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May 06 2019 50 mins 106

Inspiring and encouraging women to walk well in the story that God has written for them by interviewing amazing women who are doing that very thing. Real women. Real stories. Real faith.

Episode 40: JellyTelly (And other great resources for Christian families)
Sep 18 2017 37 mins  
Hi friend! Welcome to episode 40 of the Heart Lessons Podcast. My special guest today is Melanie Rainer, director and editor of content for JellyTelly. In today's conversation Melanie and I talk about her personal experiences with graduating from seminary, the joys of parenting a toddler, and what her go-to resources are for teaching her own daughter about Jesus. We also talk all things JellyTelly - from the video devotionals, show streaming availability, to the ways to incorporate all of these great resources into your everyday conversation with your kids. If you are a parent or if you have little people in your life and you desire to influence them positively with the message of the gospel, I think this episode will really help introduce you to some wonderful tools to really make this sort of influence accessible and attainable. Heart Lesson: The Lord goes before you. Connect with Melanie: blog // instagram // twitter Connect with JellyTelly: website // blog // facebook // twitter // instagram We Mention: Covenant Theological Seminary What's in the Bible? Phil Vischer 5 Minute Family Devotional Raising Boys and Girls Are My Kids on Track? (book) Are My Kids on Track? (podcast from Surviving Sarah) Praise the Lord Everyday Owlegories Jesus Storybook Bible My First Message Movie Reviews via JellyTelly Parents blog Sally Lloyd Jones The Good Book Company The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross New City Catechisms God of Angel Armies, song by Chris Tomlin Chathum Fish Market

Episode 37: True Identity in a Selfie World
Jul 03 2017 54 mins  
Hi friends! I'm so excited to welcome you to this episode of Heart Lessons with my special guest, Kristen Hatton. Kristen recently released a book entitled, Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World. It is a devotional book for teenage girls aimed at helping them realize they don't need to look to social media for security and affirmation because Christ already loves and accepts them, just as they are. We chat about her book and many of the life-giving concepts found there, she answers some of your listener questions, and we also hit on how this topic is relevant for young moms and laying the foundation now for your kids later. And of course, Kristen shares her heart lesson with us as she continues to dig deeper into this topic of true identity in Christ. This episode is so good for anyone with a teenage daughter, anyone who mentors teen girls, anyone who will one day have a teenage daughter, but it is also really great for women in general and moms of teenage boys. There is a little something for everyone in this episode. I know you will find some great takeaways from my conversation with Kristen. Heart Lesson: Keep a solid identity and satisfaction with Christ, especially with life changes. Connect with Kristen: blog // facebook // instagram // twitter // book We Mention: Get Your Story Straight Justification Paul Tripp: Age of Opportunity Shepherding a Child's Heart 1 Peter 2:9 Song of Solomon 4:7 Heart Lessons Episode 26: Surviving the Issue of Body Image with Sarah Bragg Thank you for listening! I would love to connect on instagram and chat about your favorite part of today's episode!!

Episode 35: What Do You Do, Dear?
May 22 2017 66 mins  
Hi friends and thanks for joining me for episode 35 of the Heart Lessons podcast! Today my special guest is Mary Evelyn Smith who blogs over at What Do You Do, Dear? I absolutely love what Mary Evelyn writes on her blog and although our stories are different, I feel like I identify with her very much and much of her writing has helped me along in my journey of processing the loss of my babies. Today Mary Evelyn and I talk about what it looks like for her to be the parent of a child with a disability specifically, her son Simeon who has spina bifida. We talk about the diagnosis day and what that felt like, we talk about what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made when your body operates differently than the majority of those around you, and what Mary Evelyn hopes to communicate to the world about disability. We also talk about her awesome career as a school librarian and she makes some killer book recommendations. And of course, we chat about what God is doing in her heart as she continues to move forward in what God has for her. I hope you enjoy this conversation and that you are able to come away with a heart lesson of your own, to help you draw closer to the Lord. Heart Lesson: O Heavenly King, O Comforter, Spirit of truth, who art in all places and fillest all things. Connect with Mary Evelyn: blog // facebook // instagram // twitter We Mention: Spina Bifida On Abortion: Learning Empathy and Changing My Heart Obstructive Sleep Apnea Psalm 139:13-14 Mo Willems Jon Klassen The Book with No Pictures Chalk Mac Barnett O Heavenly King and Psalm 51 (Prayer of Repentance)

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