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Jun 30 2020 33 mins 2

This podcast aims to solve common problems that digital marketers have with the strategy and tactics used to generate leads.

Leveraging LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox
Jun 30 2020 58 mins  
Hear AJ Wilcox, founder of a LinkedIn-only advertising agency, explain why you should advertise on LinkedIn. AJ was an early adopter of LinkedIn (you’ll see what I mean by looking at his LinkedIn profile) and he goes in to deep description of many aspects of running paid campaigns on LinkedIn, including: what BANT qualification you can do with LinkedIn’s targeting, the three different targeting methods the platform uses, how the high cost-per-click of LinkedIn ads is economically justified, how lifetime

Wrangling Performance out of Site Content with Michel Fortin
Jun 16 2020 51 mins  
My guest is Michel Fortin of Shelly Solutions, whose strategies get to the heart this. He is a 30-year marketing veteran, who has done copywriting and marketing as a coach, under his own consultancy, and within an agency. He’s active in industry associations spoken on stage at conferences, holds industry certifications, and has written hundreds of published articles. As you hear our conversation, you’ll hear him refer to many sources: a half- dozen books that guided his thinking on sales & marketing, se

Conversational Marketing with Andres Tovar
Jun 08 2020 38 mins  
I’m speaking Andres Tovar, with a Southern-Ontario based marketer who has built chat-based campaigns for many organizations. Andres will talk about the two types of chat tools: ones that use someone’s social log-in and ones that are native to a website. He takes us through selecting the steps in the customer journey when chat interactions make sense. Tips are given on how to brand a chatbot and how to script a bot’s reactions so they flow nicely towards a human touch-point. For complete Show Notes, go

Social Media Marketing with Amanda Relyea-Voss
Apr 29 2020 43 mins  
In this episode I talk with Amanda Relyea-Voss (who also likes to be called Mandi), owner of a social media marketing agency that serves B2C and B2B companies. Listen for the ways Mandi has used social media to interact with prospects and how this has propelled them to buy from her customers. We talk about creating social posts from a single piece of content, what kind of text and images to use, applying hashtags and the KPI ratios you can use to measure your effectiveness.

Qualifying Prospects with Martin MacArthur
Apr 15 2020 38 mins  
Remember as a kid at the amusement park - you must be this tall to go on this ride? This closely parallels a key part of all complex sales - Qualification. To get a salesperson’s perspective on how to do this, I spoke with Martin MacArthur,who is passionate about getting on the phone and helping companies fill their pipelines with qualified leads that drive sales. Let’s get into that discussion.

Digital Marketing Through Uncertain Times
Mar 22 2020 32 mins  
Today’s episode is a simple solocast of me talking to you. I’m recording in an extraordinary time when stress is being put on healthcare, public institutions, whole industries and even entire economies. All the uncertainty out there is invading our digital marketing world. What’s going to happen? I talk about investments we can make around planning, doing, analyzing and improving processes. Hopefully it helps propel you to act in a way that you can look back on with pride when it’s all over.

Writing Persuasively for your site visitors
Feb 27 2020 49 mins  
In this episode we talk about how to write persuasively for prospects. Our guest is Nik Paprocki, the founder of Websuitable, an ROI driven digital agency serving small businesses all across Canada. He feels this use of copywriting is just as effective in terms of generating leads, because it speaks to everyone, not just those who are in-market to buy from you now. He felt so strongly about how it works that he swung his whole agency around to this writing approach.

Using Video to make Content more engaging
Feb 13 2020 48 mins  
Today we’ll talk about the production of videos to use in your marketing, all the way from the planning stage to the appearance of the final product. Listen as Casey takes us through the steps that his production company follows for making any video. You don’t have to involve an outsourced firm to make your videos, but you can use the same principles at any scale so your final product ends up telling a story that will keep viewers engaged

Legal and not-so-legal aspects of digital marketing
Dec 31 2019 40 mins  
Today’s guest is here to help marketers make sense of these situations. Megan Cornell is the founder of Momentum – a new kind of business law firm dedicated to providing law solutions in a way that works for clients. She explains data privacy, trademarks, spam, intellectual property and other legal issues we all face, giving plain-English explanations (a first for lawyers, as far as I know) of ways we marketers can stay on the right side of the law.

Top Paid Media Changes in 2019
Dec 16 2019 30 mins  
In any given year, there are a lot of changes in paid media. The pace of change in 2019 was every bit as brisk as in previous years. For the third year in a row, we assembling a panel to look back at a shortlist of the changes that are the most significant. Then we weigh their impact on B2B companies and what can be done either to minimize downside or capitalize on the upside. Our Panel this time features PPC professionals Olga Gladycheva as well as Pierre Levasseur and yours truly.

Staying Human in today’s Media landscape
Nov 22 2019 48 mins  
Whether you look at traditional or digital media, there’s a growing expectation that brands be more human. Those that use technology as a spamming tool or a way to hide from their buyers are being ignored or worse, heckled by their audience on social media. You may not be experiencing this problem right now, but just because you aren’t, doesn’t mean you don’t have this problem. Buyers may be at a breaking point where they’ll stop tolerating company messaging in their media feed. We have saturated our audiences with so much sterilized corporate-speak, they don’t even hear us anymore. This is a sure-fire way to lose, and the only way we can win is to be more human. Listen to my conversation with Eric Collard who knows a lot about how to communicate in a human way. For complete Show Notes, go to:

Role of UX in a site’s marketing effectiveness
Nov 07 2019 35 mins  
In this episode, I talked with Farhad Khan, an Ottawa-based expert on UX. He started out working as a software engineer for high tech companies and then formed a Web development agency called Grype Solutions in 2009. Listen for his description of how design impacts a site’s marketing effectiveness, what jobs your website has, using your analytics tool to see how visitors flow through your site, making each page on your site interesting, and where sites are going when it comes to personalization. For complete Show Notes, go to:

Ad Fraud and what you can do about it
Oct 22 2019 23 mins  
This episode looks at the impact of fraudulent traffic on digital marketing. We’ll talk about how big a problem it is for publishers, ad platforms and advertisers. We will step through what advertisers can do to make their campaigns less vulnerable to attacks by fraudsters, and give thoughts on how to give your non-marketing colleagues reasons why it’s still good business to advertise, in spite of problems with ad fraud. For complete Show Notes, go to:

The Role of Content Throughout the Funnel
Oct 10 2019 29 mins  
This episode takes us through the case of a company that seized the chance to market their product using content, tailored to each buyer’s vertical and funnel stage. Hear how they: Implemented the email communications and marketing content into their Marketing Automation tool. What kind of marketing resources they needed to build and maintain the platform How to customize content for different audiences, without making too much work for yourself How to present dashboard data such that management understands how you use the budget to create content and what business-related numbers that influence. For complete Show Notes, go to:

Season 2 Teaser
Sep 11 2019 1 mins  

How Content Experience Makes the Whole Funnel Work
Jul 25 2019 30 mins  
This is the fifth in our five-part series on Making the Whole Funnel Work. An experience is created with the content you write; but content alone does not an experience make. You can’t just throw together a collection of words and expect it to do anything. Here I talk with a web copy expert on how to craft content that provides a positive experience for the user. In my interview with James Taylor of Samurai Marketing, you’ll hear the 12 steps he follows for creating content that measurably improves the number of users who engage and become leads. Show Notes: People/Things mentioned in the show. James Taylor, Samurai Marketing War & Peace, by Leo Tolstoy Ernest Hemingway WordPress SEO All-in-One Plugin Pixabay Apple Notes (similar to: Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep) Episode Reboot: Here is James’ 12-step checklist for Creating WebPage and Blog Post content

How Traffic Makes the Whole Funnel Work
Jul 04 2019 26 mins  
This is the fourth in our five-part series on Making the Whole Funnel Work. In this episode, we talk about traffic; not the automotive type but the web visitor type. This solocast talks about all the ways web analytics tools classify traffic to your site. Then I focus on four of those channels that you can affect for getting more traffic to your site. For complete Show Notes, go to:

How Conversions Make the Whole Funnel Work
Jun 19 2019 21 mins  
In this episode, we look at both sides of a website interaction. We discuss how visitors progress through a website and how marketers make conversion offers for the visitors to complete. Marketers make a critical choice when deciding the conversion actions they use, so we go through the most common actions used on leading-edge websites.

How a Tracking Infrastructure Makes the Whole Funnel Work
Apr 09 2019 21 mins  
This episode covers what needs to be in place to know everything about people's interactions with your website. We talk about how to track conversions in your analytics, how to add Tags, run A/B testing and more. For all the links and the reboot mentioned in this episode, go to:

How Dashboards Make the Whole Funnel Work
Feb 03 2019 25 mins  
This episode walks through a 7-step process for building a marketing dashboard: Interview stakeholders Review Technology Select KPIs Group requirements Select Charts Prototyping/Wireframing Launch For the people, ideas and products mentioned in this episode, visit the shownotes at

2018's Top Changes in Paid Search Marketing
Dec 13 2018 39 mins  
In this episode, three PPC Professionals reviewed the long list of features that PPC platforms made in 2018 and cut it down to a handful that are having the largest impact on B2B companies. Hear what we think are the best and worst changes made this past year, and what advertisers should to in reaction to them. Check out the shownotes or signup to receive them by email at To get future episodes, please subscribe at Apple podcasts. Follow us on Twitter @funnelreboot

Integrating CRM and Marketing Automation into your Funnel
Dec 05 2018 44 mins  
Does your company use technology like Marketing Automation and CRM? Is your marketing program supported by applications by the likes of Oracle, Adobe and Salesforce? More and more Marketing departments are integrating them into their technology stack. Listen to this interview with a Marketer named Ed Goffin at Pleora Technologies to hear a real company’s experience with this automation. For all the links mentioned in this episode, go to:

Episode 6: Top Paid Search Updates of the Year
Nov 02 2018 31 mins  
In this episode, a panel of PPC specialists give their verdicts on the changes made by Google, Bing and others during the year.

Dealing with how work's changed with digital
May 08 2018 30 mins  
This episode covers the way we work in digital. As the pace of work has sped up, we're using more agile methods to plan our resources. As automation and artificial intelligence enter, we're deciding how it gets used in our marketing stack. We are also figuring out how our organizational culture fits with this, so everyone can focus on a funnel that efficiently converts visitors into buyers.

Dealing with how digital is measured
May 07 2018 16 mins  
This episode is about how digital has changed how we measure marketing. We'll cover the explosion of data brought by the Internet. We’ll look at how to clean and filter data so only the right kind is used for analysis. We'll talk about tools for analyzing and reporting data, for sharing data with core areas of our business, and also for insights we ourselves get out of it. Finally, we'll see how more leads can be generated by analyzing how buyers respond to our content.

Dealing with Digital Conversations
May 04 2018 16 mins  
One of the ways that digital has changed marketing is in how buyers converse with sellers. The experiences we deliver actually facilitate a conversation where they buyer talks him or herself into either buying or engaging with sales.

Dealing with Digital Channels
Aug 16 2017 20 mins  
2nd in a 5-part series on how digital marketing's different

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