Crime Junkie

Oct 26 2020 43 mins 44.9k

If you can never get enough true crime... Congratulations, you’ve found your people.

4 • 41 Ratings

LanFear Oct 23 2020
Love, love, love it.

JD Oct 15 2020
Oh my goodness, amazing research. I am addicted.

Dragonfly216 Oct 12 2020
One of the best true crime podcasts out there!

ajeaton Oct 07 2020
Really enjoy the podcast! I started a few days ago and I'm trying to catch up. Just finished the monster fort wayne indiana case. I just got to the part where you are talking about how he has dysgraphia. I was diagnosed with dyscalculia and dysgraphia when I was in elementary school. I've never met anyone else with it, not stoked that I share any kind of connection with this guy lol but it was interesting to hear about. Keep up the good work.

fati Oct 02 2020
You are gorgeous girlssss! I m addicted to your podcast. But i heard that you plagiat episodes of trace évidence????? Whyyyyyy????? Not creative???? Bisou de France

HMB Sep 15 2020
This was my favourite true crime podcast. But accusations of plagiarism put me off, and especially the response of taking episodes down instead of addressing it. I'm extremely disappointed.

[email protected] Sep 14 2020
One of my Top Favourites... 👽👍

jjdubs Sep 13 2020
Used to love them but I can't stand the plagiarism. They lifted episode after episode from other podcasters --without giving ANY credit. (Check out Let's Taco Bout Crime for coverage.) What is clear is it was purposeful, given some were nearly verbatim, they listed no credit and --at times-- Ashley acted like it was difficult to dig up and info on the case, even when it was one she plagiarized. It's a real shame because she has an engaging style. Even the theme song mimics Beverly Hills Cop.

RainbowUnicorn Sep 13 2020
Plagiarized content.

shonna0607 Jun 30 2020
This was the first Podcast I ever listened to and its still one of my go to's. Ashley is a great host, my one missing star is for Brit she just sounds a little fake and her reactions a lot of time sound forced. But Ashley saves the show and makes Brit tolerable.

FreeBeing Sep 07 2020
It's a good podcast w/interesting cases. I do abhor the annoying music for some reason. I love the producer and her input but I cringe at the "full-body chills" mantra. I'm kind 9f addicted, ladies. Keep up the good work.

MandieHaze Sep 07 2020
Favorite podcast by far. I love these girls! Every episode is captivating and attention grabbing. And almost all cases I've never heard. I love the way the episodes are told like a story and how passionate Brit and Ashley about helping ppl. Highly recommend. #CrimeJunkie4Life P.S. Join the fanclub for more episodes if you're addicted like me. :)

fabmab Aug 31 2020
Cheese-y, overly scripted, with a well documented history of plagiarism

Scott Dez Aug 21 2020
Solid tru crime podcast. A bit predictable in their interaction as a team but worth a listen.

walbyni Aug 17 2020
A must listen

emstehr Aug 03 2020
Listened to it for six months and was good to learn about cases that were new to me. Eventually its flaws became harder to ignore. Cheesy and overly scripted. Well researched but with no new information. Pro-cop. Ad placement seems overtly manipulative of the listener. Get a mate to read you the Wikipedia article for a crime and chime in occasionally with an over-acted "full. body. chills." for the same effect.

X13Bugs Jul 31 2020
Best true crime podcast I've found

de45n Jul 29 2020
So interesting! A favorite!

lwood the great Jul 17 2020
Bar none the best storytelling podcast. They make each case seem so important and interesting. They pull you right in. I love the background music.

SC=crimejunkie Jul 16 2020
My first true crime podcast addiction.

sullen_dreams Jul 06 2020
This podcast is just the author reading the Wikipedia page of the crimes, as well as the sources linked to the wiki article, then rehashing it for a podcast. This adds nothing new to the stories, they should interview people and come up with unique content like Criminal. This is low a low effort/content podcast. Anyone can do this. The co-hosts often add nothing but "wow!" "oh I'm so on 'team police" and other reactions to Ashley Flowers' overly-excited regurgitations. I give this a C- podcast.

Squirrel Jun 29 2020
This podcasts' hosts have a documented and widely reported history of plagiarism on this show. I recommend boycotting the entire Audiochuck network. Thieves don't deserve to be rewarded.

Hubbard_TSgt_RET Jun 28 2020
Love this podcast, I've listened to them all. Easy to listen to, no strange bells or whistles to distract you, and they stay on subject. 2👍

betsie Jun 16 2020
Bottom of the pile, cheesy, not real true crime, embarrassing

samijo0047 Jun 10 2020
Absolute best crime podcast! You can tell they truly care about the victims and the goal of their message is awareness and advocacy. ♥️🧡💛💚💚🖤 Be weird. Be rude. Stay alive.

rvrdtr Jun 08 2020
"That's crazy. I can't even believe it." Take a drink every time & you'll get the job done. Research is lacking & so is color commentary, but good enough background noise.

kristen_moss Jun 04 2020
I am absolutely addicted to this podcast! I've done nothing but listen to it and have finally caught up.

BluPossum5 Jun 04 2020
Great podcast that goes over a range of murders and disappearances. They make a special effort to include the stories of people of color and members of the LGBT community. I do wish that more of the stories had "endings," but that's just how these kind of podcasts go. Has a very weird "pruppet of the month" section at the end that really has no place in the podcast, but you can skip that tiny bit and enjoy it.

cakelady20 May 18 2020
Love your story telling. Great true crime podcast.

1uscgwifey May 17 2020
Great podcast, I love the combined knowledge and experience that they both bring to the table. Im hooked and proud to be a crime junkie addict.

MegBrown May 15 2020
Great content, the best presentation in the business. I listen to podcasts all day long that don't cite their references at all, so the whole stupid plagiarism thing needs to go away. One of the few podcasts I can continue listening to because there's no useless stupid chit chat about their personal lives and the stories are solidly researched and professionally presented. And the Patreon and is worth every penny!

Lperry May 13 2020
My favorite podcast! I always look forward to listening to new episodes!

Lee Thompson May 13 2020
This podcast made me a crime junkie.

bucktoothzombie May 11 2020
Wait!! What??? Ok

Constant Listene May 06 2020
This podcast plagiarizes the writing for their episodes from actually good podcasts and journalists. I would suggest that you listen to pods like Trace Evidence and The Trail Went Cold, ones that put in the work.

SG May 02 2020
Wonderful podcast! The hosts are best friends with great chemistry. Plus the episodes are the perfect length to listen to on a lunch break.

Lynda May 01 2020
I've listened since this one began and I've always really liked the two girls' relationship, along with their both being doglovers, too. Can't go wrong. I was less than impressed with last year's debacle, which seemed a witch-hunt to me and I unsubscribed from one who was shouting about it the most. Petty cobblers, there's room for you all out there. I just wish their shows were a little longer.

Tarah with the E Apr 26 2020
Very interesting and tastefully done! One of my top 5 crime podcasts.

CorporalBueno Apr 26 2020
Fantastic, always gripping

ZiggySu Apr 25 2020
I am fairly new to listening to podcasts but crime junkies quickly became my go to. Along the way I found so many that were just a lot of meaningless babble. I love that they stay on point, they have personality without getting off on tangents or taking half the show to get to the actual story they're telling. Thank you guys

Living Tradition Apr 13 2020
I love it. I listened to every episode in a few weeks while working.