Revisionist History

Sep 10 2020 38 mins 91k

Revisionist History is Malcolm Gladwell's journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood. Every episode re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, even a song—and asks whether we got it right the first time. From Pushkin Industries. Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance.

4.5 • 20 Ratings

Bauble Oct 05 2020
5 stars

Stable Genius Aug 31 2020
Longtime fan of Malcom Gladwell. This podcast does a good job of showing what's enjoyable about his writing

Poppop2k18 Aug 30 2020
Great Content!!

Dallon Aug 22 2020
Gladwell leads listeners down a path of logic that is riveting and always leaves you with something profound to contemplate. Never disappointing!

Yojimbo Aug 09 2020
Excellent listen and interesting yopics

zaphod Jul 27 2020
All that is needed has already been said by other reviewers. Why only four stars? Some episodes are truly belief shattering masterpieces, others are merely entertaining, and all of them are excellent productions.

1q3er5 Jul 22 2020
gud show interesting

jon-fu Jul 20 2020

damien Jul 18 2020
Interesting topics and great story-telling.

Estebingus Jun 17 2020
Another great link of behaviorial patterns and explanations for them.

VeganFirefighter Jun 08 2020
Nice hatchet job! Not the best podcast this time from Malcolm, I usually love his candour. I'm a Celtic Briton sympathetic to the victims of the war waged against fellow Islanders. But I also think we need to stop trashing the often desperate men (and sometimes women) who fight for their country. If it's the British State you are disparaging (which it ought to be) say as such.

Strange Attracto Jun 25 2020
Always interesting and unexpected. Episodes like "Dragon Psychology 101" make amazing connections I'd never have heard otherwise.

olaf_podcast_god Jun 23 2020
Malcolm is excellent as always. However, this podcast is LOADED with long long ads that totally ruin any immersion.

windman Jun 11 2020
My favorite podcast by far. Challenges you to think differently, view events from a different perspective, and want to dive deeper into each topic. Master storytelling.

curt922 Jun 06 2020
Decent podcast. A very different look at many issues - biased by political views, like everyone but still valuable information.

hawaiianguy3 May 24 2020
Really snobby, ads for things I could never afford, subject matter often dealing with things outside most people's scope of life... But very good storyteller and often very good stories.

BurtosBear May 10 2020
One of my favorite podcasts at the moment. Gladwell explores interesting stories and puts them together in a great audio format. He does take a strong position of whether people were "right" or "wrong" in the past, which is a bit odd to me given the premise, but it's a necessary framing for the story. Very enjoyable.

Craig Saunders Apr 29 2020
Highly entertaining!!

GorillaFury Apr 13 2020
Love Gladwell's books and really enjoy the incredible deep dive and invested research that makes each episode just as engaging as the last.

Biff Mar 29 2020
If you like his books you should love this podcast. Start at the beginning but skip over 'Siagon, 1965'. You won't be disappointed. Always fascinating.