Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

Jan 18 2021 56 mins 62.8k

From UFOs to psychic powers and government conspiracies, history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know ... an audio podcast from iHeartRadio.

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yeardley Jan 13 2021
I love how an entire summer of riots, fires, destruction of property , tearing down monuments, attacking public officials and their families out in public. In some cases going to their homes. Trying to breach the SCOTUS in order to stop a nomination. I remember that. If you weren't outraged at how the left acted these last 4 years then I couldn't care less to what you have to say about 1 day of protests. How about this. BOTH SIDES are wrong. Boy are some of you going to be surprised here soon

pogy50 Jan 10 2021
You guys should be sued by the Babylon Bee. I thought it might be a serious podcast. It's just trash. Keep on living your delusions.

davecc Dec 22 2020
The podcast is great - it's made almost unlistenable by the many, repeated ads for other iHeartRadio podcasts - many of them apparently fronted by squeaky voiced American women with massive annoying vocal fry. I've got a backlog cos I can't bring myself to listen and have to poise over the fastforward button. Never had a podcast with such intrusive ads, and I'll not subscribe to any more iheart ones.

ed Dec 18 2020
I really love this podcast . It even spooks me some rare times. . they sound bright and their voice is not annoying.. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn . .learn more about lots of different subjects.. thank you guys

CandyJoi Nov 25 2020
Love this podcast

lwood the great Nov 19 2020
I know they don't want me to know? I don't care. I still know...

Lily Saint-Cyr Nov 18 2020
Good, depending on the topic. And they're only upsetting the right people.

[email protected] Oct 25 2020

CloudCityWitch Oct 23 2020
I love you guys. Loyal listener who has been with y'all since 2016. Keep up the good work. Dunno why ppl leave you rude comments, I enjoy your soothing voices.

PaulKater Oct 18 2020
This series is always interesting. I look forward to the next one already!

Alaine1013 Sep 01 2020
Their talent deserves 10 stars! My only complaint is there are not more episodes. Fun to listen to as well as educational!

bryantdaniel74 Aug 22 2020

Thomas.train.tru Aug 13 2020
Great show Love the recent addition of more frequent releases!

1q3er5 Jul 29 2020
ok podcast

AngryMarxist Jul 25 2020
Listened to my 1st one on the rigged Mexican election. In 15 mins I heard more about the US system than anything about the Mexican one, and it was all so superficial. Later they continually bring up irrelevant stuff from US politics, discussing legality of postal votes, GWB election, which day US elections should be on, voting holidays etc. Feels more like boring, condescending cliff notes of US politics and a tour of solipsistic Americanism than much of the title's topic. Not worth it.

colorsofthestorm Jul 16 2020
One of my favorite podcasts! They cover plenty of topics, including familiar and new topics. It's one of the few podcasts I make effort to keep up to date with.

Dermot spoon 666 Jun 16 2020
Love you chaps. Great shows. Always entertaining and informative. Great chemistry too. 10 out of 10.

Ksdtoday Jun 10 2020
I've been a long time listener. I love this podcast. Except Noal. His vocal fry is annoying.

Kurdiatcha Man May 22 2020

Ramin.Mehr May 09 2020

solomon3418 May 02 2020
This is one of my top 5 favorite podcasts.

Sean Downey Apr 12 2020
This is a good show, I pick and choose if I pay close attention to every episode, or believe every story. Though I enjoy the added strange in my life. I wish they would follow up more with past stories, and prove or disprove.

IListenToMuch Apr 12 2020
The show was so much better before Noel joined the cast. He doesn't add anything constructive to any conversation.