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Jan 17 2021 63 mins 10.3k

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10 Years CLR Anniversary (AM-FM Podcast 302) by Chris Liebing
Jan 10 2021 60 mins  
Set Report AMFM 302 Today we go back in time for 10 years again, to a well known club in Berlin, where I celebrated the 10 Years Anniversary of my label CLR, and guess what – also played for 10 hours. Can´t believe that this is already 10 years ago really. Still kind of remember that night/day very well, especially the magic moments during the party and also very specially at the end, when I played that DJ Hell track. With me on that night playing were Traversable Wormhole, @sanhajimastering Brian Sanhaji, @tommyfourseven_47 and @monoloc_official until I finished off the night/day with my closing set. These are memories that are ingrained in my brain and I surely hope we can soon do this again. So this week it´s the eighth hour of this set. The rest will be coming in the following couple of weeks. If you wanna hear more sets and also find these shows without me talking, check out my Mixcloud Select page, where you can find all that and more, even downloadable on your phone. Thanks as always for your support and keep safe and your heads up out there. Chris Liebing – Tracklist AM/FM 302 Daft Punk – Rock’n Roll Tommy Four Seven – tommyfourseven-jameskronier-strix Soylent Green – La Forza Del Destino (Radio Slave Remix) – lemon Joris Voorn – MPX309 – GR02 Terence Fixmer – machine_speedy_keppler_- rez Renato Cohen – Power – Sino / Technorient Music Radio Slave – Eyes Wide Open (Original Mix) – R&S Par Grindvik – Attack (Original Mix) – Stockholm LTD Moonbeam – Spring Story (Original Mix) -Traum Luke Sater – She showed me heaven (Len Faki Remix) Audion – Noiser (Original Mix) Jazek Sienkiewicz – Truly Words Chris Liebing – Turbular Bell Carl Craig – Darkness (Radioslave Remix) Plastikman – Spastik wrpm Shed – Oton Comp

How I Met The Bass Podcast 192 by Pan-Pot
Jan 09 2021 139 mins  
This podcast is devided into two separate mixes: 00:00-61:00: Thomas 61:00-end: Tassilo PAN-POT on: – Facebook: – SoundCloud: @pan-pot HOW I MET THE BASS on: – Facebook: – Mixcloud: – Instagram: 3 QUESTIONS to PAN-POT: Q: Let’s talk about your past and your mix. How did you get to know each other and later found each other musically? Tassilo: We both studied at the SAE in Berlin and got to know each other there. Due to the fact that we were both the only two people who liked Techno and House, the first connection was already done and successful anyway. At that time Thomas listened to a lot of Plastikman, Richie Hawtin and Robert Hood – the beginnings of Minimal Techno – and I came more from the Electro Clash / Gigolo corner. That was also our musical exchange, for which I am very grateful. We found our common passion pretty quickly after spending a lot of time in the studio, also with Marco Resmann. We developed our preference for reduced but also complicated beats in combination with sound effect structures. The time was awesome because we worked on individual track moments so long until the respective point in the track was perfect. That then changed to more linear production, which we still do today. The track selection for my mix includes important musical companions for me from around the age of 15. There were a lot of quieter things. Thomas: Back then I was listening to Hardcore (Thunderdome, Terrordrome) and Jungle. That was my electronic beginnings. My style was something between cheese and chop wood. The Techno mood came sometime later, when I was mobile and could go to Berlin to celebrate my first raves there. I’ve been falling into the whole thing pretty hard since then. Q: 2020 kicked us all out of our dreams. How did you deal with the shutdown of the entire industry and how did you use the time instead? Tassilo: I became a father in July 2020 and I am grateful that I was allowed to spend so much time with my wife and daughter. Otherwise it pretty much tore the ground under our feet. We had some financial saves, which we now have lost and we are quite disappointed with how little help there is for our industry. The question is also what we should learn from 2020. I’m not yet sure what the consensus will be here. Of course we used the newly gained time and worked on many new projects. Thomas: I was on a big trip in early 2020 and got stuck in New Zealand with my whole family (wife and two children). The lockdown came almost simultaneously all over the world. I found the time there very nice and I noticed which things are really important to me when work isn’t there. Apart from the financial aspect, I don’t think the Corona time is that bad. You get closer as a family and everything slows down. I kind of like that. This fast life as if in the fast lane no longer appeals to me. I’m curious how I will feel when it all starts again. Q: What are your plans for 2021? Tassilo: We are building a VR / XR show with which we can get back into social interaction with our crowd. And of course, we were in the studio a lot and produced a lot of music. But on this point we noticed how much we miss the feedback from the crowd and that unfortunately has a quite demotivating effect. We hope that from the beginning of 2021 something will return to normal and that we will be able to go out to the club pasture again. Furthermore, we are currently bringing Thomas’ passion for gaming together with music and studio talk. But more on that later. Thomas: #letsplaywithdjs

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