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Nov 26 2020 89 mins 921

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time from Los Angeles, California, at Jesse's nonprofit, BOND. BOND, The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, is dedicated to "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man," founded in 1990. Jesse Lee Peterson is a pastor, counselor, talk show host, and author. Call 800-411-BOND (that's 1-800-411-2663)

03/14/10 How Do You See God? PART 2... (Sunday Service Archive)
Nov 26 2020 56 mins  
BOND Sunday Service, March 14, 2010: Jesse Lee Peterson and the people discuss their impression of God — warning that he'll challenge what you think. We need a return to men and fathers. Jesse tells the story of celebrities having a support group recorded on a TV show. He also tells the story of a man who felt like a woman, but who made a baby! Warning: Do not entertain the thoughts! At the end, Jesse has a man read a biblical passage, Isaiah 55: 6-11. BLOG POST: TIME STAMPS 0:00 Welcome 1:03 Get a life 2:41 She wants to be Christian 4:31 Admit you're not 5:35 Raymond 6:42 See Him, see yourself 8:01 The Teacher within; Lost entertainers 10:06 'Helping' others 11:28 Learning things 13:23 Movie about Jesus 14:31 A woman speaks 16:35 Seek God for yourself 17:07 Q: Man becomes woman? 21:15 Parents say ok to it! 22:48 Story of one such man 28:35 An 80yo man on the Devil 32:59 Back to the story 36:25 NEVER entertain thoughts 41:52 Know yourself 43:12 Light of the world 44:48 How to bear your cross 46:19 Pride: Judging, playing god 47:07 Fathers 47:47 Rusty on sin 49:16 Seek the Kingdom within 51:30 Christians listen to Satan 53:07 Seeing wrongdoing 55:17 Isaiah 55: 6-11 56:25 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles. Watch/listen online or join us in-person. Doors open at 10:30 AM. Church streams 11 AM through 12:30, Pacific Time. Contact BOND to schedule counseling, set up monthly donation, order books, or join our mailing list: Call 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) or office 323-782-1980, hours Mon-Fri 9-4 PT (Los Angeles).

11/22/20 Secret to Business; Men Moving into Women's Places (Church)
Nov 22 2020 98 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 22, 2020: At BOND, we held our monthly Women’s Forum this past Thursday. A single father talks about his mother living with him and his daughters. Jesse tells the secret to running a business, as well as about life and forgiveness. Biblical Question: When and why did men start moving into the woman’s place? New Biblical Question: Who is the Christians’ number one enemy? BLOG POST and PODCAST: TIME STAMPS 0:00 Stream start 2:07 Amazing Women's Forum 5:43 Demons? 8:56 Another shutdown? 12:06 Question about women 14:43 Single father speaks 33:08 Business and life 36:27 Victoria on business 40:33 When you are you 42:50 Samuel on business 46:50 A man asks questions 50:58 Jesse's dad and sisters 53:45 Follow-up on parents 55:01 Forgive a dead mother? 57:34 Afraid to speak up? 58:07 Jesse ran off a homeless 1:02:04 Men moving in w/ women 1:05:26 Samuel did it twice! 1:08:50 Adriana did at 14! 1:15:13 Silent Prayer every day? 1:17:55 A note on business 1:19:17 Back to Adriana 1:21:05 A man on demoralization 1:22:16 Jesse dated a FINE girl 1:24:35 Another man's story 1:25:48 The world needs men 1:26:40 A lady speaks on parents 1:28:49 Another lady speaks 1:30:44 Jesse loves black people 1:32:06 Jesse's advice 1:33:25 God did come to divide 1:33:59 Christians' worst enemy? 1:35:29 Dakota speaks 1:37:44 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles. Watch/listen online or join us in-person. Doors open at 10:30 AM. Church streams 11 AM through 12:30, Pacific Time. Contact BOND to schedule counseling, set up monthly donation, order books, or join our mailing list: Call 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) or office 323-782-1980, hours Mon-Fri 9-4 PT (Los Angeles).

11/08/20 What Does the Cross Symbolize to You? (Church)
Nov 08 2020 115 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 8, 2020: We did not take calls today. A white man from Texas brought his black wife and some of their children. Jesse witnessed a "Knockout Game" attack! Beware. People comment on the election and how the world is reacting. If any man says he knows God and still sins, he is a liar. Get up in the morning, be still, and know God. One young lady does not realize she has anger. Donald Trump, in dealing with evil, is a perfect example of what we as children of God should become. Toward the end, we answer the Biblical Question: What does the cross symbolize to you? We also read from Romans 12, verses 1-2, about how God will renew your mind. BLOG POST: TIME STAMPS 0:00 Church stream begins 1:17 A Texas family 11:36 Knockout Game 15:31 Election reaction 20:47 Sinning Christians 26:45 A woman's struggle 39:06 More election reaction 45:40 Funny teacher story 51:20 Doxxed, don't care 52:36 Good should rule evil 56:19 Silent Prayer 30-seconds! 58:55 Do you have anger? 1:14:20 The time to be still 1:14:47 Dealing with evil: Trump 1:22:48 Biblical Question: feedback 1:36:40 Levi, 18, forgave his mother 1:38:02 Biblical Q: Jesse answers 1:42:07 Levi's father and Levi 1:44:23 Satan has no power 1:46:44 Why divide families? 1:47:24 Girl talks 1:50:09 Christ bought us back 1:52:12 Romans 12 (not 2) 1:55:22 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles. Watch/listen online or join us in-person. Doors open at 10:30 AM. Call-in with questions or comments: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) 11 AM to 12:30 PT. Contact BOND to schedule counseling, set up monthly donation, order books, or join our mailing list: Call 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) or office 323-782-1980, hours Mon-Fri 9-4 PT (Los Angeles).

10/25/20 Is It Good to Love Your Weakness? (Church)
Oct 25 2020 108 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 25, 2020: People don’t think for themselves, whether people who believe the media or "Bible thumpers." When you are born again, God will renew your mind. The sin is not the vices, but playing god, which is judgment or anger. Be still and know God. Want for nothing, whether you're single or fat. Biblical Question: Is it good to love your weakness? ANNOUNCEMENT: Town Hall this week! BLOG POST: TIME STAMPS (NOTE: These numbers are for audio podcast. Add 1-minute from these numbers for the video.) 0:00 Stream start 0:23 Church starts 2:08 Craziness at rallies 4:43 Jesse on the Bible 11:29 People don't question (voting) 17:14 A lack of common sense 20:28 Living from within 23:18 A living example (street preachers) 29:39 God will renew your mind 32:12 God allows you to remember 45:07 God, let me see myself 47:16 Patrick in NYC 54:44 Is asking prayer? 58:12 Black Victoria: Advice for singles 1:04:04 Advice on losing weight 1:11:36 Want for nothing 1:14:50 First-timer, Edwin 1:18:10 Juan from Lakewood, CA (audio issues) 1:20:09 First-timer friends 1:28:15 Biblical Question: Love weakness? 1:33:56 Jesse answers 1:34:58 Buy some land! 1:37:45 Ex-suicidal man doing fine! 1:39:54 New Biblical Question 1:41:51 Father and son 1:43:22 On-hold callers' questions 1:44:32 Closing/Announcements 1:47:35 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles. Watch/listen online or join us in-person. Doors open at 10:30 AM. Call-in with questions or comments: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) 11 AM to 12:30 PT. Call BOND for counseling, to donate, order books, or join our mailing list: 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) or office 323-782-1980, hours Mon-Fri 9-4 PT (Los Angeles).

10/18/20 Jesus: Out of 1,000, I'll Choose One; of 10,000, Two! (Church)
Oct 18 2020 115 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 18, 2020: It’s going to get worse before it gets better! Biblical Question: What does it mean when Jesus said: Out of 1,000, I will choose one, and out of 10,000, two? A husband and wife are separated, and her mother’s over-involved! Is it important to keep a relationship with family? TIME STAMPS NOTE: On some audio podcast platforms, subtract 4 mins. (Producer trimmed excess from beginning.) 0:00 Stream start (long test) 4:54 Welcome to Church 7:09 Gonna get worse 10:41 Biblical Q, a married man 17:47 Separated married couple 22:06 Wife is conflicted 35:31 Husband should lead 44:46 Wife afraid of mother 53:36 Keep relationship with family? 1:13:15 Caller Samuel from WA 1:16:05 More on the Biblical Question 1:17:26 Rob is a new Christian 1:28:46 Jahleel in MA on forgiving 1:36:03 Lady on Biblical Q 1:38:31 JLP answers Bib Q 1:44:16 Radicalism in the culture 1:50:28 Last questions 1:53:09 New Biblical Q 1:58:41 Support BOND BLOG POST: Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles. Watch/listen online or join us in-person. Doors open at 10:30 AM. Call-in with questions or comments: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) 11 AM to 12:30 PT. Call BOND for counseling, to donate, order books, or join our mailing list: 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) or office 323-782-1980, hours Mon-Fri 9-4 PT (Los Angeles).

10/11/20 Living as a Son of God on Earth (Church)
Oct 11 2020 105 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 11, 2020: Tip from Jesse: Avoid rallies right now; it’s unnecessary ego and violence. Bible verses prove that it’s a disgrace for men to have long hair. Jesse offers a beautiful monologue about what it’s like living as a son of God on earth. He then takes questions and feedback about Silent Prayer, wearing masks, fear and worry about the future, moving out, forgiving one’s mother. Dating advice: Men, don’t take money from women. And women, don’t let the men shower you with gifts and money. For discussion next week, the Bible says: If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved. Have you done this? Did it work? BIBLICAL QUESTION this past week: Which do you prefer: Time or freedom? Freedom! Time is an illusion. Next BIBLICAL QUESTION: What did Jesus mean when he said: Out of 1,000 I’ll choose one of you, and out of 10,000, two? ANNOUNCEMENTS: We have a job opening for the front office: accounting / bookkeeping. Email your resume to bond [at] bondinfo [dot] org. Women’s Forum this third Thursday, 7 PM at BOND, for ladies only! BLOG POST: https:// TIME STAMPS 0:00 Stream start 1:32 Avoid the rallies 4:33 Men with long hair 12:12 Julian from NC 17:59 Other first-timers 20:05 Life as a son of God 29:04 Silent Prayer Q’s 33:48 About anger, judgment 38:27 Wearing face masks 46:15 Support groups? 49:15 Online questions 54:05 Roy in Austin, TX 1:01:43 Be aware of thoughts 1:03:05 Octavio in CA 1:11:02 Nietzsche, masks 1:14:57 Dating, spending 1:23:53 Confess with your mouth 1:27:35 Acknowledging callers 1:28:19 Biblical Question 1:30:24 First-timer, husband 1:35:29 Answer, new Bib Q 1:38:20 Position opening 1:43:53 Last comments 1:44:32 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles. Watch/listen online or join us in-person. Doors open at 10:30 AM. Call-in with questions or comments: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) 11 AM to 12:30 PT. Call BOND for counseling, to donate, order books, or join our mailing list: 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) or office 323-782-1980, hours Mon-Fri 9-4 PT (Los Angeles).

01/24/10 How Do You Find Love? (Sunday Service)
Oct 07 2020 60 mins  
BOND Sunday Service, January 24, 2010: Jesse Lee Peterson reminds people about the theme of the year 2010: Trust Truth. He reads from Proverbs 1, about wisdom. Parents and older people are not teaching knowledge to the young. Some in the congregation talk about how they seek to do what's right in their lives. The knowledge of truth is not the living truth that changes you. Jesse points out that you cannot have fear, doubt, loneliness, insecurity, worries, anxiety, or depression if you do not have anger. About midway through the service, Jesse recounts a story from his time at Crenshaw Christian Center with Pastor Fred Price, in which he didn't feel like a man. More recently a friend from this church recounted a long story of seeking after God, being a good Christian, involved in the church. In his late 40s or 50s he still lived with his mother. He fell sick, physically debilitated to a point near death. Bedridden, he was forced to be still, partially unable to hear. In that state, he realized that he hated his mother, and that he had no love. How do you find love? BLOG POST: Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles. Watch/listen online or join us in-person. Doors open at 10:30 AM. Call-in with questions or comments: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) 11 AM to 12:30 PT. Call BOND for counseling, to donate, order books, or join our mailing list: 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) or office 323-782-1980, hours Mon-Fri 9-4 PT (Los Angeles).

10/04/20 Count It All Joy; Men with 'Man-Buns' Like Mama (Church)
Oct 04 2020 99 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 4, 2020: Jesse returned from speaking at the 21 Convention in Orlando, FL, this weekend. Men are lost today. When suffering in your fallen state, count it all joy. Don’t listen to the thoughts. Women need men like men need Christ. A family with a father, mother, son, and four daughters joined us! Draw unto your weak father, forgive your angry mother. Don’t argue with people; tell them the truth and be a light. “Man-bun” and ponytail-wearing men look like girls and are just like their mama! BLOG POST: TIME STAMPS (rough) 0:00 Stream start 2:36 Amazing monologue 15:35 More amazing points 22:36 14-year-old with anger 27:51 The father speaks 32:51 Hunter in Orlando, FL 37:43 A man with no anger 43:23 Will resented his father 47:36 No issues with mom? 58:38 The family's mother 1:02:27 The oldest daughter 1:05:53 David from Orlando, FL 1:12:32 Black Victoria! 1:16:25 Man from Jacksonville, FL 1:19:56 Q&A money, anger, dating 1:26:37 Samuel tells a JLP story 1:29:08 Q&A unbelievers, long hair 1:37:44 Support BOND. Thanks, all! Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM U.S. Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles. Watch/listen online or join us in-person. Doors open at 10:30 AM. Call-in with questions or comments: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) 11 AM to 12:30 PT. Call BOND for counseling, to donate, order books, or join our mailing list: 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) or office 323-782-1980, hours Mon-Fri 9-4 PT (Los Angeles).

09/20/20 Sun. Single Mother; Landowner Voters? Homosexuality; Apologies (Church)
Sep 20 2020 117 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 20, 2020: A single mother wants to raise her son right. Jesse’s feelings on RBG’s recent passing: None. A 20-year-old man prepares to marry. Biblical Question: If a person does not own land, should he be allowed to vote? Don’t get into your head (worry) about situations. Young people see homosexuality as normal! We are a spirit; God will cause you to become a man (or woman). Apologies are the world’s false imitation of forgiveness! New Biblical Question: Should President Trump appoint a man or woman to fill the Supreme Court vacancy? BLOG POST: TIME STAMPS 0:00 Pre-Church stream 1:27 Welcome to Church 4:00 A single mother 25:03 On RBG 34:01 20yo man and gf 53:33 Other Q's and stories 1:09:28 No sex before marriage 1:13:16 Biblical Q and more 1:18:54 Homosexuality 1:29:17 We are a spirit 1:31:14 When Jesse's President 1:33:32 TMI 1:35:02 Apologies vs forgiveness 1:45:22 New Bib Q (and more) 1:51:24 Closing comments 1:55:20 Happy b-day, Franky 1:57:20 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live Sunday 11 AM Pacific Time from BOND in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Call-in: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) Call BOND to schedule counseling, donate, order books, or join our mailing list. 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663)or 323-782-1980

09/13/20 On Love and 'Godly Women'; Do People Change? (Church)
Sep 13 2020 123 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 13, 2020: A Hispanic couple, Leo’s parents, joined us for the first time. A Puerto Rican man’s going through his second divorce. Men, do not seek “godly women,” or educated ones! We mention the Netflix movie “Cuties.” A 25-year-old East African man lives with his mother and younger siblings in Las Vegas. Women do not have love: Love comes from above, from God, through Christ, through the man, to the women. BIBLICAL QUESTION answered: Do people change? New Biblical Q: Should people who do not own land be allowed to vote? ANNOUNCEMENTS: Women’s Forum this third Thursday of the month, 7 PM at BOND, for ladies only! Jesse Lee Peterson speaks at The 21 Convention in early October. VIDEO: BLOG POST: TIME STAMPS 0:00 Best race? 4:30 Be an example 14:35 Hispanic parents 21:15 Homelessness 23:56 Second divorce! 39:37 Godly, educated women 52:48 Netflix: Cuties, education 1:05:12 East African man 1:22:59 Evil in the world 1:26:01 Moslem man speaks 1:33:38 More feedback 1:38:43 Anger and God 1:40:32 Biblical Q feedback 1:42:17 More with Hispanic couple 1:57:13 Biblical Questions 2:01:50 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is live every Sunday 11 AM (Pacific Time) from BOND in Los Angeles Call BOND for counseling, info, to donate, order books, or sign up for our mailing list: 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663), or 323-782-1980

09/06/20 Sun. Cheating Pastor, Sinning Christians; Kingdom of Heaven?
Sep 06 2020 108 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 6, 2020: Can you sin as a Christian? Black pastor John Gray cheated on his wife. What is the Kingdom of Heaven like to you? After a few opening questions and comments, we talk about the question: Can you sin as a Christian? A well-known TV preacher John Gray admitted to cheating on his wife. How would you feel if he were your pastor? Should he stay or resign? Did he sin? Jesse also has a conversation with a mother about apologies and forgiveness. We talk about white Americans being forced to admit they have “privilege.” Toward the end, Jesse answers the Biblical Question: What is the Kingdom of Heaven like to you? He also asks the new Biblical Question: Do people change? BLOG POST: TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Starting Church stream 1:44 Welcome to Church! 5:51 Overreacting 9:28 Can Christians sin? 12:04 Pastor John Gray cheated 50:35 Sinning Christians judging 1:09:30 Talking with a mother 1:17:25 White privilege? 1:29:09 Bib Q: Kingdom of Heaven 1:42:13 Last questions 1:47:09 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, live Sunday 11 AM PT from BOND in Los Angeles. Call-in: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) Call BOND for counseling, to donate, buy books, to join our mailing list, or for more info: 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663)

08/23/20 Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Church)
Aug 23 2020 99 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 23, 2020: Real Christianity vs. fake! Young men and women talk about forgiving their mothers and fathers. Overcome all things, including smoking POT! (NOTE: We only got to one call today; thanks to those who held on!) Jesse talks with three black children and father and mother in attendance! A warning from Vincent James about anger and racism. We talk about the Bible and women in politics. Biblical Question answered: What does it mean that many are called but few are chosen? Next Biblical Q: Does human rank mean anything to you? TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Church opens, questions 12:30 Man forgave mother 15:00 How many smoke pot? 20:00 Lady forgave mother 24:25 Overcome all things 28:45 Michael in Philadelphia, PA 36:00 A pot story from Vegas 41:40 Jesse talks to kids 54:42 A warning to whites 1:02:45 Women in politics 1:04:00 Bible lady, nephew 1:23:24 Bible, Biblical Q 1:31:00 Warning to women 1:34:45 Last comments, Bib Q 1:38:45 Support BOND! VIDEO: BLOG POST: Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum #SundayService) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (live from BOND in Los Angeles). Call-in: 888-77-JESSE (which is 1-888-775-3773). Call BOND for counseling (by phone or in-person), books, or more info about our programs 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663) M-F 9am-4pm PT (Los Angeles time) 11am-6pm CT / 12-7pm ET. Our local number: 323-782-1980

Black Anger, White Fear, and White History (Church, 6/28/20)
Jun 28 2020 126 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 28, 2020: (Please pardon the audio issues early on: We fix Jesse’s audio within the first 15 minutes!) QUESTION: How are you feeling about the racial conflict today? Many whites are afraid of blacks’ anger. Tell the truth, but let people be wrong. Have a wait-and-see attitude in life. Some church leader came out and said that Jesus was not white. Biblical Question: Next month (July) is White History Month. Will you be celebrating? We talk with callers and visitors about anger, forgiveness, fear, dealing with parents and children, and other real issues. BLOG POST: VIDEO: TIME STAMPS: 1:08 Church starts! 2:14 How do you feel about what’s going on? 4:57 Lady for the Second Amendment 8:14 Bill fixes Jesse’s mic 9:17 Uncomfortable around black people? 21:06 Jesse: Stand up for one another. 23:47 A familiar voice (An0maly)… 24:45 Jesse: Don’t be afraid! 27:32 Victoria, how are you feeling? 29:33 Get serious about your personal life. 30:41 Man is annoyed. 35:55 If you truly have faith in God (Was Jesus white?) 40:23 Are you afraid? A white woman responds… 41:32 Online question and calls… 47:35 Victoria: Stay out of your head. 55:07 More on White Jesus, or Jewish Jesus? 57:40 Man born in Iran identifies with America now. 1:00:04 First-time visitor(s)! 1:06:34 Losing friends is fine. 1:10:54 Any man with anger is a woman. 1:12:02 God lets the hard-headed suffer and die. 1:14:11 An0maly: Future of L.A./CA? Wait and see. 1:17:00 Man thanks Jesse. Forgiving mama! 1:19:44 Caller(s): Biblical Q: White History Month 1:23:15 A white lady and her husband speak… 1:39:06 More questions and feedback… 1:46:07 Erik from Sweden calls… 1:52:02 Last few questions and feedback… 1:59:06 One more call (or two)... 2:05:21 Last announcements Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (live from BOND in Los Angeles) #SundayService

The Truth About Fear (Sunday Service 9/13/09)
May 28 2020 60 mins  
BOND Sunday Service, originally aired September 13, 2009: Jesse asks if people had a life (as he often does), then asks how many have fear, and how people overcame it. He gives a great monologue. Whites refuse to speak up to black Americans for fear of being called "racist." They discovered most of their black Christian friends called them racist for disagreeing with new black President Barack Obama. They're losing their friends who were never friends anyway. Tell the truth because you love what's right — love God. You're of the Devil, of the prince of deception when you have doubt, go back and forth, and listening to the lies in your mind. People falsely judge themselves if things don't work out the way they've learned and compare themselves to others. Relax and go for the ride. Mothers put fear in their children by causing them to have resentment by the mothers' own anger, fear, and overreactions. One guy asks about whether men necessarily need to get married. Love truth. And let go and live! Jesse talks with many people about dealing with fear. You deserve what you get in life. Accept what you are, and don't judge it either way, and you can overcome. Don't make excuses the way Adam and Eve did. Christ made it possible! Sit still. Stillness is so important. You won't enter the Kingdom of Heaven with hatred in your heart. VIDEO: Playlist: BOND Sunday Services (Archives) Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live video Sunday 11 AM PT. Join us in-person 10:30 AM (except during lockdown) at BOND in Los Angeles

Do You See Yourself as a Son of God? (Church 5/17/20)
May 17 2020 126 mins  
Sunday, May 17, 2020, Church with Jesse Lee Peterson: This past week’s Biblical Question: Do you see yourself as a son of God? How do you know? Many people call-in and give Super Chats (donation messages) attempting to answer this question — along with BOND guys, members of Jesse’s staff. • We also get some questions about the ego dying, and divorce and remarriage. • Jesse asks people’s opinion about a call he received this past week from a man whose child’s mother was keeping his child from him. He had called asking about whether he should buy land or use his money fighting in court to try to see his child. • Jesse answered the Biblical Question and how to know you’ve been born again — because you can see. And you no longer have hate, anger. • Odile from the UK says she called her father in Africa to forgive him, after going to church and not changing. • New Biblical Question: Why is stillness so important? BLOG POST: VIDEO: Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (live from BOND in Los Angeles) #SundayService Call BOND for counseling (by phone or in-person), books, or more info about our programs 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663) M-F 9am-4pm PT (Los Angeles time) 11am-6pm CT / 12-7pm ET.

If You Overreact, Pause and Examine Yourself (Church, 3/1/20)
Mar 01 2020 97 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, Mar 1, 2020: A number of first-time visitors express appreciation for the message of forgiveness and independence. One man realized he's beta, 30 and living with his mother. Then we allow people to give their thoughts on a Bloomberg political ad that played on Jesse's daily radio show (not part of the nonprofit). Mike Bloomberg is a Democrat whom Christians and conservatives do not support. People overreact because they don't love Bloomberg, and Satan has them judging Jesse for selling advertising time to him. Check yourself. You should never believe what you hear or see, but rather, observe. And don't hold it against people who disagree. If your feelings change, it's because you believed into a lie, listened to thoughts from Satan. The answer to the Biblical Question: Would you vote for a radical homosexual or a socialist? There's no difference, as both support evil! ANNOUNCEMENT: There’s a Men’s Forum first Thursday of the month, this Thursday, March 5, 2020, 7 PM here at BOND in Los Angeles! BLOG POST: Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's nonprofit's current location at BOND, 6146 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Call BOND for counseling (by phone or in-person), books, or more info about our programs 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663) M-F 9am-4pm PT (Los Angeles time) 11am-6pm CT / 12-7pm ET.

Is It Right to Make It or Be? (Church 2/23/20)
Feb 23 2020 96 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, Feb 23, 2020 (re-upload; we had stream issues today) -- Several newcomers joined us today, including longtime radio show caller Chris from Costa Rica! At one point, Jesse said that mothers should be sent to jail for the wrong things they do to their children! — when he becomes president! (This was tongue-in-cheek, but his point stands!) Anyone with anger cannot be trusted. James Hake tells the story of a young man who called to apologize today on his show after an angry incident a week or two ago. Sometimes you may think that you have forgiven your mother and father, but you find yourself lashing out and judging others. One man said that he has been "born again" for some time, yet he is afraid to deal honestly with his mother who wants to move close to him and his adult sister. Jesse urges him not to believe that he is or isn't born again if he does not know — pointing out that if he were born again, he would not fear his mother. A couple of young ladies who attend regularly appeared on a TV show — they weren't "too holy" to appear with their own personalities. One lady talked about hypnosis and her avoiding being hypnotized by a hypnotist. But Jesse pointed out that we all are hypnotized when we have anger, until we are born again of God. Jesse answered his Biblical Question: Is it right to make it or be? It's right to be. But you cannot make yourself just be. Salvation is from God. VIDEO: BLOG POST: SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) PLAYLIST: Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (FULL VIDEO, Sunday Service)

Are You a Cadaver or a Lamb? (Church 2/9/20)
Feb 09 2020 100 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020: Jesse starts out telling mothers that it's evil when you treat adult kids as though they're still your children. Today marks the 30th anniversary of BOND! We're planning a celebration September 26th. Jesse talks with first-time visitors about forgiving mothers, relationship with a beta male boyfriend, apologizing to a Japanese ex-husband. We talk about the talents and shortcomings of millennials and Zoomers, and how boomers, whites and blacks, gave up on protecting their children. A man from New York living with his daughter's mother does not know much about prayer and religion. She has extreme anger and he took her to the cemetery to forgive her dead mother, but it didn't seem to work. His dilemma in his mind: should he marry her or surrender his daughter? (Jesse's Church producer James reads questions from YouTube live chat.) About halfway through, Jesse addresses the Biblical Question: Are you a cadaver or a lamb? Several people answer before another newcomer asks questions about the previous generation and how to overcome weakness. She married a man who has a painful illness, and asks how to overcome anger. She's nervous about letting her parents know she does not resent them for their past mistakes. Jesse later gives his answer to the Biblical Question, telling a story of Jesus with his disciples seeing a Samaritan with a lamb. He said as long as the lamb is alive, the man will not eat it. But once the lamb is killed and becomes a dead body (a cadaver), then he will eat it. A lamb represents love, innocence, power, and God. But once your heart is hardened, you become a cadaver, and the world can eat you. Stay in the quiet place. If the world causes you to become immoral or hateful, then they control you and eat you. Anyone with anger is a cadaver. You get your innocence back by letting anger go, living a free life. A young woman Victoria talks about truly facing and forgiving her mother, prompted by one of the BOND guys, and thanks Jesse. James reads all of the Super Chats, and Jesse asks his new Biblical Question: Are you the sum of all your highs and lows? A couple of announcements: We're looking for a graphic designer, as well as a reader for an audiobook. BLOG POST: Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's nonprofit's current location at BOND, 6146 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Call BOND for counseling (by phone or in-person), books, or more info about our programs 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663) M-F 9am-4pm PT (Los Angeles time) 11am-6pm CT / 12-7pm ET.

Kobe's Death; The Flesh Is Mama Spirit (Church 2/2/20)
Feb 02 2020 119 mins  
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, February 2, 2020: At the beginning and end, we talk about the Biblical Question: At what age should a father and mother stop parenting their children? Jesus came to divide the family. Many newcomers talk about forgiving fathers and mothers. We discuss the Silent Prayer, or observation versus meditation. It’s a spiritual battle: Antifa is doing anti-police protests in NYC (and Oregon), saying the MTA public transportation is racist for charging. The world is the Old Testament. Many people react to Kobe Bryant’s death which occurred last Sunday. People act like Jesus died! He worked hard and was successful. Was he happy? Who is your idol? Is it cheapening his life to point out the things he did wrong? One young man has a bisexual teacher! At the gym, Jesse noticed that everybody looks like mama! He sees the mama spirit. In the Bible, it says we’re born of the flesh, which is mama, and then we’re born of the Spirit, which is God. Christ came and made everything spiritual. But people of the flesh believe they can still sin and suffer and yet be saved. Jesse talks at length with a lady about the Bible, sin, and being perfect. She has anger and has not been born again. As James reads the Super Chats, Jesse makes the point about mothers being controlling in sneaky ways, and that Satan is the woman’s god. Finally, Jesse answers the Biblical Question: Stop parenting when the child reaches 18. Don’t protect them from making mistakes and suffering! That’s playing god! New Biblical Question: Are you a cadaver or a lamb? NO MEN’S FORUM THIS MONTH! BLOG POST: ORIGINAL VIDEO STREAM: -- Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's nonprofit's current location at BOND, 6146 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Call BOND for counseling (by phone or in-person), books, or more info about our programs 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663) M-F 9am-4pm PT (Los Angeles time) 11am-6pm CT / 12-7pm ET.

Are You a Good Slave? (Sunday Service, 2/15/09)
Jan 23 2020 84 mins  
BOND Sunday Service, originally streamed February 15, 2009: Jesse Lee Peterson takes questions from the people. They talk about the year's theme: Endurance. We deal extensively with a lady's trouble in her marriage. The question comes up: Are you a good slave? We also deal with the question: Do you know what you want? We touch on the Bible as well. A woman who's been part of BOND for some time expressed difficulty with her marriage, her being self-righteous at times and judging her husband. Sometimes she feels her husband is not doing what's right, but she reacts badly and recognizes her problem is with herself. Wives are supposed to follow their husbands — but how can she if he's wrong? She thinks the solution is to stay in the moment and deal with issues as they come. She seems to accuse some of the guys of taking Jesse's lead when he tells the truth about women — she thinks that men often simply dismiss and judge women. Some try to diminish her issue, pointing out the good children, her 30-plus year marriage, and their financial success, the nice car she drives. But the outward appearances and physical things don't solve the spiritual and emotional traumas. Does she really have a problem though? SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) PLAYLIST: BOND Sunday Services (Archives) PLAYLIST: Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (FULL VIDEO, Sunday Service)

Are Whites the Only Racist People? (Church 1/5/20)
Jan 06 2020 116 mins  
At Church Sunday, January 5, 2020, a young man Duran talks briefly. We then talk about mothers letting go of their children and the Biblical Question: Are whites the only racist people? Jesse points out examples in the world of the Old Testament (Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, singer Sam Smith, so-called “hate crimes” and “anti-Semitism” laws). A 19-year-old conservative straight man with four gay parents visited us from San Francisco! A 30-year-old man from New York believed he should live with his mother to help her — and his girlfriend called him a “beta male”! Our theme for 2020: Watchfulness. The light of God allows you to see yourself. Don’t judge yourself or others. BLOG POST: VIDEO FROM THIS SERVICE: Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streamed live video Sunday 11 AM PT on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, DLive, Twitch, and Mixer. Listen to Church audio recordings on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spreaker, SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Castbox, or Podcast Addict. Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's nonprofit's current location at BOND, 6146 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Call BOND for counseling (by phone or in-person), books, or more info about our programs 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663) M-F 9am-4pm PT (Los Angeles time) 11am-6pm CT / 12-7pm ET.

Compassion or Dispassion: Which Is Right? (Church 12/15/19)
Dec 15 2019 121 mins  
At the beginning of Church, Jesse Lee Peterson rants about girly cars that all look the same, and calls for manly cars. Jesse then talks briefly with a young lady Chris who looks totally different; she used to look like one of “those people” — goths, Jesse thinks. Welcome home! A young man asks about the fact he has never really liked eating meat, since childhood. Mark eats only fish and points out that meat eaters and vegetarians should not judge one another. THEN we get to Jesse’s Biblical Question of the week: What is the right way to deal with all people: with compassion or dispassion? We discuss this extensively. Some go both ways. Was Jesus compassionate or dispassionate? Some say that both compassion and dispassion are the same when you have real love. In the midst of the discussion, one man thinks we cannot be perfect like Jesus, but is striving toward it. Why? He does not think we can be compassionate like Jesus, so he is dispassionate. Jesse later asserts that we can be perfect. Some of the ladies, along with Joel, talk about “feeling love” (or lust) in a dating relationship. A few people also talk about compassion for sick kids, and people whose loved ones have died. Jesse gives his take at the end: You should not seek to be compassionate or dispassionate, but it will happen by itself that you’ll become dispassionate. But if you try to be dispassionate, then you’ll grow cold. God changes you; you cannot change yourself. BLOG POST: ORIGINAL CHURCH STREAM: Announcement: Women’s Forum Thur. 12/19/19 Ladies, make sure to come to the final BOND Women’s Forum of the year, this Thursday, December 19th, 2019, 7 PM at BOND. (Women’s Forums are third Thursday of the month.) Thank you to all who’ve donated the BOND Building Fund! We’ve had so much support from people who’ve been helped by BOND’s work. We are grateful to say we’ve reached the $300,000 goal, and Jesse will be making an offer on a building soon. He’s dealing with a realtor now. Church on Sunday, December 15, 2019, streamed live video 11 AM PT on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, DLive, Twitch, and Mixer. Listen to Church audio recordings on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spreaker, SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Castbox, and Podcast Addict. -- SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) COUNSELING at BOND or call 323-782-1980 MAILING LIST BOOKS DONATE

Have You Taken on a False Identity? (Church 12/8/19)
Dec 08 2019 116 mins  
At Church, December 8, 2019, we talked about when to “speak up” on issues of morality, and when not to do so — such as at work. A substitute teacher in Utah was fired for telling a fifth-grade student, a foster child, that homosexuality was wrong. It was around Thanksgiving, and the boy had said he was thankful to be adopted by his two new “dads.” BLOG POST: https:// We then discussed identity — taking on a false identity. People sometimes become like a preacher or “leader” when he helps them or impresses them. Sometimes people cannot see that they’re acting like someone else — or how they think the person is. They take on an identity other than their own. But in God there is no identity. We talk a little about being judgmental toward others at work. Jesse briefly mentions making a strong point about women voting when asked about his position at a recent speaking engagement. At the event, Jesse pointed out the destruction today, and that women are emotional, making decisions based on how they think and feel. Many men today are as well, but is that normal? A woman who said men are emotional too could not answer that. A young man Josh visiting the area brought his sister Bethany to Church. They discussed forgiving their mother. Although they don’t see how Jesse’s points apply to them, Josh really values Jesse’s work. Bethany later talks about compassion and empathy, as well as forgiving a roommate. Toward the end of the service brings up the idea of justice and God. A man with gauges (earrings that stretch out his earlobes) in his ears joined us as well. A young lady Rosario joined us with her boyfriend who’s a Proud Boy! They’re living together unmarried — he wants to marry her, but Jesse advises they live separately and date without sex first. He says he’s “building up courage” to deal with his mother. He says his father left him when he was young, and gets emotional after Jesse points out his father simply couldn’t handle his mother. Jesse briefly mentions the amazing Men’s Forum we had this past Thursday. Thank you, guys! Later he tells millennials and others not to run away from situations. Go toward them to deal with them. And don’t be unwilling to work any type of job. We talk briefly about the Biblical Questions: Where is the spirit of the man, and what does it look like? Jesse will answer this probably tomorrow on the radio show Then James help Jesse remember his new question: Which is the right way to deal with all people: with compassion or dispassion? -- Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's nonprofit's current location at BOND, 6146 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Call BOND for counseling (by phone or in-person), books, or more info about our programs 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663) M-F 9am-4pm PT (Los Angeles time) 11am-6pm CT / 12-7pm ET.

Independence and Growth Is More Valuable Than Money (11/24/19)
Nov 24 2019 97 mins  
Church on Sunday, November 24, 2019 BLOG POST: This streamed live video 11 AM PT on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, DLive, Twitch, and Mixer. Listen to Church audio recordings on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Spreaker, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. We had some great questions about forgiving parents, mothers letting adult children go, and young men and women becoming independent. Jesse opens up briefly talking about how American communities have become remade in the cultures of immigrants, whether Hispanic, Asian or other. One lady no longer feels even welcome in her own country! Save 10% (ten percent) of the money you make, and use it only for investment, not for emergency, and opportunities will come. Opportunities are always there, but you don’t see them. One young man goes to school and doesn’t work, but his parents help him financially — stop it! The growth is more important than the money! Jesse asked a few people, perhaps a Biblical Question: Would you rather have an unclean life or an honorable death? We talk about the Silent Prayer, mothers’ stories about absent fathers, accusations of “rape,” and dating. Young men do only want one thing: Sex. Don’t give it to them. Date instead. One young woman believed (for a day) a crystal lady who tried to get her to burn over $5,000! Read 1 Corinthians, chapter 2, verse 15 — Paul wrote in the New Testament that the spiritual man judges all things. So we should judge! But it’s not the emotional kind of judgment that comes from anger, from Satan. Announcements Thank you guys for joining, reading, listening, and watching! Thanks to everyone supporting BOND — we’re still raising money for the Building Fund. Do the Silent Prayer. -- Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's nonprofit's current location at BOND, 6146 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Call BOND for counseling (by phone or in-person), books, or more info about our programs 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663) M-F 9am-4pm PT (Los Angeles time) 11am-6pm CT / 12-7pm ET. Catch us live on YouTube, Periscope,, Mixer, Facebook (we're back for BOND only), and perhaps soon again. Multistreaming with SILENT PRAYER AUDIO T-SHIRTS BOOKS SUPPORT:

Endurance, Part 4 (Sunday Service, January 25, 2009)
Nov 21 2019 90 mins  
Sunday Service from January 25, 2009: Jesse Lee Peterson talks with the congregation about being conscious in the present. God said to be still and know Him. Pray so that the light of God can control you. Let your will die, and let His will take over. A lady talks about a car accident in which she was at-fault, and dealing with angry people. VIDEO: Sometimes the Devil reminds you of the scriptures, and interprets them for you. but God reveals to you. The scriptures do tell the truth, but God keeps you calm without quoting the Bible to your intellect. People fight throwing scriptures at each other. God does not quote scriptures to you! Jesse urges people to forgive their mothers, realizing that they cannot help themselves. Let them react how they will. If she falls out and dies, find out if she has some insurance. Love is to forgive, and not to hate. One lady says her mother is a "born again Christian." She'll throw the Bible at you, but the Devil is her daddy. But she can't help it. Jesse catches one lady writing notes to her adult daughter in Church, and meddling in her life! Yet the daughter says her mother lets her make decisions on her own. Jesse urges her to back off until she asks for input. Jesse reiterates our theme this year: Endurance. When that anger comes, don't react, but take the pain inside you, be quiet, and overcome. Otherwise, you'll run your husband off, Jesse tells a young woman. The Devil will tell you all kinds of reasons you need to "speak up," but that is a time to be quiet. There is no reason to go off on him — a good man, according to her. Don't let the Devil destroy that. Anger brings on cancer and disease. Let it go! It's a waste of time and energy. Go back to your prayer. There's nothing worse than a nagging woman! It's in the Bible! It's a constant dripping! It's better to get run over by a firetruck! Some people in church try to share their wisdom about seeking God, repenting, and justice — saying everybody has a chance to repent. One lady says that it seems a man doesn't have a choice but to fail in life. But we need righteous fathers, because it passes down through the fathers. Sin passes down through generations. It's gotten worse over the years because the world is "OK'ing everything" — because men are weak, they're okaying same-sex marriage and all kinds of mess. A lady talks about a dating show in which women brought boyfriends to the show and they were flirting with the makeup lady! The women forgave them! We need to turn men back to God. When men are weak, society falls apart. Jesse urges parents not to sacrifice their children to the world, the public schools. You have to change your life. Coaches are teaching the kids that there are no losers or winners in life. SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

Overcome Emotions and Live (Church 10/13/19)
Oct 13 2019 112 mins  
At Church, we discussed Biblical Questions about whether a man looking at another woman is cheating, and “the cause of your effect.” People have been through some tough family situations, but once they forgive, it’ll be like they don’t have a past! Jesse told of his encounter with a security guard at the bank who could suddenly see, and started crying after Jesse told him to forgive. BLOG POST: One lady who had her live-in boyfriend move out — she now says that he and their son don’t like her anymore! Her mother does not believe that a woman should obey her man, nor see how anger is evil. But overcome emotions, and you can deal with situations in the right way. Jesse invites some newlyweds on-stage. A young woman does not want to forgive her mother — “she doesn’t deserve it” — nor does she want to cut off communication with her! Just block her! We also talk about how to have “pure” motives — by not having motivation! NOTE: No Women’s Forum this Thursday! BOND VIDEO FROM THIS SERVICE: -- SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) COUNSELING at BOND or call 323-782-1980 BOOKS DONATE

Mass Shootings and the Evil Attack on Men (Church, Aug 4, 2019)
Aug 04 2019 108 mins  
Sunday, August 4, 2019: At church, e talked about the mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH. The children of the lie are doing what they’re supposed to do: Bring forth evil. Overcome anger and emotions by forgiving your mother. Men are hated because they represent Christ on earth, known since Adam and Eve. Get rid of the man, and it’s easy to destroy women and children. White straight men are the most hated species on this side of heaven. CNN predictably attacked President Trump and celebrated the fact that whites are becoming a minority. BLOG POST: Overcome the intellect. God’s intellect is greater than Satan’s intellect. You can’t trust these “experts,” psychologists and psychiatrists. These people hate morality. Even Buddhists don’t find real peace, because they don’t face anything, but rather they hide. Study the Scriptures to Show Yourself Approved? One young man disagrees with Jesse about studying the Bible. He says the Bible says, “Study the scriptures to show yourself approved.” Others talk about this idea. One woman touches on feeling bad for the shooter’s mother, and what it means to love all people. One man is not a Christian but is trying to follow the Bible. His girlfriend asks Jesse how to get saved and not be evil anymore. She’s 22, from Texas, and lets slip a cuss word while describing what it’s like there. She says her mother supported wrong, smoking weed and drinking with her. Her father she called a “cheater and a liar.” She resented him going after women when she needed him as her father. Jesse urges her to go and forgive, and not apologize for how she was while growing up. Another man is for studying the Bible, which he calls the “word of God.” But Jesse says that the notion that you should “study” the Bible was put there by the enemies of good. God wrote his Word in our hearts. The Bible is a book of letters by people who were inspired, but it’s like if Jesse were to write a letter to Reggie saying, “Don’t be angry.” It’s not going to save you — rather, you must know God for yourself, and not get caught up in intellectual knowledge. But don’t believe Jesse either; rather you should know for yourself. -- SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) COUNSELING at BOND or call 323-782-1980 BOOKS DONATE

Lying Politicians, Absent Fathers and Overdoing Mothers (Sunday Service, Sep 28, 2008)
Jul 26 2019 90 mins  
BOND Sunday Service, originally aired Sunday, September 28, 2008: Jesse Lee Peterson allows people to get it off their chest about the government's mishandling of the ongoing financial crisis, the corruption of power and wealth, and their willingness to lie to the people (whether it was Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain). But society loves lies: Men and women lie to each other to come together in romantic relationships! BLOG POST One 18-year-old black male speaks up who was raised without his father. He didn't know why his father left, and thought he didn't care — he wouldn't love him anyway. But he does not realize he's yearning for the love of his father. He thinks women can be powerful as his mother struggled to do right by him; but she could not replace his father. His mother "stalked" and babied him even as an adult! Black mothers call grown men "baby" and it weakens the men. They may mean well, but it kills their nature to spoil children and adults. They get better when you let them suffer; they can handle pain and overcome it if you leave them alone! VIDEO: SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

Your Blind Judgment Keeps Your Old Nature Alive in You (Sunday Service, Sept 7, 2008)
Jul 18 2019 90 mins  
BOND Sunday Service, September 7, 2008: Different people at Church discuss the lies their thoughts tell them. One guy asks about "inertia," having difficulty reading a book or starting something you're not used to doing. One lady was tripping because she was going out to meet a guy, and she faced doubts and insecurities. The Devil feeds your mind all kinds of mess. Stay with prayer: Seek God first, and He adds unto you. BLOG POST: Let yourself feel and go through whatever your ego goes through, by the spirit inside you — it's not the real you. Let it die. The real you, created in God's image, is not caught up in all of the madness. Get to know yourself, and don't identify with the not-you, your old nature. When you pray, you rarely have to ask for anything. We have the Holy Spirit, the Teacher. Some people tell stories about looking for the truth. A man was in seminary for a year in order to become a priest. One woman asks about her husband telling her he cannot help the way he is — he cannot change himself. Another lady talks about overreacting versus being calm. One young man doubts he'll ever really get it. Most people don't know that they do not truly believe in God; they have a shallow intellectual belief that does not set them free. He has to give it to us. Jesse has people read John 8: 15-16 about judging with human limitations and not judging. Jesus talked about having the Father who sent him. So Jesse makes the point that you're constantly judging, giving the thing inside you food to live by, every time you get angry, condemn yourself or others. Jesus did not judge. The Father was in him. The Father allowed Jesus to see the reality around him. Then he could judge in the right way. Without Him, you're blind. VIDEO OF THIS SERVICE: SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) Call BOND office 800-411-BOND (800-411-2663)

Don't Fit In? You're Yearning for the Father (Father's Day Church, Jun 16, 2019)
Jun 18 2019 135 mins  
Happy Father’s Day! We had our 10th annual Men’s Conference Saturday night. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard what God has in store for you. Live from within; do not plan, and do not judge your issues. You are attracted to your trauma, to whatever you hate. Do not listen to too much evil, lest it seep into you. The Silent Prayer is biblical, but most preachers don’t cite the principles in the Bible. Never tell someone to stop their vice; rather, they should stop judging it, so that it may fall away. Men act like kids now, and are shaving their bodies like women! Men and women should go and forgive their parents. Some who do feel doubts about how it went. But doubt every thought. Those who want to fit in with others are really yearning for their fathers, and for the Father. Men make excuses for smoking pot, but you should have a clear mind. Do the Silent Prayer before you smoke the pot. Although white people tend to be intellectuals, they are not happy living in their intellect. God’s way is simple and straightforward. READ MORE: VIDEO: Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's nonprofit's current location at BOND, 6146 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035.

The Role of Fathers (June 15, 2008, Father's Day Sunday Service)
Apr 13 2019 89 mins  
Originally aired Sunday, June 15, 2008, Father's Day. SUPPORT BOND At Sunday Service, Jesse makes a brief point about judgment — right away your mind makes decisions about what you see, and prevents you from realizing the depths of what you're looking at. Jesse goes on to talk about the spiritual order in life: God in Christ, Christ in man, man over woman, and women over children. It's the father's responsibility first to protect his family spiritually. There's a spiritual war going on between good and evil, right and wrong. Men have become soft like women, switching places with their wives and girlfriends, if they have them — even in the car. They take the passenger seat, while the women drive, with no insurance! SEE POST ON BOND WESITE: VIDEO: Later in the service, some women speak up about how a good father gives them confidence and stability. Most people do pick the wrong mate — because they marry in a fallen state. They’re often having sex out-of-wedlock. They’re led by their emotions. A man should never please a woman — never seek to please her. Most women don't know what they want. A man should seek God, seek what's right, to be right and do right. How many men are real men? It eats up men inside knowing that they are not real men. Many men are shy. Some guys in this service claim that they are not shy, while others admit that they are, or that they are not real men. Jesse urges everyone to be still and know God — to pray consistently, every morning and every night. SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

The True Meaning of Salvation (Sunday Service, May 25, 2008)
Apr 08 2019 83 mins  
Originally aired May 25, 2008, BOND Sunday Service: Jesse talks about what salvation means. They talk about whether you sin after you've been born again of God. They read from the passage in 1 John that says no one who is born of God sins. He cannot sin. Some people there claim that they've been born again, but yet they still sin. One man supposes that he himself does not sin. At first he doesn't seem to know whether he's been born again, then says he has, but didn't want to brag or something. Still others talk about anger and reacting to the world. VIDEO: They discuss what hypocrisy is, and Christians who sin and have anger judging homosexuals. One man thinks his rage about news of same-sex marriage and illegal aliens — he thinks his emotions about these things are from God. Some of the ladies quote and misquote the Bible in defense of being imperfect and continuing to sin as Christians — saying they have angry, sinful thoughts but don't act out on them the way they used to do. One woman says her daughter calls her out for talking against homosexuals — the girl can sense her mother's hatred and hypocrisy. You're not supposed to accept evil, but overcome it. "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." But Christians today don't have that "greater He" in them, and that's why things like homosexuality are coming to the forefront and Christians are losing their children and country. It's because preachers are teaching that you can continue to sin after being born again. They hide the verses that say you cannot sin — because they themselves are sinning. So they lie to the people to make them feel good about being wrong. SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

Sex, Marriage, and What a Pharisee Is (Church, Mar 17, 2019)
Mar 17 2019 113 mins  
At Church March 17, 2019, Jesse wore his “Stop Having Sex Out-of-Wedlock” T-shirt, available from Jesse Lee Peterson’s Teespring store FULL VIDEO: At the beginning of the service, Jesse warned people that some come to church with a personal agenda, to promote their business, or their own belief and ideology. First of all, they shouldn’t do that. But if you fall for it, don’t blame Jesse or BOND! Jesse reads some facts about cell phones and people who are “addicted” to their smartphones. SEX, RELATIONSHIPS, AND MARRIAGE During the course of the meeting, two couples in particular stood out, each admitting that they lived together. In one case, the woman was 12 years older than her boyfriend — which Jesse said makes a mama-and-son relationship! She also had a 12-year-old child from a previous marriage. One man with a woman was never raised with Christian values, and now agrees that they should do it right. Some of the couple talk about why they lived together without being married. One couple was together for a long time. The man wanted children early on, but the woman wanted to pursue her education and career. He thought he’d wait for her to finish her pursuits, but now she’s 35 and he’s concerned about the health of a potential baby at that age. Jesse tells them not to believe the idea that women can’t have babies at that age — because it’s not necessarily true in her case. But he said he might have split up with her had he seen more clearly early on that she did not want kids. This shocked the woman and she started to cry. More people talk, including young guys in their teens visiting from out-of-state, as well as a father and daughter, and others. BIBLICAL QUESTION: A PHARISEE Jesse discusses the Biblical Question from last week: What does the term Pharisee mean? Many people believed that it is others than themselves — teachers seeking after knowledge and trying to catch Jesus with trick questions, or religious leaders who do not practice what they preach. But Jesse made the point that it is anyone with anger. Christ said that the Pharisees cleaned the outside of the cup, but did not clean the inside of the cup. Anyone with anger has not cleaned the inside of their cup. CHRISTIANS, SPEAK UP Lastly, Jesse talked about the Christchurch, New Zealand attack, in which a white man allegedly shot and killed 50 or so people at a couple of mosques there. The media and governments are against Christians and whites, and ignore the attacks on them. They use attacks on Muslims as an excuse to blame whites and Christians. Jesse called on whites and Christians to speak up against the attacks against them so that they do not become angry and lash out in the wrong way as this man did. SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

No Such Thing as Problems (Sunday Service, May 4, 2008)
Mar 08 2019 88 mins  
BOND Sunday Service, originally aired May 4, 2008 — VIDEO: PLEASURE VS. PEACE Jesse talks with a man Patrick about what keeps people unconscious, and whether he still loves pleasure more than peace. This man Patrick sees a war going on within him between seeking pleasure versus doing what’s right. Some people are very prideful and cannot let go of their thoughts and ideas about themselves and what they were taught wrongly about the things of God. NO JUDGMENT, NO PROBLEMS There is no such thing as a problem. There are only situations. And you’re not wonderful. Some people chase after positive thinking — believing, or at least telling themselves, that they’re good when they’re not. Others are into thinking negatively about themselves or others. All such judgments and opinions are lies. How do you recognize the voice of God? God’s voice is a voiceless voice. It’s a knowing. It’s common sense. Some ladies talk about “promptings,” or thoughts that they can almost hear and that sound like their own voice — that’s not of God, but of your father the Devil. The Devil will imitate yourself, people you know, and make you think your thoughts are from you or from God, but they’re from evil, from hell. PHONY PREACHERS Jesse talks about phony preachers like Juanita Bynum and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. — Barack Obama’s pastor of 20 years. Juanita at one point seriously contemplated suicide. Why would anyone listen to a woman like that — she has the same problems they do! And Jeremiah Wright, Jr., carries on, saying crazy things, making a fool out of himself. But when you read in the Bible, when Christ preached, he didn’t run or dance, whoop and holler. He spoke with the people. PRAY Jesse urges people to do the Be Still and Know prayer, also known as the Silent Prayer. We also offer counseling, and you can get into contact with us at our office at BOND — the website is the same thing as SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) COUNSELING at BOND or call 323-782-1980 BOOKS DONATE SEE THIS POST ON BOND WEBSITE:

Are You Willing to Bear Your Own Cross? (Church, Nov 5, 2017)
Feb 26 2019 76 mins  
Church, Nov 5, 2017: Jesse talked about his speaking engagement at The Remembrance Project in Washington, D.C., where Steve Bannon was keynote speaker. Jesse told about how the illegal aliens are hurting the black community first, but they don't know it because they're angry and brainwashed to believe whites are "racist" (which isn't even a real thing) against them and against brown Hispanic people. Then Jesse asks the questions: Are you willing to bear your own cross? What does it mean to bear your own cross? Jesse brings up the way parents mess up their children, and how we are now ourselves — we are whoever we are traumatized by, usually our mothers, but sometimes our fathers. Jesse brought up Tyrese Gibson who made a scene on social media crying, "Don't take my baby!" One thing: We don't have friends. And another: You deserve everything you get in life. Jesse told one young man not to use "Christian" talk or Bible talk when he does not know it for himself. Satan imitates what's right, the light, and fools you into thinking you have the truth when you don't. Esteban from The Hake Report with Joel and Esteban talked about how he was into the spirit of New Age and Magick, and he thought he was better than others. It's an ego boost, but it's not real. Similarly, Christians repeat things they hear from people they look up to, or things in the Bible, thinking they are right, when they are not. READ: Are You Willing to Bear Your Own Cross? (Church, Nov 5, 2017)

If a Man Cheats, Should He Tell His Wife? (Church, Nov 12, 2017)
Feb 14 2019 67 mins  
Church, Nov 12, 2017: Joel talked about returning to his father and no longer judging him which previously prevented him seeing him as he really is. Most people resent their mothers. The sin is the anger, the judgment. VIDEO: You should not hate. But if you must hate one person, it's best to hate your mother, as opposed to your father. Because you must love your father in order to return to God, and then you can love all people. You should love and honor both parents. Until God causes you to forgive, you cannot see. Then, Jesse asked, do you prefer profit or wages? One man Jesse came across online said that your life will not change until you change it. The government will not change your life. Jesse urges one man to forgive his mother so that he can be a man with his girlfriend or wife. Be honest but realize she can't help herself. Jesse also urges to move away from mothers and mothers-in-law, because they interfere with the marriage. (One Armenian man said he allowed his mother-in-law to live with them, because he thought it was the right thing to do; he says that the Bible says the man should leave, but not necessarily the wife. But he resented the situation, even though she didn't fight with him.) You should never cheat. If you feel like you have to cheat, you should end the relationship, to show you respect the woman, and it makes her trust men. But if you do cheat, you should not tell the woman. She will never forgive or trust you again. Many people disagree, and we discuss it. Jesse also mentioned The Hake Report with Joel and Esteban (Sundays 9am PT

Sex, Marriage, and Mothers (Church, Feb 10, 2019)
Feb 10 2019 95 mins  
VIDEO: BOND’s 29th anniversary! Leftist organization lies about Jesse. Free stuff kills your nature. Mothers play victim and turn kids from fathers. Kids don’t accept stepparents. Sex is not love — wait until marriage. Drop anger. February marks the 29th anniversary of BOND! Jesse tells about a lying organization called Right Wing Watch that falsely stated that Jesse said something that he did not say! They said he told a caller on his radio show that a supposed “rapist” father should raise the child who was born from the alleged “rape.” Free stuff kills your nature Jesse reiterated that perfect love casts out fear. A man watching online gave a “Super Chat” donation and said he’s 34, living with his parents, and feels lost over a girlfriend. Move out at 18! Free stuff kills the nature of human beings, both children and adults. Anger at your father is really your mother’s anger A lady felt mad at her alcoholic father, but Jesse explains it was her mother who set her up to resent him, making herself appear like the victim. But women know weak men, beta males, even when they marry them. And angry people do not have love, so if you have anger, you do not love your father or mother. Her mother set her up to identify with her. Do the Silent Prayer (audio also available) and get to know yourself. This lady also asked about her disagreements with Jesse: Is it good to call people names such as “beta”? It’s good without anger. Sex is not love! One thing she agrees with Jesse about: Sex is not love. It should be a quick, “Bam, bam, thank you, ma’am.” It’s for making babies. Kids don’t accept stepparents Another woman disagreed with Jesse when he says: Kids don’t want stepparents. She thinks a couple of young men in their 20s who had stepparents turned out well. But only the real parents can connect with the child in the way they should. Human beings know each other spirit-to-spirit. Forgive. One lady is dating her boyfriend who’s also in attendance. You should not have sex before marriage. The young man disagrees. We read from a Bible passage in Ephesians 4. Let the anger go and forgive, because anger is a spirit. You cannot take the anger away by yourself. Live from Los Angeles, CA, Church Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO

Stop Sinning (Church, Jan 6, 2019, New Year in Los Angeles)
Jan 07 2019 126 mins  
First Jesse talked with a young woman about her problems with her mother. Her mother would worry that she died in some accident she saw on the news. This young lady's been coming to church but only recently started doing the Silent Prayer. Shameful! Jesse's going to deal with her at the upcoming Women's Forum, third Thursday of the month at BOND in Los Angeles. VIDEO: (Toward the end of the conversation we had to restart the stream due to technical issues, so part of the service is cut off around 17 minutes into Church.) Jesse makes the point that everything that happens to you in your life is your fault — specifically as an adult. Whether getting into an arranged marriage, getting cheated on (if you've been having sex with someone outside marriage), or lending money to blacks or whites and not getting paid back! Don't borrow money. Children of God should be self-sufficient, saving money, and wise. There was a Muslim Democrat woman who said about the president, something like: We're going to impeach the "M—F—er"! She shouldn't be in office with that kind of evil attitude! Jesse asked his biblical question: What's wrong with too much knowledge? Men should be logical, and not intellectual. Look at the intellectuals running the country into the ground! — they're destroying society! A woman talked about her "toxic relationship" with a man, who now lives in New York. Jesse urges her to go and forgive him. A man talked about his relationship with a woman — he would go to her and have sex with her. You should not do that! You should also not tell a woman your weaknesses as a man, or cry on her shoulder! A woman from Norway watching online gave a Super Chat and said she has no anger, but doesn't believe in God — if He exists he must be very cruel, she believes. She lost family members in tragic ways throughout her life. Jesse answered another online question about Jesse's statement that women do not have love to give. Men should not look for love in women. One young man says he does not believe in marriage — everyone he hears from says it's awful. But he does have sex out-of-wedlock sometimes. Millennials have talent, but no morals! This young man's girlfriend feels she has morals, but does sometimes have sex with her boyfriend. Jesse urges them to stop until or unless they marry. She's in her 20s, and wants to wait until her 30s to marry. She thinks she looks young so she feel she'll still be desirable later in life. Another young man says he's a "Zoomer" (Generation Z), from the group younger than Generation Y. He seems to support MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way — and not getting married unless you have a prenuptial agreement and confirm the woman has not had many sexual partners prior. Some of the other ladies and young men in Church respond to all of this talk. They agree with Jesse that one should not have sex before marriage. Some of them have made that error and now see they were wrong. Our theme this year is: No sin. Stop sinning. Many people admit that they do still sin. 1 John 3 says that the Devil has been sinning from the beginning, but no one who is born of God sins. He cannot sin. The way you stop sinning is you stop judging. One man says he's addicted. But you're not addicted. Be aware when you're in the midst of your habits, but do not get into them. And forgive your parents. Do the Silent Prayer. Also save 10-percent of your earnings so that you can invest when the time comes. Finally, please donate to BOND. SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

Be Happy to See Evil Revealed (Church Sep 23)
Sep 23 2018 76 mins  
At Church, we dealt with the attack on good men like Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Be glad to see evil revealed! Another point: Love and hate are both responses to evil — both wrong. Do the Silent Prayer. EVIL ATTACK ON MEN At the very beginning of Church, a man yelled and cursed at Jesse. (In a previous service, he said that he struggled with demons.) He shouted that Jesse "insulted" this man's Hispanic mother (which was not true). BOND security escorted him out while he continued his nasty slander. He called Jesse a "N-word" boy as we shut the door. We then discussed the attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court. A liberal woman accused him of "attempted rape" without evidence. One lady noted that society puts women above men, just like the man who lashed out at Jesse earlier, on behalf of his mother. BE GLAD WHEN YOU SEE EVIL REVEALED Jesse urged everyone: Be happy to see evil reveal itself. It lets you know that God is looking out for us. Evil came to the forefront because of weak men. Society teaches that sex before marriage is fine. They pass laws to put men in jail. They set everything up to prevent men from fulfilling their natural role in life. Thank God for President Trump, "The Great White Hope!" — a straight, white, conservative, Christian man of power. This woman accusing Judge Kavanaugh should be locked up for lying! Don't give any play to these accusations — she's lying. Evil wants authority over us. So every man is a rapist. NFL team owner Mark Cuban cried on TV that he allowed sexual misconduct by men in his organization. We should put him in jail for being weak! Google and Facebook are part of the effort to control us. Younger generations falsely learn to go with sex and pot-smoking. They think nothing of it! One man admitted that he used to smoke pot daily. But after hearing Jesse, he lost the appetite for it. Joy Behar also attacked men. Senator Mazie Hirono (a Democrat from Hawaii) told men to "shut up"! Under their rules, a falsely accused man cannot even say that the woman accusing him is lying! This is a spiritual battle. It was previously hidden, but is now out in the open. LOVE AND HATE ARE BOTH RESPONSES TO EVIL Jesse said that love and hate are both responses to evil, and are both wrong. Jesse told the story of a couple who married 60 years. The man grew angry when he realized that his wife used him. With anger, he suddenly "needed" her more. So he began reaching out to her for "love" — sex — to feel better. They went through hell over 60 years. The lesson: "Love" in the fallen state is really hate. In talking with Jesse, the woman admitted, "I have become a bitch," and said that he became a tyrant or something. Love is not a feeling! But men and women mess up their children's lives! (A man noted the world's phony love for immigrants and refugees.) Jesse continued: When you fight with someone, and realize you're wrong — admit that you're wrong! Satan wants your soul. Apologize, saying, "You know what: I'm sorry. I was wrong." SILENT PRAYER One woman said that when she does the Silent Prayer, she thinks of things she needs to do. Satan involves himself in everything we do. He feeds us silly thoughts, trying to draw us away from consciousness. The Devil tries to take us away from God. Jesse then answered more questions: How do you cast out demons? Does Satan pursue some souls more than others? How do you recognize God's voice? A young woman said she saw things more clearly after forgiving her father. God's voice is a realization, a knowing. When you see the sun shining, you don't need to think about it; you know it! SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)

"Nobody Loves Nobody" (Church Sep 16)
Sep 16 2018 83 mins  
At Church, Jesse made the point that "nobody loves nobody," whether parents with children, preachers or politicians with the people, or in relationships! We also talked about hypocrisy, the Kingdom of Heaven within, forgiveness, and the Silent Prayer. READ MORE: VIDEO: He told of a boy killed in Chicago a couple of years ago. The boy refused to join a gang, so they set him on fire alive in a trash can. The murder remains unsolved, with no word from black leaders. But a man dragged to death by the KKK — the same leaders got riled, because it was white-on-black. They don't actually care about the people. A woman talked about devotion between a man and woman in relationships. That's not love! If a man tells a woman she's the "only one" — he only means, "You're the only one for now." One young woman thought that since she loved her husband, she felt entitled to change him. (This couple joined us last week, so Jesse asked if her husband was "still beta?") After talking in church last week, she actually forgave her father and urged him to do the Silent Prayer – VIDEO | AUDIO and now she's waking up! Jesse said, "I don't think anyone hates their fathers." Even if they think they do, it's with their mother's hate. Jesse asked her husband, "Are you still beta?" He tries the silent prayer, but Jesse cautioned him that you don't empty your thoughts; simply be aware of them. He will see his parents in a couple of weeks, and wants to forgive them in-person. A man commented about Jesse saying that most men hate their mothers. He admitted that he resents his father — for doing nothing! Without knowing why, he also resents his wife at times. Jesse joked with him, "Beta!" That comes from the identity of your mother. Women want weak men — they marry beta males whom they can control. Yet they want the man to be strong and overcome that weak nature. Men and women come together in the fallen state so that they can have children and a family. Then they begin to overcome their weaknesses. Love has no feeling or attachment to earth. It allows others to be free. With love, God guides you, because human beings don't have love. Jesse mentions how his son grows angry at him. Anyone trying to control you does not love you. A woman asked about judgment and people watching. How do you look at people without forming an opinion about them? Some men and women gave their feedback. Jesse told the story of a crazy woman at the post office who hates Jesse for his YouTube videos. He then explained: Know that every thought about others is not from you! Satan is feeding you ideas about the person. Every thought you get is a lie. You are not your thoughts. A young girl came on stage to repeat her story from last week. The night after a drum tryout, she had a dream telling her that she failed at a drum tryout, but she refused to listen. The next day, she turned out right! This story stuck with Jesse, because just this week, Jesse too experienced a dream telling him something negative about some deals. Do the silent prayer at night as well as in the morning. Finally, we read from Matthew 23: 13, in which Jesus said, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in." Christ called the Pharisees and scribes hypocrites because they prevented people from entering the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Can You Return to God on Your Own? (Church, Sep 9)
Sep 09 2018 85 mins  
At Church, a military man realized he was a “beta male.” We asked: Can you return to God on your own? People talked about fear of dealing with their mothers. VIDEO: SILENT PRAYER First, people shared some of their issues and stories about emotional attachment, grudges, and doubting every thought. Some still feel anger after forgiving their parents, and Satan messes with their minds because of it. One man who recently served active duty in the military realized he’s beta, not alpha! His wife said she dominated their marriage — she resented her detached father. Jesse urged her to Skype with her father overseas to forgive him. Anger makes a man a woman, needy and emotional. Jesse asked the question: Can you return to God on your own? Many have gone to the front of the church to “accept Jesus,” some even being baptized — but nothing changes! God draws you in — you cannot do it yourself. Jesse mentioned several stories: - Laura Ingraham’s town hall in Chicago — a young man was burned alive by a gang. - A 16-year-old forgave his mother and dealt well with his brother’s suicide. - A 10-year-old boy lashed out at his mother, angry for keeping him from his father. - Black mother Serena Williams yelled at a tennis official that he treated her differently because she’s a woman. - An insecure man who became a lawyer because his mother wanted him to; he failed at it! We also talked with some Hispanic men who are afraid of dealing with their mothers and forgiving them.

Christians in the Lions’ Den: Slaves to Children of the Lie (Aug 19)
Aug 23 2018 103 mins  
At Church, Jesse talked about the story of Daniel in the lions' den. He said that Christians today are in the lions' den, but that it's our fault! Many have given up the idea of moral character. VIDEO: Jesse told the story of a family member to whom he loaned money, but who did not pay it back. Jesse asked him how it feels knowing he's not reliable, and instead of apologizing, this relative went off on Jesse, and told him never to contact him again. When you're wrong, just apologize and admit you're wrong. Jesse does this himself. Jesse also touched on how Omarosa turned on Donald Trump, the man who hired (and fired) her on The Apprentice, and in the White House. In life, you should not turn on a person who helped you along the way, just because the relationship may end. One young man in Church turned on his family on his father's side, when he was in college as a liberal, New Age guy, like his mother's side of the family. He went back and apologized. Jesse touched again on the reality that there is no such thing as a "deadbeat dad." Fathers love their children, 99.9999% of fathers want to be with their children, but they cannot handle the mothers, because they're beta males. Many mothers are not honest, and won't admit that they were trouble for the father. Christians have given in to the children of the lie — one black man on Tucker Carlson said that we have allowed the left to rule the culture. It's so bad that Christian parents are allowing their adult children to stay in their homes and have sex with their boyfriends or girlfriends, while not married! Men can be accused by women, and they can go to jail or lose their job. Other men join in this attack on men. Jesse tells the story of Adam and Eve, in a humorous way. A few guys shared about forgiving their fathers and mothers. One man said that he spent a lot of money on therapy, and they just wanted to give him excuses and pills to cover up his anger. But one counseling session with Jesse opened his eyes. He went to his father twice, as the first time his father wasn't listening. He went to his mother as well. He has a young son and a 16-year-old daughter, and they've both changed as well, seemingly without him doing anything — it's because now he has love coming out of him, and not anger. A mother and her 15-year-old daughter joined us and talked about anger, love, and forgiveness. Mothers do not want to traumatize their children — they want to love them in the right way, but do not know how. They try to instill discipline and good character, but do it with anger, which is horrible for the children. She says she's close with her father, but not with her mother. She's had two therapists, who provide her someone to talk to, but not much else. Jesse jokes that he should raise his rates, as people only generally need one or two counseling appointments with him, and then they're on their way if they take the advice and forgive! Jesse urged one young lady to ask her father why she's not close with him — to tell him that she wants to be close, but they're not. A child would naturally be close with both father and mother, but anger separates them from their parents and their natural identity. SILENT PRAYER Church Sunday 11am PT

No Such Thing as a "Deadbeat Dad" (Church, Aug 12)
Aug 18 2018 100 mins  
At Church, Jesse explained that there are no such thing as "deadbeat dads." We also discussed silent prayer, anger, forgiving mothers, returning to fathers, the Kingdom of Heaven and Teacher within. VIDEO: Ernesto asked about Jesse saying that you should marry within your race. In your fallen state, a man may unconsciously try to get away from his mother or father, going to China to marry a woman, and still end up in hell, married to "mama" — attracted to the spirit that he hates. But people call you racist for speaking against what's abnormal. He's Hispanic, and dated a Korean. He was angry at his father, but he forgave him and moved out. (Jesse introduces Hector.) Bill asked his 16-year-old daughter to watch Church; she called Jesse "sexist." Not all, not all, not all, but most! Kids don't normally hate their fathers, but only by identifying with the mother. Let people suffer! God does. Don't force it. Bill also asks about the verse "by his stripes, we are healed." Jesse explains God restores everything through Christ, but we must love our earthly fathers who represents Christ, who represents God. The attack is on the fathers. People are driven by anger. If men wake up, we get authority back. Men and women must return to their earthly fathers. Lastly, Bill talks about his stepmother; she had young children when she married his widowed father. He also resented his father. (Don't marry stepparents, folks! Kids resent that.) He should go and forgive. He called her a "blessing," yet he resented her. Often people will lie and say, "My mother was a wonderful woman." If they don't have love, they can't be wonderful. (Hector explains how he met Jesse at the gym, and asked him for a job.) Jesse has a challenge question.... But first.... James asks Jean's question from the Live Chat on YouTube: She doesn't feel anything different with Silent Prayer. Overcome emotions which are from hell, not from God. Relax, have no opinion about it, and don't let Satan deceive you. Jesse tells a story of a man who woke up, and can no longer be emotional with his wife, despite her wishes. Next time she asks, go outside and see if there's a blue moon; if there is, then you can. He cracked up. Men should help women overcome the hell in them. Don't love the hell in them; love the hell out of them. If the man gets emotional with his wife, everybody suffers. Overcome the fallen state. Then James asks from online: Can you forgive and still feel angry (No.), but just know that all emotions are not real? (Yes.) Jesse's challenge question: There's no such thing as a deadbeat dad. Disagree? One lady says yes: A man not doing his responsibilities because of selfishness, not paying child support. Did he say, "I'm a deadbeat dad?" (Is her husband beta or alpha? Sorry his father married a stepmother after his mama died.) Joel agrees with the definition of "deadbeat dad." We talk more on this, as well as about anger, mothers, forgiveness, the Teacher within, and the Kingdom of Heaven within. SILENT PRAYER Church Sunday 11am PT Donate (also PayPal) or call BOND, 323-782-1980 Patreon Chat on DISCORD

Apologize for Hating Your Mother (Church, July 29)
Jul 29 2018 84 mins  
VIDEO: At Church July 29, Jesse talked with several guys and ladies, including a mother, son and daughter, about the need to forgive their mothers, and how to do it. One man asked about sleep paralysis — he said he felt demons holding him down and covering his mouth to try to prevent him from speaking the name of Jesus to make them leave him. Others including Jesse have experienced this before, including one man who used to laugh at the demon stuff, and didn't believe in it. The first man admitted he's 48, living with his mother, and had severe anger toward his ex and his son. He used to hit his ex-girlfriend, but she got with a violent gang member boyfriend who was worse to her. Once she left him, she took their son too. So his son was alienated from him. Jesse urges him to get a job and move out right away, and work on his own life. A woman who came to church before said she went and forgave her uncle (whom she admitted she judged at a previous Church service). It went so much better than she anticipated. She tried the same with her son, but he didn't receive it like she wished. Jesse urged her to let her son alone now. Another guy at Church agreed — he did not want to reconcile with his mother during the time he hated her. One young man, age 22, says he'd feel embarrassed to go apologize to his mother for hating her. Jesse points out that given his shyness, women and men may take advantage of him — that he should overcome it by forgiving his mother. His older half brother, who brought him to church, agrees with Jesse, saying he never saw his stepmother talk with her children. Jesse talked with a couple of women who needed to forgive their mother. A woman talked about her mother. Her son, age 15, said that he really resented his mother. His dad, really his stepfather, is a Jehovah's Witness. He's black, and dealing with his mother and with black bullies, he began to resent the black culture. Jesse told the mother no longer to call this young man "baby," the way black women do (and white women started to pick it up as well). This young man's 13-year-old sister told about her grandmother who acts evil toward her, making her hate herself. Jesse told her to tell her grandmother that she's evil. She doubts she'll do it, but she'll try. She said she didn't feel better even after discussing the situation. Unfortunately, the grandmother's son, the stepfather, won't come near BOND or anything called Church. A 37-year-old man who doesn't agree with everything Jesse says came with his father who visited from Kansas. He loved when Jesse told the black mother not to call her son baby, as his mother does that to him as a grown man! Jesse urged him to threaten no longer to talk to his mother if she continues to disrespect him in that way. He shudders at the thought of not talking with his mother, saying she's stubborn. But it'll stop if he tries it! Toward the end of Church (this may not have made it to video), Jesse tells of pro-life women who attacked a Christian school last year for disallowing a girl from walking because she became pregnant out-of-wedlock. The pro-life women rewarded her for having the baby out-of-wedlock, as they only care about not having abortion. But that's not logical! We need men to lead and to lead with logic, not emotion, softness and weakness. SILENT PRAYER Church Sunday 11am PT

All Races, Same Issue: ANGER (Church, July 22)
Jul 23 2018 93 mins  
VIDEO: At Church, we touched on the crazy way evil people act today toward the people on the side of good, then addressed family issues, forgiveness, knowing yourself, and salvation. Jesse talked with several people about forgiving their mothers (and fathers), including an 18-year-old Hispanic man who forgave his mother and father, and plans to move out on his own soon. He may join the BOND Entrepreneur Academy. His father became defensive, while his mother became a little nicer, but falls back into her old ways. He told his father he's acting like a woman. Jesse warned him not to let his mother manipulate him with niceness and false love. Jesse also talked with three Asian men — two brothers, one 27 and another in his early 30s, and the third man about 38. They all lived with their parents. Jesse urged them strongly to move out of mama's. They agreed it was right, and well past time to do so. The brothers may move in together. The great thing about truth is it applies to all races. Racism does not exist — it's either right or wrong, good or evil. Jesse also made the point that Asian women can be controlling as well — some outright, and others less so. All cultures experience this, so those white men who go to China or look to other races to find a decent woman will find the same angry spirit they tried to escape by hating their mothers and their own race. It's White History Month, so we're respecting the fact that whites built the country and made it great, and that whites today are under serious and unfair attack. Whites today, most have become very weak, and need to wake up. Jesse talked about telling the truth, and also about living a quiet life — he is happy alone. That time alone allows him to get to know himself. It's so important to get to know yourself — it's the beginning of salvation. It's how you forgive a mother who has died, or someone who abused you whom you cannot reach. You realize that you cannot help yourself. You no longer resent, and then you overcome the issues of life. We addressed several questions from the Live Chat taking place via YouTube. Do not be angry at the issues and weaknesses you face. Just observe yourself without judging. You are not God, and of yourself you can do nothing. They will fall away as you seek first the Kingdom of God, and His right way. Jesse always strongly urges people do the Silent Prayer, found on the Church page as well as on video. (See links below.) SILENT PRAYER Church Sunday 11am PT Donate (also PayPal) or call BOND, 323-782-1980

Confront Your Fear (Mother/Parents) and Gain Courage (Church July 8)
Jul 09 2018 77 mins  
VIDEO: At Church July 8, Jesse talks about White History Month and the attack on whites. He mentions the Congo woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest immigration enforcement. People must tell the truth, but not resent the children of the lie. Don't argue with people — some people who are into the Bible do not know how to communicate from the truth God wrote on our hearts. Men should date and learn to confront women — because women hate weak men. We talk about maternity leave, paternity leave, and the bad idea that is paid family leave. Companies should not be forced to pay for it. Men should cover the family as women take time to have and take care of their baby. A Romanian woman disagrees, as her country takes care of families. A man talks about getting over his ex-girlfriend who went around with other guys as he was in a process of breaking up with her over the course of two years. Jesse urges him to forgive his mother and religious father, to face them and become a man again. Fathers often unknowingly allow their wives to turn the children away from them. A father should communicate with his children when he comes home from work, so that the kids know they can be honest with him. (A smart, brave man with a YouTube channel called Fleccas Talks joined Church today!) We discussed what judgment is. When you don't have emotions involved, you overcome anger, then you can have righteous judgment which is discernment without anger or personal feeling. A young lady finally faced and forgave her mother! She previously didn't want to deal with that drama! Jesse urges her to do the silent prayer and speak up, to stay free. Evil works through others to destroy men who represent Christ on earth. Drop anger, forgive, and come back to yourself. Otherwise Satan is still your father.

Are You Outta Your Cotton-Pickin' Mind? (Church, Jul 1)
Jul 02 2018 88 mins  
VIDEO: Jesse starts off service talking about the controversy of a man who said on a debate on TV, "Are you out of your cotton-pickin' mind?" This was a white man, who apparently inadvertently said it to a black man who was saying crazy things and not making sense. The white man used the expression, but did not know the man he was debating was blacks. Somehow they took it as a racially-tinged remark, called it offensive, and suspended the white man! So Jesse got opinions from people in the congregation whether he should have said it or not. It's a shame that people have decided to protect "groups" like blacks, homosexuals, and radical feminist women from "words." (Jesse mentions his producer James's show The Hake Report, and its theme song in the midst of this conversation.) We also talked with a grandmother who has attended BOND services for years. She admitted she still gets angry at times with her grandchildren whom she takes care of — Jesse asks her if she ever curses at the kids. It seems tough for her to be direct about it, but she eventually admits that she has cursed at them. Her granddaughter also joined us today, and said that her grandmother called her a "b—" sometimes, or that she's "acting like a b—." But the girl's attitude changed and she defended her grandmother's anger, claiming that everybody has anger, and accusing Jesse of having anger. The girl then alleged that people "follow" Jesse, while she follows God — but her "own way." Jesse pointed out that no one with anger follows God — anger is evil, and he's known this girl since she was small, and she never liked dealing with the anger from adults when she was growing up. Now she's embraced what she hated and become like them. Jesse said that this is why she has a boyfriend and cusses at 15 — the children become like the mothers and grandmothers. A teenage man spoke up in defense of anger but became too upset to speak as well. We talked with more people about sin, and the reality that you should no longer sin if you truly are born again of God. A number of new people joined us for the first time. One young couple talked about their marriage. A brother-in-law of the woman said his children love watching Jesse's YouTube videos. Another young man is interested in the Entrepreneur Academy. A fourth man had gotten counseling from Jesse, and he followed Jesse's advice to go and forgive his mother. One man joined us along with his friends, a father and son who had visited us a couple of weeks ago from San Diego. He pointed out that Jesse's saying truth from Scriptures just while speaking naturally, without citing chapter and verse — he liked this. Jesse urged him not to get too hung up on the Bible, as many get intellectually involved in their minds, and Satan speaks to them, interpreting what they read for them. Rather, read it, but also put it down. Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you what it means. Make sure to do the silent prayer, and also donate to help us help others: SILENT PRAYER Church Sunday 11am PT Donate (also PayPal) or call 323-782-1980 Patreon

"Anger" Toward Fathers Is Really from Mothers (Church, Jun 24)
Jun 24 2018 77 mins  
VIDEO: At Church we dealt with a number of people both in-person and online asking about forgiving their mothers, dealing with fathers, and practicing the Silent Prayer. A few new people showed up, some expressing appreciation for Jesse’s message, and his telling the truth, helping them in their lives. One man said that he’s an Italian American, but that the negative culture of Italians — the mafia and other things — do not represent him. He said that he needed to forgive his father who hurt his mother and had people calling the house. In reality, though, these were his mother’s complaints, not his own. Women are very insecure due to the falling away from God with Eve. So they make the world revolve around them — when they’re angry at the father, they get the kids angry as well, so that the kids believe they’re angry at the father as well. But in reality, the anger is from the mother, and what she did — not the father. Another man thought Jesse was a “chump” for trying to rebuild the family — he grew up nearby BOND’s office in Los Angeles. But he came across Jesse on YouTube, and realized he’s telling the truth, saying things he’d known within himself about forgiving his mother. He’s living with his father currently. He has a girlfriend and admitted he’s having sex with her. Jesse urged him to stop. He agreed, that it’s a sin he’s committing in having sex before marriage, and that he wished he could go back and not do it. But Jesse told him not to wish that. He could not help himself, and when he realized he was wrong, God forgave him, and it’s done. The past does not exist. Just don’t do it anymore. A third young man is 26, just graduated with a degree in chemistry, but is living with his parents. Jesse urged him to move out as soon as he could. We have an independent nature within us that should be developed by the parents as they prepare the children to move out at 18 and be adult men and women. An Armenian mother joined us along with her son who attends church regularly. She spoke about the weakness of men, and the “strength” of women — she said that it’s about being a strong person. She did not think her parents did anything wrong requiring forgiveness. But she divorced and so her son expressed anger toward her for some time. She disagreed that men and women should move out as adults, as the Armenian culture allows them to stay home until marriage. But many Armenian men are weak. Overcome the world, including culture, and go with God’s way. Do the Silent Prayer — — also findable via BOND Church page:

Weak Fathers (Church, Father's Day, Jun 17)
Jun 18 2018 88 mins  
VIDEO: Father's Day, Jun 17, at Church, Jesse talks about and with weak fathers, their wives (or ex-wives) and their children, and the need to forgive mothers so that you can deal with men and women and with life in the right way. He talks about BOND's 9th annual Men's Conference the night before. He talks with a young Christian lady who asks why she needs to go face her mother to forgive her — Jesse says she's telling herself that she forgave her in her heart, but that's the cowardly way out. God said to go and forgive the person who wronged you, and be honest. If they don't listen, bring a friend. If they still don't listen, leave them alone and "let the dust hit your feet," meaning don't have anything to do with them. But she doesn't want to deal with all that drama. She mentions that she has not seen real men in her age category — that the guys she thought were good, who approached her, have all ended up "rejects." Jesse points out that people are afraid of their mothers — and so they have not forgiven them. They hate them. Parents love their children, but with a false emotional love that has fear — if they had perfect love then you would not need to forgive them. So children get fear and anger from their parents, and especially their mothers. A man and his wife joined us for the first time — the man said sometimes got on his wife's nerves, and they both talked about their relationship. One man brought his father — he said his father was weak with his mother and afraid of her. Men are afraid of their wives! It's similar to how people are afraid of their mothers. They can't deal with them. The father talked about wanting to change wives, but Jesse said, no! A young man lost his ex-wife and their son to a fatal accident on the freeway. He brought other guys to the Men's Conference last night, including a father. Jesse urges people to do the Silent Prayer and stay with it. AUDIO: VIDEO: Church is live Sunday 11am PT

Interracial Marriage: What's the Problem? (Church, June 10)
Jun 11 2018 73 mins  
VIDEO: Over the past week, we discussed the Biblical Question of the Week: Do you believe in interracial dating and marriage? Many people don't have a problem with it, although they understand it complicates life especially for the children. Some do see something wrong with it but have trouble admitting or expressing it, and others say it should not be done. A number of people are shocked that it's even a question. The culture has brainwashed many to believe that it's "racist" to oppose interracial marriage. At one time in America, people had a problem with interracial dating and marriage. It was a disappointment to parents — taken as a rejection of one's own father and mother. Often the young people doing it were rebelling and angry. Jesse explains that he is not for interracial dating and marriage. It's a sign of human beings being in the fallen state — a son or daughter would naturally want to be with someone who is like his or her parents, and not deviate from that. But today more than in the past, fathers and mothers are not raising their children in the right way, and young people are growing up angry and alienated. Some trauma happened along the way to cause a person to be attracted outside what they'd naturally want to be with. Now, we don't judge people who do it — Jesse has even married interracial couples as a pastor. But it's not the normal state of being. You should not take Jesse's word for anything, but see and know for yourself. Some people in church and watching online had difficulty and disagreed with Jesse. Continue in the way you are going, but pray, and observe yourself. There is a cause and effect to everything — but most people don't question why they do what they do. One man admitted that he resented his mother growing up, but couldn't imagine that that was why he married a black woman as a Mexican man. Another young man, Joel, and KT watching online, felt that the color should not matter — and it's not about the color. It's about the spirit. Unfortunately, people rely on the intellect rather than knowing themselves, and blindly justify their actions with nice-sounding words. One person watching online asked about dealing with thoughts — he felt like Satan is trying to feed him thoughts that keep arising. Jesse gave advice about observing and not judging. The Bible says we should take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Lastly, Jesse asked his new biblical question for this week: Do you see yourself as joint heirs with the Son? Christ is our brother. Many people don't see Christ as our brother, nor do they see themselves as joint heirs with him. They see Christ as God, and they don't truly believe what the Bible says.

Honor Your Mother by Forgiving Her (Mother's Day Church, May 13)
May 13 2018 72 mins  
VIDEO: Happy Mother's Day! Find out how to love and forgive your mother as you should, even if she's dead now. Jesse tells a couple of stories in the news: A black woman from North Carolina was pulled over in Virginia, allegedly for speeding 70mph on a 55mph speed limit road. She gave the cop some attitude, but turned around and called the cop racist and said she was traumatized. The white officer's body cam shows a completely different story. In another story, an Instagram model was taking a selfie video when her reportedly 7-year-old son came downstairs thirsty for a drink, and she cursed at him, saying the F-word and calling him the B-word. We then read from the Bible in Exodus and quotes from Jesus in the New Testament about honoring your father and mother. You honor your mother by forgiving her. Then it becomes an adult relationship, rather than perpetual mother-and-child relationship. Grown men become like children with their mothers, and feel silly but don't know how to overcome it. Most people still have anger, and hate their mothers, but some don't know it. Jesse said that all men hate their mothers, and so hate women, so they can't live with them, and can't live without them. You should go and forgive your mother. Face her. Don't call, don't write. It's tougher than walking through the Sahara Desert with no water. But you must apologize for hating — she was wrong for what she did to you, but you are wrong for holding it against her. People in the meeting generally admitted they still had anger. One man had trouble admitting it, but eventually did so. Jesse asked him if he knows himself, and if he does the Silent Prayer. He said that he does it sometimes. Again, he had trouble admitting he didn't do it. If you don't pray without ceasing — every morning and night — you're not praying. SILENT PRAYER People watching online asked questions — a man named Alex asked about the fact he went to tell his mother he forgave her, but still had anger. You may need also to forgive yourself. Many people hate themselves. A couple of newcomers joined us. One man said he went back and forth a long time with his mother, not wanting to offend her, but eventually drawing a boundary line with her. Another man said he does still have anger. Jesse joked with him, calling him, "Beta!" But it's true that men with anger are not real men. Another man watching online asked about a bad habit that many men and some women develop and struggle with. Any wrong thing you do — do the Silent Prayer instead. What you must overcome is not merely drugs, drinking, lying, or sex — but it is anger, judgment, playing god. Once you overcome that sin, the other bad habits and destructive behaviors fall away. We heard more stories from people in the congregation — one 11-year-old boy joined us with his grandmother. He said he wanted to see his mother, but his grandmother refused to allow it, as she lived with a boyfriend and they did drugs. Jesse said that kids want their parents, their mothers and fathers, and don't care about the circumstances. It's unfortunate that so many parents are into drugs and other things, and so their children cannot see them. One woman is searching for her father on behalf of her eldest brother who's angry at their mother, has dealt with being called the "N-word," and other things. He has his own family now. The lady said she was glad to be raised in foster care, and she never was angry at her mother, because she understood that it was not her fault. Jesse strongly urged that they find their father. Although she's searched for some years, she thinks she will eventually be able to go meet him. Jesse said that people act out and are angry because they resent their mothers and yearn for their fathers.

What Do You Want in Life? (Church, May 6)
May 06 2018 72 mins  
Jesse addressed the destruction of the Boy Scouts, the attack on masculinity. Then he asked: What do you want in life? He talked about gossip and silent prayer as well. For the first few minutes, we discussed that the 100-year-old organization Boy Scouts now allows girls. Why don't men stand up and speak out? Jesse also shared the example of the filthy "comedian" at the White House Correspondents' Dinner — nobody stopped her vulgar performance! We then heard from a young lady who joined us last week — Jesse thought about her statements that she didn't know what to do in life. So Jesse asked everyone, "What do you want in life?" A man joining us for the first time along with his daughter said that he wanted her to grow up to be a woman of good character. Some expressed that they aspire to please God and do good work. One man did not know what he wanted — he only wished not to suffer a poor quality of life in old age before he died. But many people do not know what they want — it is okay not to know! Do not fall into depression over it! Jesse also talked about gossip — do not gossip, and do not worry when others gossip about you. He told the story of a woman who began praying, and her life started to change. At one point she heard of horrible things other women said about her, talking behind her back. Jesse said that she "tripped out," upset at the betrayal. Jesse told her that evil people will do that to you — just pray for them. Love and pray for your enemies. Do not resent them or hold it against them. She felt much better after this. At a couple of points, Jesse laughed and joked with people about whether all Hispanics are Mexicans (they're not!), and whether you'd want to live in a house in which a person has died (not Jesse's preference! — but nothing necessarily wrong with it). Some watching online asked about the Silent Prayer which Jesse urges people do every day, morning and night (you can also find it on our Church page on the BOND website – One man asked if he was doing it right if his mind is blank in prayer, then racing when he goes to bed. Jesse urged people not to judge their experiences but go through what they have to go through. Please donate to help us help others. Thank you!

Is Your House Divided? (Church, Apr 29)
Apr 29 2018 68 mins  
VIDEO: At Church, Jesse asked his Biblical Question of the Week: Is your house in order, or divided? A newcomer asked about the Silent Prayer, and a man asked about anger. READ: People didn’t seem to know what Jesse meant in asking, “Is your house divided,” or “in order?” Most people answering — Christians familiar with the Bible — felt unclear about the question. People admitted that they want to do right, but don’t always do it. A young woman who found Jesse via YouTube joined us for the first time. She was not sure how to answer the question. At age 26, she lives with her mother, works part time, and would be homeless if she tried to move out. Like others, she asked about the Silent Prayer which Jesse urges people do, any biblical references to it — she felt concerned about falling for “eastern meditation,” which Jesse doesn’t know much of anything about. When she tried it, she felt spiritually attacked. Jesse urged her to continue doing her talking prayer but also do quiet prayer. God said, “Be still, and know that I am God.” The Bible says that we don’t know what to ask for, but the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf. Others in the service pointed out that Jesus went away to pray early in the morning. Dealing with anger A man who’s attended before said that his house is not in order — he still lives with a woman he’s not married to, which we dealt with last week. He also asks for advice dealing with a problematic business partner. Christ said to love our enemy. Treat them just as we would a friend, and do not hate them. Some commented how President Trump attacks back when attacked, but that he does not seem to take things personally. How do you love your enemy and still protect yourself and fight evil? People tried answering how to deal with others without anger. We have our Men’s Forum this Thursday, first Thursday of the month at 7 PM at BOND. Thanks for the support. Please donate to help us continue the work. Also make sure you pray. BOND t-shirts! Donate to BOND (also PayPal): Patreon: SILENT PRAYER: AUDIO Church Sunday 11am PT

Were We Created to Die? (Church, Apr 22)
Apr 23 2018 72 mins  
VIDEO: At Church, we talked about whether human beings were created to die, whether we have to die. We also talked with several people living with boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage. | At Church we talked about whether human beings were created to die. Most people believe that they will die someday, although some do not think much about it. We don’t see evidence of people living forever, so many doubt that you can. They live by sight, and not by faith. But Christ overcame death. Jesse says that the world brainwashes and corrupts us as children, instilling anger and wrong belief. Be careful what you believe in — your belief can kill or heal you. Scientists found no detectable limit to human life, and that the body renews itself every seven years. Jesse also talked with a number of people, both newcomers to Church in-person as well as people participating in the Live Chat watching on YouTube. It’s common for couples to live together and have sex before marriage. But this is wrong. The world accepts evil as good, but Christians must set the example. A man who sleeps with a woman before marriage will cheat on her later. Similarly, a woman would as well. Men and women must overcome emotions, commit to do right. Practice the Silent Prayer faithfully. So many people don’t truly care about seeking first the kingdom of God — they may say they do, but they’re lying. Jesse told the story of a 73-year-old woman who called his radio show this week — she realized she hated her mother and was wrong for it. She forgave her and overcame her fear and anger. She said that she never heard anyone else talk about the anger passed down to children by mothers, and the need to forgive one’s mother. Before wrapping up, Jesse mentioned his article coming on from World Net Daily, addressing the fact people wrongly cater to black people’s anger over Starbucks’ supposed discrimination controversy. He will share it on social media. BOND t-shirts! Donate to BOND (also PayPal): Patreon: PayPal (single or monthly donation):

Where Is the Trust? (Church, Apr 15)
Apr 16 2018 66 mins  
VIDEO: We dealt with a suicidal young man, fear of God, reaction to President Trump's bombing of Syria, the concepts of trust and freedom lacking today. Read below or here: A man watching online gave us a Super Chat donation on YouTube, and asked whether we should fear God. So Jesse asked people what they thought. We dealt with this in a prior service, but fearing God simply means reflecting on what God brought you through in life, and appreciating Him for it. Some say they fear God, but it’s an emotional feeling — not what Jesse means, and not a real godly fear. Then Jesse brought up one thing prominent in the news: President Trump bombed Syria after a reported chemical attack there. Many who usually support the president do not support this action by the U.S. — some feel betrayed, including good friends of Jesse’s. Some participated in anti-war rallies. But the people elected him because they trust him. Jesse’s point in bringing this up: People abandon trust of another person just because that person does one thing they oppose. Jesse was neither for nor against this action, but he trusts this president. Similarly, there are instances in your life in which you do not agree with another person’s actions. Yet you should still trust and work with them, and give them the freedom to do what they will. In churches, men grow divided due to an offense, and don’t wish to work it out! This is wrong — that’s not love! Another example — the Civil Rights Movement: We should not allow the idea and accusation of “racism” to take hold. If you are a black person of love, why would you impose on a white private business owner who does not wish to serve you? In the Jim Crow days, Jesse never felt angry about being separated from whites or disallowed from certain stores. He and his friends went to black businesses where they were allowed and still had fun. Today, homosexual couples impose on Christian businesses, forcing Christians to service them for so-called same-sex marriages. Jesse urged Christians to take the sinners’ money and donate it to organizations fighting against the radical homosexual cause. Getting back to the young man who attempted suicide a number of times, Jesse urged him to get to know himself, and get over anger. Stop listening to the voice of your father the devil — do not believe the thoughts of worthlessness. Practice the Silent Prayer findable on the BOND Church page. When anger leaves, your mind renews itself, and you see things clearly, as they are.

Do You Give "Spiritual Advice"? (Church, Apr 8)
Apr 08 2018 70 mins  
VIDEO: Jesse asks if you have anger, why do you give "spiritual advice"? Should men be "best friends" with women? Don't gossip at or about Church! Know yourself. READ MORE: Jesse started out asking how many people have anger. Some raised their hands, while others were unclear. He then asked how many give “spiritual advice.” If you have anger, you are spiritually blind. If you have not overcome, how do you know the information you share works? One person admitted that it was an egotistical thing. Sometimes people feel right giving advice when asked. One man watching online gave a donation and asked if he should date a woman a few months older than he is. Jesse said he could try it — but no sex! Normally Jesse advises men marry women 5-10 years younger — especially today as men are so weak. If it becomes like a mother-son relationship, run the other way! Something going on at Church that Jesse did not know about — people had begun emailing one another and going on Facebook, gossiping, giving and taking bad advice, and some have stopped attending Church as a result. Some felt that others at Church did not like them. If you do not have anger, you would not be concerned whether people like you or not. Jesse does not pay attention to or talk about what goes on between people outside Church — he minds his own business. With Men’s Forums and Women’s Forums, we respect privacy and don’t talk about what’s said afterward. So should Church be. So cut out the mess! Further, when people are speaking seriously, there is no good in laughing at their issues. Some do this too much. Jesse asked people: Should a man have a woman as his best friend? Some people were very unclear in answering this question. One woman said they should not, unless if the woman is a girlfriend or a wife. Another man said they could, but maybe they should not. One man said that usually it’s a case of one using the other, and one being romantically interested in the other. A man who visited Church for the first time said he tried it after his divorce, and after a number of years the relationship became more than just a friendship, and then turned very sour. Further, she knew all of his personal business and weaknesses. One person watching online asked: How do you get to know yourself? Jesse urged people to know themselves, so that they can know God. The first step is to know that you do not know yourself. Another person asked: How do you “relax in it” — like relax in anger? Jesse tells people to relax and go through whatever they need to go through. This means not to give in to temptation, but just go through the pain with patient endurance. Jesse also urges that you commit to prayer. Do the Silent Prayer morning and night, and throughout the day.

Are You Doing Greater Works Than Jesus? (Easter Church, Apr 1)
Apr 01 2018 65 mins  
Are you doing greater works than Jesus? At Church on Easter, a number of new people joined us. One man forgave his parents and thanked Jesse, saying, "It worked!" Christ came to put everything back to order, making a way to return to the Father. Jesse suggested that it's more difficult for educated people to return to God. People with degrees, even those in the Bible, are nutcases! Jesse asked his Biblical Question from John 14:12 — Are you doing greater works than Jesus? Jesus said: Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. One man from Long Beach, California, said he came to Church to thank Jesse. He went to forgive his parents. He recounted telling himself that if he can get rid of his anger, he'd dedicate his life to God. But when it happened, God dedicated him to Himself! He realized Jesse told the truth about men feeling emotional like women, like their mothers. He held a grudge for 30 years against his absent father, who became a Christian, but denied wronging his son. Thankfully he felt no anger at his father's denial, because he had no anger anymore. He repeats that he doesn't have to do anything, but that life keeps coming. When you forgive, God takes away the darkness, and frees you. A teenage son and his mother joined Church in person visiting from the UK. They watch Jesse on YouTube. Jesse urges them to practice the Silent Prayer, findable on Another man asked what it means to "relax and go through it," when experiencing inner conflict. Do not reach out for a drink, smoke, food, or sex for comfort. Simply bear it. A number of people gave donations via YouTube "Super Chat," some asking questions about "food addiction," and forgiving people who do not admit they're wrong. Jesse told about how he'd grown fat over the years and realized it — when you drop the anger, you do not have the conflict, and can overcome it. The beautiful thing about forgiveness is that it does not depend on the other person's reaction or admission of guilt. Jesse brought a girl and man on-stage to illustrate a point about how anger enters a child's soul through his mother and father who are in an angry, fallen state. Women hate weak men. And weak men can't deal with angry women. The wrongs people do us are not personal — no one can help but be evil when of their father the devil. We read another passage from the Bible, 2 Timothy 1:6-11 Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner, but share with me in the sufferings for the gospel according to the power of God, who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began, but has now been revealed by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel, to which I was appointed a preacher, an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles. Jesse pointed out from these scriptures that God did not give us a spirit of timidity. You're not supposed to be timid! The love of God is not emotional love. Jesse recounted confronting people at the anti-gun rally March for Our Lives, which Jesse calls "March Against Our Rights." He called people "racist," even though "racism" does not exist, to turn the tables on the evil people who always cry "racism" against good people. Jesse called them out on being "dumb." A viewer Ignacio from Mexico asked how to find a good church. Jesse suggested he start a church where he is, and discuss issues with them, rather than trying to settle.

Are Christians 'Alpha,' 'Beta,' or Neither? (Palm Sunday Church, Mar 25)
Mar 25 2018 69 mins  
Jesse talked about questioning anti-gun protestors at March for Our Lives in L.A., then talked alpha/beta, forgiving mothers, overcoming emotions, and prayer. On Saturday, many people took part in a protest called "March for Our Lives" — more accurately, March Against Our Lives. They wish to take away the right to bear arms. Jesse asked people why they demonstrated, speaking to children and adults. One black girl agreed with Jesse that teachers should carry guns to protect students. But the teacher did not like her answer and ended the interview. Another girl realized Jesse asked a good question, wondering how an unarmed father can protect his family from an armed criminal. Parents sacrifice their children to public schools. Jesse's producer James read a few paragraphs-long comment about alpha males and beta males. A fellow who watches online suggested that Christians are neither alpha nor beta — that such ideas are from evolutionary psychology, and that only Christ is alpha. He said that we should not seek glory for ourselves, but only for God. However, this misses the point of what Jesse meant in discussing alpha vs. beta — Jesse simply meant "strong" vs. "weak." So in response, Jesse strongly stated that such intellectual thinking will kill you. It reveals the kind of thought that makes Christians weak and keeps them from protesting, fighting, and being a light in the world. A man visiting the States from Australia said he learned of Jesse from his first interview with Stefan Molyneux. He asked Jesse about the fact that we need to do nothing, but that in the fallen state we must go and forgive our parents. Jesse said that when you forgive your mother your weakness will finally leave you. Jesse also talked with this man and his girlfriend from California about the Silent Prayer. The young woman said she does yoga, but that's like the whooping and hollering prayer many Christians practice, to no avail. Another young man joining us for the second time asked about Christianity. He suffers from the same intellectual thinking that misleads him. We must overcome thoughts and feelings, which come from Satan, and recognize God's voice.

Alpha Males, Sex, Dating, and the Christian Life (Church, Mar 11)
Mar 11 2018 66 mins  
At church, Jesse talked with newcomers about anger, forgiveness of parents and of self, alpha males versus beta males, and dealing with unreasonable people. VIDEO: One man in his mid-fifties said his father told him he'd never amount to anything. He didn't talk with him for years, but reconnected and feels they have a good relationship now. But he does not talk to his divorced mother who abandoned them. He said he'd like a wife and kids, but never married. Jesse urged him to forgive both of them, and to work on his anger. He also encouraged him to begin to walk and exercise, as he'd reached 300 pounds in weight. Another man in his early thirties explained as best he knew how to forgive your parents. He did it several times with his parents. However, he feels upset with himself, living without a job or his own place. But Jesse recommended he not judge himself — simply accept reality with no anger and move forward with a clear mind. The younger man also asked where to find good Christian women for fellowship. Jesse joked that "fellowship" means "sex" — often the case with him when younger. Rather, men should seek first the kingdom of God, and all things will be added. Another young guy asked whether he should stop going out "to look for girls." You should not lie to yourself about your intentions or attempt to force a change in yourself, but instead simply remain aware of yourself and continue to seek what's right. Men and women of God should naturally live in the world, not hide from it. Some men do not even talk with women. One woman at church said that we should encourage marriage, and not delay it until people reach their 30s or 40s, as the world suggests. Jesse suggested 25 as a good age to marry, depending in individuals' circumstances. One man watching online asked if a real man asks his wife for sex. Another asked what a man should do if he catches his wife or girlfriend cheating — would he forgive or show compassion toward her? People who cheat do not generally repent. One man pointed out that an "alpha" man to his wife is like Christ to man — just as man of God would never want to cheat on God, so a woman would not want to cheat on a truly good man. Jesse strongly urged men not to have sex outside marriage — it is death. Even in marriage, do not be into sex. Do it until you've had all the children you want. Children of God should overcome their passions. Another man said that he felt he did not deserve to date — he judged himself as not a good person. This person says things like this commonly. He's attended church for years. Jesse told him that since he judges himself, no woman would want that, and so he gets what he deserves. As he judges himself, he also judges others. So drop judgment and live, or suffer and die. Lastly Jesse defined righteous anger — as discernment without emotional judgment. He also talked about how unreasonable children of the lie fight against our Second Amendment rights with emotional attacks. Eventually, if you do not understand how to deal with life properly (in your personal life, as well as public), you will give into their evil in one way or another. So overcome anger and evil, pray, and seek first the kingdom of God.

Were You Born in Sin? (Church, Mar 4)
Mar 04 2018 67 mins  
Sunday, March 4, We talked about the question: Were you born in sin? We also discussed with a man and his wife about anger, forgiveness, mothers, fathers, and marriage. We also talked a little about how preachers and others quote the scriptures rather than communicating normally — such as in an interview Jesse did on Apologia Studios with Pastor Jeff Durbin of Arizona. VIDEO: Jesse urged the regulars, and everyone, not to preach at people after service, particularly not new people. Rather, if you want to introducer yourself, keep it light and friendly. If people talk about their problems in church, don't talk to them about their problems after church — but just make small talk; people don't need or want more advice after church, and it's a turnoff to get unsolicited advice. We talked about the question: Were you born in sin? Or, asked perhaps more clearly, were you born a sinner? Many said yes, some said no, and others did not know. Jesse wants people to know for themselves, and not just repeat what they've learned from others, or assume they correctly understand the Bible. In the Psalms it says, "Surely I was steeped in sin at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me." But what does that mean? Was his mother sinful and passed it to him? Mothers who are angry in pregnancy may possibly pass that spirit to the child in the womb. Some said that children are innocent, but they grow sinful and many only get worse as adults. Does the Bible say that we are born in sin? It says that through one man, Adam, sin entered the world, and all have sinned — but it says that so through one man, Christ, we overcome sin. A man who'd joined us once in the past brought his wife, and they talked about anger and dealing with their mothers, and the fact both were raised without their fathers around — both their fathers have died. The man said his mother only upset him once, but he never talked with his father about what it was like growing up without him. They both talked about anger and sin. He admitted that he got angry driving to church today on the road, but that he doesn't act out on it, as that is unwise. Jesse also talked about an interview he did with a Pastor Jeff Durbin of Arizona — Apologia Studios — in which the pastor and others kept quoting the scriptures and accusing Jesse of being like Mormons or Muslims or other religions that Jesse knows nothing about. One man who listened to the interview noted that while they explained vague ways that their doctrine could be construed as true, Jesse was saying things, without quoting scripture and verse, that are actually directly supported by the Bible, such as that you should stop sinning if you are born again of God. Jesse did point out that one translation of deceives people when it says we don't "practice sin" — which is something one man mentioned in church. How many times do you sin in order to be "practicing sin"? Donate to BOND Church Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) Silent Prayer VIDEO: | AUDIO:

Not Guns, Drugs, or Mental Illness: A Spiritual Battle (Church, Feb 18)
Feb 19 2018 87 mins  
At Church, Jesse talked about the Florida school shooting and the spiritual issues affecting all people. He also discussed forgiving mothers with newcomers. At the beginning of the service, Jesse asked people if they ever felt depressed, shy, and other emotions. Everyone answered “yes.” Jesse connected these emotions to 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who shot and killed at least 17 people at a school in Florida, injuring dozens more. Cruz reportedly said voices in his head told him to commit the murders. Jesse pointed out that whichever “god” we serve controls us — whether the real God or the prince of darkness. Therefore, the problem is spiritual, and not “guns,” nor even “mental illness.” After Jesse finished his point, a young black man watching online from Germany asked a personal question. He said that he lost all of his anger and gained confidence, but at 19 he sleeps with women. Should he continue the sex, or stop? Jesse urged him to stop that. Women want men to do right — not have sex with them until marriage. A number of newcomers joined Church in-person today — some from Jesse’s recent interview on Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio, and others from Jesse’s own YouTube videos. Two brothers spoke at-length with Jesse in Church regarding their mother. One man went through the 12-step program, now sober 13 years. He called it “far out” advice to abstain from sex in order to see if his girlfriend respected him. He blamed himself for his anger, addictions, and issues, and couldn’t bring himself to see where his mother went wrong. Jesse urged him to speak honestly with her, allow her to react how she will, but to forgive her — apologize for resenting her for what she did to him. The brothers’ half-brother also attended today. He said that he and his father did “a lot of forgiving.” But Jesse pointed out that real forgiveness is a one-time thing. Once you let go of anger completely, you’re done with it. We went overtime today for church, with so many new people sharing good conversation. One woman said that she realized at a young age that her mother did the best she could — so she did not feel anger toward her. She and her fiancé agreed to avoid sex until marriage. Jesse asserted to the people that sex is for having children — or, if you cannot control yourself, it’s best to marry before having sex. But it’s best to gain self-control, and get to know the person, rather than to marry simply to have sex. Jesse quickly answered two questions from a person online: What is the role of the Bible in our lives? If we don’t have freewill, why are we punished for sin? Jesse said to read, but not get into knowledge, which brings pride. We do not have freewill. Either God or Satan guides us based on the inclination of our heart. But God does not punish us — Satan does. God forgives us. But an angry, sinful person will not enter into the kingdom of God. Practice the Silent Prayer found on the BOND Church page. Please donate to support our work, and help us to help others. NOTE: We will not have church this coming Sunday, Feb 25, as Jesse will speak in Washington, D.C., that weekend. YouTube VIDEO:

#MeToo Movement Is Evil Revenge That Can Destroy Society (Church Feb 11)
Feb 11 2018 64 mins  
Sun, Feb 11: At Church, a woman told about a murder in her family the other week. Her nephew killed his wife, cut her up, put her in a suitcase, and tried to burn her body! He was caught and is in jail, headed for prison. She thought of sending him money, but won’t. Jesse told her to let him find Jesus, and stay out of his way. Don't be mama and "help" him. She feels guilty because she took her younger sister, the killer's mother, out to drink at bars when he was a child. She cheated on her husband at that time. She left her husband for another man. Jesse tells of guys he interviewed for The Fallen State who encouraged their wives to be friends and go out; all of them cheated on the men, getting drunk and coming home at 3am. This woman said she loved when her husband told her she couldn't go out. Women like discipline from their husbands or father, as men appreciate discipline from Christ. (Jesse jokes that women don't look right being alcoholic.) Jesse answers an online question on the purpose of Church: to edify one another. Another person watching online asked about losing a mother at 7, being 24 now, and having empty feelings. Jesse said not to assume that it's from missing a mother. Jesse taught an ethics class at BOND Leadership Academy and told students that it's good to be bored. Relax and go through feelings. Practice the Silent Prayer Have you tried to get revenge? One man tried to get revenge on a girlfriend and best friend who cheated. He got with his best friend's girlfriend, but felt empty. Revenge is not yours to take. You only set yourself up for destruction. The Bible says: Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. ... Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. - Romans 12: 17-19 Jesse wrote an article in WND: Destroying Men Also Hurts Women and Children 60 years ago or so, women were really pushing the feminist movement against men, similar to the homosexual movement pretending they just wanted to come out of the closet — then they called it a "civil rights" issue, and America let them get out of control. They started crying "rape culture" on college campuses, one mattress girl accusing a guy she had sex with of rape, and bringing phony stats. With the Me Too and Time's Up movements, women are accusing men of sexual harassment and sexual assault, and the men are losing their jobs. Men are created to provide. If you take that away, he may commit suicide — there often feels like there's no reason to live! Two White House male staffers were accused by ex-wives of spousal abuse, physical and verbal abuse. One case was about 15 years ago! One ex-wife disbelieved her ex-husband's other ex-wife's accusations, as she'd never known him to be violent or abusive. Women, your sons, grandsons, great grandsons will suffer from these laws that come into effect if we allow this to continue. Evil hates good, and men represent good — even when they're weak! Men and women on the side of good, wake up! Evil only gets worse and destroys you — even in your personal life. They're out for white men, because black and Hispanic men have already been destroyed for the most part. They made examples of white men like Donald Sterling by taking his Clippers NBA basketball team (not football team) by calling him "racist" for speaking his mind in private. President Donald Trump tweeted: People’s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process? Hopefully with the president speaking out, it will change.

Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God? (Church Feb 4)
Feb 03 2018 60 mins  
Sunday, Feb 4, Jesse talked about that February marks his nonprofit BOND's 28th anniversary. We've been around 28 years rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man. Jesse Lee Peterson started the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny after he realized that it wasn't "racism" that holds blacks back, but the lack of moral character — brought on at root by unforgiveness toward mothers and a separation from fathers. Before all this, Jesse prayed to God to let him see himself. He listened to a preacher on the radio say that you must pray quietly and forgive to enter the kingdom of heaven. So he sat and prayed and saw that he had anger toward his mother for separating him from his father, so he went and apologized to her for resenting her, for hating her, and he returned to his father as well. He started a radio show in Los Angeles to spread the good news, but many blacks called him names, threatened the radio station, and so he was kicked off the station. The Los Angeles Times did a story on him, then Phil Donahue and Geraldo interviewed him, and one thing led to another. Jesse thanked all of the BOND supporters, staff and volunteers for their prayers and help over the last 28 years. We look forward to continuing the work. Jesse also talked about the Biblical Question of the Week: Is the Bible the inspired Word of God, or were the men who wrote it inspired? Many people responded with what they believe. Some didn't know the difference. The men who wrote it were inspired. We must be born again and live by revelation, take every thought captive, know ourselves, and not listen to our thoughts which are from Satan. Our theme this year is to know thyself — self-knowledge. We also read from the verse that says to whom much is given, much is required. It's best not to know the truth if you are not committed to it. If you do the silent prayer, commit to it. God will hold you responsible for your knowledge. So seek first the kingdom of Heaven, and His right way. Jesus said in Luke 12 :47-48, "And that servant who knew his master’s will, and did not prepare himself or do according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. But he who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more."

Judging Others Hurts YOU (Church, Jan 28)
Jan 28 2018 52 mins  
Sunday, Jan 28: At Church, a man talked about having turned down a good business opportunity because he'd judged the people involved. This reminded Jesse of a caller on his radio show who had judged Donald Trump for his past, not realizing he too had sin in his past, and did not want to be judged for it. Many people relate in that they judge and don't realize it — they think they're being smart. Intellectuals who are puffed up on their knowledge look down on and obsess over people like Donald Trump and Jesse Lee Peterson who aren't like them. It's a battle of good versus evil — evil is subject to good, because evil hates good. People asked about what to do when you catch yourself judging, and what it means to judge with righteous judgment. Jesse answered a number of questions from the audience and people watching online. A man mentioned his children were getting upset that his ex-wife was bringing different guys home. Jesse recommended he let her know, but he's given up warning her about how her wrongdoing affects the children. Another man online said his brother is was an alcoholic addict with a wife, child and stepchild — he relapsed and got a DUI last night. You can only help people who truly are ready to receive help. God doesn't help you until you're ready for his help. So many don't want help, or only pretend to want help — for example, even churchgoing people do not pray everyday with the Silent Prayer Jesse recommends. Jesse talked about a man who called his show, Daniel from Chicago, who was ready for the truth and accepted it, that he was angry all the time for no reason, and needed to forgive his father and mother. Watch the video here: Jesse had people read from Matthew 5 verses 11-12, in which Jesus Christ said, "Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you." When you're not in the fallen state, God gives you a space within yourself — of protection from the attacks from wicked people.

No Sex Outside Marriage! Here's Why (Dec 17, 2017)
Dec 17 2017 62 mins  
Sunday, Dec 17, we cover stories such as from CNS News: An entire family turned transgender (links below). Jesse wrote in WorldNetDaily: Is the Black Woman 'God' in Alabama? Washington Examiner reported that 77 percent of births to black native-born Americans in 2015 were out-of-wedlock — to single mothers. 49 percent of Hispanic immigrant births were out-of-wedlock, while 57 percent of Hispanic births to mothers born here were to unwed mothers. Then we talked about relationships, dating, and marriage, as well as forgiving mothers and fathers. One man talked about breaking free of his parents, admitting to them that he hated them, apologizing and forgiving them. He brought his girlfriend down from San Francisco to join our meeting — and she likes and agrees with Jesse's message. Do not have sex before marriage — the man will cheat and will see any woman who has sex out-of-wedlock as a whore. Men are looking for a good woman who will not have sex with him until marriage, although they will not tell you this. One woman talks about dealing with the father of their child, who she says is causing trouble for her and their child, forcing the child to accept and communicate with his new girlfriend. Jesse urges her to let him go and get over her own anger. People watching Church online asked about pornography — Jesse said that it's not good to do, but not to judge or hate yourself for whatever you're into. That way you don't sink further into it, playing God. Instead, by accepting reality, God helps you to overcome it.

Self-Knowledge: The Solution to Suicide and Judgment (Church, Nov 26, 2017)
Nov 25 2017 67 mins  
VIDEO: From Nov 26, 2017: Jesse told the story of a friend’s son who committed suicide on Thanksgiving Day. He jumped off a bridge. He was 41-years-old. Why didn’t he overcome his issues and learn how to deal with life in the right way? It’s a spiritual battle, and we cannot overcome our own issues. (Suicide is selfish. Many people commit suicide over the holidays. This man was taking psychotropic drugs. He hated his father, and also himself.) Jesse asked people if they know themselves or see themselves. When you know yourself, you don’t care what others think. But you can’t make it happen. You must endure. You must forgive your father and mother. You must not judge or hate yourself or anyone. Rather, know yourself. Self-knowledge is a state of nonjudgmental attention, without asking, “Why?” In reality, we are no good (but in our fallen state we think we are somebody). Why shouldn’t you suffer? Who are you that you do not deserve what you get in life? So pray. Assignment for this week: Pay attention to yourself, what the devils telling you, what you’re feeling and thinking. Watch that without any opinion, even though Satan tries to make you have an opinion. Do your prayer and put God first, pay attention throughout the day. Silent prayer: Donate to BOND:

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