The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Feb 23 2021 33 mins 3.8k

From their Oceanside studios at the Clevelander Hotel in Miami Beach, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for original content from Lebatard and Stu Gotz, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the Big Suey, and a few more surprises along the way.

4.5 • 43 Ratings

BigDark2403 Feb 20 2021
What the helll (beep) are they ( beep) talking about (beep) speaking of hell (beep) Art briles...

nothanks Feb 19 2021
I doubt anyone on here has ever listened to Rush Limbaugh. Only clips with slanted narration. I would love if the hate speech would stop on this show but if it has to happen... do your own research and not what far left/right to you to think. You know Rush was interviewed by charlamagne the god?

JMS Feb 09 2021
Super left wing liberal. Dan is an angry zealot determined to create chaos & controversy. Stu, Chris, Tony, Mike, and Bill make this worth listening.

marlo Feb 03 2021
Good stuff

LQ Jan 29 2021
They're talking sandwiches, at it as hard as they can.

jrod_bren10 Jan 27 2021
Diverse entertainment; funny, serious, dumb, intellectual, old jokes, refreshing perspectives.

Ritto27 Jan 12 2021
You don't get the show

The7 Jan 12 2021
The most innovative/funny sports show of all time, always a great listen !

Sam McPhee Jan 11 2021
Australian listener, haven't missed a show since 2010. Do I get it? You know what, maybe.

MrFlocko Jan 11 2021
Just a great listen everytime. These guys are different - different & better than the other podcasts out there.

John Jan 11 2021
Best podcast ever.

dmo Jan 10 2021
I don't get the show ;)

LoLoP1977 Jan 09 2021
Great to see what the show is lile with the shackles off

RushQB Jan 09 2021
Finally Dan gets to speak his mind. I welcome his opinion on everything including the orange di*kstain. I've been with this show since the 1st ever call. Where ever they go, I'm there.

dpaovdisdi Jan 09 2021
The best

Phil Goad Jan 09 2021
The best sports podcast ever, because it's not really about sports

Michael Goyette Jan 09 2021
Best show ever I love it!

KidKade Jan 09 2021

Bill L Jan 09 2021
The is the best sports adjacent podcast. If you like sports and nonsense this is the podcast for you

Mickyb78 Jan 09 2021
The greatest podcast of all time. Now that they are a free agent, the shackles are off Dan will be able to tell it like it is...Sh#tstains be afraid. Be very afraid.

Royal Son Jan 08 2021
Carl Douglas is an American treasure.

[email protected] Jan 07 2021
Favorite show!!!

Kisstorian Jan 06 2021
Either you get the show or you don't.

PCxtc Jan 06 2021
Pirate Ship to nowhere. All aboard!

Cowswillwhen Jan 06 2021

Herbalights Jan 05 2021
Best podcast ever pirate radio

mark.w.westhoff Jan 05 2021
Add me to the chorus: these guys have pulled me through tough times, including right now, with laughter. I first started to "get the show" in 2014 and now I'll follow them anywhere. How bout that??

CageChicane Jan 05 2021
This is the sports show that is at the top of the mountain, casting a shadow over all other sports shows. Speaking of mountains casting a shadow, Dan, back to you!

PCarney01 Jan 05 2021
Best podcast there is, period. More sports!

Bibliophile Dec 16 2020
I don't get the show, but I love it Tua much not Tua listen. I won't stick my beak out over the plate, instead I will get back, Jack! Then again, ya neva know!

Mark Russell Dec 02 2020
Greatest Lour ever! The in depth analysis of the offensive progression of Kardashian womans' hookups, breathtakin!

BobBuilder Nov 29 2020
Best show in any category. Can't wait for them to leave ESPN and go to a real platform

Cjlopes29 Nov 19 2020
Best sports show. Period.

BigDave74 Nov 12 2020
Tremendous show, everyday!

Grandhustle Mafi Oct 23 2020
I hate Jason Leisure as much as I hate Sarah Spain!

jasonwbohrer Oct 15 2020
My favorite podcast

JayHMT Sep 17 2020
Shane Backalatta - please stop. I get the show, but this dude is the exact opposite reason I listen to Dan, Stu & T. S.C. PLEASE just stop with his nonsense. And if it's a bit? It's failing...horribly.

Fahead84 Sep 12 2020
OMG When did Dan get so preachy??? Can you go back to sandwhich talk.

ratazewell Sep 11 2020
Best show on air

val0422 Aug 26 2020
This Shane guy in not the least bit entertaining. For the first time ever, as a listener, gitta check out.

rjtrials Aug 26 2020
This show is the best

futbalomaniac Aug 18 2020
The best live sports radio show by a country mile. Always a great listen. Highly recommend. PS: ESPN execs are morons

JeremyHodges Aug 05 2020
Zippy and the Juice is a marching band to nowhere. A must listen.