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Oct 20 2020 46 mins 23k

Voted Best Podcast Episode of 2016 by ProductHunt, The SuperHuman Academy Podcast (previously The Becoming SuperHuman Podcast), hosted by lifehacker & accelerated learning expert Jonathan Levi interviews extraordinary people such as Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, Robb Wolf, Hal Elrod, Joe Polish, Wim Hof, and many more to bring you the skills, tips, and tricks to overcome the impossible. From physical fitness to learning and memory, we seek to understand optimal performance and superhuman abilities through engaging conversations and interviews with some of the world's most interesting people.

Ep. 300: Finale Episode & Thank You
Oct 20 2020 16 mins  
Greetings, Superfriends, and welcome to the 300th episode of the SuperHuman Academy Podcast - where, as you’ve probably already heard me mention in previous episodes, after nearly 6 years and 4.5 million downloads - it is my duty to inform you that this episode will be our last - at least for now. In this final chapter, I want to take a few moments to answer some of your questions, share with you how I’ve come to this decision, and let you all know what you can expect from me in the future. The first question that’s probably on everybody’s mind, I imagine, is this: Why would you stop a successful podcast? If you’ve been paying attention, you know that podcasting is at its all-time peak right now, with just about everybody in every market you can imagine getting into the medium. And it’s only expected to grow, with people consuming more and more podcasts every single year. Of course, a lot of these new shows are destined to be part of “the long tail” - never crossing more than a thousand downloads per episode. But SuperHuman Academy, since its inception, has been a reasonably successful show - earning thousands of downloads per episode consistently throughout its 6-year run. Add to this the fact that some of our best and most interesting guests and episodes have come out in just the last year - with quite a few “superstar” guests and life-changing episodes happening in 2020. Why, then, have I decided to bring all of this to a close?! In truth, there are a lot of reasons. First, there’s the “family” component. My wife and I just had our baby boy, and I’ve made the decision to clear off most of my calendar for a while to focus exclusively on this exciting and rewarding new adventure. The fact that I have the freedom to do this is a major blessing that I realize not many people enjoy - and I intend to take full advantage of it. But, as you can imagine, there is much more to the story than that. You see, when I first started this business - with nothing more than a simple Udemy course recorded with a webcam, it was intended to be a fun “side project” - a way to give back and earn a living while I searched for “the next big thing.” I could have never anticipated that I would be where I am today, employing a full team, with over 300,000 students worldwide, bestselling books, a successful podcast, certified coaches all over the world, etc. What was intended to be a fun, lifestyle-oriented “side business” in many ways became a runaway success - and my main focus for the better part of 7 years. All of that is well and good - I have no regrets whatsoever, and of course I consider myself extremely blessed for everything this journey has done for me and for those I’ve touched along the way. But, in all truth, somewhere between then and now, I lost sight of what was important to me. I spent a few solid years mingling with and learning from the smartest minds in the business. And yes, there were amazing times where everything “clicked” and we were on top of the world. But since then, there have also been years of struggling - often uphill - towards endless growth and expansion, without considering whether or not it would bring me happiness (spoiler alert: it didn’t). Ultimately, for the second time in my life, I found myself in a prison of my own making: working more hours than I wanted to, to build something that wasn’t even my dream. As a result of this, I learned a number of very valuable life lessons: first, there’s no happiness in living other people’s dreams. And second, there’s nothing more important than happiness - nothing. That’s why, when COVID-19 struck, and a few key team members took it as an opportunity to resign and start their own businesses, rather than fighting tooth and nail to rebuild, I instead chose to view this as a huge moment of awakening - and a huge opportunity. It’s funny, you know? Day in and day out in my courses, podcast, and in interviews, I talk about designing the life that best suits you, about living “a la carte” instead of “prix fixe,” and about how you can create your own unique lifestyle where you work as much or as little as you want to. And sure, in many ways, my life today reflects those values and ideas. But sometimes our own advice is the easiest to forget - or, as they say in Hebrew, sometimes, the shoemaker goes barefoot. When the spell of “constant growth” wore off, I was forced to look at the plain facts: while I love this business, I love all of you, and I’m forever grateful for this entire experience… continuing to grow this business bigger and better isn’t what makes me happy anymore. It doesn’t challenge me or excite me like it used to. It’s not what I feel compelled to do. And no amount of impact, press recognition, or money is going to change that. Similarly, another reason for stopping is that I sense that I’ve done all I can with the podcast. Sure, I can continue finding great guests to interview every week, but the reality is that most of the guests I’ve wanted to interview have already been on the show at least once, and those who haven’t, I’ve come to realize probably never will be. While the show has grown to a respectable size, it will likely never grow any bigger or reach the next level. And so, after 6 years without missing a single episode, the hard truth is that I’m bored. Sure, there are occasional interviews that blow my mind and make me want to keep going, but if I’m honest with myself, my sincere enthusiasm for recording the show week after week waned a long, long time ago. What’s more, I’ve found that my overall enthusiasm for the personal development space has really waned along with it. You see, though I’m still a lifelong devotee of all that personal development has to offer, after 7 years of working in the space day in and day out, I need to take a step back and cleanse my palate for a while. I’m sure I still have plenty to learn - and that I haven’t heard it all just yet… but sometimes, it certainly feels that way. Not to mention that the marketing, the content creation, the collaborations, the webinars, and broadcasts… it’s all a lot more work than it seems, and quite frankly, I think I probably just need a break. People talk a lot about a “7-year itch,” and there’s really something to that. This same thing happened to me in my last business, a luxury car parts internet retailer that I grew to seven figures - and then sold after 7 years. Whereas I used to be obsessed with cars and learning everything there was to learn about them, towards the end, I was so burnt out that I wanted nothing to do with them. Only now, 9 years later, have I rediscovered that passion and enthusiasm I once had as a kid. So now, you must be wondering: What’s Next? I mean, from the sound of it, you might be worried that I’m going to pack up and leave, shut down or sell my website, and disappear into the sunset - much like I did when I left the aftermarket automotive industry. Not to worry. I’m not going anywhere - at least not right now. After all, a huge part of why I do all this is a feeling of responsibility. So many of the techniques, ideas, and strategies that I talk about in my courses and on this podcast fundamentally changed my life - and for that reason, I feel like it’s my moral obligation to continue sharing them with the world - even if my day-to-day involvement has been reduced to a minimum. This is why I spent the better part of the last year training over a dozen SuperLearner Certified Coaches, who will continue working hard to ensure that the worldwide impact of the SuperLearner methodology continues to grow. It’s also why my team and I have been really active in sharing content on social media - so make sure to subscribe to us on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, if you haven’t already. So while my company will be running mostly independently of me, with a smaller staff and significantly reduced marketing, all of our existing courses, programs, and content are not going anywhere. In fact, I might even come back from paternity leave and continue producing new courses or content, from time to time - especially on social media. I even have an idea (and a domain name) for a new podcast, which I’m calling “The Lifestyle Entrepreneur.” It’s all about how to build your business around the lifestyle you want, as opposed to the other way around. In fact, if that sounds good to you, you can show your support for this new project by subscribing to the mailing list at In addition to all of that, the serial entrepreneur in me couldn’t stand still for too long. Paternity leave or no paternity leave, it took me all of about 15 minutes after deciding to scale down my time commitment to SuperHuman Academy before co-founding a new business that I’ve been working on a lot lately. It’s called Coffee (you can check it out, and it’s a high-ticket sales team as a service. Basically, we work with businesses that have high ticket offers - whether that’s coaching programs, mastermind memberships, B2B software, and more - but who don’t want to deal with hiring and training a sales team. While it might seem completely out of left field based on my skill set, I’m excited about this business because it gives me the opportunity and challenge of working on novel technological implementations for our clients, connecting their systems to ours, without being involved in the “business” side of things too much. Leveraging technology to automate work has long been one of my favorite things - and one of my favorite parts of building out SuperHuman Academy, so I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to take on a role where that’s my sole focus. Finally, there are still some question marks as far as what’s next. As time has progressed, I’ve felt increasingly compelled to get involved in some way, shape, or form with environmental impact. I’m not sure whether I want to do so as a volunteer, a cofounder, or even as an employee… but I know that I’m passionate about solar energy, carbon capture, alternative protein, electrification, and more. So, if any of you out there have ideas as to how I can leverage my skills to make an impact in that industry, I’d love to hear from you. Now, that was a lot to take in - and probably pretty confusing. On the one hand, I’m scaling down my involvement in this business, but on the other, I might start another podcast, on top of at least one other side business I’m starting? “Dude... make up your mind,” amiright? If I were you, I’d probably want a clear, definitive answer: Is this really the end for the SuperHuman Academy Podcast? The best answer I can give you is “Maybe.” Allow me to explain: For now, I will definitely be taking at least a few months hiatus from the “superhuman” content and podcast interviews. And one way or another, I really want to get off of the superhuman hamster-wheel, where I’m constantly under the gun to create new podcast interviews and content on a weekly schedule. With that said, I can’t promise I won’t miss it - just a little. And quite frankly, if the opportunity to interview one of my “bucket list” guests were to crop up - hint hint, Tim Ferriss - of course, I wouldn’t turn it down. So, yes, there may be a future version of the show where I release episodes more like once a month or once in a while. It’s all going to depend on what I end up doing next, how much time that takes, and what I feel excited about doing. I think I owe that to myself. All this is to say that I would love it if you all stay subscribed both to our free content mailing list at and to the podcast itself in your podcast player. Who knows… I might just surprise you. And now, before I let you go, one last thing: Thank You. Genuinely. Have you ever taken a moment to look at something that is “normal” in your life - something that you take for granted - with fresh eyes, and realized that it’s absolutely mind-boggling? It could be looking at your kids and realizing that you made them… or looking at a 300,000-pound airplane and realizing that it glides through the air… Well, that’s exactly how I feel when I think about this podcast, and about SuperHuman Academy as a whole. The fact that all of you - hundreds of thousands of people in all 205 countries and territories worldwide - have tuned in for literally millions upon millions of hours of my content is absolutely humbling and awe-inspiring. And the incredible reviews, personal transformation stories, and testimonials many of you have shared are also deeply, deeply moving. When I think about my own origin story - from being a bullied, depressed, and underachieving 13-year old with low self-esteem… to where I am today… in a position to empower and provide value to so many people all over the world, I’m truly speechless. It has been, without a doubt, the greatest honor of my life thus far. And so, I want to thank you - each and every one of you. Not just for tuning in and listening… and no, not just for supporting my business financially throughout the years, either - though I appreciate both of those things tremendously. What I really want to thank you for is the deep impact you’ve had on my life. For the meaning and the purpose you’ve given to my own, at times very painful, journey. I don’t often think about what I would say to 13-year-old Jonathan, if I could go back in time. But most likely, thanks to all of you, I think I know what it would be: “Stick it out. In the end, you can’t even imagine how many people you’re going to help because of this.” On that note, the teacher in me can’t resist sharing just one last, final “nugget.” At the end of nearly every episode of the show for the last few years, I’ve asked each guest the same closing question: “If our audience were to take away one big message from this episode and carry it with them for the rest of their lives, what would you hope for that message to be?” For me, from day one, through thousands of hours of content and endless interviews and videos, my message has been the same. It’s been my personal mission to be a living example of how you can create your own, unconventional, custom-tailored life to suit your own needs, dreams, and desires. There’s a sense of poetic fulfillment, then, that this final episode - this closing message - is me doing just that. Walking the walk, taking my own advice, and making the uncommon decision that leads to more happiness, satisfaction, and growth. My only hope is that each of you have learned to do the same. Wishing you all the best - from the bottom of my heart. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 299: How To Find Love That Lasts W/ Katherine Woodward Thomas
Oct 13 2020 57 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to a very special episode of the show, episode 299 out of the 300 - where I've certainly saved some of the best for last. Some of you may have heard through my personal journey and story where, a few years ago, I read a book that solved probably my biggest personal problem, and certainly my biggest problem in the area of personal development and growth. Really, it reinforced for me the idea that you can learn your way out of any problem, and that you can learn to be the kind of person that no longer has that problem. I'm talking, of course, about love and romance, and finding the person that I'm destined to spend my life with. Many of you will know that it took my 9 long and painful years between relationships to find the woman who is now my wife, and, probably by the time you hear this, the mother of my child. And that was an incredible transformational journey, which really solidified what is possible in personal development. What is possible when you apply the things that we talk about in the last almost 300 episodes. Fundamentally, you change, your life changes, your outcomes change, and your whole world changes. So, today I'm really excited that I finally had the opportunity to interview Katherine Woodward Thomas. She is a Master's in family therapy, a New York Times bestselling author of Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, and more pertinently to today's episode and my life, Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. Now, if you are already in a relationship, or you think that this woo-woo, I wanna stop you right there, because in this episode we go so much deeper than just that. What this episode really comes down to is dealing with trauma, which we all have, it's improving and growing through our own psychological hangups, which we all have, and it's learning how to have more love, happiness, and joy in our lives, which we all want. I really enjoyed this episode. I'm not going to read through the amazing summary of Katherine's credentials, media appearances, etc., because ultimately what's important is the impact that she's had and the people that she has worked with and the lives that she has touched. So, I encourage that you listen for what you can apply from this episode, and if you're looking for that one final SuperHuman achievement, which is finding love, then this is the absolute best episode for us to end on. Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 298: Maintaining Mental Health In The Darkest Times W/ Kati Morton
Oct 06 2020 46 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today I had a wonderful guest. I knew I would enjoy this episode, which is why I gave it one of these coveted final spots, and yet I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. The guest is Kati Morton, she is a clinical psychologist, and a family and marriage therapist, and she runs a private practice in Santa Monica, CA. But, you probably will know her for her internet activities, where for the past 8 years she's leveraged social media to spread mental health information worldwide through video. She's worked with folks on eating disorders, self-harming behaviors, and many more things - in fact, at the time of this recording, she has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube with over 75 million views. Kati has appeared on all kinds of traditional media as well, and she has published a number of books - her first book, Are U Ok? A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health, was released in December of 2018. Now, why did I enjoy this episode so much? Well, first as you can tell, Kati talks about how it's so important to have a connection with someone if you are going to work with them on your mental health. She and I immediately had an awesome connection and shared understanding about just how hard times have been for a lot of people, whether it's economically, socially, or the anxiety we've all been facing. Thus, I felt that this is just the right episode for where I've been, which is in a lot of pain about the environmental situation, the social situation, the political situation, and just feeling the weight of the world and the suffering that people are enduring around the world. This was a phenomenal episode also because Kati gave some very practical and ingenious techniques for immediately alleviating some of that pain, and I thought that this was the best time to share this with all of you. So pay special attention when she talks about the "shake", as well as when she talks about "thought bridges", because I thought that these ideas were massive, and they are just the tip of the iceberg in this episode. Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 297: A New Plan For Sustainable Health W/ Robb Wolf
Sep 29 2020 59 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! In this week's episode, I'm joined by a repeat guest and longtime friend of mine, Robb Wolf. Robb has been on the show many times before, seeing as he's written many New York Times bestselling books - in fact, two, in the past so far. He is also a former research biochemist, that is better known for The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat. Robb is my go-to thought leader on all things nutrition. He's the person who convinced me to go paleo, he's the person who convinced me to modify that diet with more data about my own blood sugar and insulin response levels, and now he is pioneering a healthy rebellion - a social movement with a goal of liberating a million people from the sick care system. As if all that wasn't enough to take on, he has also written a new book called The Sacred Cow, a contrarian look at a potential way for solving our food crisis, specifically the animal protein crisis that we're facing, and dealing with climate change. Now, I'm going to warn you, a lot of Rob's opinions are contrarian, and he even goes out and says that you have to be careful not to get canceled for sharing some of the opinions that he shares. But, I always like to bring in both sides of the opinion, and honestly, I wanted to talk to someone who is spreading a message of hope, right now, especially when it comes to the environment. So, Robb and I talk about a lot of different elements of this whole piece. We talked about what the best way is for humans to get our animal protein, assuming that an animal protein diet is what people want and not everyone is going to go off of it - and not everyone should go off of it. We talked about the sustainability and environmental impact of factory farming versus grazing animals. We then talked about alternative energy solutions, which I didn't know he geeked out on as much as I do, but it turns out he geeks out on much more than I do. As part of that conversation, we also talked about some of the challenges with alternative energy. And we talked about much more, that you'll have to listen to the podcast episode to know all about it. I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 296: Wade Lightheart On Discipline, Biohacking, And Health In Today's World
Sep 22 2020 52 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Wade Lightheart. Wade is a 3-Time Canadian national All Natural Bodybuilding Champion who competed as a vegetarian, a former Mr. Universe Competitor, the host of The Awesome Health podcast, and one of the world’s premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods. He has worked in the field for 25 years, sold books in over 80 countries, served as an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, and is the Co-Founder and President at BiOptimizers, a digestive and health optimization company. This was a really fun episode. Wade and I connected on a lot of different subjects that we both feel passionately about. We talked about technology, and how our dissonance with our evolutionary blueprint is causing so many of our health problems. We also talked about loss in his life, the discipline and how he cultivated it to compete at such a high level, and we talked about digestion and the lymphatic system. In fact, I learned a couple of really powerful biohacks in this episode that I never understood how they worked or why they worked, and I'm going to be going out and making a purchase after this episode of something that I think is going to provide massive health for my family and me. In addition to that, Wade was very generous at the end of the episode. He gives away not just a complete online course, but an awesome discount on some products, if you want to check out BiOptimizers' products. Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 295: Mark Victor Hansen On Writing, Entrepreneurship, And The Power Of Questions
Sep 15 2020 54 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to a very special episode of the show! Today we are joined by Mark Victor Hansen. Mark has sold over 500 million books. He's best known as the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, but he actually has written over 309 books, and is known for his endearing and charismatic style. You've probably also heard of some of his other books including The One Minute Millionaire. Mark is known for having spoken to over 6000 audiences worldwide on a wide variety of topics, and he actually studied directly under Buckminster Fuller, one of Einstein's greatest students. He has a lifetime of entrepreneurial success, alternative energy pursuits, and more. I do encourage you to check out his list of 309 books, as well as his appearances on Oprah, CNN, The Today Show, Time Magazine, USA Today, the New York Times, and much, much more. In other words, Mark is probably one of the most SuperHuman authors on the planet, and in this episode, I wanted to learn not only how that is possible, and how he has achieved so much, but also what are the mindsets, the tools, the tactics, and techniques that have allowed him to do so much. In addition to that, I wanted to learn what his message was for all of you, during these admittedly challenging times. The conversation was absolutely fascinating, and it veers more on the side of entrepreneurship that we usually go. But I think that's what people need to hear right now, in these challenging economic times, so I know you're going to enjoy this episode as much as I did! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 294: Resilience, Positivity, and Beating Guilt W/ Valorie Burton
Sep 08 2020 47 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by national bestselling author, international speaker, and life strategist Valorie Burton. Valorie is the founder and CEO of the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and her life-changing message has an intriguing, research-based emphasis in the pioneering field of applied positive psychology – the study of what happens when things go right with us. Valorie teaches that resilience is a skill that can be learned – and anyone who wants to have fulfillment, high impact and success must learn it. Now, in this episode, we go wide. We talk about having emotional resilience during these very troubling times of political, social, and economic unrest. We also talk about how to maintain positivity, and how to take care of yourself during these times. And, of course, we talk about the topic of her new book, which is guilt, and how to let go of the subtle and small guilt, that is not only holding you back but, as I learned in this episode, is behind so many of the bad decisions that we make in our lives. Just by listening to Valorie speak, I was able to identify some of the really bad decisions that have led to a lot of unhappiness in my life, which, in fact, were not bad judgment, but guilt driving my actions. I think this is a massive episode! I will inform you that I did lose my composure at one point during the episode... We went very deep and talked about some of the painful things that are going on in the world today, and both of us got really moved. Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 293: Cal Newport On How To Live A Focused Life
Sep 01 2020 61 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by none other than Cal Newport. Cal is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, but most people don't even realize that, because, in addition to that, he is one of the greatest best-selling authors in the personal development and productivity space of our time. Cal's work has been published in over 25 languages and has been featured in many major publications, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, Washington Post, and Economist. You probably know him as the author of Digital Minimalism, Deep Work, and So Good They Can't Ignore You. In other words, he is one of the most critically acclaimed guests of all time, and in this episode, you will, without a doubt, understand why. Cal is a very unique thinker, and he has thought very deeply about productivity, work, and getting things done. His ideas have shaped what has become the common standard for getting more focused work done in your day, and also putting controls in how technology impacts your life outside of work. Now, in this episode, I had the privilege of getting to go deep into Cal's work, because he is currently releasing a new online course with Scott Young, which talks about many of the subjects that he wrote years and years ago about. That means that I was able to go back in time and ask him questions, without shame or embarrassment, about things that he published a decade ago. So, we talked about digital minimalism, about deep work, accelerated learning, the importance and neuroscience of focus, and the mistakes so many people make that prevent them from actually developing the skill of paying attention. We also go into digital habits, and in why it's your phone that is in control of you, and not the opposite. I honestly think it's one of the better episodes we've ever done, and I'm sure you will enjoy it! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 292: Control Your Blood Sugar, Control Your Life W/ Josh Clemente of LEVELS
Aug 25 2020 53 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Josh Clemente. Josh, the founder of Levels, is a mechanical engineer and CrossFit-L2 trainer. At SpaceX, he led a team to develop life support systems that sustained astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on their May 2020 trip to the International Space Station aboard Dragon Endeavor: the first new crew-carrying spacecraft since 1980. Josh has also spent time designing and building Hyperloop technology and leading engineering for a company providing vehicle-based rescue systems for emergency response teams. But, we barely talked about any of that stuff today, because, as I already mentioned, Josh is the founder of a really fascinating company that I've been following for a while, called Levels. Their idea is that wearables are nice, but they rarely give you real, powerful data about what's going in your body. Well, Levels is trying to change that, by coming out with the first consumer-available continuous glucose monitor. Now, you've probably heard the hardcore biohackers in the world, like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss, wearing these glucose monitors that they need all kinds of connections to get, and all the wonderful things you can learn by wearing a glucose monitor. So, I wanted to learn what the big deal is with these, and why it's such an important technology to put in the hands of consumers. I ended up learning a lot about what turns out to be one of the most important molecules in the body - glucose - which powers almost everything that you do. And that's why we need to make sure that we have just the right Goldilocks level layers in our body at all times - more about this in the episode. I think you are really going to enjoy this episode, as I did! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 291: The Basics of Total Personal Transformation W/ Stephan Spencer
Aug 18 2020 50 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Stephan Spencer. Stephan is a bestselling author of 3 books, serial entrepreneur, Internet luminary, life hacker, podcaster, and contributor to Harvard Business Review and AdWeek. His books are The Art of SEO, Social eCommerce, and Google Power Search. Stephan has optimized the websites of some of the biggest brands in the world, including Chanel, Volvo, Sony, and Zappos. But that's actually not what we cover in today's episode! You see, Stephan is also one of the most incredible personal transformation stories that I've ever heard - and I have heard a lot. He went from being in a different, and somewhat dark, place in his life to completely transforming everything about himself, and in a pretty short time too. In the episode, I ask him more about that transition and transformation than I've ever had the opportunity before in polite conversation with him. We talk about the event that started it all, about personal growth as a field, and some of the incredible and transformational experiences he has had traveling the world with folks like Tony Robbins, and working with some of the top thought leaders on the planet. Of course, we also share many useful tips that you can use to spark your own transformation and move past skepticism and into awareness and openness. I think it was a really fun, engaging and entertaining conversation, that I'm sure you will enjoy as well! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 290: Dr. Enric Sala On The Health Of Our Oceans And The Ecosystem
Aug 11 2020 48 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today I was joined by Dr. Enric Sala. Dr. Sala is a National Geographic explorer in residence, dedicated to restoring the health and productivity of the ocean. He's authored over 120 scientific publications, which are widely recognized and used for real-world conservation efforts, such as the creation of marine reserves. Dr. Sala has also founded and leads National Geographic's Pristine Seas, a project that combines exploration research and media to inspire country leaders to protect the last wild places in the ocean. To date, they've created 13 of the largest marine reserves on the planet, covering an area of 4.5 million square kilometers. Dr. Sala has also received a ton of awards, including the Young Global Leaders award by the World Economic Forum, the 2013 Research Award from the Spanish Geographical Society, and many, many more. Now you might be wondering, what does an environmentalist and conservationist have to do with being SuperHuman? Well, if you've listened to the last 289 episodes you know that so much of optimizing our health is dependent on the health of our planet. It's dependent on things like being able to get healthy and high-quality foods, and on being able to enjoy the sunshine, nature, and fresh air. And, lately, I have been more and more concerned about the state of our planet, and about the condition we are leaving it in for the next generation. And yet, like so many of you, I've felt powerless, and I've not known how I, not an engineer, not a politician, not a leader of a Fortune 500 company, how can I make a difference and ensure that we all have a place to live, that is habitable for us 50 years from now. So in this quest, I had the opportunity to interview, Dr. Sala who turns out is a big fan of the show, and asked him, why is this important and how can we actually make a difference. I think you're going to be very empowered by this episode - I certainly was! There are some real actions that you can take, and in this episode, you're going to learn not only why the health of our oceans is so important to our health, but also how you can take action and how you can make a difference. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 289: Jeffrey Madoff On Perseverance And The Secrets Of Creativity
Aug 04 2020 60 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! First, let me tell you that I am very protective of my time, so it is very very rare that I stay on talking to a guest for hours, and just chat, learn, and grow. But that's exactly what I did with today's guest, who is probably one of the more interesting human beings you will meet. You see, I asked a mutual friend of ours, Joe Polish, "who should I have on the show?" - because we as you know are in the last 15 episodes of the show. So, I asked Joe about some of the most interesting people that he knows, who I should have on these last 15 episodes, and he immediately told me that Jeff Madoff, today's guest, was available. Now, let me tell you a bit about Jeff. He's considered a storyteller and incisive interviewer, and he's used those talents to help position major brands such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret, Radio City Music Hall, and the Harvard School for Public Health - but, he actually began his career as a fashion designer. He was chosen as one of the top 10 designers in the US, and then he switched careers - we talked about that a lot. After switching to film and video production, he has since expanded his reach to include teaching, book and play-writing, and theatrical producing. Jeff is also an adjunct professor at Parsons School for Design, where he teaches a course called“Creativity: Making a Living with Your Ideas”, and his book is titled almost the same. In addition to all these, Jeff has been featured as a speaker at the Wharton School, NYU Steinhardt, North Carolina State, SXSW Brazil, Google Next, and many others. He's also written a play that'll be coming out in May of 2021. Now, about this conversation. I promised Jeff that we would go wide and range all over the place, and we certainly did. We talk about creativity, about leadership, about entrepreneurship, about growth and a growth mindset, and we talk about massive career changes, as well as life satisfaction. Honestly, this was one of the more rewarding podcasts. It was so good that, for a moment, I wished that we weren't coming to a close at 300 episodes but alas, we must all move on and all good things must come to an end. I'm sure that you will enjoy this episode as much as I did! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 288: Dr. Kelly Starrett On How to Train & Maintain Your Body For Peak Performance At Age 97
Jul 28 2020 75 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today, ladies and gentlemen, I got the chance to interview a personal hero of mine - someone who I discovered probably half a decade ago, and whose work has dramatically impacted my life, my body, and the way that I feel. I'm talking, of course, about Dr. Kelly Starrett. Dr. Kelly Starrett is a doctor of physical therapy. He is a New York Times bestselling author of Becoming a Supple Leopard, as well as various other books, such as Ready To Run. He's also widely known as one of the founding fathers of CrossFit - though I understand he's no longer affiliated with it - and he is known as one of the top movement, mobility, kinesiology, physical therapy, and personal training experts on the planet. In fact, he trains police forces and special forces, and he talks all over the country and the world about these topics. And for good reason. Because, as you're going to see in this episode, Kel, as he told me to call him, knows more about the human body than probably anyone you will ever meet. He knows how to train it. He knows how to fix it. He knows how to teach you how to fix, maintain, and train it, and in this episode, we go wide - trust me, he did not disappoint. Personally, I've read a lot of his work and I've heard most of his interviews. And yet, even I learned something about how we can not only reevaluate the way that we treat our bodies, the way that we maintain our bodies, but what we can expect out of our bodies, and how we can face even old age, with strength, without pain, and with range of motion. I think this episode is really going to change the way that you look at your body and look at aging. And I hope that it is going to change the way that you act in your body, the way that you use your body. Dr. Starrett gives you a simple piece of homework here, that takes 10 minutes a day, and I promise you, if you do it, your life will change. I really enjoyed this episode, as you can tell, and I know you are going to as well - so please enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 287: The Importance And The Science Of Brain Health W/ Dr. Bill Sears
Jul 21 2020 40 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today I was joined by Dr. Bill Sears, father of eight, author of 47 books, former associate professor at the University of Toronto, University of South Carolina, and the University of Southern California School of Medicine, as well as many more universities. Dr. Sears has appeared on over 100 national TV shows, his contributions to family and health were featured on the cover of Time Magazine, and he currently lectures on mental wellness. I think that's the first time I've ever had a guest who has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine! I also think that one of the more impressive things about his bio is that he has been a pediatrician for 50 years - yes, he is 80 years old, and still full of energy and vitality as you will see on the show, which, alone, gives him so much credibility in today's topic. That is the topic of brain health, something that we all should be concerned about. As I learned, as I was shocked to learn in this episode, brain health has now outpaced heart disease as one of the leading killers, if not the leading killer, in America. I was shocked to discover that, and, in this episode, we talked about the five pillars of brain health, as discussed in Dr. Sears, latest book The Healthy Brain, published in April of 2020. I learned a lot in this episode, and it was a great review for a lot of things that I talk about in our SuperLearner Masterclass: the importance of sleep, the importance of the right nutrition (not all that is billed as healthy nutrition is the right nutrition), and the importance of exercise. But, I also learned additional new things that really blew my mind and I think are going to blow your mind as well. This episode has something for everyone, whether you're concerned about your parents and their brain health as they get into older age, whether you're concerned about yourself, and doing things now that are going to allow you to live a long and full life with a healthy brain, or if like me, you are expecting a child and want to do everything you can from pregnancy onward to ensure that that child has a healthy and happy brain. I really enjoyed this episode, and I know you will too! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 284: How To Really Simplify And Perform At The Highest Level W/ Dr. Juli La Rocca
Jun 30 2020 42 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to this week's episode, where we actually have a very special one for you! You've probably heard me talk about today's guest before, Dr. Juli La Rocca, as a star SuperLearner student, and then someone who also took my Branding You program, and has gone on to just become so successful and influential, do incredible things, and help people all over the place. Her story starts as a traditional Western medicine doctor who went from a lot of struggles, trials, tribulations, depression, suicidal thoughts, and much more as you'll discover, to learning, growing, changing, evolving, and becoming a coach to very successful people. She's an incredible woman, she's actually one of my coaches right now, and she has helped me through so many incredible breakthroughs in the last year that we've been working together. So, I thought I would bring her to all of you, because not only does she have an incredible story, and an incredible amount of wisdom to share, but she is the epitome of a SuperLearner, going from not knowing anything about the thought leader business - her words, not mine - to where she is now. Now, the student truly has become the teacher, and she is a valued coach of mine and teaches me so much about how to live my life and how to take good care of myself. So, again, I thought why hog all her wisdom for myself. I wanted to bring her to all of you, and we had an incredible conversation as we always do about life, about what's important, about different tools that you can use to perform at your highest level, and about simplifying, which I think is a really important thing that we all need to be thinking about right now. I heard an incredible quote the other day from a former Disney executive who said "in the rush to go back to normal, take time to consider which parts of normal are worth going back to". I think that is so profound. I think this podcast episode will help you think, and start that conversation with yourself. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to Dr. Juli La Rocca. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 281: How To Make Literally Anything Happen W/ Steve Sims
Jun 09 2020 44 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Do you know anyone that’s worked with Sir Elton John or Elon Musk, sent people down to see the wreck of the Titanic on the sea bed, or closed entire museums in Florence for a private dinner party and then had Andre Bocelli serenade them while they eat their pasta – well, you do now! Quoted as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz" by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, Steve Sims is a best-selling author with "BLUEFISHING - the art of making things happen”, he is a sought-after consultant, and a speaker at a variety of networks, groups and associations as well as the Pentagon and Harvard – twice! He also is a friend of mine from Genius Network, and I think he is one of the most interesting human beings on the planet. This episode goes really wide, really far, and we talk about how can you make anything happen. Well, what does that mean? It means that you have things that you'd like to happen in your life, things you want to achieve, experiences you want to have, and we talk about how you can actually make them happen - with the person that has made a career for decades from making impossible things happen for people. And I know you expect that this is going to be another one of these episodes, where we just tell you to "try hard" and "know the right people", but no - you will be really surprised by what Steve has to say. Even me, Steve caught me multiple times going about things the wrong way, and he corrected me - and I love when someone brings to my attention how I can improve myself! Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 280: How Attachment Theory & Reprogramming Your Subconscious Beliefs Will Change Your Life W/ Thais Gibson
Jun 02 2020 48 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Thais Gibson. Thais is an author, speaker, and co-creator of the Personal Development School. She is, as you will see, extremely passionate about personal development and growth, specifically around the subconscious mind. She has an MA and 13 different certifications ranging from CBT to hypnosis, and in this episode, we covered a lot of them and learned about what Thais is probably most known for, which is her work and contributing research on attachment theory. Now, this isn't something that we've talked about on the show before, but it's something that has dramatically impacted my life. I read a book on attachment theory years and years ago, and it changed the trajectory of my life because it changed the way that I was going about looking for a healthy and happy relationship - something that I hope for each and every one of you in the audience. So we talk about that. We talk about how to understand where you are, the basics of the theory, and how it impacts you and your relationships. And then we got into another cool topic that we don't cover a lot on the show, which is hypnotherapy. Is it the real deal and how does it work? Why does it work? So I did not talk a lot in this episode. Thais is very passionate, knows what she is talking about, and so I just sit back and let her share knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb. I think you're really going to enjoy this episode. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 278: Dr. Will Bulsiewicz On How To Develop And Optimize A Healthy Gut Microbiome
May 19 2020 54 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today I'm really excited to be joined by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz - very hard to pronounce, but very interesting to listen to. Dr. Bulsiewicz is an MD, MSCI, board-certified, award-winning gastroenterologist. Yes, there are awards. In gastroenterology. That was one of many, many things that I learned in today's episode. Dr. Bulsiewicz is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine and was chief medical resident at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and chief gastroenterology fellow at the University at North Carolina Hospital. He won the highest award given in both his residency and fellowship. As a former junk-food junkie and ribeye steak lover, Dr. Bulsiewicz personally lost 50 pounds and radically transformed his health by discovering the healing power of fiber and transitioning to a plant-based diet. He then brought these methods to his clinic and witnessed his patients have amazing results. Dr. Bulsiewicz completed 8 years of formal research training and has spent over a decade trying to help people improve their health. His latest book is called Fiber Fueled, and is coming out on May 12th, 2020. If you want to check it out and read more, you can follow him on Instagram. His handle is @theguthealthmd, if I'm not mistaken. So, why did I so enjoy this episode? Well, first off, it's always fun to talk about poop, right? But more than that, we discovered some of the misconceptions around just how much influence you have over your gut health and how much influence that has over your overall health. I learned some very, very surprising things about just how impactful improving your gut health will be in the overall picture of your SuperHuman health. And, I learned some interesting stuff around what it takes to actually have a healthy microbiome. Guess what? It does not involve buying pills, potions, or products. It involves a very specific diet that you will learn about throughout this episode. So I really enjoyed talking to Dr. Bulsiewicz and I know that you will as well. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 277: How To Take Care Of Your Sleep And Transform Your Life W/ Hugo Mercier
May 12 2020 54 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Hugo Mercier, the CEO and co-founder of Dreem, a leading digital therapeutic for sleep disorders. Hugo has led his business through the development of the company’s solution – the Dreem 2 headband -, which I recently got a chance to try out and was blown away by so much, that I wanted to have Hugo on the show to learn how they managed to build a sleep lab that you can buy and use at home to improve your sleep. Hugo is a graduate of my Alma mater, UC Berkeley, and the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris where he studied engineering and entrepreneurship. He's also been honored with all kinds of awards for being an innovator and all different kinds of awesome influential persons awards. He's even spoken at amazing events such as Slush Web, Summit, TEDx, and more. Now, I really enjoyed this episode and I think you will very quickly see why. I know we have done a lot of episodes on sleep, but I have never had a chance to talk to someone who works with literally a dozen of the world's top sleep researchers one-on-one, and who is constantly spending his entire day analyzing sleep research and figuring out how we can practically make people's sleep better. I learned things about sleep and that says a lot because I have done a lot of thinking, interviewing, and reading about sleep. So, I know you're going to enjoy this episode! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 276: How To Truly Dominate Your Procrastination W/ Dimitris Gkiokas
May 05 2020 40 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to this week's episode, where we have a very special guest! In fact, today you are going to meet one of the members of my executive team, who just so happens to be an expert and thought leader on the topic of procrastination. His name is Dimitris Gkiokas (say that three times fast) and he has an incredible story which he shares throughout this podcast episode. Dimitris is an award-winning podcaster, he runs the most successful podcast in Greece, he has his own business, and is a core member of the leadership team in my business. No one would look at someone with that much amazing stuff going on and realize that he is actually a recovering gaming addict - and I'm talking about an actual addiction, as you will see. He is a recovering chronic procrastinator and is someone who has had an incredible journey just to be able to achieve a fraction of the things that he wants to achieve in life. So in this podcast episode, we talk about the incredible journey that Dimitris has gone through to be able to achieve so much, and what you can learn from it. He shares how so many of us, many more than I think we realize, are also suffering from procrastination - maybe not as badly. But we are suffering from procrastination in our day to day lives. And he talks about how you can change your relationship to procrastination, and how you can overcome many of the negative effects. I really enjoyed this episode. I've learned a lot from Dimitris around this topic and learned how even I, yes, even me, with the podcasts and the courses and the million other things going on, even I have a procrastination problem that I would be served to change. Please enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 275: Christy Whitman On The Art Of Having It All & Achieving Quantum Success
Apr 28 2020 42 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Christy Whitman. Christy is a two time New York Times best-selling author, Celebrity Coach, Transformational Leader, and just all-around superwoman in every possible sense of the definition. She has appeared on "Today" and The Morning Show and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others. She is also the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy and Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and has more programs than I care to list - check out her website where there are so many different cool programs, workshops, books, and other things that she is putting on. I was really excited to talk to Christy because I feel like we've never talked about the Law of Attraction on the show from someone who really lives, breathes, practices, and coaches it outside of the kind of woo-woo, like "just believe and everything will happen for you". Because then, actually what are the steps you need to take? How do you need to change your mindset so that you can actually manifest reality in your life? Apart from that, Christy has also written an incredible book called The Art of Having It All, where she talks about how women, and anyone really, can have it all, despite what society thinks and the limitations we think that we have. And then, she also put out a book called Quantum Success. And I have to admit, I was very curious to figure out exactly what Quantum Success was. And so I begged Christy to come on the show and she was very kind to oblige. I really enjoyed the episode. I think you're going to enjoy it as well. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 271: Why & How To Stay Fit - Even In Quarantine w/ Tee Major
Mar 31 2020 32 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are going to be talking about quarantine, social distancing, and being stuck at home. I wanted to do this special episode and move around all the other episodes we have scheduled, because as it so happens, a very dear friend of mine is one of the world's top experts on how to work out in not-so-ideal conditions. His name is Tee Major, and he's been on the show a couple of times before. Tee has written a book called Urban Calisthenics, which talks about how you can maintain peak physical fitness even in urban, cramped apartments, without any weights and gear. More importantly, he developed this experience over years of working with every single branch of the US military and Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are people literally living in extreme conditions, who also need to be at their peak physical fitness. This is an important episode for a couple of different reasons. One, because I think it's crucial that we all take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and otherwise, during these difficult times, and again, the physical is a big part of that. In addition to that, I think a lot of people are using this situation as an excuse to slack off a little bit - I know I'm guilty of it - but as you you'll learn in this episode, there is a lot you can do. In fact, Tee advocates that you don't need to just maintain, but you can actually thrive, improve, and get closer to your goals. This is a really good episode, that I'm sure you are going to thoroughly enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 269: Dr. Brett Wingeier On Halo Sport & The Effects Of Brain Stimulation
Mar 17 2020 50 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Dr. Brett Wingeier, currently CTO and co-founder of Halo Neuroscience. Dr. Brett himself is an engineer and neuroscientist with twenty years of experience creating science-based products to unlock human potential and treat disease. He is also the co-creator of Halo Sport, the world's first convenient, wearable neurostimulator for athletic training. Prior to Halo, Dr. Wingeier was a principal engineer and clinical scientist at NeuroPace, bringing to market the first fully-implantable responsive neurostimulator for epilepsy. Really cool stuff! Now, I wanted to have Dr. Wingeier on the show because many of you have reached out to me and asked about the Halo Sport, this device that you supposedly put on your head and it makes you learn motor skills faster. So, I reached out to the company, told them that my audience is asking about their product, and requested that I talk to someone from their team. They said "absolutely", they were kind enough to send me a unit, and they told me that I could ask all the questions I want to their CTO and co-founder. And that's exactly what I did. So, for those of you that want to know whether this works, yes, it does. If you want to learn how it works, you will learn more about Dr. Wingeier himself in the episode. I really enjoyed the episode because it gave me the opportunity to go into a part of accelerated learning that I normally don't get to go so deep on, and that I normally feel is a hole in my knowledge. That is, can we accelerate the learning of physical motor skills, and can we make our brain connect to our body in faster and more efficient ways? Spoiler alert, the answer is yes, and in this episode, you will learn how. We also go a bit deeper into the crazy ways that you can use electronics and technology to change our brains. I really enjoyed this episode, and I'm sure you will do so as well! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 265: How All Forms Of Light Affect Our Sleep And Our Health W/ Andy Mant
Feb 18 2020 63 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Andy Mant. Andy is the founder and CEO of BluBlox, a company that specializes in evidence-based advanced light-filtering eyewear. Andy started Blublox not only after becoming dissatisfied with the quality and standards of other blue-light-blocking products out there, but also because he had gained a ton of weight and had all kinds of issues with chronic fatigue and lacking in energy. When traditional diet and exercise didn't work for him, he turned towards the research himself, and became a biohacker. So, today he is a leading figure in understanding how all forms of light, not just the light from our screens, can affect our health and well-being. He and his team have developed all different kinds of products, and Andy even gave us an insight into some of the crazy products that they are in the process of developing. I wanted to have Andy on the show not just to talk about light blocking glasses, but because I wanted to go much deeper into the research around light as a whole. In the episode, we expanded on the blue light from our screens, and we discovered that some products or apps are better than others. We also talked about sunlight, what times of day you need to be exposed to it, how to know if you are getting enough sunlight in your life, and many more things around the all-important thing we all do in our daily lives, sleep. I really enjoyed this episode, and I'm sure you will enjoy it as well! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 259: How To Achieve Your Potential & Perform At A High Level W/ Eric Partaker
Jan 07 2020 45 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Eric Partaker. Eric has been named "CEO of the Year" at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards, one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs in the UK" by Startups Magazine, and among "Britain's 27 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs" by The Telegraph. His work has featured on over 7 major TV stations, in the Wall Street Journal, and The Economist. He has also appeared on The Apprentice as a guest judge. So, why have an entrepreneur on the show? Well, Eric's other business is that he helps entrepreneurs and leaders perform at their best through his high-performance coaching. He is one of 300 people worldwide certified as a High-Performance Coach, by the High-Performance Institute. He has also completed a coaching certification and apprenticeship with Professor BJ Fogg, who leads Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab. Over the last 20 years, Eric has advised Fortune 50 CEOs while at McKinsey & Company, helped build Skype’s multi-billion dollar success story, and co-founded Chilango where he’s also Co-CEO. Chilango has been described by Elite Business Magazine as “arguably the most exciting fast-food company of the decade” and is also the most successfully crowdfunded restaurant chain in the world. I wanted to sit down and talk to Eric, after being introduced to him by Olly Richards, because he has a very unique perspective on high performance and how we can achieve it. I know every single one of us in the audience would love to be at a higher performance level, and I love Eric's approach, as you'll see throughout the podcast. It's a wide-ranging and great conversation, and I think you'll see why he and I hit it off every time we hang out! Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 258: How To Turn Your Stress Into The Absolute SuperPower W/ Dr. Jaime Hope
Dec 31 2019 54 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by SuperWoman. Not literally, but pretty much a SuperWoman, because today I speak with Dr. Jaime Hope. Jaime is a dual certified attending physician specializing in emergency medicine at one of the most intense level-one trauma tertiary centers in the country. She is also a published author, an online educator, a thought leader, an adjunct assistant professor at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, and many other things, including wife, mother of two, and again, all-around superwoman. Jaime tours the world giving keynote lectures on stress, parenting, relationships, business success, healthy habits, and everything else. Jaime is a friend from Genius Network, and the last time I spoke to her and picked her brain about health, I said that we have to have her on the show to share her opinions around health, and specifically around stress. You see, she is one of the physicians whose opinion I trust more than absolutely anybody else in the world, and I'm not the only one! Jaime knows more as a trauma tertiary center physician than just about anyone in the world I can think of around stress and stress management. So, in this episode, we didn't just talk about stress, but we go deep into how to use stress as a tool, how to manage stress, and all her various ways of managing her attention and managing her time. In fact, we go really deep into how she accomplishes so much and how she maintains peak health with all the things going on in her life! I really really enjoyed this conversation, which is always a good indication that you will too! Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 253: How To Be A True SuperHuman & The Power Of Visualization W/ Matt Belair
Nov 26 2019 47 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Matthew Belair. I actually appeared on Matt's podcast, and I got so interested in the little bits of his story that I managed to get out of him, that I invited him on my show to learn more about him. Matt is a top-rated podcast host, best-selling author of Zen Athlete: A Guide To Self-Mastery, and he is an expert in human performance. He hosts The Master Mind, Body and Spirit show, which has reached #1 on iTunes and he does all kinds of insane coaching and blogging around sports, performance, spirituality, mindset, and many more things. I think Matt is one of the only people in the world that have sought out as many SuperHumans as I have. Matt is a life long martial artist, traveler, and truth-seeker who has indeed trained with many masters. He has studied meditation in Nepal with Tibetan monks, survived a near-death experience trekking mount Everest, he's worked with Wim Hof, and he has trained with professional MMA fighters in Thailand as well as with 34th generation Shaolin Monks in China. It would take me the whole episode to list all the crazy things Matt has done to try and learn more about optimal performance. That is why we had a wide-ranging conversation where we talked about everything from mindset and visualization to athletics, spirituality, and meditation. You will truly discover all different kinds of ways to improve your experience on this planet in this wide-ranging episode with Matt Belair! Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 242: Nir Eyal On Defeating Distractions The Right Way And Becoming Indistractable
Sep 10 2019 55 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Nir Eyal, an author, speaker, and thought leader. Nir writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. Actually, the MIT Technology Review dubbed him the prophet of habit-forming technology after his last book Hooked went supersonic and became a best-seller in pretty much every place you can imagine. By the way, many people don't realize that Nir has also founded 2 tech companies since 2003, he's taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, and he's invested in a whole bunch of incredibly successful companies like Worklife, Product Hunt, and Eventbrite, in addition to many more. You've probably also seen his writing in HBR, Techchrunch and Psychology Today. Wow! So, why have someone who is an expert in technology - and habit-forming technology at that - on the show. Well, actually Nir and I have intersecting interests besides the fact that we are both children of Israelis and Hebrew speakers. Nir has recently written an all-new book, which is called Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. Now, as many of you already know, I've recently invested a ton of time working with an expert in my life to create a Digital Zen course and help people figure out how they can put control and controls back on their technology use and get their life back in order, digitally speaking. I was really excited to pick Nir's brain and learn more. I have to say that, before we hopped on the interview, I asked Nir what would make this a huge success for him, and he had a really untraditional answer. Most guests answer that having a great conversation on the topics they are passionate about is what they are looking for, but Nir answered: "If I blow your mind or completely change the way you see an aspect of life, that'll be a huge win for me" - and I have to say that he did not disappoint. I really enjoyed this conversation, and I can guarantee you will enjoy it as well! - Jonathan Levi

Ep. 238: Transforming Our Relationship With Money W/ Aggie Kowalski
Aug 13 2019 46 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! I have to confess that today's episode will make some of you a little bit uncomfortable, but I want you to push through that. That is because the topic today is money, and the mindset around money - a topic I've been very interested in for many years now. Some of the important questions to ask are: What does money mean in your life? What relationship do you have with money? How do you use money, and how do you use it to actually make your life and those of the people you care about better? To help you answer all these questions, we are joined by Aggie Kowalski, who is a mindset coach who teaches the missing piece to money and wealth manifestations. With her therapy background, she has studied thousands of success patterns used to develop her unique method - permission to prosper™️ - which she uses to coach entrepreneurs, real estate agents, artists, actors, and other people in breaking their income ceilings to create a new money reality. You may have seen Aggie in popular media like Forbes, Thrive Global, USA Weekly, and Bustle, demonstrating how to neutralize manifestation blocks around wealth and success. Now, how many of you - be honest - are a little uncomfortable talking about money, or are at least a little stressed out of the way money does or doesn't show up in your life? Well, I want you to pay special attention to this episode, because it's not just about how to make more money, it's also about how to be happier with money, it's about how to be more at peace with your own money situation, and it's also about how to push through all these things to find prosperity, happiness, and mental health around money. I really enjoyed this episode. You'll see we just talked and talked, and I didn't ask any of the standard questions - which is usually a sign that I'm having a lot of fun! I'm sure you will enjoy this just as much! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 233: Essential Oils: Everything You Need To Know W/ Melyna Harrison
Jul 09 2019 50 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Melyna Harrison. Melyna is one of the most successful entrepreneurs that I know, a fellow genius Network member, and I refer to her as the queen of essential oils. She has been featured on the cover of Reinventing Healthcare, in Leadership magazine, as well as in the book The Power Of Essential Oils - plus in many other places. Over the last decade, Melyna has onboarded and taught over 260,000 people about the health benefits of essential oils. In the process she has built a family of 4 kids, as well as a multi-million dollar business, helping people use essential oils as natural alternatives to many different nutritional supplements, medication, and many things. I wanted to learn about this entire fascinating world, because I see that there is something here. More and more I hear about essential oils as alternatives, as treatments, as solutions for a lot of different things, whether that be anxiety or fever, and I wanted to learn more, as this is something I know very little about. Over the course of the episode, Melyna taught me so much, and got my mind so completely blown, that I'm ordering a care package from Melyna to arrive on my doorstep so I can start playing around with some of these things, and seeing how they can replace some of the things that I use as health and self-care products. I really enjoyed this episode, and I'm sure you will too! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 232: Thriving Under Pressure & Memory Techniques W/ John Graham, U.S. Memory Champion
Jul 02 2019 46 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by John Graham. John is the most recent US memory champion, having won in 2018, he is an international Grand Master of Memory, and he also is the international coach for the entire Vietnamese memory team. Amazing, right? As if those are not already enough, John has appeared on international TV shows in Russia, Indonesia, and the US - all showcasing his incredible trained memory. He has actually been able to memorize 181 names and faces in 15 minutes, a 282 digit number in 5 minutes, over 22 decks of cards in 1 hour, and many more things. You probably understand how crazy all that is! In this episode, we talked not just about memory techniques, because we've done a lot of episodes on them - instead, I wanted to go deeper with John and find out how he uses all this in his own life, how he makes it into a better quality of life, more success, more happiness, more joy, more connection to other people. I think we did a really good job covering that! Sometimes, you may think why would you ever need to memorize 181 names and faces in 15 minutes, and in this episode, we discover that it is about so much more than that. John and I share the opinion that memory is the gateway to all learning, which then is the gateway to self-improvement. Apart from all that, we also talked about a methodology that he developed for learning how to perform well under pressure, whether that is appearing on stage, competing in athletic events, or anything else. I really enjoyed this episode, and I'm sure you will do as well! - Jonathan Levi

Ep. 230: Achieving Financial Independence & Living The Life You Want W/ Michael Rosehart
Jun 18 2019 52 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! This was an amazing episode. You see, a few months ago I was introduced to the idea of the FIRE movement by one of my former professors at Insead, and I found it such an amazing movement and idea. Financially Independent, Retired Early is a movement of people that are obsessed with finding out smarter ways to live and invest, so that they don't have to worry about money - which means that they can do whatever they want with the rest of their lives, whether that is being with family, volunteering, or running a business. So, I talked to our past podcast guest Diana House, and I asked her about who do I want to talk to in the personal finance space that is a rockstar - and that's how I was introduced to today's guest. His name is Michael Rosehart. Michael is a 26-year-old early retired, self-made millionaire, with a young family, who unlocked financial independence at the age of 24 through Real Estate investing and extreme frugality. In fact, he bought his first property at the age of 19 (in 2012), while still in university studying business finance, and scaled up to build a 15 property portfolio in 2017 that cash-flowed over $12,000/month (net) in London, Ontario, Canada. Now, here's the interesting thing. Mike did not come into the world with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, he was raised by a single parent, he was at the poverty line in his home country (Canada), and he had to work and grind to make all this happen for him. How does someone go from being at the poverty line to being a multi-millionaire in just a few short years? Well in this episode we are going to learn about that, but more importantly, we are going to learn why Mike did all that, what does Mike work on, and why is he so invested in giving back. And here's what I think is so cool about this episode and about Mike. He doesn't have anything to sell you - in fact, he doesn't care if he doesn't make a dollar off of you. He is able to do the things that he is passionate about, like come on the podcast and share his wisdom out of his own kindness, just because he is set for life. I think that is so cool, and I wonder what the world would look like if more people could just do what they wanted, giving back to others, doing things of kindness, or just learning and improving and growing the world, just because they didn't have to worry about money. Now, of course, I pitched Mike to create a course for all of you just because he has so much knowledge to offer! In the meantime, I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode, and I know you guys are really going to enjoy it as well. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 226: Staying Honest To And Loving Yourself W/ Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, Mindvalley Co-Founder
May 21 2019 42 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani. Kristina is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, artist, mom of two, and much much more. In fact, you've probably heard of the business Kristina and her husband Vishen founded - it's called Mindvalley, and it is pretty much one of the largest education and transformation companies on the web. They run the popular A-Fest Event, MindValley U, and many more different business divisions. Mindvalley is currently a team of approximately 300 people, and they're based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kristina helps her students to virtually hack happiness by taking them through her unique framework. From a small meditation business, operating out of the couple’s apartment in New York, her company quickly grew into a global educational powerhouse, partnering with some of the top thought leaders on the world. I have to say Mindvalley is one of the companies that, since I discovered it not too long ago, really is a model and an inspiration for anything we are doing here at SuperHuman Enterprises. So, it was really cool to connect with Kristina, learn more about her journey, and I think what you'll find is that she's admittedly very different from what you'd expect from the co-founder of a transformational education company. She thinks differently, she talks differently, and it was really cool to get her perspective on various subjects we discussed throughout the episode. I have to say that this was a really good episode. Admittedly, Kristina told me that I put her in a different area than she's used to talking about, given that her message is more often about how to tap into self-love and discovering/grounding yourself. But it was really fun and we both agreed that it was an amazing conversation, that I think you are going to learn, enjoy, and benefit quite a bit from! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 222: How To Take Control Of Your Personal & Business Finances W/ Diana House
Apr 23 2019 53 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Diana House. Diana is a business finance expert, a serial entrepreneur that has sold 2 e-commerce companies, a private lender, and a real estate investor. She also loves the challenge of becoming SuperHuman through adventures in diet, exercise, mindset, faith, goal setting, and personal development. I know that business finance is not a topic that we often talk about in the show, but I actually had a call with Diana as a coach, and I found her very interesting - in fact, she had such an interesting way of looking at life, the world, personal finance, goal setting, and growth, that I just had to have her on the show. Diana has probably done the most investment in herself and in improving herself out of literally anybody that I know, and you know that I always love to meet those kinds of people and hear what the best things that they've done are, what the best investments they have made are, and what are the best mindset changes they have gone through. So we had a really great episode, we had no shortage of things to talk about, as happens every single time with Diana, and I think you folks are really going to enjoy it. We talk about the best things that she has ever done for herself, we talk about a lot of different ways that you can become financially SuperHuman and change your mindset not just about who you are and what you are worth, but also about money and how you use it in your life to create health, happiness, and success. Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 221: Hal Elrod On Achieving Your Dreams With The Miracle Equation
Apr 16 2019 58 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to a really special and deeply inspiring episode of the show. Today we are rejoined by one of the most popular guests we've ever had on the show - the amazing and astounding Hal Elrod. You probably know Hal because he is the author of the incredible series of books called The Miracle Morning, which is sold all over the world in many different languages and many different variants. Hal has recently celebrated selling over a million copies of that book, and I personally can tell you it is one of the episodes and books that people most tell me changed their lives over the 220+ episodes we've done on the show. What many people don't know is that, after writing that book, Hal once again faced another near-death experience. He was diagnosed with a very rare and very aggressive form of cancer, which he has managed to, knock on wood, survive and beat against all odds, once again defying death. He has recently published a new book called The Miracle Equation, talking about how he did this, and how he reached this level of tenacity, ambition, faith, and effort in his life. Every time I talk to Hal and hear him speak, either in Genius Network meetings or when hanging out in a group of people, I'm always blown away by his energy, his enthusiasm, his passion, and his wisdom - and this is how I feel about this episode as well! I know you folks are going to get a lot from this episode, as I did too! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 219: How To Figure Out Your Nutrition In The Modern World W/ Dr. David Friedman
Apr 02 2019 47 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Dr. David Friedman. Dr. Friedman is a #1 bestselling author, a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Clinical Nutritionist and a Chiropractic Neurologist - in other words, he has a lot of degrees and certifications. He is actually a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, and a registered Naturopathic Diplomate. Dr. Friedman received a post-doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School, and is a former teacher of neurology - he has even authored a college textbook. He is an expert in all things body, nutrition, and nervous system, and you've probably seen him writing in U.S News & World Report, Newsweek, Readers Digest, Healthy Living, AARP Magazine, and Woman’s Day. He’s also been a guest on over a hundred syndicated radio and television shows. Friedman’s list of clients has included many top celebrities like John Travolta, Jenny McCarthy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Val Kilmer, and Paul Newman. On top of all that, he hosts his own radio show. Amazing, right? So, what did we talk about in this episode? Well, most of the time we talked about the most important thing in health, which is nutrition. But we also learned a lot about chiropractic, both as a philosophy and as a practice. I learned a ton in this episode about different ways to identify healthy foods, about different things that go on in the body when you eat certain foods, and also some really interesting health hacks that I'd never been exposed to. This episode is full of insights that we haven't heard in the show before, so I think you are really going to enjoy this - Dr. Friedman is just full of energy and has a really great personality. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 218: How Passion Really Works & How To Utilize It W/ Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness
Mar 26 2019 43 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! For this week's episode, I got on a call with 2 incredibly smart authors, Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness. They are the co-authors of the new and highly anticipated book The Passion Paradox: A Guide to Going All-In, Finding Success, and Discovering the Benefits of an Unbalanced Life. You folks probably know that I'm passionate about passion - but the truth is, we've never actually had anyone on the show talk about it as a field of study or a field of Becoming SuperHuman. So, I wanted to have these 2 gentlemen on the show - and I learned that this is really an emerging field which is still not so well understood, similar to the way flow states were 20-30 years ago. In the episode, we talked about passion and how it is such an ambiguous, kind of misunderstood area of human experience, and we also set aside some time to really understand where these misconceptions are, how people perceive passion, why passion is important in your life, and most importantly, I think, how you can actually go about getting more passion in your life. In fact, and somewhat unexpectedly, there are ways that you can achieve that and strategies that actually really surprised me. Another thing that surprised me about this episode was what I learned about recovery. We've talked about recovery a lot on this podcast and especially in the Becoming SuperHuman MasterMind where Benjamin Hardy did a whole segment on it. Well, Brad and Steve gave me some really incredible ideas for how I can supercharge my own recovery periods so that I bounce back faster from long working or recording days. I really enjoyed this episode, and I know you are going to as well! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 214: Chris Bailey On Distractions, Overstimulation, And The Power Of Focus
Feb 26 2019 48 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are once again joined by probably one of my favorite guests of all time - I know I'm not supposed to pick favorites - and definitely one of the guests that we've had on this show the most. That is, Chris Bailey. Chris is a productivity expert, international bestselling author, and blogger extraordinaire. He is the author of The Productivity Project, which has been published in eleven languages, while his second book that just came out, Hyperfocus: How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction, was published in seven languages at launch. Chris also writes about productivity at, and speaks to organizations around the globe on how they can become more productive, without hating the process. You've probably seen him in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, The Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, TED, Fortune, Fast Company, and Lifehacker, among others. In today's episode, for the first time, Chris and I talked about more than just productivity - we also talked about distraction, mindset, and how to get into the right state of mind so that you can be healthier, happier, and, of course, more productive. We talked about why he wrote another book on avoiding distraction after Cal Newport wrote Deep Work, which Chris took like a champ. And, as we always do, we joked, we laughed, and we shared our geek out strategies. This episode is honestly jam-packed full of different strategies that you can use to live a better and more productive life, and, if you take away just one or two of them, I have no doubt that you will be a little bit more SuperHuman. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 210: Rock Thomas On Finding Your Voice & Transforming Your Identity
Jan 29 2019 56 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Rock Thomas. Rock is a coach, author, entrepreneur, who has inspired 72 million people to take action, led 35 people to become millionaires, is the bestselling author of 3 books, is a serial success entrepreneur, is a Tony Robbins mastery level trainer, and a creator of a Global movement - wow! Rock leads the #IAMmovement and a number of high-level MasterMinds, such as M1 and Gobundance. On top of all of that, Rock has actually trained directly with such greats like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Wayne Dyer. Now, in this episode, as you can imagine, Rock and I really hit it off. We learned all about his story, the struggles he went through early in life and what they taught him, and we just went deeper and deeper from there. We talked about mindset, the power of words, success, money, and the impact and role that each can play in your life. This was a really great episode! I'm not gonna spoil it all for you, but let me tell you that I really enjoyed the episode with Rock, and immediately after the call was over, we made plans to start working together on another exciting piece of content that we want to put out - if you want to learn more about that, make sure you check out, where you'll get the opportunity to discover much more from Rock and me in the very near future. Without any further ado, please enjoy my conversation with my latest SuperFriend, Rock Thomas. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 209: How To Use The “Slipstream Technique” To Shortcut Your Career Success & Learn Directly From Industry Transformers — With Brandon Fong
Jan 22 2019 48 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to a very special episode of the show! You see, this week we are joined by my right-hand man, Brandon Fong. He runs up a lot of our company's efforts and is really the swiss army knife at SuperHuman Enterprises. As a college student, Brandon published a four-category Amazon best-selling book, launched and failed at his first startup venture, acquired tens of thousands of dollars of scholarships, and traveled to 13 different countries while pursuing a double major in entrepreneurship and marketing with a digital marketing emphasis, and a minor in Spanish. His work has also been featured in Fast Company, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Huffington Post, and the School for Startups radio. But, that's not why Brandon is on the show today. Brandon is on the show because, 9 months before graduation, he leveraged his brand and experiences to secure a 100% remote marketing position at his dream company - and yes, that is my company. After joining the company, Brandon became one of the most valuable team members we have, and he's helped me grow the business. Now, what does this have to do with being SuperHuman? Well, it turns out that none of this happened by accident. Brandon had actually spent years developing his own methodology for working his way into the inner circles of some of the most influential and successful people in the world, and then getting them to lovingly mentor him and invest in him and his future efforts. Again, this did not happen by accident. Brandon has worked with people like Kevin Harrington, Noah Kagan, myself, Ben Hardy, and many more, and in this episode, he's going to teach you exactly how he does it. He's going to teach you how to stand out from every other job candidate, whether you're young, old, experienced, or a novice, and he's going to show you a different and better way to make yourself stand out so you can be more competitive and more successful in the job market. And I know that appeals to every single one of us. So, I think you're really going to enjoy this episode - I definitely did. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 208: Chris Voss On The Art Of Negotiation And Building Trust With People
Jan 15 2019 47 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to a very special episode! It is special because... I originally lost it. No, I'm not joking... Out of 200+ episodes, I have never lost a podcast episode, and yet this one I did. To make things even worse, the episode was amazing - in fact, I think it was our best episode recorded in 2018. Anyway, the great news is our guest was so gracious that he was willing to rerecord it! And now, I hear you asking, who is this amazing guest? Well, it is Chris Voss, the CEO of the Black Swan Group and author of the national best-seller "Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It", which was named one of the seven best books on negotiation. A 24-year veteran of the FBI, plus former member of a SWAT team, Chris retired as the lead international kidnapping negotiator, and then built his company helping businesses and individuals solve problems based on that exact experience and the accompanying skills. Their negotiation methodology focuses on something different, which is discovering the “Black Swans,” small pieces of information that have a huge effect on an outcome. Chris and his team have helped companies secure and close better deals, save money, and solve internal communication problems. Which is why you've probably seen Chris in TIME, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, Fortune, The Washington Post, CNN, ABC News and much more... Chris Voss is the negotiation expert. And, if you're not in business and wondering what you're going to learn today that's valuable to you, it turns out that negotiation is a part of all of our lives, every single day, and we often don't even realize it. The skills that Chris teaches to people are not only revolutionalizing their businesses, they're also revolutionalizing their relationships, their families, their personal lives, and much more. In this episode, we go deep in various amazing topics, like: Human psychology How you can better build trust with people How you can deal with incredibly high-stress situations without freaking out Why you need to learn to handle stress to become more effective And, of course, how to better negotiate and have better outcomes both for you and for your partner It's an incredible episode, which I think is almost as good, if not just as good as the first time we recorded it! I'm certain you folks are going to enjoy this! - Jonathan Levi

Ep. 207: Making The Transition To Becoming An Entrepreneur W/ Steve Glaveski
Jan 08 2019 43 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Steve Glaveski. Steve is an entrepreneur, an author, and a podcaster, and he is on a mission to unlock the latent potential of organizations and their people so that they can create more impact for humanity and ultimately lead more fulfilling lives. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Collective Campus, an innovation accelerator based in Melbourne and Singapore, that works with large organizations around the globe. In fact, Steve’s company has worked with the likes of Telstra, National Australia Bank, Clifford Chance, King & Wood Mallesons, BNP Paribas, Microsoft, and so on. On top of all that, he is the founder of Lemonade Stand, a children's entrepreneurship program that helps kids understand the fundamentals of design thinking and start-up philosophy. And, as if these are not enough, Steve has also authored the forthcoming book Employee to Entrepreneur: How To Earn Your Freedom and Do Work That Matters. And that topic is exactly why I wanted to have Steve on the show - quick note, Steve has a show of his own, Future Squared, which I will be appearing on very shortly. I wanted to meet with Steve and ask him a question that a lot of you have asked me before, which is how to make the transition to becoming an entrepreneur, and what the necessary skills to survive the cutthroat world of entrepreneurship are. It's an incredible episode, especially for anyone who's ever thought of doing their own thing, and I know you guys are going to enjoy this episode a lot! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 203: The Science & Magic Of Lucid Dreaming W/ Charlie Morley
Dec 11 2018 54 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! You should know that I’m really excited because I enjoyed this episode so much! You’re going to see, or I should say understand, why… Well, today we are joined by Charlie Morley. Charlie is a best-selling author and teacher of lucid dreaming and shadow integration. Now, if you don’t know what lucid dreaming is, it is having dreams where you know you’re dreaming, but not just that – in lucid dreaming, you can also control your dreams. As I learned, lucid dreaming is a lot more than flying, skydiving, and doing other fun stuff – it’s actually a deep spiritual practice that you can use for psychological recovery, accelerated learning and for much more. In fact, Charlie was actually “authorized to teach” within the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche in 2008, and has since developed a holistic approach to dream work called “Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep”. He has also written three books which have been translated into 13 languages! He’s spoken at Cambridge University, The Houses of Parliament, and he is a regular expert panelist for The Guardian. In 2018 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship grant to research “mindfulness-based PTSD treatment”. Charlie also runs workshops, lectures all over the world, and, as you’ll see, he’s an absolutely awesome guy. I so enjoyed this interview and I learned so much about lucid dreaming, which I thought I knew a fair bit about. Well, I didn’t. I’m also very excited because Charlie and I talked after the show, and we actually decided that we are going to do a 30-day challenge around lucid dreaming, where he will coach a select group of listeners into lucid dreaming and how to actually use it to make an impact to their life. If you want to learn more about that and get involved in the challenge, you can go to Now, without any further ado, let me introduce you to my lucid dreaming SuperFriend, Charlie Morley. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 202: Dave Asprey: You're In Charge Of Your Biology
Dec 04 2018 53 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by one of the biggest names, if not the biggest, in the biohacking and longevity movements! I’m talking, of course, about the Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey. Now, if you have been living under a rock and you haven’t heard about Bulletproof, well, they are not just a coffee company – they are one of the fastest growing supplement and nutrition companies in America. Dave has already published two New York Times best-selling books, and he joined our show today to tell us all about his all-new book Game Changers, which is coming out December 4th, everywhere books are sold. That’s the exact same day that this episode comes out, by the way, so you may want to go and check out the book right now! Throughout this interview, we talked to Dave about his journey from being a Silicon Valley executive to fixing his health and to founding Bulletproof. We also discussed various more topics, like the things that drive him, emotional trauma, physical trauma, recovery, and longevity. It’s a wide-ranging episode – one that can only happen when 2 seasoned life-hackers meet and meld minds. I always love talking to Dave because he’s a very intelligent guy with a great attitude, and he really really cares about helping people perform at their best. In fact, in this episode, we talk about the 450 people that he interviewed on his podcast, and how he transformed that wisdom into his latest book. I’m sure that you folks are going to enjoy this episode. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 201: The Effects A Religion - Judaism - Has On The Brain W/ Dr. Andrew Newberg
Nov 27 2018 39 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are rejoined by Dr. Andrew Newberg. Dr. Newberg is currently the Associate Director in Charge of Research at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital in Philadelphia. He is also a Professor in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University, and the adjunct professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. (Try saying all that out loud!) Dr. Newberg is also, as you know from our previous episode, which I highly recommend, one of the preeminent experts on the study of neurotheology, which looks into how religion affects our brain - a very interesting topic. He's published over 200 peer-reviewed articles on the subject, and he's authored a number of books, including How God Changes Your Brain, Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief, and his most recent book The Rabbi's Brain, which is what we wanted to talk about in the episode. Now, I want you to avoid the temptation to go "Oh, this is an episode about Jewish stuff and I'm not Jewish - who cares...", because I'm also not very Jewish, despite being a Levi and born into Judaism. As we learn from our episode with Andre Norman and many other episodes, you don't have to be of a particular faith to learn some of the lessons and some of the values from it - you don't even have to particularly be faithful, as there are a lot of good stuff in there anyway. So, my goal for this episode was to understand how a specific religion (in this case, Judaism, but it could be anything) actually affects our brain, whether it benefits or hurts us, and what are the things that are happening in the brain. I was especially interested in this because of my fascination with not only the brain itself, but also meditation and how it changes our brain. So I wanted to know, is meditation different from reciting Hail Mary, reading the Shema, or doing the morning prayer in Islam? In the episode, we answer all these questions and many more - I think you are really going to enjoy this episode, as I always enjoy chatting with Dr. Newberg! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 199: Diving Deep Into Mindset And Power Couples W/ Brian Grasso & Carrie Campbell
Nov 13 2018 57 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by my fellow Genius Network members, Brian Grasso & Carrie Campbell. They are of "Brian & Carrie - In the Morning", a 5-day a week live show that used to offer daily mindset training. Brian & Carrie are considered some of the top experts in mindset training, and they've even developed their own "Eliminate Your Limits" system. They've actually spent decades, together and individually, in the trenches, coaching and working with people and helping them reach their greatest levels of success and happiness, in everything from health, to wealth, to relationships. In case you didn't know, Brian & Carrie are a happily married couple with an incredible story - they work together, they live together, they love together. In the episode, we didn't just go into mindset and why it's so important. We go way deeper than just the fluff of "you need to set your mindset for success" - we actually went into what happens in the brain and how do you actually change your mindset and upgrade the way that you think so that you will succeed. But, we also go into their secrets for having a wonderful power couple relationship, which I really enjoyed, as I'm currently building my own relationship. I'm sure that you folks are going to just love this episode. Brian & Carrie have such an incredible relationship together, and they're so complementary to one another. Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 196: How To Create The World’s Most Valuable Network W/ Joe Polish
Oct 23 2018 65 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! I have a treat for you today! Many of you, if you've been on the show for any period of time, have heard the name Joe Polish. And if you haven't, well, Joe is the reason I know about 50%-75% of our recent guests. Joe Polish is the founder of the I Love Marketing Podcast, founder of Piranha Marketer, and the founder of Genius Network, the world's greatest high-level entrepreneur MasterMind, where I and entrepreneurs like me spend about $25.000 (I think this year I spent $35.000) to get into a room with other high-level entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Now, beyond that, Joe is (what I often refer to him as is) the most beloved marketer in the world. He is a marketing expert, and his ability not just to market, but also to build relationships and maintain them, has put him on the Rolodex and first name basis of people like Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Tim Ferriss, Richard Branson - the list literally goes on and on and on. In fact, when I was hanging out with Joe, he got a missed call from, well, I won't say who, but a very very impressive name, and he is constantly in contact with some of the world's most powerful and influential people. Now, I wanted to know how. How does someone go from, as Joe always says, being a dead broke carpet cleaner living on credit cards, to having literally the most valuable network of anyone I've ever met. There are heads of state who have a less impressive and less valuable network than Joe Polish. I wanted to understand not just how he did it, but what are the methodologies, what are the techniques, what are the skills, that we can learn from Joe's journey, and his rise. Well, I think you folks won't be disappointed. This episode delivers a ton of actionable, SuperHuman relationship building tips and tricks and strategies, and you'll also get to know one of the more interesting people that I've met and had the pleasure to spend time with. A small note: we did record this episode in person at the Genius Network headquarters a few weeks ago, therefore the audio quality is not what you would normally expect, but it is certainly worth powering through. So, without any further ado, let me present to you my SuperFriend, Joe Polish. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 191: Bringing Functional Medicine In Your Life W/ Elyse Wagner
Sep 18 2018 39 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Elyse Wagner. Elyse is another person that I met through Genius Network (it seems like my entire network is now becoming wonderful people from Genius Network)! Elyse has a passion for educating & empowering others to become the CEO of their health, and, for that reason, she is the proud co-founder of FMCA, the global leader in health coaching. Their innovative training courses are making personalized healthcare a reality for the world. While that's just the bio that I wanted to give for Elyse, I think that it perfectly lines up with what we talked about in the episode. Because we've talked about functional medicine a lot in the past, as we've had incredible guests, from Mark Hyman to Sachin Patel, we've learned a lot about what functional medicine is. What we haven't actually learned, though, is how we can start applying and approaching it from a way that's practical and affordable in our own lives. Having a functional medicine doctor can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year, and that's not realistic for a lot of people. Personally, I really loved my biggest takeaway from the episode, which was that you don't have to completely jump ship to benefit from the things that functional medicine is discovering and teaching. You can work with your doctor in a different way, you can be an educated consumer of medicine, and you can always find a functional medicine coach - Elyse will share with you how to do that. I really enjoyed chatting with Elyse. She has an incredible energy and vibrancy, and it is, as you'll find out, only because of functional medicine. We really hear a lot in this episode about her journey to health and wellness, both emotionally and physically. I really believe that you will enjoy this episode, too! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 190: Music, Meditation, And How To Finally Commit To It W/ Jason Campbell
Sep 11 2018 52 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Jason Campbell. He is the co-founder of a company called Zen Wellness, and he is someone that I met at Genius Network, Joe Polish's mastermind, which I've joined in the last year. Jason is really interesting, mainly because he combines a couple of different disciplines. Obviously entrepreneurship, but he also comes from a long line of musicians, and brings to it an aspect of well-being, which he teaches through the Easter disciplines of Qigong, Tai Chi, Taoist medicine and philosophy. He is a 7th-degree black belt, he is an accomplished pianist, and he composes meditation and training music, of which he currently has 5 albums (The 5 Elements of Om Mani Padme Hum, which has been #1 on Amazon in its category for almost 2 years). He also has 3 more albums in production for release in 2018. I wanted to talk to Jason to get a better understanding of practical and applied mindfulness. As a Westerner, I think he has an interesting perspective on all of these things, and as an entrepreneur, I think he has a lot to share about how we can actually integrate these stuff into our lives. We all know, from 50 episodes of this show, and tons of other media and press coverage, that we should be doing meditation. But how many of you have actually done it more than once in the last week? I know I haven't, as I've gotten really bad in my meditation practice, and that's exactly what Jason's message is about. It is that there are simple and easy ways that you can implement meditation in your daily life that aren't painful, so that you actually do it. We start there, and then the conversation goes on into mindfulness, the beauty of learning music, why there are benefits to both, and more. I think you are really going to enjoy this episode! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 187: Benjamin Spall On Morning Routines And Starting Your Day Inspired
Aug 21 2018 41 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Welcome to this week's episode, where we dive into a very interesting topic that has come up time and time again, and that is morning routines. My guest today is Benjamin Spall, the co-author of My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired. Benjamin is also the founding editor of the website and he writes at He and his partner/co-author, Michael Xander, have written this incredible new book, published by Penguin, about morning routines, where they interviewed hundreds of people, such as leading entrepreneurs, thought leaders, Navy Seals, and beyond. They did all that to understand what these people do in the morning to make themselves more successful throughout the day. It's a really interesting book, which I'm looking forward to reading. As you'll see, I really enjoyed our conversation, too! It's a far-ranging one, going from breakfast to the best 100$ that Benjamin has ever spent, and beyond. Personally, I don't need to hope that you enjoy the episode, as I know you will! -Jonathan Levi P.S. Do you dream of starting your own business on the internet to achieve financial freedom, empower tens of thousands of people, and one day…one day… find yourself in the company of other great entrepreneurs and thought leaders like Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, and more? Well… What if that day was today?

Ep. 186: Shane Snow On Lateral Thinking And On Building Dream Teams
Aug 14 2018 40 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today's guest is an award-winning journalist, celebrated entrepreneur, and the bestselling author of a book called Smartcuts, of an upcoming book (by the time you hear it, a new book) called Dream Teams, and the co-author of The Storytelling Edge. He is also the co-founder of the content technology company Contently, and you've probably seen his work in Fast Company, Wired, The New Yorker, and dozens more top publications. His name, for those of you who are now wondering, is Shane Snow. In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about lateral thinking, what it is and how you can utilize it. We also talk about teams, and how you can work better in them. We all work with other people (at least occasionally), and so we talked, Shane and I, about how you can leverage those connections to get more out of them, rather than being distracted and held back by the people you work with. That is a very important topic for everyone, and a very interesting topic for me particularly at this moment at the time of recording, as we are as always trying to grow and scale our business for you folks. And, to top these off, we talked about productivity hacks, life-hacks and health hacks that help Shane do so much with the same 24 hours that the rest of us have. I really enjoyed this conversation. You folks will notice that, lately, we've been doing slightly shorter conversations, and that is because I want you folks to spend less time with your digital devices, and more time in deep thought. Let me know if you enjoy that, or if you want us to go back to the slightly longer format. -Jonathan Levi P.S. Do you dream of starting your own business on the internet to achieve financial freedom, empower tens of thousands of people, and one day…one day… find yourself in the company of other great entrepreneurs and thought leaders like Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis, Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, and more? Well… What if that day was today?

Ep. 184: How I Found Love After 9 Years Of Being Single
Jul 31 2018 42 mins  
July 9th-11th, 2018 As I write this, I am happily seated in a beautifully appointed business class seat, returning from an incredibly blissful week-long island retreat with my team members and their families, full of strategy, connection, and bonding. All of this, of course, would be more than enough to classify as a tremendously blessed week. What’s unique about this trip, however, is that I am also seated next to my newly-minted fiancée, Limmor. Just over 15 months ago, if you’d told me I’d be sitting here today, I likely wouldn’t have believed you. In fact, in my 9-year-long, on-and-off search for the perfect mate (across 4 continents and as many countries), I had all but given up hope. I’d started considering extreme, bizarre, and even desperate options - from hiring a matchmaker, to settling down with a close friend, to simply adopting children on my own. So how, then, did I arrive here - one half of one of the happiest, healthiest, and most loving relationships I’ve ever seen, just 15 short months later? In this post, I will attempt to impart the many lessons I’ve learned. I’ll share how I applied accelerated learning principles towards the types of self-development, healing, and maturity required to create a loving relationship, as well as the many things my much more experienced fiancée has taught me since starting one. By the end of this post, I hope that I will succeed in convincing you of one, ever-important message that was shared with me: you are not broken, nor are you hopeless. You can find love, even if you’ve never had it, had it and lost it, or reserved it for everyone but yourself. If my experience impresses upon you just one simple takeaway, it’s this: Not only can you apply accelerated learning principles towards building relationships in your life, but in fact, it is perhaps the most important and rewarding application you could possibly pursue.

Ep. 183: Discovering The Science Of Ayurveda And Herbs W/ Shivani Gupta, PhD
Jul 24 2018 39 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Dr Shivani Gupta. Shivani was born and raised in Houston, Texas, in a traditional Indian family, and, throughout her entire life, her father taught her about healthy eating, organic foods, and effective supplements. That lead her to want to take this knowledge to the next level and learn about this inherited wisdom from her cultural background. Shivani then attended the lab of Dr.Aggarwal, the biochemist at the University of Texas who was involved with the Anderson Cancer Centre, who is known as the person who discovered something we've talked about in the show before, the effects of curcumin + black pepper. She actually decided to continue her own study and receive a PhD on the topic of Ayurvedic Studies, with focus on herbalism and anti-inflammatory herbs. Actually, we've had past episodes where we talked a little bit about Ayurveda and the magic of healing the body through herbs and spices, as well as rituals and daily practices. But I've never had the opportunity to sit down with someone who has a PhD in it and actually pick their brain. As you folks will discover, there is so much ancient wisdom that has been used for thousands of years, which has allowed the Indian culture to grow and thrive and maintain health into old age. We've talked a lot about Chinese medicine (e.g here and here), but we haven't had the chance to talk about Indian medicine before. We talk about some simple practical things that you can do today, easily, that take 5 minutes or even 10 seconds, that are going to improve your health. We talk about how those work, and then we go into some of the different strategies, hacks, and habits that are helping Shivani perform at such a high level and maintain such a high degree of health. You can tell Shivani Gupta is a very vibrant, energetic, and healthy woman. I really enjoyed talking with her, and I know you folks are going to enjoy listening to the episode as well. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 180: Evolving Your Career Through Speaking W/ Joel Weldon, Award-Winning Speaker
Jul 03 2018 45 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by a personal friend of mine that I have met through Genius Network, the MasterMind that I recently joined and raved about. His name is Joel Weldon. Joel Weldon is a former construction worker, who turned down a 4-year college scholarship because he thought he wasn't smart enough. Nevertheless, he went on to become living proof of the power of one idea. And that one idea will transform your life. For over 40 years, Joel has been one of the most highly respected and sought-after keynote speakers and sales trainers in North America. He has been an idea consultant and executive speech coach for some of the world's leading business. Companies that hired him 4 decades ago are still hiring him today! Why? Because he gets results. Joel, by the way, is the only speaker to have earned all 4 of the highest honors in the speaking profession. Those are The Golden Gavel, “for his profound impact on corporate America,” the coveted Communication & Leadership Award, the induction into the Speakers Hall of Fame, and in 2006 he was named the Legend of the Speaking Profession. As I said Joel is an incredible guy, and at 76 years old you are going to see just how much energy and vitality he has about speaking and about everything else. About living life to its fullest. I really enjoyed the talk because we discussed what I believe is another exponential skill. We've talked about exponential skills as memory and writing before, but Joel firmly believes with every fiber of his being that public speaking is another extension of that exponential skill set. I totally agree, as my career is certainly proof of that. So, we talk about that, and we also talk about how everyone and anyone can and should become a better speaker. We actually covered some things that even I, someone who has been a public speaker for over half a decade, didn't know. In the episode, Joel gives me some incredible feedback that I'm sure you folks are going to benefit from as well. It's a great episode, and I think you folks are really going to enjoy it! -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 179: Daniel Gefen On Self Help Addiction and The Importance Of Taking Action
Jun 26 2018 46 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Daniel Gefen, whom you may have seen before in Inc, Forbes, CIO, or Influencive. Daniel is a number one international best-selling author, and one of the top 25 influencers of 2017. He is also a serial entrepreneur and the author of The Self Help Addict. Beyond these, Daniel is the founder of the Gefen Media Group, he is a big name in podcasting, and, obviously, in self-help. He was actually introduced to me by a mutual friend of ours that I admire very much, Cameron Herald, and it turns that we live not very far apart here in Israel. We are both living the global lifestyle and living in our country of choice rather than our country of birth. In this episode, we talk about entrepreneurship, but we also talk about something that we haven't talked about on the show before, which is self-help addiction. This is the tendency we all have to listen to another podcast and read another book, and then take another online course and go to another meetup, without actually doing anything with the knowledge. Always chasing that next high, that next piece of information that's going to change our lives. I definitely identified with it, I definitely saw myself in a lot of what Daniel said, and I definitely think that there is something to consider here for all of us who are addicted to self-help, which is how much we are actually implementing versus just chasing the next thing. I think you guys are really going to enjoy the episode, I definitely learned a lot myself. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 178: Sachin Patel On Functional Medicine And A Holistic Approach To Health
Jun 19 2018 46 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! This week we are joined by another SuperFriend that I made out there in the real world, someone who I really bonded with when I met them. His name is Sachin Patel. Sachin is a functional medicine practitioner who runs the institute called The Living Proof Institute. He actually started his career out as a chiropractor, but has since then become a father, husband, philanthropist, functional medicine practice success coach, international speaker, and best-selling author. His philosophy, as you guys will learn, is that "The doctor of the future is the patient". And he's actually going to explain exactly what that means and how he and his company are putting that into practice and into reality. I really enjoy every conversation that I've had with Sachin, because he has really done the necessary work and he really has the knowledge. He knows much more than many medical doctors out there, and, in this episode, we share our passion for geeking out and optimizing on the human body. You will definitely see that within the first few minutes of the conversation. We actually dive quite deeply into the topic. We talk about all the different kinds of testing, we talk about functional medicine and who it's right for, and we talk about his favorite ways to optimize the human experience, which, you know, is what this whole show is about. I really enjoyed this episode as you can tell. I'm energized and pumped up, and I'm sure that you will be too, after listening to it. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 177: Cédric Waldburger On Minimalism And On How To Deliberately Live Your Life
Jun 12 2018 44 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Cédric Waldburger. Cédric, to whom I was recently introduced by a very good friend, is originally a Swiss national, who today travels the world all year round and lives with only 64 things in his possession! Cédric is passionate about startups. and thus he is a serial entrepreneur, an investor, and a blockchain enthusiast. He is currently working on a number of different startups, including DFINITY, a venture-backed blockchain startup, and another one, that you are going to hear about, that I think is equally as interesting. Cédric has also co-founded a number of businesses around the world from Zurich, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, London, and Berlin, and he's held roles in the technology management side for the better part of 2 decades. He is all about growing business, but that's actually not what we spend the majority of the conversation talking about. What we talked about for 80% of the time was the level to which Cédric optimizes and deliberately thinks about his life and the way that he is living it. He is deliberate about everything he owns, about everything that he does, and also about everything that he thinks and feels. I think it's a really fascinating approach to life, and I love the message at the end of the podcast, where he explains what the point of it all is, and why he puts so much effort into leading the perfect life. I think you guys are really going to enjoy this episode, as I certainly did. As I said, Cédric has quickly become a personal friend of mine, and I think that you guys are very quickly going to understand why. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 175: Tim Urban On Elon Musk, Learning, Procrastination, and Changing The Blogging Paradigm
May 29 2018 54 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by one of my personal heroes, someone whose work I've admired for years, and someone who has really shaped my thinking on a lot of different topics, ranging from A.I., Elon Musk, and electric cars, to the history of the universe and space travel. You are probably wondering who that guy is, that writes about so many different things. Well, his name is Tim Urban, and he is the creator and writer/illustrator of Wait But Why, where he writes very in-depth posts on a wide range of topics from procrastination to A.I. It's really an incredible blog. You probably know Tim because of some of his mega-viral posts, like his post on why Generation Y is unhappy, or his Ted Talk on procrastination. But, you might have recently learned about him because he actually got the opportunity to hang out with one of his most famous readers, Elon Musk. Tim spent time following Elon around, just learning about everything that he could through him, and then creating posts out of it. So, he had more access to Elon Musk than most people. You'll see in the interview the amazing insights that he has about what makes Elon Musk successful, and, of course, how you can emulate that success. By the way, his blog started in 2013, and now it has almost 600.000 email subscribers with over 1 million people visiting the site every single month. Incredible. I was really excited to interview Tim, and an incredible episode came out of it. He has so many unique insights about writing, about procrastination, and, of course, about Elon Musk. I know you guys will enjoy this episode, and if you do, please make sure to share it.

Ep. 174: How To Build The Authentic & Valuable Relationships That Create Success W/ Brad Lambert
May 22 2018 45 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Brad Lambert. Brad is a Hollywood movie producer. You've probably seen some of his work if you've seen any of the stuff that Warner Brothers or Robert Downie Jr. have been doing recently. Brad has a very interesting story that we're gonna get into in today's show. He started his career at 16 years old, today he is only 29, and yet somehow he has managed to work his way into the inner circles of some of the world's top athletes, brands, actors, and actresses. I wanted to understand how. You folks know that I'm so interested in relationships and how to actually build strong and authentic ones. I really think it is one of the SuperHuman skills that has put me where I am today, and I'm not even that good at it. So, when I meet someone like Keith Ferrazzi or Brad Lambert, who are able to build these incredible powerful relationships from a place of authenticity, I immediately want to know how they do it. I want to know what their tricks and secrets are, and how they are leveraging relationships and building value for other people in a way that allows them to achieve their dreams, while helping others achieve their dreams as well. This is a really great conversation, and I'm sure you folks are going to see that I completely vibe with Brad. In fact, we even talked about what it's like when you vibe with someone, and we definitely got into some very interesting stuff about how you can leverage relationships. We talked about ways that you can get your dream job, or how to get in a room with people that you admire. I definitely took away a lot of valuable takeaways and action items, and I am sure you folks will do so as well. -Jonathan Levi

Ep. 170: David Heinemeier Hansson On Leadership, Remote Work, and The Workplace of Tomorrow
Apr 24 2018 80 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! This is an episode that is worth many, many listens. Personally, I am going to listen to it way more than I normally listen to our own episodes, which is 2-4 times already. Why, you ask? Well, do you guys remember how in 2016 we won Product Hunt's best podcast episode of the year? We got a Golden Kitty award, which is kind of a really cool thing. And we did it because we had today's guest on the show. That's right. We have David Heinemeier Hansson back on the show! For those of you who haven't heard that episode, stop what you are doing, go back and listen to it. David is the epitome of what we call a SuperLearner. He invented the Ruby on Rails software development platform, which is used by companies like Fiverr, YellowPages, Shopify, and Github. Many of the websites that you use every day were built on technology that David himself invented. On top of that, he is the co-founder of Basecamp, which he's been running for almost 20 years. To top even that off, he is an accomplished professional race car driver, an amateur photographer, a husband, and a father. He also is various more things. In this episode, we wanted to talk not about learning and productivity, but about a different subject that David and his partner have covered in their books, which is leadership. Managing and working in remotely distributed companies, what the workplace of tomorrow will look like, and how we can all become SuperHuman in our productive lives and careers. I have to say I'm a huge fan of David's and I tried as much as possible to let him present his ideas. With that said, so many of his ideas have shaped the way I live my life, the way that I run my companies, and have influenced the lives of my employees and my customers. So, again, I really can't overstress this, listen to this episode with a pen and paper, listen to it at least twice, and you guys will learn just so much about how to get great work done in less time, with greater happiness, from anywhere in the world that you choose to be. This is an incredible episode! I think it gives a really, really solid fight to the first episode we did with David, which was an award-winning one. It's a shame that Product Hunt has discontinued that award because I'm quite confident this episode would have won it again!

Ep. 168: Sunny Lenarduzzi on How To Build Authentic Relationships (And Businesses) Online
Apr 10 2018 40 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by the amazing Sunny Lenarduzzi, who, to be honest, I don't think I could have gotten this interview with if we weren't already friends since years before. Sunny has almost a decade of experience as an award-winning video, social media and online business strategist. From tech start up’s to authors, you've probably seen her working with HootSuite, with Lewis Howes, with Gary Vee, and you've also seen her do amazing and incredible campaigns, such as one she did with Applebee's that had a billion impressions in one day! Sunny is the creator of Youtube for Bosses, and also teaches all kinds of amazing courses online. You may have seen her speak at NATO's headquarters, and you can also find all kinds of amazing stuff from her in Entrepreneur, Forbes and the Huffington Post. She is also on Youtube, and has been awarded 'Best in Social Media' in western Canada. Enough about the brag reel. Sunny is an amazing human being and an amazing entrepreneur. The reason I wanted to do this episode was, well, first that I wanted to catch up with Sunny and I thought it would be interesting for you guys to hear the conversation, but I also wanted to get her to share her experience about something that I think a lot of people struggle with. As you guys know, I'm trying to spend less time on social media, and I recently did an episode about how I'm trying to spend less time on my phone. And yet, I know people like Sunny, who not only are able to not spend all their lives on their phone, but are able to use social media tools and digital tools to their advantage to build strong and meaningful relationships with other people. So, I wanted to ask Sunny, how the heck are you doing this? How are you building such a strong business, such a strong brand and also such strong relationships with such amazing people without spending all your time on your smartphone? We talked about that, we talked a lot about business and how Sunny has grown a million dollar one out of pretty much nothing. We also covered some of her hacks for productivity. What's more, we talked about how she overcame a massive stress breakdown, and rose to become even greater, even more grounded and even more calm. In general, we got to talk about all kinds of amazing stuff, that I think you guys are really gonna enjoy. If you guys do enjoy it, let me know it with a comment or a review. I want to know if you guys are interested in these episodes, which aren't about nutrition or fitness, but are talking about ways that we can all do something better in our lives.

Ep. 166: Building A Happy Body W/ Jerzy Gregorek, Olympic Weightlifter
Mar 27 2018 66 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by a guest that we've had a lot of requests for, and finally were introduced to thanks to one of our students. It is Jerzy Gregorek. You guys have probably heard about Jerzy, as he is in Tim Ferriss's latest book, as well as in one of the longest and most popular episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show. But, that is not his biggest claim to fame at all. In fact, Jerzy is the creator and founder of the UCLA Weightlifting Team, he is a 4-time champion Olympic Weightlifter, and he still has a world record that has been standing for 17 years, which nobody has been able to beat. Jerzy immigrated from Poland to the United States together with his wife, Aniela, in 1986, as a political refugee and rose through the ranks of being a trainer and mentor to people, for over 30 years. He went on to develop the Happy Body Program, which is a fitness regime and routine that you follow every single day. It is designed to improve upon the issue of fitness and help people create bodies that actually function and work. Jerzy is 63 years old and he can still beat pretty much all of us around when it comes to Olympic weightlifting power and strength. He is an incredible individual, and, on top of all of that, he has also been awarded various awards as a poet and as a published author. He has written a number of books including books on grit and books on, obviously, the Happy Body Method. There apparently are a whole lot of things to say about Jerzy Gregorek, and, as you'll see in this episode, we did not cover even a fraction of them. I have to admit that we jumped around and I tried to get as much of Jerzy's life wisdom and advice into 1 episode as I could, but we reached the end of the episode and realized we'd have to do another one. I did my best guys and I think you are really gonna love the episode, I believe you will learn a lot and I think you are going to appreciate Jerzy's perspective. I'd love if you guys leave a comment below or send me a note on Twitter to let me know what I should have gone into in more depth, and what you would like to hear on my next episode with my new superfriend, Mr. Jerzy Gregorek.

Ep. 165: Benjamin Hardy, #1 Author on Medium, on Writing and on Willpower
Mar 20 2018 44 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! In a recent episode, I went on a full-on rant about writing, why it is such an important skill and how it can dramatically impact your life and change the way you think. Well, today we are joined by a real-world example. His name is Benjamin Hardy, and, on the outside, he is an everyday Ph.D. student working his way through a Ph.D. in organizational psychology. But, if you dig a little bit deeper, you will realize that Benjamin is actually the number 1 writer in, which, through a crazy series of events, ended up landing him in Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Business Insider, Psychology Today, and more. It also landed him a quarter-of-a-million-dollars book deal, and that is just the start of what his writing has done for him. So, in this episode, we talk not only about his psychology research, and some of the things that he has discovered, but we also go into willpower, and why, as his book says, Willpower Doesn't Work. We start to understand why it is that we all fail at our New Year's resolutions and what we can do instead. And then, on top of that, we go through this amazing case study of what happens when you combine an aptitude for learning, like Benjamin's, and what I call an exponential skill, in this case, writing. So, this is just an amazing case study in SuperLearning applied and what you can achieve if you master one of this core exponential skills. I know you guys are going to enjoy the episode. Personally, I didn't do a whole lot of talking here, I just sat back and listened to Benjamin, and I recommend you do the same!

Ep. 163: Learning How To Not Die W/ Michael Greger, Nutrition Expert
Mar 06 2018 29 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Dr. Michael Greger. Michael is a New York Times best-selling author, a physician, an internationally recognized professional speaker, and, well, a really interesting dude, as you will find out. He has appeared on The Colbert Report, The Dr. Oz Show and was an expert witness for Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial. Another interesting fun fact that I learned as I researched Dr. Greger is that he donates all the speaking fees and proceeds from his books and DVDs, which I just think is really amazing and worth noting. You've probably heard of some of his books including How Not To Die and Carbophobia: The Scary Truth About America's Low-carb Craze. You can probably tell just from that title that he and I disagreed about a few things. We also agreed about a lot of things. Which ones? Well, listen to find out. In the episode, we talk about fruit, about nutrition, about legumes, which is an interesting topic, and we also talk about animal protein. We get quite nitty-gritty on how nutrition works and why there are so many different opinions about it. One side note is that Dr. Greger works on a treadmill desk, not a standing desk, and I do apologize in case you can hear it in the background. We tried to do our best to minimize the sound. Nevertheless, we talk about it in the episode, and so it kind of works out. So, without further ado, let's dive into the episode, which I really believe you will enjoy!

Ep. 161: Overcoming a Major Illness W/ Josh Perry, Professional BMX Athlete
Feb 20 2018 39 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Josh Perry, whom you may know from the world of extreme sports. Josh is an extreme athlete, specifically a BMX biker. But that's just the beginning of his story. You see, Josh has survived multiple brain tumors. He went through an unbelievable journey to get healthy and get well, including massive surgery and cutting-edge new treatment technology. He survived through it all and now he's living with this condition. Josh has so much to share. We talked about fear, we talked about life purpose and mission and we also talked about the journey that followed this horrifying experience for him and the beauty that came out of it. Josh today is an expert in the nutrition field as well as a BMX athlete. He has written and been featured in more publications than I care to list but, to name a few, they are Men's Health, GQ, US News, LiveStrong, People Magazine, ESPN and many more. He has also launched the blog where he shares his thoughts and ideas with the world. Personally, I feel like this is an absolutely incredible interview. I tried to go as deep as I could and really get into some of the emotions, the fears and also the tools that Josh went through and developed, so I could really give you guys some practical takeaways that will help you overcome fear in your own lives and face the big scary what-ifs. I really enjoyed the episode and I'm quite sure you will as well!

Ep. 158: The #1 Productivity Hack I (Accidentally) Discovered
Jan 30 2018 15 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! This week we are doing something a little bit different, and it's actually the shortest episode I've ever done, but for good reason. That is because, as you are going to see, this episode is a bit of a rant. It's a rant on something that all of you are doing right now, which is using your phone, using your technology. I wanted to write a post about a really interesting accidental experiment that I conducted, without even realizing that I was conducting it on myself, and the very profound effect that it's had on me. I started to write, and what started as a story became a rant and then became a sort of manifesto. So I hope you guys really enjoy it, as I definitely enjoyed creating it and more importantly I hope that you guys think about it. Like I said, it is the shortest episode that I've ever done and I what I hope/wish for you is that you will take the time that you would have normally spent listening to a longer episode, and you will get out there in nature or sit in a coffee shop with a pen and paper. Get out there and write out some thoughts about the things that I have to say and whether or not they are true for you and whether or not they are affecting you. That I would say is this week's homework and regardless of the fact that I tell you not to in the episode, you are always welcome to comment on the blog post and share your thoughts, share your opinions and engage. So, thank you guys for listening and I hope you enjoy my rant on technology.

Ep. 155: Flow Expert Steven Kotler On Unleashing SuperHuman Mode
Jan 09 2018 59 mins  
Today we are joined by Steven Kotler. Steven is the co-founder of the Flow Genome Project, and he is also a New York Times' best selling author. He has written quite a number of books, many of which you have already heard of, like "The Rise of Superhuman", his book on flow, "Abundance", his book on the future, "Tomorrowland: our journey from science fiction to science fact" and "Bold", which he wrote with Peter Diamandis, the book about how to go big, create wealth and impact the world. He has also written a bunch of other books like "Stealing Fire", his most recent one. Steven is an absolute authority, not just on writing, but also on flow. The Flow Genome Project has been doing research for decades, developing and understanding ways that we can get into flow and understanding what flow is and why it matters, why it exists and what we can use it for. I think that this is one of the most important topics in the whole realm of becoming SuperHuman and it is something that we haven't really covered in any of the stuff we've put out, from the podcast to the online courses. It has been my goal to fix that, to understand flow, to understand why it is crucial and most importantly to give you the skills and strategies to get into flow, so you can go out there and be SuperHuman. Steven did NOT disappoint on any of these, as he was extremely generous with his time, enthusiasm, energy and wisdom. Personally, I think you guys are gonna be blown away by this episode!

Ep. 152: How To Prepare For Economic Collapse & Government Tyranny w/ Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante
Dec 19 2017 53 mins  
Today we are joined - and I want you guys keep an open mind here - by Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante. He is the author of one of the largest anarchocapitalist and libertarian blogs on the Web. And he's the organizer of the world's largest a anarchocapitalist conference. Now like me, you may feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when I say the terms anarchocapitalist or libertarian. And I certainly did. And I was really really uncomfortable when my partner at Bitcoin Academy suggested that I interview Jeff. But, you know what? I was completely surprised. Because what I learned in this interview was not only just how close the financial system is to major issues (and going through the numbers, I realized that we are all in big financial risk potentially), but also I realized that an ideology that I had always been told was evil and selfish was not nearly as evil or as selfish as it's portrayed to be. I had the opportunity to open my mind and gain some insights into something that I always had such a negative view on. But beyond that, Jeff and I talked about some really interesting things that I think relate to Becoming Superhuman: protecting yourself against... well... when things go bad. There's no nice way to say that. Protecting yourself against the idea that, "hey, there's a 20 trillion dollar debt. What's going to happen with that?" and "hey, you know, governments are starting to act a certain way," and you know, if you were in Spain last month, you're starting to feel that things are getting a little tense. I wanted to bring this episode to you guys really to bring to you this idea that hey, you should probably be prepared. You should probably keep your eyes open, and you may want to take some measures just to ensure that if things go south, you are prepared. And I have to say, I got a lot more than that. So I think you guys are really going to enjoy the interview if you do. I want to let you know that there's actually a longer an uncut version of this interview in my new online course Bitcoin Academy - my new project - which is this week's sponsor. Let me know what you guys think, and thanks, as always, for keeping an open mind!

Ep. 151: I've Been Fasting For 3 Days. Here's What I've Learned (and Why I Did It)
Dec 12 2017 26 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! This week, we have a very special episode. Why is it special? Well, because as I write and record this, I am in hour 60 of a 72 hour fast. You may remember that in the past, we've spoken with a number of experts who advocate various types of fasting. We've spoken with Brad Pilon, an advocate of intermittent fasting. We've spoken with Jimmy Moore, a proponent of ketogenetic diets and longer-term fasting. And, more recently, we've spoken with Elaina Love, who teaches people how to complete 3-7 day "cleanses" that are very closely aligned with fasting principles. For years, I've wanted to try out a 3 to 7 day fast, but my schedule - and a good bit of fear - haven't permitted it. Recently, however, I was able to set aside the time (and have the proper supervision in the form of a live-in partner) to really try this out... and the results have been surprising, to say the least. In this episode, I want to talk through some of the things I've been experiencing and thinking about, explain the reasoning behind this fast, and share with you what has been one of the more interesting and reaffirming biohacking experiences I've ever had. Rather than script this entire episode out, I've outlined some bullet points, and want to speak directly and improvise. This is partly to save time, but also to demonstrate the kind of mental clarity that I've been able to maintain during this fast.

Ep. 147: Economist Jeffrey Tucker: Bitcoin Will Unleash Humanity's True Potential
Nov 14 2017 35 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are actually joined by economist and author Jeffrey Tucker. Now, you might have heard of Jeffrey Tucker. He's very popular in the Bitcoin scene. He's an Austrian School economist...and you might be thinking, "what does this have to do with becoming superhuman?" Well, Jeffrey was here in the studio with me and we were talking about Bitcoin for a new project that I've been working on. Like myself, Jeffrey believes that Bitcoin is going to be one of the key technologies, if not the technology, that liberates humanity, creates unseen prosperity, unseen freedom, and much more. And as I was talking to him, about Bitcoin, I came to realize that a lot of the stuff that he was talking about is about financial freedom, having responsibility for your future, and a lot of different things that we've covered on the show only tangentially, but which really relate to becoming super human. And so I decided to share this interview with you guys here today. I know Bitcoin is not a topic that you would typically think would be superhuman, but it's something that I am extremely passionate about, and something that I want to start talking more and more and more about. Put simply, I think it has the potential to really help a lot of people. So throughout the interview, we talk about what it is, why Bitcoin is such a powerful thing, and why Jeffrey is the first economist who came out and said "hey, this this technology has potential to change the world." We talk about how it's going to change people's lives. We talk about how you can get involved and get started (here's a link to get $10 in Bitcoin free), and much, much more. I hope you enjoy.

Ep. 137: This Life Skill Can Save You From Anything w/ Ryan Stewman: Ex Con Turned Millionaire Entrepreneur
Sep 05 2017 38 mins  
Today we are joined by Ryan Stewman. Now, about his bio. Honestly, you can't make this kind of stuff up. Ryan started out life with a very, very challenging upbringing. He was adopted got into all kinds of trouble. He got arrested for selling drugs. He got out.... but got arrested again, and spent a pretty good amount of time in prison. But today, fast forward, and he is a millionaire entrepreneur. He runs six different businesses. He's published four different books. He has three healthy children and a loving wife... He has really cleaned up his life, and has become an expert in sales and entrepreneurship. Now you might be asking yourself at this point: "I mean, his workload sounds pretty superhuman. His time management sounds pretty superhuman. But what exactly is superhuman about this guy?" Well, first of, we do get into all of that: The entrepreneurship that he learned throughout his struggles. We get into what you can learn from such a challenging and trying experience, and how you can learn something like entrepreneurship. But beyond that, we also get into the skill of sales, and why I think it's an important skill that anyone should have, whether it's selling yourself at a job interview, selling yourself to that attractive guy or gal at the bar, or selling in your day job. Throughout the interview, we talk a little bit about what good salesmanship or saleswomanship looks like, how you can learn it, and why we feel it's a skill that will allow you to unlock your superhuman potential. There's also some pretty touching personal stories in here, and obviously the story has a happy ending, because you can check out Ryan and all of his incredibly successful businesses today. Finally, there's some instructions at the end of the episode that will get you a free copy of his book, so check that out!

Ep. 136: How & Why To Train Like A Warrior w/ Former Military Trainer Tee Major
Aug 29 2017 49 mins  
Today, we are joined by Tee Major. Now, I have to admit: I didn't know about Tee before his publicist reached out, and I'm kind of sad that I didn't, because he's an amazing guy and you guys are about to find out why. He's not only one of Jillian Michaels top Fit Fusion trainers on the web, he's a member of the ACE group and a specialist in fitness and nutrition, too... But he is also a tactical fitness instructor who served the military, and was their trainer in Iraq and Kyrgyzstan, during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He's worked with the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marines, but as I found out, there's actually even more to him! He's an entrepreneur, a successful business owner, a nomad traveling the world, an adventurer, and really just someone who has so much to share. Throughout the episode, we get into a lot. Obviously, we talk about fitness and leadership and nutrition, but then we also go into entrepreneurship. We go into freedom and even get into these pretty difficult childhood and some of the very painful financial and emotional struggles that set him back until the point where he was able to make a change and completely turn his life around, and get to the very impressive place that he is today: Running multiple businesses and helping people all over the world, inspiring millions of people on YouTube, and so on. I'm really excited for you guys to hear this episode. I think there are a couple very very significant takeaways both in life and in fitness that everyone out there should hear.

Ep. 133: Outsourcing To The Philippines Will Make You SuperHuman w/ Mike Grogan
Aug 08 2017 42 mins  
If you've been listening to the show for any amount of time you know that I'm a big fan of leveraging my time, and you know that I'm all about "outsourcing," "delegating," finding ways to do things in a more efficient way, by hiring people bringing people on... so on and so forth. And today, I wanted to talk with someone who is an expert in that field. Specifically, his name is Mike Grogan, and he's a best selling author, sought after speaker, and an internationally recognized expert on habet creation, change management, and leadership development. Mike is an Irish national who's traveled all over the world, spoken to over 100,000 people in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. His online videos have reach over 15 million people. But we didn't even get into a lot of that stuff, because what Mike does today is that he actually lives in the Philippines, where he is the co-founder of The Rise of the Pinoy, an advocacy group with a mission of empowering Filipinos to create a First World Philippines. He also is involved in helping a lot of individuals and international organizations work with and really harness the incredible amount of intellect and ambition that there is in the Philippines. Now you guys probably know, if you've ever reached out to our customer service or watched our videos, that more than half of our team is all based in the Philippines, working full time to deliver you guys great content, answer all your emails, and more. So this is something that I'm really passionate about, something that I feel was one of the best decisions I made in my business, not just from a cost perspective, but also from a quality of service, quality of product perspective. I really feel that it has allowed me personally and my business to grow and accelerate in ways that I just couldn't have if I hadn't tapped in to this incredible country of 100 million smart, ambitious, and hardworking people. In this episode, I wanted to share that with you guys. I think there's going to be a ton of value for you, whether or not you're entrepreneurs, because you can start discovering how you can potentially outsource or delegate some of the things that you're doing every single day... whether that's research, whether that's organizing your daily life, and really benefit as so many top business leaders have already from the power of the international workforce. We talk about that, we talk a little bit about habits, we talk a little bit about what makes Mike superhuman, and just a little bit about mindset. Also, make sure you listen through to the end for a FREE copy of Mike Grogan's book! I think you guys are really going to enjoy this episode!

Ep. 131: How To Learn Music & Musical Instruments Faster w/ Josh Turknett
Jul 25 2017 39 mins  
Welcome to this week's episode. Today we are going to explore a topic that really we haven't explored enough, and that is learning about music. We all know that music is so good for our brains, and we know that there are so many benefits to learning a musical instrument besides looking cool at parties. But how do we do it? And more importantly, how can we do it faster and more effectively? Well today we are joined by Josh Turknett. He is the author of The Migraine Miracle. We talk a little bit about that, but more importantly, he's a neurologist and he's the author medical editor for The Journal of Evolution and Health. And, on top of all that, he's a musician and instrumentalist. He's the founder of Brainjo, which is a system of musical instruction that really incorporates the Science of Learning and Neuroplasticity. And he's just all around a pretty interesting guy. In this episode, we talk about learning, we talk about migraines a little bit, and then we go into and kind of geek out on the learning behind music. Can anyone learn how to play music? How can you accelerate your learning of music? How does it influence your brain? How does it change your brain? It does take us a little while to warm up and really get into the super nitty gritty of it, but I think it is going to inspire you and I think you're definitely going to learn a lot. I certainly got an incredible idea for how I could dramatically improve my memorization of new musical pieces.... And it was this common sense thing that I never thought of. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Ep. 129: Could Giving Up Alcohol Make You "SuperHuman?" w/ Ruari Fairbairns
Jul 11 2017 41 mins  
This week is a special episode for a couple different reasons. For one, we are continuing my format of coming a little bit less prepared to the interviews and just seeing where it takes me, and I think you guys will agree that the interviews tend to come out a little bit more interesting, a little bit more engaging, when I just roll with the punches and explore my curiosity. The second reason that this episode is special is because we're covering a topic that's actually pretty close to my heart and politically close to my journey of becoming superhuman, and that is the quest to stop drinking alcohol. We are joined today by Ruari Fairbairns. He's an entrepreneur, he's a speaker, he's an oil broker of all things, and he's a father of two girls. He and his partner founded One Year No Beer, which is basically a challenge to help people get alcohol free and focus on fitness in a more communal and a little bit more modern approach than some of the other ways that people quit alcohol. They have tens of thousands of members all over the world who are transforming their lives following simple and science backed shifts in mindset. In this episode, we talk about all kinds of different benefits for giving up alcohol. We're going to talk about ways that you can give up alcohol and ways to really assess if this is something that is right for you. As I said, this is something that's provided a lot of value in my own life, from improved health to forcing me to develop my own social skills, and you'll hear a lot about that in the episode as well.

Ep. 125: How (And Why) Burning Man Changes People Forever
Jun 13 2017 26 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends, to a very special episode of The Becoming SuperHuman Podcast! Typically, on the show, I interview world class athletes, memory champions, coaches, and more to help you guys understand the skills, strategies, and tools they use to overcome the impossible and achieve superhuman performance in a variety of fields. Today's episode, however, is quite different. In it, I talk about one of the more important rites of passage I've experienced in my own journey towards Becoming SuperHuman. But it's not one you would expect. If previous "special" episodes have taught me anything, it's that you guys love hearing about my own experiences, and enjoy deviating out from the standard format to learn about new and unusual things. Well, this episode will definitely offer that, and what's more, I want to give you guys a heads up that I'll be slowly experimenting with and changing the format of many future episodes to be a bit less formal, a bit less scripted, and hopefully, a bit more fun for my guests and I - so look forward to that. What follows is one part explanation, one part manifesto, and one part experience sharing: It's both a deep insight into my own mind, and a painfully shallow attempt to describe something indescribable. But I'm pretty sure you're going to love it. As always, hit me up on the Twitter Machine - @gosuperhuman - or post a comment on the blog post, which has some special videos and pictures - including a few of yours truly, and let me know what you guys think.

Ep. 122: Dr. Andrew Newberg On The Neuroscience & Philosophy Of Human Consciousness
May 23 2017 47 mins  
Today we’re joined by Dr. Andrew Newberg, co-author of How God Changes Your Brain and How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain. If those two titles are familiar, it’s because Andrew’s co-author, Mark Robert Waldman, has been on the show before. Dr. Newberg is a neuroscientist and Director of Research at the Markus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, as well as Adjunct professor of Religious studies and Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine. You’ve probably seen him in Newsweek, the LA Times, and more, or seen the byproduct’s of his work, including The Mystical Mind, Why God Won’t Go Away, and Why We Believe What We Believe. My goal with this interview was to get a better understanding not just of neuroscience, but also to understand how it is influenced by our spiritual beliefs and practices. In this episode, we talk about all things neuroscience, and go deeper than we did with Mark Robert Waldman into the cognitive benefits of implementing a spiritual or mindfulness practice. We do take a while to get into the practical and hands-on stuff, but I think you’ll get a LOT out of the surrounding discussion. I learned a lot of interesting things about the brain, but also about the state of neuroscience, what we know about the brain, and some of the challenges facing the scientific field as a whole. Overall, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy the conversation, and that it will provide you with lots of useful and actionable information!

Ep. 118: Acro Yoga Co-Founder Jason Nemer On The Intoxicating Practice That Heals Body, Heart, & Soul
Apr 25 2017 56 mins  
Today, we are joined by a very special guest, and someone who, without knowing it, has dramatically improved my own life in the last half a year. His name is Jason Nemer, and he is the co-founder of and driving force behind the rapidly growing sport of AcroYoga. Haven’t heard of it? Well… Acro Yoga is a partner acrobatic practice that combines elements of gymnastics, yoga, and thai massage to create an incredibly enjoyable and powerful experience. Far beyond just the physical exercise and fitness element, my own experiences with Acro Yoga have been deeply healing and uplifting emotionally and spiritually - for reasons that we’ll get into in the episode. Today, Jason travels the world sharing this incredible practice with people everywhere. He’s been featured on The Tim Ferriss Show, Forbes, and more… and today, we’re very honored to have him here. In this episode, we talk about… well, obviously, Acro Yoga… but much much more. We talk about what the practice is, and the surprising ways it will impact your life. We talk about trust and emotional health. We talk about how to start a global movement. We talk about learning… and much, much more. Personally, I think this was one of our best episodes ever - up there with our award-winning episode with David Heinemeier Hansson - but maybe it’s just the huge amount of admiration and gratitude I have for Jason and his work. Don’t know.

Ep. 112: The 30 Secrets Of Adulthood That Life Has Taught Me So Far
Mar 14 2017 18 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends, and welcome to a very special episode of The Becoming SuperHuman Podcast. Why is it special, you ask? Well, it's not every week that I turn 30 years old! To mark this milestone (which happens on March 18th), I wanted to do something special. To commemorate the very blessed and very unique life I've lead up until this point, and to reflect back on just what the heck I've learned over the last 30 years. Years ago, I was greatly inspired by Ryan Allis, who, on his 30th birthday, published a 1,284 slide presentation aptly named Lessons From My 20's. I very strongly recommend you check it out (at if you haven't already. In it, Ryan shares just about everything he learned over the period of 10 years as an entrepreneur, thought leader, and human being. I'm also deeply grateful to Gretchen Rubin, who, in her fantastic and pragmatic book on becoming a better human being, Better Than Before, shares a wonderfully catchy concept she calls "Secrets of Adulthood." Basically, a Secret of Adulthood is a powerful and simple lesson that can only be learned by, well, growing up and maturing. They range from the fanciful and fun, like "Try not to let yourself get too hungry," to the very serious and inspiring: "What you do EVERY DAY matters more than what you do ONCE IN A WHILE." Immediately after reading her book, I began collecting a list of my own - and that list is what you'll be hearing today. Some of them might be strange. Some of them controversial. Many were learned in deeply cherished books, yet still many in passing conversations with complete strangers. Some learned at the highest of highs, and others at the most harrowing and horrific of lows. Some are completely unique, and others simply build on those before them. But from my perspective, each of them is, unquestionably, true - at least in my experience. With that said, I invite you to let me know what you think? Has life taught you some of these same lessons? Or perhaps others that I have yet to learn? We are each so unique shaped by the paths that we travel on, and I find it most fascinating just how much those paths often converge.

Ep. 103: Kevin Warwick, World's First "Cyborg," on Artificial Intelligence
Jan 10 2017 57 mins  
Today, we are joined by Kevin Warwick, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research at Coventry University, and former Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. Oh… he’s also considered to be the world’s first actual cyborg, having connected his nervous system to the internet nearly 15 years ago. But don’t worry, we’ll get to that later on in the interview... Kevin is one of the leading researchers in artificial intelligence, robotics, and biomedical engineering, and has authored and co-authored more than 600 research papers and written or edited 27 books including I, Cyborg, QI, The Quest For Intelligence, and In The Mind Of The Machine. He’s also received doctorates and awards from more higher learning institutions than I have time to list, but one interesting one is that the Institute of Physics selected Kevin as one of only 7 eminent scientists to illustrate the ethical impact their scientific work can have… the others, by the way, were Galileo, Einstein, Curie, Novel, Oppenheimer, and Rotblat. You may have also seen Kevin’s work in the National Geographic Documentary, “I, Human." This episode goes far and wide, and might be one of the most mind-blowing episodes we’ve ever done. Kevin and I talk about artificial intelligence and what it means for humanity. We talk about cyborgs, and what possibilities technology has for making us truly superhuman, we discuss the future of learning, and even start to understand what it will look like when - not if - a new species of humanoids roam the planet. All in all, it’s an incredibly fascinating episode that will bring you up to date on the cutting edge of technology and help you understand how, in the future, we’ll truly become superhuman.

Ep. 100A: What I've Learned From Interviewing 100 SuperHumans
Dec 20 2016 42 mins  
Greetings, SuperFriends, and welcome to a very special episode of The Becoming SuperHuman Podcast... Our 100th episode! Can you guys believe that it's been a HUNDRED episodes? When I first started out, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to 10. And when I listen back to my first few episodes, the absolutely cringeworthy performance I gave makes it all the more impressive that you guys have stuck with me this far. For our 100th episode, I wanted to do something a little bit special. You see, at the beginning of every episode, we promise to give you the skills and strategies to overcome the impossible. For the most part, I feel that we deliver on that promise every single week. Though, with 100 episodes, it can be hard to keep track of all of the takeaways we've offered on the show. Even I, who records the episodes and then listens to them after they've been edited, lose sight of all the nuggets and hidden gems that come out over the course of time. That's why, for this special episode, I want to revisit each episode, and offer you the top 1-2 takeaways that I personally remember from each one. I'll tell you why I think that each one is important, and how it has affected my life. At the end, I'll also let you know my top 10 favorite episodes, and the top 10 books that guests have recommended. Let me say, guys, that this was quite easily the most difficult, grueling episode to produce. I spent countless hours over the last few MONTHs digging through all of the incredible ideas, quotes, books, talking points, and takeaways that we've shared over the last 2 years. Even with speed reading and memory techniques, it was a hell of a lot of information to go through, and ultimately, a lot of major stuff had to be left out. For this reason, I want to encourage you guys to check out and listen to - or re-listen to - any episode that piques your interest. You just may want to listen to this one with a pen and paper in hand. Either way, I hope you enjoy this very condensed summary, catch a few things you didn't know, and recall a few things you'd maybe forgotten over the last year or two. I know I did. s

Ep. 93: Nootropics, Biohacking, & Brain Health w/ Stephen Fowkes
Nov 01 2016 47 mins  
As you guys know, my connection to the “superhuman” world is the work I do in accelerated learning, speed reading, and memory techniques. And I would imagine that you all, like yours truly, are very interested in keeping your brains happy and healthy, as much if not more than the rest of your bodies. Well, today, we’re going to talk about exactly that - keeping your brain healthy - now and well into your old age. We are joined by Steven William Fowkes, the biohacker, author, and health expert behind Project Wellbeing, who’s spent the last 14 years promoting an insight into Alzheimer’s prevention. Now, you might not yet be the age where you need to worry about Alzheimer’s, but in fact, Steven’s words of wisdom apply to all age groups. That’s because he has authored or co-authored 6 books, and is a true renaissance man with interests and work spanning from nanotechnology to nutrition to material’s science. In this episode, we talk about all things related to the brain and improving it’s performance. We talk about Alzheimer’s prevention, nootropics, a brain-boosting diet, all sorts of biohacks, and more. For those of you who really love the technical, geeky stuff, you’re going to love this episode, because we go way down the rabbit hole and geek way out. Either way, I think you’re going to learn a ton from this episode, and if so, drop me a tweet and let me know what you thought!

Ep. 90: How To Get Everything You Want In Life w/ Alex Charfen, Coach to Billionaire Entrepreneurs
Oct 11 2016 61 mins  
Today we’re joined by Alex Charfen, a serial entrepreneur who has has spent his life seeking to understand how to make business grow - a question that eventually evolved into wondering: “How do you help people grow?” Through his research and years as a top consultant to billionaires, the Fortune 500 and global 100, Alex discovered what he calls the long-misunderstood Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT). Best-selling author Robin Sharma recently described Alex as, “the most progressive entrepreneurial mind on the planet” - and for good reason. Since the tender age of 8, Alex has been starting, growing, and selling businesses, and teaching tens thousands of people all over the world how to do the same. He is even a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, and USA Today. As you guys know, we don’t often talk entrepreneurship on the show, focusing more on health and fitness. Well, Alex has some important things to say about that, as well. But more importantly, I think that this episode fits into an important area of reaching one’s true, superhuman potential: financial freedom and life balance. Entrepreneurship may or may not be for you, but either way, you’re going to take away some amazing lessons from Alex and everything he has to say, which ranges from entrepreneurship advice, inspiration, motivation, health, and even tips to create a better romantic life… In fact, this episode got deeply personal, and at one point Alex launched into full-on coaching mode, turning the mic back on me and coaching me through one of my biggest struggles at the moment. Although it was a huge moment of vulnerability that I think a lot of people wouldn’t broadcast to thousands of people all over the world, I decided to leave it in, because I think there’s a lot of value and applicable takeaways there… Let me know on twitter or via email what you guys think.

Ep. 89: Craig Ballantyne: The 5 Pillars Of Personal Transformation
Oct 04 2016 57 mins  
Today, we’re joined by Craig Ballantyne, a Productivity & Success Transformation Coach, online marketing guru, entrepreneur, and the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life. In 2001, Craig created the popular home workout program, Turbulence Training, and he’s also the founder of the Certified Turbulence Training Program, certifying trainers from all corners of the globe. He built on that success, building and buying numerous wildly successful online businesses such as Early to Rise, ETR University, and Online Info Blueprint, and today is considered one of the biggest names in my industry, having impacted literally millions of people’s lives. Craig’s online success has led him to create books and a coaching program to show other gurus how to take their ideas and help thousands of people. He holds seminars around the world, and he teaches at the annual camp every summer in Lithuania. Craig has been a contributor to Men's Health magazine since 2000, and his articles have also appeared in Women’s Health, Oxygen, GQ, Maxim, National Geographic, Men’s Fitness and Muscle and Fitness Hers, amongst many others. His articles have also been featured on,, and But, as we’ll learn in this episode, Craig has had to overcome many obstacles on his journey to success, and his toughest battle was fighting crippling anxiety attacks. He finally discovered how to beat them with his 5 Pillars of Transformation, and today Craig shows men and women how to use the 5 Pillars to get whatever it is that they want in life. In this episode, we talk about a very wide range of things, from practical frameworks you can apply today, to recommended reading, to the most impactful daily habits, and overcoming anxiety. Craig is a true renaissance man with diverse interests and passions, and I just know you’re going to take away a TON of value from this episode.

Ep. 86: David Heinemeier Hansson: An Interview With A Real-World SuperLearner
Sep 13 2016 58 mins  
Today we are joined by a real-life superhuman - a man who has risen to prominence in not just one, but two extremely competitive arenas. David Heinemeier Hansson, better known as “DHH,” is a software developer, entrepreneur, and race-car driver from Denmark. He’s most known for his company, Basecamp, and for developing the popular Ruby on Rails web development framework that has taken the world of web development by storm. In 2005, he was recognized as “Hacker of the Year” by Google and O’Reilly. He’s written a slew of books on software development, and 3 very popular books on building and managing software companies: Getting Real, Rework, and Remote. If that weren’t enough, David has also had a meteoric rise to prominence in the world of auto-racing, climbing through the ranks and coming in among the top spots in what many would call record time. In this episode, I wanted to deconstruct David’s thinking process and figure out how he learns so much so effectively. I wanted to understand how he has managed to be so successful in two entirely different worlds, and see what tips he had to offer to anyone looking to live a life as diverse as his. We talk about how he manages his time, but more than that, we take a deep dive and deconstruct his entire learning methodology in depth, flow, habits, happiness, goals, and how David has spent decades deconstructing and analyzing his own performance from every possible angle. Quite honestly, I can say without exaggeration that this is one of the absolute BEST episodes we’ve ever done.

Ep. 85: Build The World's Most Valuable Network w/ Jayson Gaignard of MasterMind Talks
Sep 06 2016 47 mins  
Today we are joined by Jayson Gaignard - quite possibly one of the world’s best networkers. In 2012, Gaignard began curating dinners in Toronto, Canada with small groups of entrepreneurs that focused on relationship building. The invite-only dinners became MastermindTalks—larger conferences for entrepreneurs geared toward health, wealth, self-improvement, and networking. Despite humble beginnings, Jason has grown mastermind talks into a world-renowned institution in the entrepreneurial space, hosting such greats as Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, A. J. Jacobs, Esther Perel, Dave Asprey, Guy Kawasaki, and Marc Ecko. In fact, Forbes described Gaignard as one of the top networkers to watch in 2015. He’s also published a book and produces a podcast on the topic of network building. In this episode, I wanted to learn more about how Jayson has built such strong ties with some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, and see if we can learn anything from his success. My father always told me that it’s not just about what you know, but also whom you know - and if that’s true, then both Jayson and his incredible skill set are definitely worth knowing. Throughout the episode, we talk about the power of a network like Jayson’s for improving oneself, accomplishing one’s goals, and making a lasting impact on the world. Jayson also shares some very practical tips for building your own network and connecting with the people you admire. All in all, I think you’ll take a LOT away from Jayson’s success story, and his wisdom.

Ep. 83: The Healing Power of Psychedelics: Ayahuasca, LSD, Psilocybin & More w/ Dr. Dan Engle
Aug 23 2016 65 mins  
Today, we are going to talk a bit about “drugs” - or rather, medicines. But not the drugs or medicines you’re thinking of. In fact, we're going to be talking about ancient, psychedelic medicines, used for hundreds or even thousands of years by indigineous societies for spiritual exploration. You may have heard of some of these substances - things like ayahuasca, psilocybin, or MDMA. What you may not have heard is how powerful they can be for personal growth and development. On that note, we are joined today by Dr. Dan Engle, a board certified expert in Psychiatry and Neurology with a clinical practice in holistic medicine, orthomolecular psychiatry and integrative spirituality. He is medical consultant to the Temple of the Way of Light Ayahuasca Center in Peru and Onnit Labs in Austin, Texas. He is also Medical Director of Crossroads Ibogaine Recovery Center in Rosarito, Mexico and the Rejuvenation and Performance Institute in Sedona, Arizona. In this episode, my objective was to learn more about the power of tribal medicines such as Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, learn how they affect the body, and see why it is that they're experiencing such a renaissance. But, as always happens, I got so much more out of this conversation than I could have possibly imagined. It's a bit of a longer and denser episode. We go deep into the world of psychedelics, spiritual exploration, trauma recovery, and more. We geek out on neuroscience, and share incredible stories. It’s a bit of an unstructured conversation, but easily one of the most fascinating and engaging we’ve ever had.

Ep. 81: Aubrey de Grey: How & Why We Must Defeat Aging
Aug 09 2016 43 mins  
Today, we are joined by Aubrey de Grey, biomedical gerontologist and Chief Science Officer of the SENS research foundation, and co-author of the book Ending Aging. You might know Aubrey from his appearances on 60 minutes, the BBC, The New York Times, Fortune, the Colbert Report, or his popular TED Talk. If you’ve heard him speak before, you’ll know that he is one of the chief drivers behind the view that medical technology may one day enable people alive today to live… well, forever. Through his research on regenerative medicine, and what he calls “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, or SENS,” de Grey has proposed a number of ways to not only slow, but even stop and reverse the effects of age on the human body. During the episode, we talk about these methods, the effects of aging, and also raise some of the ethical and practical issues surrounding the idea of a-mortality. We talk about learning, and I was just blown away by how much knowledge and expertise my guest has accumulated - and how he has accumulated it. We also have an absolutely fascinating and engaging conversation about the potential of the future, and what humanity may look like in 20 or 30 years. We truly dive into the idea of what it might be to be “superhuman,” and the resulting conversation will definitely blow your mind. For those of you who really love the heavy, sciencey episodes where we geek out on technical terms, you’re really going to love this episode, and for those of you who don’t, well, you’re going to learn a whole hell of a lot about your body and how it ages, and I’m quite sure you’ll get a kick out of my guest’s combination of jaw dropping wit and dry British humor.

Ep. 70: Creating a Meaningful Life & Excelling in Multiple Industries w/ My Mentor, Linda Levine
May 24 2016 38 mins  
Today, I have an especially exciting treat for you guys. That’s because today’s guest is a motivational speaker, university professor, life coach, and clown, who, believe it or not, has been my personal mentor and role model since I was just 4 years old. Through her work at San Jose State University, she has been instrumental in creating the university’s top rated course, Creating a Meaningful Life. She has lectured at Fortune 500 companies, municipal governments, and audiences worldwide. Above all of this, she’s an incredible source of wisdom, joy, and inspiration, and I just can’t wait to share it all with the world for the very first time. By the way, if you enjoy this discussion, I want to let you know that my guest and I have recently launched a groundbreaking online course together, titled Creating a Meaningful Life. But don’t worry - it’s not some “fluffy” motivational course. It’s actually a very hands-on, step-by-step action plan for designing the life of your dreams, using the proven strategies of the world’s best life coaches. If you’ve ever listened to an episode of this show and thought “gee, that guy has a pretty awesome life,” then this is your opportunity to learn exactly where I got it from, and build a pretty awesome life for yourself. Whether you’re in a pretty good place or deeply in need of a change, the course is guaranteed to make a measurable and remarkable impact in your life, or your money back… so, to check it out and to take advantage of a special discount for listeners of this show, visit

Ep. 64: Physical Skill Development & Improving Your Reflexes w/ Guinness Record Holder Dan Holzman
Apr 12 2016 48 mins  
My guest today has a ton of impressive credentials. He’s met presidents. He’s set multiple Guinness world records. He’s spoken on stage at TED 6 times. He’s worked with Robin Williams for years. He’s an entrepreneur. So far, he sounds like just another in a long line of high-caliber folks we invite on this show. My guest today, Dan Holzman, has attained all of this incredible success by building a career around - get this - comedy juggling. Now I know what you’re thinking. What the hell does juggling have to do with being SuperHuman? Well, as my guest explained to me when we spoke, juggling is actually a pretty amazing activity that has been proven to promote brain fitness, dexterity, concentration, and do a whole lot of other incredible things. For this reason, I invited today’s guest on the show not so much to talk about juggling per se, but rather to talk about the learning process behind mastering such an incredibly complex yet rewarding skill. In the episode, you’re going to learn a LOT. And be inspired. A LOT. Of course, we’re going to talk about juggling - and learn why it’s such a surprisingly powerful tool for self improvement. But beyond that, we’re going to talk about accelerated learning. We’re going to talk about what it takes to become a renaissance man or woman. We’re going to talk about passion, success, and finding your life’s calling. And so, so much more. This episode really runs the gamut, and has something for everyone, so I just know you’re going to enjoy it.

Ep. 28: The Father of Modern Memory Improvement Harry Lorayne: 60 Years of Mnemonics
Aug 04 2015 54 mins  
Today, we’ve managed to book, without exaggeration, the world’s foremost expert on memory and memory training: Harry Lorayne. He’s a living legend. Since the late 1950’s, he has sold over 17 MILLION copies of over 40 books on memory and magic. He’s been on every major television show you can imagine at least once - and generally starts off by memorizing the names of everyone in the up to 1500 person audience. He’s been in Forbes, coached a long list of Fortune 500 companies and their executives… Honestly, there’s no way I can possible do justice by just listing off his many accomplishments. More important than these accomplishments is the fact that today’s guest is generally credited with bringing Memory training and mnemonics back into the public sphere. Long before the world memory championships, and long before both myself and my co-authors of Become a SuperLearner were even born, he was putting in the hours to rediscover and improve upon ancient memory techniques that have helped tens of millions of people change every aspect of their lives through improved mental faculties. This interview might just be our biggest and most important yet. There’s so much value here, I don’t even know where to start. At 89 years old, Harry Lorayne pulls no punches and makes no apologies. He shares heartbreaking stories of physical abuse and overcoming dyslexia, but also some incredibly inspiring tales of how he became the world’s most respected authority on memory… which, by the way, he did with nothing more than a middle school education. You’ll notice right away that Harry is clearly very practiced, having spent literally 60 years in the public spotlight. He’s an incredible storyteller, and has an incredible way of answering questions with vivid stories and examples that will leave you wanting more. I just know you’re going to love this episode, so please take a moment to drop us a tweet or an email or a comment below with your thoughts.

Ep. 16: Carl Paoli on Movement, Life Purpose, & Four Movements to Maximize Your Performance
May 12 2015 41 mins  
Our guest today is Carl Paoli, a movement expert, elite gymnast, a trainer, and an all around superhuman. In his home country of Spain, he competed for over 15 years, rising through the ranks as a gymnast, while exploring a range of other sports from snowboarding to water skiing and martial arts. In 2004, he left what he thought would be a career in Marine Biology to return to the world of movement and fitness, and his meteoric rise to prominence has been something to marvel at... Today, he is one of the most respected CrossFit trainers in the world, working with greats like Kelly Starrett and our former guest, Diane Fu. However, whereas Diane brings a unique power-lifting aspect to the world of CrossFit, he brings a vast knowledge of gymnastics and kinesiology. In addition to training at SF CrossFit and running his own program called Naka Athletics, he has recently published a book with called FreeStyle, which teaches us how to maximize our Sport and Life performance with just four basic movements. This conversation is really going to blow you away. I went into the conversation expecting to geek out on kinesiology and physical performance, and honestly, Carl offered that and much, much more. We talk about family. We talk about the mindset of success. We talk about prioritizing the things that matter in life. Carl is an amazing guy who has so much wisdom to offer both in and out of the gym, and I know he’s going to inspire you to be as superhuman as he is.

Ep. 10: Self Defense & Nutrition Expert Jennifer Cassetta on How to Defend Your Mind, Body, and Heart
Mar 31 2015 37 mins  
A lively interview with Ms. Jennifer Cassetta, a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido with a passion to empower women to be strong, safe and sexy. But gentlemen, don’t tune out just yet! Jennifer created the popular Stilettos and Self Defense DVD series, has recently published a book, and has been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, E! and many more. She teaches empowerment, safety and self defense workshops around the country while she continues her nutrition and corporate wellness practice in Los Angeles. As you will quickly notice, Jennifer and I really had fun chatting, and we go on a lot of interesting but kind of unrelated tangents. Whether you’re a male or a female, this episode will offer you a lot of value and maybe remind you of some important mindset adjustments you should be keeping in mind. We talk about all kinds of different ways to defend your mind, your heart, and your body from would-be attackers, ranging from being conscious of what types of things and people you expose yourself to all the way to grass-fed beef. Furthermore, for the men in the audience, Jennifer’s wisdom will definitely offer you some great insights and ideas that you can share with the women in your life to help them stay happy, healthy, and safe. I think you’ll have a lot of fun listening to it, and I hope you take a lot away from it, as well.

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