Darknet Diaries

Jul 09 2019 63.2k

Darknet Diaries explores true stories from the dark side of the Internet. Stories about hackers, defenders, advanced persistent threats, viruses, bugs, crypto, privacy, breaches, online criminals, and the Internet. A true crime hacker narrative. "Cyber crime is the crime of our generation."

5 • 33 Ratings

adam Jan 13 2021
Best tech Podcast, hands down.

Emberghost Jan 06 2021
Love. Love. Love. I'll sign up when I can afford to! I promise.

mrlexy Dec 20 2020

svdrei Nov 26 2020
Absolutely the best cyber/tech podcast out there!

GreenByte Nov 24 2020
Best cyber podcast ever 👍🙂

Rob Nov 22 2020
Great. Makes complicated subjects sound simple. And that is an art.

ncos Nov 13 2020
Simply my favorite podcast. I subscribe to 95 podcasts, and this is the best of them all.

Andres around th Nov 09 2020
Great storytelling! I'm learning a lot about cybersecurity and hacking with this podcast (I'm a total ignorant), but the best part of it is the storytelling: Jack drags you down the story in a chronological order, with immersive soundeffects that just won't let you stop until the story is over.

antouank Nov 01 2020
Amazing storytelling and interesting cyber security stories.

Flexdream Nov 01 2020
The best infosec podcast, with both gripping storytelling and clearly explained content. Easily accessible, and brilliant editing and production.

Stephen D. Marti Sep 01 2020
I Have Learned A Lot From Jack and This Podcast...

friend11y Sep 01 2020
Wow. What an insightful podcast. Highly recommended if your interested in computers, hacking and internet.

Alon Aug 25 2020
Absolutely amazing. Fascinating stories and fantastic story-telling by Jack Rhysider. A must-listen to anyone in the tech industry.

Brave free World Aug 24 2020
Darknet Diaries is the best infosec podcast. Can be followed by non technical listenets.

SuperNick Aug 07 2020
Fascinating and great combo of storytelling & interviews. Absolutely love geeking out to this podcast!

waterfif Aug 04 2020
Awesome, well researched podcast

Ming3r Jul 27 2020
Love it. Educational, entertaining, and lots of stories about pentesting

merijn.xyz Jul 01 2020
Very good real stories from "The dark side of the Internet", about hacking, the person's behind the hacks, crime fighting on the dark net, behind anonymous, etc.

Crofty333 Jun 18 2020
Very interesting and eye opening into thing that you dont know are going on all around everyone all the time.

Chris Campbell Jun 12 2020
Great storytelling about true events

Scott Johnson Jun 12 2020
The Big House - what an incredible story, on multiple levels. Jack hits a home run again.

Eudes Jun 04 2020
Very interesting and fun

DivaythFyr Jun 03 2020
Best InfoSec podcast out there. Easily in the top 10 podcasts.

Coihue May 21 2020
Excelent! Cheers from Argentina!

matoval May 01 2020
Best infosec podcast out there!

Schulzy Apr 27 2020
Amazing podcast. The story telling is superb.

Alex Apr 17 2020
Fantastic podcast, very detailed and exciting.

Tiim Apr 15 2020
The best podcast, not only security related but overall. Thank you Jack Rhysider for the great listening experience every episode.

Eldaly Apr 14 2020
Since I started to listen to this podcast I learned so much. Thank you for bringing things so clear and understandable.

Aki Apr 12 2020
Easily in the top10 podcasts of all time. Very informative and well presented.

dg Apr 12 2020
Love the topics, and the way Jack explains the details... It's so accessible I've even got my very non-technical partner enjoying the stories.

IListenToMuch Apr 12 2020
The best cyber security podcast.

pockets6794 Apr 06 2020
Absolutely the best cyber security based podcast. Well narrated and explained so even people not in the field can follow and enjoy. Absolutely love this one.