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Oct 27 2020 36 mins 16

DemandGen Radio shares with you the methods and technologies for high performance B2B marketing from interviews with marketing leaders, industry experts, authors, and marketing technology firms. Hosted by David Lewis, Founder and CEO of DemandGen, and best-selling author, public speaker, and marketing technology futurist.

#35 Reinventing the Use of Webinars for Demand Generation
Dec 07 2017 39 mins  
Daniel Waas, Director of Marketing for GoToWebinar at LogMeIn, probably knows more about how to use webinars for lead generation than anyone on the planet. Where did he get his super powers? It began when he was responsible for lead generation for the EMEA region at Citrix. In his role, he honed his skills over the years by pushing his team to produce hundreds of webinars, testing various formats, lengths, titles, interactivity, and imagery, ultimately turning them into a highly effective channel. But Daniel didn't stop there. Over the past couple years, he reimagined what webinar publishing should look like in the modern marketing age. His passion led him to pack up and move his family to the USA to help develop the strategy for the GoToWebinar platform. The result: He's reinvented the platform from the ground up and convinced the leadership team at LogMeIn to turn the platform into a publishing platform and community for marketing teams (and content publishers). What's it called?, and at the pace it's growing, this could essentially become the "YouTube"of webinars. Listen in to hear the back story of Daniel turning his dream into reality and how you can start using this new channel for your own lead generation as an early adopter. As a bonus, you'll get some tips on how to turn your own ideas into reality and what it takes to do so. Daniel's also posted these 55 best tips from hosting 500+ webinars and well worth reading:

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