Business Wars

Oct 21 2020 24 mins 30.6k

Netflix vs. HBO. Nike vs. Adidas. Business is war. Sometimes the prize is your wallet or your attention. Sometimes, it’s just the fun of beating the other guy. The outcome of these battles shapes what we buy and how we live. Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of what drives these companies and their leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights -- or to ruin. Hosted by David Brown, former anchor of Marketplace. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John and American History Tellers.

4.7 • 15 Ratings

Chagua Sep 18 2020
Great Podcast ever

SuperNick Aug 07 2020
Recently discovered Business Wars and I'm addicted! Great dramatization and so interesting.

CleanGene17 Jul 23 2020
Business Wars is one of my favorite podcasts. The announcer's voice is wonderful! In 6-7 episodes they cover the history of a specific business or group of like businesses in a very professional, objective, and thorough manner. I highly recommend it.

GregS Jul 11 2020
Must listen!

ChitownRobert Jul 04 2020
An entertaining look behind the battle lines of some of capitalism's most hard fought battles.

jrnuttall Jun 30 2020
Incredibly well researched. Super enjoyable production.

Mercie P. Chesll Jun 29 2020
Good, entertaining podcast

ErinBH Jun 03 2020
I learn so much from this podcast! I am hooked!

crashbrandicoot May 23 2020
Each "season" only contains about enough material for one long episode and an interview postscript but is dragged out needlessly to fit in as much advertising as content per episode.

Feel Good Inc May 13 2020
Addictive listening. These are all great stories of how companies have battled it out. Expect twists and turns these are well told stories narrated by the team. My favourites include Block Buster v Netflix, the browser wars, Nintendo v Sony, Boeing v Airbus, Cereal Wars and Xbox v Playstation. Keep up the great content.

Neumann May 12 2020
This is my favourite podcast, binged on all past episodes please keep making more.

Netanel May 05 2020
decent podcast. Would be better served in long form and with less faux drama

tonino1985 Apr 13 2020
Excellent and addictive

QuizMasterAsh Apr 13 2020
Excellent storytelling. Makes boring brands exciting by making rivalries sound like eloborate wars.

jumbojet747 Apr 02 2020
Well told stories on real business rivalries. Highly recommended