Twenty Thousand Hertz

Oct 14 2020 26 mins 24.7k

A lovingly crafted podcast that reveals the stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.

4.9 • 15 Ratings

Herb Otologist Oct 07 2020
Great show for everyone not just drummers. I don't drum at all..I actually hate the word percussion, it's gross. The closest drum set I get near comes from Popeyes. This show brings life wisdom from musicians brains ..I love it!

Bauble Oct 05 2020
5 stars

Skydog Oct 01 2020
Great research, writing and reporting, but the presenter has one of the most irritating, grating voices in the podosphere.

Pete Furlong Sep 20 2020
Always interesting, always well done. Keep 'em coming, and subscribe if you haven't already, listeners! 😜

gvdwatt Sep 12 2020
Topics I never knew I wanted to know about. Seriously well produced and fascinating episodes. Highly recommend this podcast. #DallasIsMyHomeboy

Naama Sep 07 2020
Verry interesting

Stable Genius Sep 07 2020
Really interesting podcast taking deep dives into all kinds of topics about sound

sroc Aug 15 2020
I've been enjoying Twenty Thousand Hertz for years and enjoy the fascinating stories behind sounds, presentated with the impeccably well spoken Dallas Taylor. Thanks.

Shay-nuh Aug 11 2020
LOVE!! I love this podcast so much! Everytime an episode drops I cannot wait to start it. This show brings sounds to life in a way I never imagined.

MikeyMike Aug 05 2020
I love this show, such a refreshing break from the stress of everyday life!

martydancer Jul 20 2020
Fascinating insight into the world of everyday sounds.

bj14klein May 19 2020
Excellent Star War sounds.

Miyagiyoda Apr 30 2020
Fascinating topics. I came in for one and stayed for many.

ezzie Apr 29 2020
excellent and interesting dives in to the world of sounds

Damian Apr 20 2020
This podcast is amazing. Superb topics, always extremely interesting. Superior audio quality and general quality of production.