Jun 30 2020 45 mins 1

Stories about people who have been forced to start over in life or in business, either through their own missteps or through no fault of their own. Stories with heart, soul, grit.

Living with Trauma from a Therapist's Perspective
Jun 30 2020 45 mins  
This episode of the Reboots Podcast is about trauma - "Big T Trauma" and "Little T trauma." Even "Little T" trauma can be devastating, but it's manageable with the proper approach.

R057 Personality Isn't Permanent with Benjamin Hardy
Jun 16 2020 42 mins  
Dr. Benjamin Hardy is a best-selling author who has been read by - get this - more than 100 million humans.His work is featured regularly in Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Psychology Today and other well-known publications and his new book Personality Isn't...

New Season Intro
Jun 12 2020 4 mins  
Welcome to a brand new season of the Reboots Podcast!This summer is all about arriving at reasonable happiness - even in the midst of great hardship and the chaos that surrounds so many of us now.How is that possible?Through the now-common prayer in...

TCJ 025: Gratitude with Caesar Kalinowski
Nov 12 2019 37 mins  
In our continuation of our 30-days of gratitude challenge, Caesar Kalinowski talks about how gratitude not only changes us but also changes other people when we dare to share gratitude.

TCJ 024: Gratitude with Steve Austin
Nov 08 2019 35 mins  
For many of us who deal with anxiety, depression, and other signs of mental illness, we struggle to find gratitude - just like Steve Austin did in the days following his failed suicide attempt. In this episode we walk through the process of finding gratitude on difficult days.

TCJ 023: Mike Vardy's Journal
Oct 28 2019 28 mins  
Mike Vardy shares his method of quickly capturing key images and thoughts from his day so that he can review and reflect - and instruct - at a later time.

R056: Black and White with Reverend Vince Brown
Oct 24 2019 59 mins  
The Reverend Vince Brown talks recovery, racism in the church and in our nation, and how we move forward by letting go of resentments and learning to embrace the grace of Christ.

TCJ 022: Tom Lambotte's Clarity Journal
Oct 21 2019 32 mins  
When life and business are blasting our brains at the speed of light, a clarity break can help us break through the noise and make better decisions.

R055: Pursuing Focus with Shawn Blanc
Oct 09 2019 33 mins  
Shawn Blanc talks journaling, helping people get results from the content he creates, and the difficult season in his life following his wife's miscarriage.

TCJ 021: Elaine Johnston's Journal
Sep 23 2019 30 mins  
Elaine Johnston is an entrepreneur who is driven to teach other women her age how to develop business mindsets.

TCJ 020: Cody Johnston's Journal
Sep 16 2019 31 mins  
Cody Johnston believes journaling is all about capturing our thoughts as they come - by using whatever tool is most handy - and then reviewing to understand our thoughts and emotions.

R054: Monk Manual with Steven Lawson
Sep 11 2019 55 mins  
Steven Lawson, creator of the Monk Manual, walks us through each section of his journal so we can see what makes this 12-week guided journal different from all the others on the market.

TCJ 019: National Suicide Prevention Week with Steve Austin
Sep 09 2019 21 mins  
Steve Austin is a pastor who nearly died by suicide and has prepared some tools to help people assess mental health and to know what next steps are available to those who are struggling.

TCJ 018: Finding Hope and Recovery
Sep 02 2019 12 mins  
Highlighting National Recovery Month, the opiate epidemic, and next steps for navigating change.

R053: False Accusations with Markus Watson
Aug 28 2019 50 mins  
Markus is a former actor who decided to leave Hollywood and join the clergy. When he was falsely accused, his world fell apart.

TCJ 17: Changing How We Respond to Sexual Abuse
Aug 26 2019 27 mins  
In this episode of The Change Journals inside the Reboots Podcast, Mary joins us to talk about her calling to help bring healing to victims of sexual abuse and change to the church.

TCJ 016: Turtle Steppin'
Aug 21 2019 6 mins  
A random encounter with a one-eyed turtle provides a new perspective on putting one turtle leg in front of the other.

R052: Come to the Table with Sean McCoy
Aug 14 2019 72 mins  
When Sean McCoy decided to accompany a friend on a mission trip, life as he knew it started to make less sense, while the teachings of Jesus began to radically transform his mind and his heart.

TCJ 015: Rebooting Print Journalism
Aug 12 2019 33 mins  
How to know the difference between real journalism and fake news, why it's important to the future of the U.S. and why print journalists worldwide have their eyes on Arkansas' statewide newspaper.

TCJ 014 Frankie Post's Journal
Aug 05 2019 32 mins  
This pastor uses a single digital document to record daily summaries, moments with his children, work notes, and sometimes he - like King David in the Psalms - expresses frustration toward God.

TCJ 013: Jordan Gross' Journal
Jul 29 2019 20 mins  
In his short 24 (almost 25 years of life) Jordan Gross has authored two books, he's a TEDx speaker, and is a life and fitness coach.To understand Jordan's ridiculously simple journaling habits is to understand how Jordan has accomplished so much in so...

R051: Beautiful Between with Sarah Robinson
Jul 24 2019 54 mins  
If you love someone who struggles with self-harm or thoughts of suicide, this episode will help you better understand what, why, and how to help.

R050: Systems Theology with Bill Stuckey
Jul 10 2019 50 mins  
When Bill Stuckey discovered a systems framework during his theological studies, his approach to faith, family, and building his latest small business radically shifted.

TCJ 012: MC Starbuck's Journal
Jul 08 2019 27 mins  
M. C. Starbuck shares about her marriage journaling practice, plus a terrific idea for keeping a travel journal and meeting other people.

TCJ 011: Julie Court's Journal
Jul 01 2019 23 mins  
Julie Court says her when her marriage fell apart with no warning, journaling helped her sort out her thoughts and feelings. She also recorded the encouragement she was hearing from God and her support group.

TCJ 010: 12 Weeks to Change
Jun 28 2019 13 mins  
How to get unstuck by building a 12-week plan that makes your big goals ridiculously easy to accomplish with daily, focused steps.

TCJ 009 Steve Austin's Journal
Jun 24 2019 28 mins  
Steve Austin uses a very specific journaling practice designed to help him heal from painful childhood memories.

R049: The Pursuit of Wholeness with Patrick Boze
Jun 19 2019 58 mins  
Patrick Boze is a world traveler who currently splits his time between his home town of Fort Smith, Arkansas and a life with his husband in New York City. Patrick says that being gay may be the least interesting part of his life.

TCJ 008: Rachel Snider's Journal
Jun 17 2019 13 mins  
Rachel Snider recently committed to keeping a journal as a means for objectively evaluating the way she responds to stressful situations with her children.

TCJ 007: Anne B Say
Jun 10 2019 23 mins  
Anne bought a journaling notebook in a bookstore, sat down right there in the store and started pouring out her heartache over the breakup of her marriage. How she journals today is a far cry from the bitterness that her first notebook captured years ago.

R048: Halfway There with Eric Nevins
Jun 05 2019 52 mins  
My friend Eric has experienced some serious career reboots.Eric is a minister turned financial services professional turned podcaster. When Eric realized he’s more comfortable listening and facilitating than teaching or preaching his life and career...

TCJ 006: Matt Ragland's Journal
Jun 03 2019 21 mins  
Matt Ragland teaches minimalist journaling, but what's the *why* behind his journaling practice and how does he use journaling to help him become the human he wants to be?

R047: Tony @12stepsillustrated
May 29 2019 54 mins  
Tony found the courage to change once he realized alcoholism was about to destroy his family.

TCJ 005: Theology of the Arkansas River Flood with Chris Benjamin
May 29 2019 71 mins  
The Arkansas River in Oklahoma and Arkansas is well out of its banks and thousands of people have been displaced by historic flooding.A half mile from me in three directions, homes are underwater.An entire region was virtually landlocked overnight when...

TCJ 004: Steven Lawson's Journal
May 20 2019 25 mins  
Steven Lawson's daily journaling practice is a reflection of the monthly planning and weekly tracking sections of the Monk Manual - a tool he created to help all of us live a life of being and doing.

EXTRA: Rebooting a Brand & Finding Respite Amidst Change
May 17 2019 49 mins  
A hotel consultant is reviving a 90-year old campground once owned by his great-great grandparents in the late 1920s.

R046: Lease on Love | Staci Bartley
May 15 2019 64 mins  
Reboots Episode 46 features Staci Bartley, a relationship coach and divorce mediator who draws her expertise from personal experiences, professional training, lots and lots of reading about human behavior, and probably just as many conversations.

TCJ: 003: Marking Time
May 09 2019 16 mins  
On the road with Tracy with an audio journal about the perception of change and the mindset required to effect change.

TCJ 002: Sarah Robinson's Journal
May 06 2019 12 mins  
Sarah Robinson walks us through her journaling practice - how it helps her navigate mental health issues, relationships, and content creation at her blog - Beautiful Between.

R045: Squashing Trauma with Ranbir Puar
May 01 2019 60 mins  
TEDx Speaker and life coach Ranbir Puar has a passion for teaching adults to help children navigate trauma so that the impacts of trauma don’t carry forward into adulthood.

TCJ 001: 10 steps for getting unstuck from a no-kidding mud puddle
Apr 22 2019 10 mins  
10 steps for getting unstuck from a - no kiddin - mud pit

R044: A Fortune Cookie & A Divine Calculus with Andrew Rappaport
Apr 10 2019 66 mins  
Andrew Rappaport's decision to follow Christ is a direct result of a fortune cookie conversation, and how that conversion caused turmoil in his Jewish family

R043: Miracles with Dalton Lee Smith
Mar 27 2019 54 mins  
Nashville recording artist Dalton Lee Smith gives us some backstage dish on how Big Daddy Weave and some renowned Nashville session musicians influenced his new *Miracles* EP

R042: Leap of Faith with Travis Albritton
Mar 13 2019 48 mins  
Travis Albritton is an aeronautics engineer who decided his life’s purpose was less about rocket science and more about helping followers of Christ become more effective in their walk.

R041: Code Blue Recovery with Jill Abrams
Mar 06 2019 65 mins  
In this episode, Jill Abrams shares about how she found Celebrate Recovery, and how working the steps has led to a decision to commit to radical obedience through a series of daily choices that are resulting in a healthier Jill.

EXTRA: Dirt Tracking with the Lew Crew
Mar 02 2019 46 mins  
In this episode, Landon - who isn't yet old enough for a driver's license - talks about his love for racing, and his dad Mark talks about how his recognition that anger was controlling his family has made racing fun again.

R040: Walking Across the Room with Cheryl Luke
Feb 13 2019 63 mins  
Cheryl Luke is a minister who was thrust into the 12 steps of Celebrate Recovery as a function of her job. Much to her surprise, she learned through the process of working the steps that she was - in her words - “utterly broken.” Cheryl and I totally nerded out on the 12 steps and journaling, but we also talked about the cultural diversity in the Kingdom of God.

R039: Parenting a Chemically-Addicted Child with Cathy Taughinbaugh
Jan 30 2019 56 mins  
When Cathy discovered her daughter was addicted to crystal meth, she had no idea what to do next. After her daughter kicked addiction, Cathy continued to remain active in the recovery community through coaching, writing, and teaching the CRAFT method of helping families cope.

R038: Jesus with Team K | Caesar Kalinowski
Jan 16 2019 62 mins  
Reboots Episode 38 features author Caesar Kalinowski. He teaches Christians how to live a life of discipleship and community.

RR06: Grief Recovery with Dave Conley
Jan 03 2019 52 mins  
Grief, Wellness, Simple Habits, Water, Coaching

RR05: 💯with Jeremy Montoya
Jan 02 2019 38 mins  
Reboots Rough Cut Episode 5 features Jeremy Montoya, an entrepreneur, business coach, content creator, and all-around beautiful soul who describes himself as an old man inside learning to be young.

RR04: Missions with the Copelands
Jan 01 2019 50 mins  
Reboots Rough Cuts Episode 4 features Chris and Joi Copeland, a Colorado couple seeking funding to enter the mission fields of Ireland with their three boys.

RR03: Dadpreneur with Jake Hare
Dec 31 2018 62 mins  
Reboots Rough Cuts Episode 3 features Jake Hare, a tech entrepreneur and dad who *almost* failed at his business because he was trying to build a product the way others told him was the “right” way.

RR02: Critical Thinking with Tom Kirkham
Dec 30 2018 60 mins  
Reboots Rough Cut Episode 2 features Tom Kirkham, a longtime friend, entrepreneur, philosopher, technology and automation guru. Tom is fascinated by self-education critical thinking skills, Cryptocurrency, and TimeSpace Compression. And he knows what it’s like to grieve, and deal with chronic illness.

RR01: Infertility with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
Dec 28 2018 53 mins  
Reboots Rough Cuts Episode 1 features Pradeepa Narayanaswamy - a credentialed life coach who specializes in coaching individuals and couples through infertility issues.

R037: Overflow Cafe with Jeff Hall
Dec 22 2018 53 mins  
Jeff also opens up about the emotional strain of abusive parents who demanded and squandered his earnings until he finally said, “Enough!”

R036: From Pastor to Podcast Guru
Dec 12 2018 53 mins  
Episode R036 features Carey Green - an entrepreneur with a figure it out mentality.

R035: One Day at a Time with Arlina Allen
Nov 28 2018 93 mins  
Arlina Allen shares how the deaths of two friends created a sense of urgency and peace around the launch of her ODAAT Chat Podcast.

EXTRA: Gratitude and Mindset with Ryan Gottfredson
Nov 10 2018 47 mins  
In this Reboots EXTRA, Tracy talks with mindset pioneer Ryan Gottfredson about how mindset and gratitude impact every facet of our lives and how we can improve the way we view ourselves and the world around us.

R034: Killed in Action with Joshua Mantz
Nov 08 2018 51 mins  
Josh was shot by a sniper in Iraq, and he flatlined. For 15 minutes, Josh was dead. His remarkable recovery resulted in his return to the battlefield.

R033: Rivertown Writer with Rachel Snider
Oct 26 2018 71 mins  
Rachel Snider is a wife, a mother of 3, a writer, an advocate for foster care and adoption, and she deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - all of which are topics of conversation in this episode.

R032: Partnering with God - Paul Crites
Oct 16 2018 70 mins  
Episode R032 features the story of Paul Crites, who served his nation twice in the United States Navy. First, as a linguist and intelligence analyst, then as a SeaBee, where he helped build relationships, infrastructure, and hope all over the globe.

R031: Getting Better Requires Work with Mary Demuth
Sep 26 2018 46 mins  
Author, prayer warrior and faith activist Mary Demuth talks of her experience with childhood sexual abuse, her journey to Christ, and how she manages to remain active in the local church while also demanding accountability from churches as institutions and their leaders.

R030: Surviving Emotional Abuse with Stacy Brookman
Aug 29 2018 49 mins  
Stacy Brookman shares the harrowing story of untangling her life from a husband she says “groomed her” to be a years-long victim of emotional abuse.

EXTRA: Catching Your Breath with Steve Austin
Aug 10 2018 29 mins  
Steve Austin - a minister who attempted suicide - shares his story of redemption and a return to a relationship with Jesus Christ through an admission that he doesn't have faith figured out, and that's okay.

R029: Finding Hope with Lee Lucas
Jul 31 2018 49 mins  
Lee Lucas was badly burned in an overnight structure fire back in 2005. In a dramatic rescue, firefighters pulled him out of his condominium with less than a minute to spare before the building collapsed.

R028: Tracy's Recovery Journey
Jul 10 2018 26 mins  
What happens when we bury grief and refuse to confront the loss of someone we love or something that defines who we are? Tracy Winchell shares her story of unresolved grief and how working the 12-steps of recovery helped her learn to accept life on its terms.

R027: A Priority Reboot with Damion Lupo
Jun 19 2018 44 mins  
Damion Lupo earned a $20 million real estate portfolio - then lost it - before age 30. Then what?

R026: Good for My Soul - Arthur Green
May 21 2018 49 mins  
Bassist for the band Living Sacrifice and co-creator of the Reboots podcast updates us on family, faith, life, and business since he shared his reboots story on Episode R001 of the Reboots Podcast.

R025: Time to Create with Kathy Watson
Apr 30 2018 44 mins  
Realizing all the things she once did for fun she hadn't done in years, Kathy Watson turned to a lifelong habit to rekindle her creativity and is surprised to discover that her first published book isn't a hard-hitting journalistic masterpiece - it's a children's book!

R024 Andy Traub Seeds to Sow
Apr 03 2018 57 mins  
Andy Traub works hard every day to be an honest husband, father, friend, and business partner.

R023: Creative Entrepreneurship with Mason Kesner
Mar 20 2018 58 mins  
A seasoned serial entrepreneur at 25 years of age, Mason Kesner talks creativity, knowing when college isn’t the right call out of high school, and how to break that news to a family of educators.

R022: Jacob's Landing with Jacob Floyd
Mar 05 2018 36 mins  
Jacob Floyd, age 16, views The Landing at Celebrate Recovery as a total strength move. He embraces the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and to learn how to develop healthy habits for handling the difficulties of this life.

R021: The One with Ed Saucier
Feb 20 2018 47 mins  
Ed Saucier is the founding pastor of Community Bible Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas and serves as the church's Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader so he's seen hundreds of reboots attempts. He knows what makes them successful and he shares his wisdom in this episode.

R020: Recycled Grace with Chris Benjamin
Feb 06 2018 61 mins  
Chris Benjamin thought he'd grow up to be the king of pop culture. Instead, he works full-time for the King of the World.

R019: An Entrepreneur Deconstructs Life, Faith, Business - Miles Crawford
Jan 23 2018 59 mins  

R018: Grace is Messy with Steve Austin
Jan 09 2018 58 mins  
Steve's story begins with a violent and malicious act against him. While his story continues, we end the episode with proof that messy grace heals us from unimaginable pain. Steve shows us how we, too, can accept messy grace.

R017: Courageous Heart with Matt Gagnon
Dec 18 2017 48 mins  
From retailing rockstar to bedridden and beaten down, Matt Gagnon describes his journey toward living a story that matches his values.

R016: Transformations - Jeff Stultz
Dec 06 2017 53 mins  
Jeff Stultz shed his alligator shirts and penny loafers for a biker’s colors and leveraged a bullet to the leg as proof he belonged atop the leadership of his violent club. After drugs and bad decisions bounced him between jail and homelessness for three years, Jeff decided to get sober, and sought church as a safe haven from addicts - even though he wasn’t about to accept all that Jesus stuff.

R015: Soul Collective with Grant Thomas
Nov 21 2017 53 mins  
A creative entrepreneur takes us to soul school. Grant Thomas shares his music philosophy & creative habits that launched a business and brand.

Veterans Day xTRA with Shane Deitert
Nov 11 2017 34 mins  
On this Veteran's Day we profile a U.S. Navy veteran and broadcast journalist who manages post-traumatic stress disorder, dyslexia, and alcoholism.

R014: White Flag with Big Rev.
Nov 07 2017 49 mins  
Big Rev. has the voice of a classic country artist, but he feels called to rap the gospel. He dives into daily habits that keep beats and lyrics coming and shares what it's like to parent a special needs child.

R013: Taming the Fears of Freedom with Stephen Warley
Oct 24 2017 53 mins  
If you dream of striking out on your own, but you’re scared to death that the freedom of entrepreneurship is substantially less stable than traditional work, this episode is just for you.

R012: Abounding Grace with Jordan Cross
Oct 10 2017 38 mins  
Raised by a single mom, Jordan Cross reached her breaking point soon after discovering she was about to be a single mom. In this episode, Jordan talks about the devastation she felt when someone else made a choice about her life when she was at her most vulnerable.

R011: Clean Slate with Zachary Sexton
Sep 26 2017 70 mins  
If you're struggling to keep up with everything on your plate, make time for Zachary Sexton's Reboots story, which is filed with tools, tips, and insights for getting a handle on life and business.

R010: Ready - Chris Joannides
Sep 12 2017 47 mins  
R010: Ready - Chris Joannides Chris Joannides says the most selfish aspect of his life is giving back. As director of the Riverview Hope Campus in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Chris gives back. A lot. And he asks others to give. The key to change,...

R009: Neon Pink Savvy with Zoe N. Sugg
Aug 29 2017 74 mins  
R009: Neon Pink Savvy with Zoe Sugg Zoe Sugg, creator of the ZuZu Cartoons collection, comes from a creative family accustomed to earning a living from their skills. In this interview, Zoe shares her take on the relationship between creativity and...

R008x Mason Floyd Gives Back
Aug 15 2017 28 mins  
Mason’s story shines light on opioid epidemic. R008x: Mason Gives Back is a Reboots Extra - a companion to R008: An Addict Comes Clean. In this second of two interviews, shares his experience and wisdom for listeners who find themselves in one of...

R008: An Addict Comes Clean - Mason Floyd
Aug 08 2017 72 mins  
This story shines light on America's opioid epidemic. In this first of a two-part interview, Mason walks us through a 20-year journey through a chemical addiction that began in high school. He holds nothing back. It’s emotional, honest, and reveals...

Xtra 2017.07.27 Art Inspires Commerce
Jul 27 2017 28 mins  
July 27, 2017 This pop up podcast celebrates the growth of entrepreneurship in our home base of Fort Smith, Arkansas - inspired by The Unexpected. The arts, music, and mural festival has been featured in Afar, a global travel magazine that...

R007: Popcorn Motivation - Casey Millspaugh
Jul 25 2017 46 mins  
Casey Millspaugh is a millennial entrepreneur. He’s got a full-time gig and a fistful of side hustles working most of the time. He sees his latest enterprise - Fort Smith Popcorn Company - as an example of an economic reboot he envisions for the Fort...

R006: A Man Redeemed - Earl Delaney
Jul 11 2017 35 mins  
ROO6: A Man Redeemed - Earl Delaney Have you ever doubted God? Do you struggle with how to talk to a God we can’t see and don’t trust? Earl’s story is for you. This former gang-banger wondered if he’d ever live long enough to know God. Today,...

R005: Enterprising Beauty - Bevin Green
Jun 27 2017 49 mins  
This Reboots story features Bevin Green, a mom, a designer of fashion, and a woman who believes life’s too precious to fit into any sort of box, no matter how pretty it is. Bevin holds an MBA and makes use of her business acumen every day, despite...

R004: When Grief is Your Story - Ada Floyd
Jun 13 2017 57 mins  
R004:When Grief is Your Story - Ada Floyd June 15, 2017 Five children, four pregnancies, three living children, two broken parents, one God. Ada excels at math. Years after the loss of twin boys, the formula of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 still tumbles in...

R003: Hope Dealer - Chris Chaney
May 31 2017 61 mins  
June 01, 2017 Chris Chaney is a serial entrepreneur. His first tastes of entrepreneurship came at an early age, participating in a bicycle chop shop enterprise and doubling his money selling double bubble in junior high. His young mind was gearing...

R002: All Things Sunshiney - Julie Jones
May 17 2017 47 mins  
ROO2: All Things Sunshiney - Julie Amber Jones May 18, 2017 Julie’s art studio and blog are named “All Things Sunshiney,” a name that came to her during some of her darkest days. Julie shares the back-story behind the name of this part of her...

R001: Beginnings - Arthur Green
May 03 2017 27 mins  
ROO1: Beginnings - Arthur Green May 3, 2017 In our very first Reboots episode, Arthur Green, artist and bassist for metal band Living Sacrifice talks about living a childhood dream as a musician on world tour. A musician so successful that a teen...

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