The Generation Why Podcast

Oct 19 2020 58 mins 33.6k

The Generation Why Podcast released its first episode in 2012 and pioneered the true crime genre in the podcasting world. Two friends, Aaron & Justin, break down theories and give their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracies.

Cullen Davis - 221
Feb 20 2017 49 mins  
Cullen Davis. 1976-1978. Fort Worth, Texas. An oil heir from Fort Worth, Texas is estranged from his second wife. While the divorce process continues, the judge seems to be a real thorn in his side. Increasing his monthly payments to her and having him cover legal fees. Worse yet, she gets to stay in the house and all business decisions must be cleared by Judge Eidson. On August 2nd, 1976, the man's estranged wife, Priscilla, returns home with her boyfriend and they are ambushed by a man wearing a wig and carrying a gun in his hands and wrapped in black plastic. The man will shoot them both. She will somehow make it to a neighbor's house and the police will be called. Found dead at the home was her boyfriend as well as her youngest child, 12 year-old Andrea. Another man was injured with a shot to his spine who had arrived with his girlfriend shortly after. Priscilla, as well as the other two survivors, would name the attacker. They said it was Cullen Davis, who was married to Priscilla. He would be brought to trial for the murders, but these were not the only crimes that he would be charged with. He would also be caught on tape by the FBI paying a man for the murder of Judge Eidson. His divorce judge wasn't actually murdered, but Cullen was tricked into believing he was and handed over $25k. Two trials occurred with very good evidence against him in each. The results of these trials puts Cullen Davis right up there with Robert Durst and OJ Simpson.

4.6 • 8 Ratings

Weezer Sep 07 2020
Love this, it's like a light relief true crime, great detail, suitably reverential when needed but with lovely badinage between the two hosts

karesnotmuch Aug 25 2020
Wow its bad! No flow no continuity and its just plain boring listening to 2 people read off a bad script. Sorry but skip this one

JJPurdom Jul 12 2020
Thos podcast is one of the highlights of my week! Thanks gents for the work you put in and the quality shows you deliver!

Lily Saint-Cyr Jun 30 2020
A true crime podcast from before it was cool to start a true crime podcast.

jay.p.hailey May 16 2020
I love these guys

Lynda May 01 2020
Another of my top 5 podcasts. I've listened for many years now and never tire of Justin and Aaron. I especially like J's "from Wondery" at the start and their regular greetings. They don't go in for too much waffle and personal stuff, but we do get to know what they both think about each case. By the time they play the much-loved outro music, it often has me in tears. They take you right into the human side of the cases and long may they both reign.

tgraham1313 Apr 21 2020
I love the easy flow of conversation between the hosts. They don't make a quick judgment, they hash out all the details and then decide whether the agree with the outcome of each case. I love to hear "How you doing tonight" and get settled in for another interesting episode!

MimCast Apr 15 2020
I have listened to this podcast for years. Aaron and Justin are clear and fair in presenting the cases/episodes. They are especially good at giving each other space to present things in their own unique ways while still managing to tie it all together seamlessly. Thanks guys!