Athletico Mince

Oct 21 2020 38 mins 27.4k

Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson's podcast - brass hands, blue drink and more. It's not really about football, d'you know what I mean?

5 • 4 Ratings

decmanicus Aug 18 2020
One of the best podcasts going. Don't need to be a football fan to appreciate the absurd comedy within.

deadbearsbeard May 25 2020
Never laughed so much at a podcast, Andy is the perfect foil for Bob. More please!

maddogg May 11 2020
Absolutely bonkers, side splitting comedy if it's your kind of thing, unfortunately infrequent episodes , whip out a couple of boilers and stop being so fooking creepy

Samfs14 May 09 2020