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May 20 2020 46 mins 2

The latest in Cannabis News, Business, Trends, Products, and much more!

34-Effective Ways to Turn a Good Dispensary Into a Great One, Creating Re-Occuring Customers, Adding Value to Your Community
Feb 11 2020 39 mins  
SHOW NOTES: This episode dives into what makes and breaks a dispensary! How do you get re-occuring customers? How do you add value to your customer? How do you turn a good storefront into the best one? What extra incentives can your company offer to sell more? (04:30) Driving up to the dispensary, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION, accessibility, well-lit, approachable (06:30) Parking, attractions (07:50) Staff (09:00) Baskets labeled for assistance or not, floating & fixed staff areas (10:00) Open floor plan!! (11:00) Sniff jars….don’t overlook the little things! Remember- “your nose, knows” (13:20) Organizing your storefront in an efficient manner (15:30) Exclusivity rights (17:30) Touching products vs. Glass cases (20:20) What makes a BAD dispensary (24:00) Cannabis is a medicine (25:00) EXTRA things almost ANY cannabis storefront can implement to improve their company -Compassion program -Free stuff for 1st timers -discount/loyalty programs -beach clean up waste program -5 star review incentives -selling local art for charity -delivery (34:00) How minimalist shops like SCVA stay afloat and SUCEED!?! -having the necessities= -purpose driven -products for all ranges of patients -great staff -great pricing and deals all week -not the best location but still killing it (37:45) Support the businesses you love and exploit the shitty companies if ya want ;) #CleanUpOurIndustry

23-PLPC Series- EXCLUSIVE interviews w/ Papa & Barkley, Kanha Treats, Melodic Heals, and PLPC
Dec 07 2018 70 mins  
Papa & Barkley 3:45 Start 4:00 How did you get into cannabis 4:45 How P&B sets itself apart 5:00 Cannabis cannot be FDA approved for “organic” 7:45 The ultimate THC tincture 8:45 How do you use a tincture 9:30 P&B’s most popular product 10:15 CBD being the biggest trend right now 10:30 The best product for the Baby Boomer generation 13:00 P&B’s plans for expansion 14:15 Why it matters where your hemp comes from 15:30 The difference between Medicinal hemp and Industrial hemp 16:45 0% THC and high CBD content cannabis plants, can it be considered a hemp plant? 18:15 Whats the feeling like when taking CBD Kanha Treats- 20:30 Start 22:00 Are the treats- sativa/hybrid/indica? 26:00 Instructions on eating edibles (Dosage) 28:30 Creating the brand and culture 31:30 What brought APC to Cali and Why we started 33:00 When did James start growing 35:00 Is Kanha in other states Melodic Heals 35:45 Start 36:15 How did you get into playing music 37:45 Teaching music 39:15 Teaching music online! 42:15 Providing valuable information to your costumers 43:00 Lucas’ cannabis use! 45:15 Cannabis and music 47:15 Best advice to give to a person starting to play instruments Purple Lotus Patient Center- Anna Maria 51:30 Start 52:00 When did the Manager of Purple Lotus get into cannabis 54:00 Using Absolute Extracts capsules when sick 57:00 Biggest symptom for the need of cannabis use 59:00 Building community and de-stigmatizing 61:30 Translating outside experience to the cannabis market 62:45 Why a knowledgable bud tender is important 63:30 Vending machine, Cannabis locker (similar to amazon locker) 64:45 Federal funding- banking 66:00 Where is PLPC?

20-Easy Tips to Grow Cannabis Indoors, Making a Topical, Midterm Elections, Vendor Day, Emerald Cup, and the PuffCo Peak
Nov 09 2018 36 mins  
SHOW NOTES 2:00 How to make THC Salve for achy joints, arthritis, muscle cramps, and more (THC infused coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax, essential oils- lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint) we used a Magical Butter Machine 08:00 Hemp vs Cannabis derived CBD 09:30 Buying “CBD” from random smoke shops 11:20 How to Grow Cannabis Indoors!! -lights (variations of bulb types- CFL/LED/HPS) -tent/enclosure (can buy online or make your own) -light hangers to raise/lower the light -24 hour manual timer -pots/containers (red solo cup —1 gallon — 5 gallon) -soil thats good for cannabis (Fox Farms Ocean Forest is a good go to for starters) -small oscillating fan -Humidity/Temp gauge -electronic pH meter 23:45 OPTIONAL- carbon filter for stealth grows 26:00 Vendor Day at Purple Lotus- (Nov 17th 1-5pm) Ed Rosenthal!!! Papa and Barkley Rove Brand Head grower of Purple Lotus and Green Valley Farms Luis Acosta Kanha Edibles 28:15 trip back to Florida second episode with Lauren! 29:00 Midterm Elections Results for Cannabis Michigan is now Recreational Utah/Missouri is Medical Ohio decriminalized 24% of the United States now has access to marijuana 30:10 Jess Sessions resigns as GA 31:00 PuffCo Peak- the most versatile and compact e-rig for extracts Handles- @AmericasPotcast @BroccoliBae420 @PerformHigher 2 stages of growth for cannabis 18-24 hours of light- Vegetative Stage

15-Caliva- What it takes to be One of the Best Dispensaries, Staying Ahead of Regulations, Combining Modern Science and Old School Techniques and MORE w/ Mike Vu, VP of Labs at Caliva
Aug 14 2018 42 mins  
SHOW NOTES 3:15 What makes Caliva special? 5:45 Whats contributing to all the new growth? 06:30 The dispensaries that didn’t plan ahead for the Phase 2 regulations versus the ones who did 07:45 Phase 3 Regulations -microtoxins and heavy metals testing 09:00 “Growing pains” that Caliva has dealt with 11:45 The Good and Bad with Regulations 13:30 Pressure on analyzing labs because of the back up from Phase 2 Regulations 14:05 Comparing Caliva’s analyzation lab samples to other labs 14:55 Phase 1- 26 pesticides tested. Phase 2- 67 pesticides tested. Anresco tests for 250 pesticides 17:15 Even though Caliva has their own analysis lab, they’re only allowed to use it for comparison data and upstream visibility, not testing. 18:30 Expansion of Caliva’s Lab and what that will improve 20:40 Mike’s new favorite extract product that Caliva is coming out with 22:00 Reef Leaf 23:30 Gio G-pen cartridges 24:00 Breaking the stigma even with elderly patients 25:30 is there a stigma with working in the cannabis industry even as a scientist? 27:30 One of Caliva’s long term goals 28:45 Caliva’s values- Consistency, Transparency, Accessibility 31:20 What does it look like for Caliva in the near future? 33:40 How Mike felt when he took a leap of faith into the cannabis industry 38:45 Austin asks Mike- does Cannibidiol (CBD) reverse the action potential at the synaptic cleft? 40:45 “Nature doesn’t do anything uselessly”

9-How to Grow Cannabis Outdoors
May 16 2018 32 mins  
Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow your own cannabis outdoors?! In this episode, we will teach you how to start your own outdoor grow from seeds and clones! SHOW NOTES 03:20 Check list! What supplies you need! -sun, water, pot, soil, nutrients -electronic pH reader -nice neighbors 05:20 check out Clones versus Seeds (episode 2) to figure out whats best for you 06:30 pick the right strain for you 07:05 struggles with last years grow 08:15 HOW TO START WITH A SEED -feminized seeds are best 09:15 Germination process -damp paper towel -“hamburger” style the paper towel with the seeds enclosed -wait 2 to 3 days -tap root tail should be at least an inch or longer 13:00 Prepare your pot/soil for the seed -soil should fill 80% of pot 14:00 Proper watering 15:00 Indirect sunlight for the first week 16:25 HOW TO START A CLONE -pick out a strong clone (big leaves, tall plant, tons of roots) 17:30 prepare pot similar to a seed -rock wool should be completely covered -soil should fill 80% of pot 18:30 Using mulch for as a heat barrier on the top layer of soil 20:30 Transplanting -we will talk more in depth about this in a later episode 21:30 Nutrients -use organic nutes -directions are on back on bottles -1 gal plastic jug, add nutes, pH right after 22:50 pH is VERY important -pH range should be around 6.0 (5.8-6.2) 24:00 Leaf/Bug problems 25:10 420 cleaner 26:30 STRAIN OF THE DAY- Dutch Treat 28:30 Is everything meant to be? 30:00 Who is more annoying?! Austin or Ray lmao

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