The Fighter & The Kid

Oct 14 2020 95 mins 27.7k

The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and former professional UFC fighter Brendan Schaub.Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and sometimes it's just ridiculous.  

2.6 • 18 Ratings

Bubba Sep 25 2020

trapperman Sep 20 2020
Bring back bryan

Br4dz4r Sep 08 2020
Why you gotta do Bryan like that

blett70 Aug 29 2020
awesome podcast I know it gets some hate but the guys are so entertaining and funny don't @ me

Dan Aug 29 2020

WilliamV Aug 20 2020
Josh and Brendan's energy is too similar; it just turns into two yappy dogs barking at each other through the fence... and Josh won't let Griffin finish saying anything so that he can interject with an inane POV. I think Grif and Brendan - alone- may work: Erik can hold his ground, he's smart, and funny. These three in the same room was unlistenable. Two year listener.

Clownprince47 Aug 21 2020
What was a great podcast. Two seeming friends had a fun time together. Recently the podcast has dropped off. Schaub sold out, Bryan has been hung out to dry. This podcast needs to die it's death. After the situation blows over bring something back. It's murder to see it limp along like this.

Gagmonster92 Aug 20 2020
Terrible pod. Was a huge fan, but Brandon has grown such a swollen head both literally and figuratively. It's not funny anymore, simply a vanity project for a washed out athlete. Now without callen the show is dead.

R Johnson Aug 14 2020
Was great, now terrible. I admired their stance when they walked away from their former corporate overlords to do their own thing. Shame Brendan won't do it again and walk away from Kast media who have banned Callen from the podcast since the allegations. This podcast worked because of the chemistry between two friends. Without that, it's soulless.

JuanDaMon Aug 12 2020
I'm torn. This has been my favorite podcast for 7 years and always gets a 5 star but now... with The Kid on sabbatical due to unproven allegations, it's horrible. Brendan interrupts too much, talks over guests and Mike C cackles at every mildly humorous statement. Lord help them when it's 3 guests. total chaos. If this is life now, I'll likely unsubscribe. Brendan won't care cause he doesn't read comments from losers that comment. He can't be my friend if I do. I'm JUST a listener.

edman55 Aug 04 2020
G'day mate, come to Australia until dickheads calm down in the U.S., we love you guys, Bryan can stay with me and ill take Chin fishing!!

Turtle60six Jul 18 2020
No longer funny like it used to be. The show is now just Brendan and Brian's horrible political views on things that they aren't fully read up on. Their ignorance about Covid-19 is unforgivable. Their anti-mask stance is not just stupid, but dangerous and ignorant. Brendan brags about the shitty things he has done in his past and sounds proud of it instead of remorseful. Brian tries to act like an intellectual but fails to actually sound like one. I used to be a fan, but i can't listen to it now

viva Jun 20 2020
Desperate rubbish

Cropatria Jun 06 2020

cheesyfeet May 16 2020
As a long time listener of years, their content has gone from good, to ok, back to good (the last time Bryan tried to challenge Brenda's stupidity), to terrible. Over the last 15 episodes it's been a downhill struggle, with the last few putting the nail in the coffin.

curt922 May 14 2020
Great podcast. Very funny, great guests.

adicto May 08 2020
Great fucking podcast.

Danny May 06 2020
The original MMA/comedy podcast. I have been listening for about 7 years. Brendan and Bryan got me hooked and kept me coming back with their dynamic antics, their banter and their hot takes on current events