The Jordan Harbinger Show

Nov 29 2020 65 mins 18.5k

(Apple's Best of 2018) In-depth conversations with people at the top of their game. Jordan Harbinger unpacks guests' wisdom into practical nuggets you can use to impact your work, life, and relationships. Learn from leaders (Ray Dalio, Simon Sinek, Mark Cuban), entertainers (Moby, Tip "T.I." Harris, Dennis Quaid), scientists (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye), athletes (Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Tony Hawk) and an eclectic array of fascinating minds, from art forgers and arms traffickers to spies and psychologists.

4.9 • 48 Ratings

NattiefromOz Nov 25 2020
The Jordan Harbinger show is my go-to podcast. He interviews a huge variety of guests. A couple of my favourites were with psychologists, one who had worked with some clients in the Forbes top 100. One thing that Jordan really promotes is self awareness, and that it's ok to seek help. I feel like I've really grown mentally and emotionally with the show. He also interviews ex military, the mafia, and super smart people at the top of their industries. Jordan and his co-host are really smart guys

kwkeefer Nov 12 2020
Love this podcast! Jordan is always interviewing interesting people with fascinating stories. My favorite ones are the cyber, mafia, spy interviews. There's also a good amount of self-help type interviews that can be pretty insightful.

Misha Nov 09 2020
This is one of the few podcasts I have on auto-download. Jordan interviews great authors and leaders, but what I really love about the show is the quality of conversations Jordan has with his guests. I often use this podcast to determine which books to read next.

Vijay Nov 09 2020
One of the Best podcasts you can find. It is insightful, practical, and fun too. Forever in debt to Jordan Harbinger and Jason DeFillippo.

ezilone Nov 06 2020
If I could give this podcast 6 stars I would. Every episode is full of practical wisdom and the worst thing about this podcast is that I can't resist listening to it at work so I miss some of that good information being blasted at us... but thats okay, because Jordan masterfully blends education and entertainment and his episodes are JUST as good the second time around. I would HIGHLY recommend doing the worksheets because there are lessons galore in this podcast and you want to get them all

Nathaniel Schmit Oct 27 2020
I've been a fan of Jordan and his work for a while and this Podcast not only provides me with great information on subjects I have great interest in, but makes it quite easy to open up my repertoire by diving into a multitude of topics. Thank you Jordan for the impact you've had on me and on future people!

PamelaArmitage Oct 27 2020
Being a huge music fanatic, I am relatively new to the world of podcasts. I've been a featured guest on a few podcasts BUT I never got into listening to them regularly...UNTIL I discovered Jordan's that is! I stumbled upon his story and was touched by it which lead me to this fantastic podcast. He has this way of connecting with his guests, bringing out this great energy that captures AND holds your attention. The wide array of guests and topics means there is something for everyone. LISTEN NOW!

Ray Oct 13 2020
I have been listening to Jordan for 7 years now. The show has helped me negotiate a higher starting salary and build my network significantly. I also feel confident interacting with all kinds of people and dont have as much social anxiety anymore! Keep up the good work Jordan and the team :)

skier775 Oct 03 2020
I started listening to Jordan about 4 weeks ago, and I've been hooked ever since. I love the long form interview style, and Jordan's pre-interview research shows in the way he asks succinct and relevant questions and keeps the conversation moving. As a new listener to the show, it's great when Jordan recommends older episodes with relevant content. I also really enjoy feedback Friday, as he and Gabe truly seem to care when helping listeners. I look forward to many more episodes!

Duebrew42 Oct 25 2020
Couldn't stop listening 🤯

call.adam Oct 19 2020
I love this podcast! I have learned so much and heard so many incredible stories. I also appreciate how apolitical it is.

tomstadt Oct 17 2020
Do you want great advice to help you in your life delivered in an interesting and entertain way? Do you want to hear stories from people who have led amazing lives? Then this is a great show for you. I have listened to hundreds of episodes and can say almost all are great.

Trae Oct 08 2020
I discovered Jordan via a cybersecurity podcast, and I've been an avid listener ever since. The wide range of guests he has on the show combined with his world class interviewing skills and charming personality make for some of the most interesting conversations I've had the pleasure to listen to. He's an overall awesome guy and I highly recommend his podcast!

MackB Sep 11 2020
Jordan is able to get the best and most unique guests my ear holes have had the pleasure of listening to. I have learned more about interesting topics in the past year of listening to him than in any other podcast I listen to. Jordan's excellent networking and interview skills are evident in every episode and helps him produce consistent top quality content. I highly recommend checking out how 6 Minute Networking course as well, it has helped me and it will help you too.

sagargirme10 Sep 20 2020
This is one of the must have podcast in your lists..the topics covered are so relevant to our lives that the whole perspective of looking at it changes instantaneously for our well being. It has definitely helped me organising my life,upgrading my strengths and improving my weaknesses which I felt were holding me back. Whenever you feel like you are lacking somewhere, tune into this podcast, choose your topic and you get a clearer picture of what you need to work on. Thanks a lot Jordan 💪😇

kilijevs Sep 11 2020
One of the best Podcasts in a long time! Great take-a-ways, great worksheets, and always enjoy every episode.

bsilvers Sep 11 2020
I was listening to one of my podcasts "darknet diaries" titled "Jordan". I was so intrigued with his story that I shared with my coworkers. I started listening to his podcast not long after and became a fan. The variety of guests and topics he covers on his show make it so interesting. Jordan's show makes you critically think about topics you might normally overlook. He also offers a free 6 minute networking courses that teaches you how to build your network. I can't thank Jordan enough!

Snarflcat Sep 11 2020
I Like It! The topics are...topical ÷) Jordan's Free 6-minute drills are brilliant and simple to do...and really work.

Aaron Marte Sep 11 2020
If you're into fun podcasts that you can learn a lot from, than you came to the right place! The Jordan Harbinger Show is an engaging podcast that really teaches you how to conduct yourself in a more mature manner, whether it be professionally or with personal relationships. The weekly episodes where he answers listener questions and offers advice on complicated situations are my personal favorite.

Lunaque Sep 10 2020
Hands down my favorite show! So many different topics, interesting guests and always something to learn. Jordan is great at what he does!

Mara Budapest Sep 10 2020
This is my favorite podcast of all time and I usually recommend it to all my friends. The advice from Jordan and his guests has really helped me to grow as a professional, as a friend, and as a person. Even though I've listened to Jordan since July 2016, I learn something new thanks to the podcast every week! PS. Do the 6- minute networking and follow the steps! They can take a little time but really work.

Naveen Singh Red Sep 06 2020
I just love "THE JORDAN HARBINGER SHOW" and specially his 6 minute networking serious . It's was amazing and i practically feel that , it works and i have applied it. Love from india Mr. Jordan Harbinger

Oley007 Sep 01 2020
I have been listening to Jordan Harbinger for years. I first discovered his podcast, the "Art of Charm" in 2015, and I now have followed him to his own podcast. While sometimes I go through listening binges, as I'm sure others have as well..I have always found Jordan's podcasts entertaining, well done, and valuable. Some of the advice I have used in my personal and professional life, and this advice has paid off. Nothing but 2 thumbs for this podcast, Jordan, and of course, Jason DeFillippo.

TheKferris Aug 30 2020
Tons of great content! Jordan has a wide range of guests Jordan has to appeals to many groups. Doctors, scientists, athletes, authors, FBI Hostage Negotiators and even public figures all to tell their stories. The podcasts are very well produced and the conversations with the guests feel very organic. There are always a good bit of takeaways from each episode The worksheets are a nice touch to help follow along and take notes to make the episodes that much better.

Nikadas Aug 26 2020
Awesome podcast. The 1st time I listened I was going to turn it off within minutes because of the stereotypical salesman voice. BUT, ignoring that, and listening purely to the content, it turned out to be an extremely relatable, educational, motivational, and interesting podcast. I didn't follow his action steps exact, but they got me thinking and adapting his actions to my personal style. If anything, its understanding the concepts being discussed, and adapting them to your own situation.

ashu_panpalia Aug 22 2020
The varied pool of guests always ensures I take something good from the show. From scientists to CIA personnel this show always brings out the best out of the best stories to listen and to learn from.

Lisa Cole Aug 19 2020
Excellent high quality content with interesting and varied guests.

chmod000chmod Aug 17 2020
Absolutely happy that I had stumbled onto The Jordan Harbinger Show. Jordan's got amazing content and great tips which has helped me quite a lot with life in general. He's quite entertaining and inquisitive with his questions which pulls me in episode after episode. I have and will be recommending his show to all of my friends, co-workers and family members.

Jhr Aug 15 2020
WORKSHEETS, I don't know of another Podcast that has actionable worksheets. That is how much work Jordan puts into this show. Jordan Harbinger has quickly become my favorite podcast. It is evident that Jordan does his homework before the show so the listener can learn from the guests while being entertained. In addition to the who's who, Jordan also interviews guests that you never heard of that have an exciting and entertaining story with valuable information and insights. I just trust him.

SteveOwens47 Aug 13 2020
I love this show! I really like how Jordan talks to experts, breaks down what they say & mean into more easily digestible talking points. His ability to speak on various topics with ease makes you count the days until the next episode drops.

hazana Aug 02 2020
The best podcast without exception. The Jordan Harbinger show has had real world implications for me, it has measurably improved my social and personal relationships and seen me through climbing the career ladder, I'll forever be grateful to the amazing work Jordan and the team has done! Jordan is one of the best interviewers there is, and the ability to extract the wisdom from the incredible guests he has on cannot be rivaled. If you're not listening to this podcast you are doing life wrong!

paul_jh_drake Aug 02 2020
Entertaining and informative I have been listening to this podcast for a couple of months and think it's great! The guests are well chosen - always interesting, intelligent and with a story to tell. There are general themes of critical thinking, social dynamics, being better informed and cutting through the BS! My highlights are episode 363 with Mick West, 354 and 371 with Maria Konnikova. I highly recommend it!

Mr.L Jul 30 2020
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I've been listening for years back to the show that shall not be named. This show exposes me to information and ideas that is entertaining and educational. Jordan is one of the best interviewers in podcasting.

JennDelay Jul 22 2020
Hello Fellow Listeners, check out this podcast if you are interested in self development in any personal or professional environment. I have learned so much from the Jordan Harbinger show team and guests in the past few years and I continue to implement the practical knowledge into my life and small business. If you are looking for something entertaining and informative stop right here and subscribe.

dsheres Jul 14 2020
I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking to get ahead in business, life, relationships and more. Jordan does an amazing job of interviewing his guest by asking the right questions and probing deeply. You can tell the work Jordan puts into preparing before every interview and he makes sure that you're able to take away actionable advice from every guest. Keep up the great show!

MAK Jun 22 2020
I like that these podcasts are current, fresh and probing. Impressive guests and engaging topics. The delivery is fluid and easy to listen to. Good content - currently going through the old podcasts as well.

Clegg Jun 20 2020
Not a fan. I like to hear funny, nice people chatting about important subjects.

Redbeard Jun 17 2020
I highly recommend this podcast if you are into business. Great lineup of guest like Simon Sinek, Kobe Bryant and Seth Godin. Great audio quality too. Jordan really has an admirable sincere interest in the guest that really shines through. Well done! I'm btw a top rated business podcaster from Denmark myself and to say the least I've just gotten my new inspirational source. Including your advertisement setup and webdesign interface. Amazing job!

Dave Mason: Pers Jun 17 2020
Jordan dials in on the big issues. He brings on amazing guests and asks fabulous questions. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking to grow themselves, their understanding of the world, and the ability to manifest their own mission.

balistastrialado Jun 10 2020
Been a fan since the pua days, this guy lives what he teaches. Insane wealth of useful information. I have listened to some episodes so many times I know it by heart when ads are coming, which I listen to every time. I have seven razor subscriptions, and a very comfortable bed with 32 memory foam mattresses. Jokes aside, I have bonded over this podcast with people from multiple countries, and enjoyed how the programme is getting more and more professional by the episode. Cheers, Jordan and team!

Pam Bellefleur Jun 07 2020
Here’s the deal: if you’ve been wondering how soft skills work, what they are and how to improve them this is THE place to educate yourself. The Jordan Harbinger team finds the experts who can communicate difficult, elusive concepts clearly, and they put it all together in a way that you will not be able to ignore. Can’t find what you are looking for? Send them a note and be amazed (as I am) that Jordan himself responds. This is the highest quality content and people full stop.

gschreud Jun 05 2020
Jordan interviews a wide range of people in an in-depth and personal way. Always about interesting subjects and every episode brings something remarkable. I gained some great insights! Many thanks to the Harbinger-team!

Anna May 03 2020
My favourite podcast! Great in-depth interviews with a very broad range of topics and a fantastic podcast team. Thank you so much!

Eduardo Scharpf May 24 2020
Really an Amazing history.

heyHomeboy May 16 2020
Interesting guests, geatful questions, insightful comments and detailed show notes.

zumich May 14 2020
One of my most listened to podcasts that provides useful and actionable advices

Sparta Pup Apr 16 2020
Excellent interview and great information

5il3nt Apr 11 2020
Great information from a genuine team that truly wants to make the world a better place. There are so many things to learn about life in this podcast, highly recommend it, there is something for everyone here.