneered some of the most intricate stroke and heart attack prevention surgeries, and has over 120 international peer reviewed publications with 32 clinical awards to his name. He is a man who has saved countless lives to immanent death But Sherif has a very different philosophy to many medics. He doesn’t believe in modern day medicine and the tight grip the pharmaceutical industry holds a over clinicians. In this podcast we go back to basics and discuss what is truly important in life. We talk about the physiological benefits of receiving a hug or a kiss, the importance of being in a loving relationship and the detrimental effects a bad one can have on you. We speak about the bacteria living in every persons gut and the important role it play to picking a partner. We discuss whether vitamins are actually worthwhile taking and what foods are really important to take. We also talk about the science behind intermittent fasting and why it’s the way forward. And how the national healthcare services can be uprooted to turn it around

xx ~ Why I do a Podcast
Oct 17 2018 57 mins  
This wasn’t an easy one to record by any stretch of the imagination. I really dug deep in an effort to understand why a year ago I felt so strongly about starting a podcast. Was it out of narcissism? Was it in an effort to remain constantly relevant. Was it to bring value to myself and others alike? Things aren’t always as they seem. I became disenfranchised with social media over the past couple of month, sickened by myself constantly trying to portray an uber-cool eternally positive over-confident self image. Was this the true me? Not a fucking hope. The reality is, I like a lot of others have insecurities and these have been silently masked by this image I try so desperately hard to maintain on social media. This desperation left me feeling hollow inside. Why was I letting a digital world control my emotions and the way I felt? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The way I have revealed myself in this episode is in an effort for others alike to feel as though they can do the same. There is huge strength in being true to yourself, recognising that human beings were made flawed and that nobody is perfect. There is huge strength in acknowledging that we all have weaknesses and communicating this with others leads to enlightenment. In this episode, I talk about perception vs. reality, giving up alcohol for 30 days, my invaluable learnings over the past year and understanding that every person at some stage in their life will need help - so never be afraid to accept it.

xvii ~ Jamie White ~ Life is Good. Share It
Feb 27 2018 69 mins  
Jamie White is your modern day serial entrepreneur. Aged 30 and he already has 15 years of chief executive experience, where it all started by running a tuck shop from his dormitory at boarding school. Founder of Leading social, a media marketing agency which works with the likes of KPMG, enterprise Ireland and Douglas Newman Good, Jamie works from the floor up and knows where success starts & ends. A major fan of planning large scale events, Jamie has successfully worked with the likes of Gary Vee, Hardwell, and he even managed to take the wolf out of wall street in Jordan Belford. Recognised as one of Irelands 30 under 30 in 2015, skies the limit for this engaging, cool, crisp collected man. In this week’s episode, we talk about the recent success of his fresh resolutions event that was helf in the RDS and his plans for 2018. How to optimise social platforms in the tech storm we find ourselves in. Why failure is so important for growth and why he wants people to learn from his. We speak about making tough calls in business and having to own up to your own mistakes. We also talk about how important it is to take a step back from tough situations and not to act on impulse. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is even slightly contemplating setting up a business. As Jamie put it himself, “I have made every small silly mistake that there is and I don’t want others to do the same!”. Listen to a man who has been there done that speak about his lives experiences to date.

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