Jocko Podcast

Oct 14 2020 151 mins 59.4k

Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

114: How to Lead and Win with Leif Babin.
Feb 21 2018 181 mins  
0:00:00 - Opening 0:04:03 - Leif Babin 0:07:20 - How often does Leif Disagree w/ Jocko's commands? 0:22:51 - The evolution on Echelon Front. 0:31:01 - How to control rumors and gossip in an organization. 0:37:07 - Benefits of The Muster. 0:51:59 - What would Leif and Jocko have done differently in the past? 0:55:18 - Advice on restarting your life after the military. 0:58:10 - Jocko's most impactful strategy on Leif. 1:04:17 - Las Vegas stuff. 1:11:08 - Daily non-negotiable habits. 1:17:28 - Thoughts on the policy that the ship's captain takes all the blame. 1:25:00 - Self talk for clear thinking. 1:35:28 - Injury rates in Jiu Jitsu. 1:44:36 - How to promote healing when tragically losing a team member. 1:47:55 - What to do if you Jiu Jitsu coach/instructor is a "know it all" 1:54:29 - Staying focus when having bad days in the field. 1:58:46 - Getting into trouble as a teen (before the military). 2:03:01 - How did the enemy in Ramadi match up against US Special Forces? 2:11:53 - How Does the Navy Prepare you to Lead? 2:20:03 - At What point did The Extreme Ownership Enlightenment Occur? 2:35:32 - Support: JockoStore stuff, Super Krill Oil and Joint Warfare and Discipline Pre-Mission, THE MUSTER 005 in DC. Origin Brand Apparel and Jocko Gi, with Jocko White Tea, Onnit Fitness stuff, and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book), The Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, and Jocko Soap. 3:00:03 - Closing Gratitude

41: SEAL Vet Tony Eafrati, Scariest Moments, Prepared to Die, Early Days, Transitioning to Civilian Life.
Sep 21 2016 131 mins 0:00:00 - Opening 0:10:27 - Who is BTF Tony Eafrati? 0:17:10 - Allowing Leif to Give Orders to the men... 0:29:04 - Failures in Planning 0:31:26 - Ups and Downs of THE BATTLEFIELD, and how it made Tony "feel." 0J:36:11 - Funny Story about Jocko 0:39:47 - Tell-tale signs that someone is Good to Go, or Not up to Snuff. 0:43:37 - Has Tony disagreed with an order from Leif or Jocko. 0:47:33 - One driving characteristic that separates a "dominant alpha Team guy" from everyone else. 0:51:37 - In the Teams, what are the biggest Reputation builders and killers? 0:59:38 - What makes a great NCO? And who was the best Tony/Jocko knew? 1:05:37 - IN COMBAT: Accuracy VS. Volume of Fire? 1:11:16 - Tony's perspective working for Jocko. 1:13:38 - The Early Days when Tony & Jocko were the "young" guys. 1:19:40 - Tony's BEST Story(s) about BTF. 1:23:41 - Tony's thought Process on what strategies/ tactics to use against the enemy. 1:28:25 - Tony's most Difficult thing he's ever did as a SEAL. Most fearful moment. 1:30:20 - Tony's favorite piece of Kit. 1:32:20 - Number 1 Quality that allows a leader to lead others into uncomfortable scenarios. 1:35:16 - Tony's attitude toward DEATH. 1:37:41 - Training New guys entering the Platoon. 1:41:05 - Civilian life: Putting the high of WAR behind you. Are you still searching? 1:47:35 - How do you keep your head in the game when one of your Squad is killed? 1:54:08 - Why is Tony "hard"? 2:03:10 - Dope Internet/Onnit Stuff

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Mederlock Sep 29 2020
Absolutely phenomenal. This man is an inspiration

JayRoverDozer Jun 04 2020
One of the best podcasts for factor.

TexasBrent May 30 2020
Game changer

Standrs May 25 2020
Amazing. Greetings from Czech Republic!

mosesjay May 12 2020
This podcast changed my life

OnurSenturk May 10 2020
I don't know if it's just a coincidence or selective perception, it was just what I needed to hear

DocRuthless May 07 2020
Awesome podcast. Jocko is an inspirational figure, no doubt about it.

God Save the Que May 03 2020
Echo is fantastic. Jocko is Jocko. The book reviews are useful. And when the guests cone on, in particular the really old ones it is hard to stop the podcast and get after it.

Trucking Dave Apr 14 2020
Awesome all around! Great book reviews and lessons learned, and how those lessons apply to life. Jocko and Echo have inspire me to stay on the path and keep learning. Amazing guests too!