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Sep 28 2020 20 mins

Welcome to Symplifi Health Radio--the medical advice podcast for women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Together we can re-define the way we approach our health. No longer are we going to accept the old standard of care mentality. We are going to start a revolution. We are going to demand better information, better access, and better reimbursement. We are going to learn what amazing science is actually available to help us reveal the answers to underlying health conditions, how to build your own unique blue print to optimal health, and how to create precision medicine for yourself.

Episode 26: What is a true dental emergency in this COVID type of world?
Apr 13 2020 19 mins  
What is a dental emergencies ( look at the exact name of the recording) Welcome back to Symplifihealth where we are committed to bridging medicine, dentistry, and genetics together. Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne team back up to discuss the immediate needs of the public to understand what a true dental emergency is and why it is important in the world of the corona virus pandemic. They are joined by Dr. Stephen LaDuque who is also a dentist that is passionate about Dental Wellness. Together they team up to discuss: Dental Emergencies need to be dealt through the dental office is order to keep as many people out of the hospitals and emergency rooms. An already flooded medical system that cannot take care of the solution of a tooth related issue. We are allowed to practice dental emergencies, just not elective procedures or traditional routine services at this time. If you have pain related to a certain area of your mouth, swelling of your gum around or below a tooth, or something that looks like a pimple form then calling a dentist is your next step to triage the situation. Typically, a fever can be associated with a dental infection and the pain can be severe. Our first line of defense will be Tylenol and antibiotics to calm the situation down. It is thus far recommended to stay away from anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen (Advil) which many of times is a go to option in dentistry. With all the above being said, you must realize that severe swelling from a dental infection can be a serious medical emergency if the swelling begins to constrict your airway and you find yourself not being able to breathe. Call 911 if you find yourself in eminent danger not breathing. If you have a crown come off immediately find it and try to get it back on the tooth after you clean it off. IT should only fit one way. Go to a CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart and look for a temporary cement that you can place inside and get that crown to stay in place. Then baby the area and chew on the other side. If you find yourself chipping or breaking a tooth and it is sharp and cutting you or scratching your tongue then find some wax. Use it to secure the area or hole or sharp edge from cutting you, till you can get into an office when the restrictions are lifted. Please never place an aspirin directly on the gum around a tooth that is having discomfort. IT will not help and has potential to burn you and make the situation worse. Today many people will find themselves with an increased stress level. Clenching and grinding your teeth will be at an all time high, therefore breaking or splitting teeth will also begin to increase. So, if you have retainers, night guards or anything to protect your teeth at night…. You should pull it out and start to use it right now. We talk about this COVID-19 situation because a long haul not a short sprint. So, everything you do that can help you protect your teeth you should do. Consistently brush your teeth at the very least 2 times a day, including floss or water pick. Get the soft plaque off as quickly as you can. It only takes 12-24 hours to turn soft plaque into a harder calculus that you won’t be able to get off until you get to a professional dental cleaning. We want to keep your gums as healthy as possible to influence over better health and well-being.

EPISODE 15: Looking At Airway Space From The Eyes Of An ENT Specialist
Jan 03 2019 29 mins  
Air and breathing is essential! So why do we take it for granted and not seek out solutions to the root cause of the problem. In our re-defining healthcare concept of creating your own medical blueprint, Dr. Jill Wade believes this should be a must have evaluation! SymplifiHealth is proud to welcome back Dr. Neelesh Mehendale our trusted ENT specialist. On this Episode 15 he will share his expertise on looking at an airway space through the eyes of a specialist. Airway issues must be evaluated for what aspect of the pathway is obstructing the flow or movement of the air. Snoring can be a significant sign of an obstruction. Weight, size of neck and mid-section plays a role in breathing efficiency. Noses can be straight on the outside and crooked on the inside but just because you have a crooked nose on the outside doesn’t mean it is on the inside. Turbinates heat humidify and filter the nose of allergens but can swell and take up too much room inside the nose. Add that with a deviated septum and you really feel the effects of difficult breathing. Adenoids are a small part of the immune system that sits behind the nose and above the tonsils. They can get too large and stop the flow of air. Tonsils and the back of the throat can collapse more when you lay down and get relaxed. Simple at home evaluations can be performed. Place a finger gently on the side of your nose and listen to the airway flow. Then change sides. Is one side more open than the other? Does it sound like it is struggling or flowing gently in and out. Open your mouth and look in the mirror. What do you see? Can you see the back of your throat and tonsils at all? Is your tongue blocking all visibility of your throat? Parents you must listen to Dr. Mehendale’s take on children’s airway issues that can affect their sleep, focus, their attention, and energy levels. Then transfer that to you or a loved one as an adult. A lifetime of poor sleep will no doubt take years off of your life. An open airway will support a better deeper more restful sleep. Do you have a question for Dr. Jill Wade? Then email her at [email protected] Dr. Neelesh Mehendale can be reached at or call 972-731-7654 Or email the team at [email protected] Professionals interested in learning more about dental wellness, visit and for any of the downloads associated with this episode please go to

EPISODE 14: Creating A Healthy Work Environment
Dec 27 2018 54 mins  
Creating a healthy work place is instrumental in reducing stress. Co-hosts Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH take a deep dive discussion with Dr. Cathy Jameson about finding solutions to common stressors in our daily work environments. Communication is the foundation of success and maintaining stress free systems. Disharmony comes from dysfunctional systems. Therefore, we must be skilled at problem solving tactics. In this podcast we go step by step describing a problem solving technique. Time management principles need to be reviewed by each and every member of the team to help allow you to spend majority of your time doing the most productive items for the business. List all the things you do and rate them in importance of the bottom line of the practice 1-5 (1 being very important). Now focus on the 4 and 5 tasks and ask these questions: Could I do these tasks in less time or be more efficient? Could I delegate or outsource these tasks to someone else? Could this task be eliminated? Identifying stressors is tricky because what may stress one person out may not stress another. Yet if chronic stress continues in your life on a daily ,weekly, monthly or yearly pattern without resolution you will get sick. Sick employees or leaders are not productive and can literally cost the business money. Find ways to add mindfulness, gratitude, meditation or deep breathing into your daily life. Devote time at end of your day to list 6 items that need to be done the next day in order of priority. Finish your day with a positive message and allow your subconscious brain to stop trying to organize your thoughts all night long. The proven scientific enhancement of sleep will allow your body to heal the effects of a stressful day. Dr. Cathy Jameson is an amazing author of multiple books but her latest is “Creating a Healthy Work Environment” which can be found on Amazon. You can also learn more about her body of work from and If you have a question or would like to connect with Dr. Jill Wade then email her at [email protected] Professionals interested in learning more about dental wellness, visit

EPISODE 13: HSE - The Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur - The Secrets Of Your Health Could Lie Within This Movement
Dec 20 2018 17 mins  
Dr. Jill Wade introduces the SymplifiHealth podcast followers to a brilliant entrepreneur friend that has created a new movement of the highly sensitive entrepreneur. Heather Dominick is the creator and founder of this movement based on Dr. Elaine Aron’s research. Dr. Wade feels that a natural force pulls highly sensitives into careers like health care professionals, care-takers and teachers and could be where some of our personal aches and pains come from being in those serving careers. However, discovering more about the details of why you are the way you are and what makes you react the way you do is simply mind blowing. It can literally unveil answers on how to take care and support your own health better. Keys to being an HSE Our nervous system is literally wired differently than 80% of the world and allows us to take in information at a more intense level from all sensory aspects. When you understand the concept of the HSE, you can appreciate both your very strong strengths and why you slip into your shadows or weaknesses like Overwhelm, Perfectionism and Procrastination just to name a few. Listen to Dr. Jill Wade and Heather Dominick uncover the HSE secrets and see if you are sensitive too! Join us on future podcasts to keep exploring this new movement with will help re-define healthcare. To take the Highly Sensitive Quiz go to Join Heather on her podcast at Business Miracles Follow Heather Dominick on Facebook. Visit her site at A Course in Business Miracles Connect with Dr. Jill Wade at [email protected] Professionals interested in creating a group to study more with Heather Dominick and I please reach out to me via email or send me a personal message on Facebook.

EPISODE 12: Optimizing Hormones For Modern Day Living
Dec 13 2018 24 mins  
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to feel like you again? Monitoring your hormones should be an essential part of your health and well being focus. The endocrine system is complicated and constantly changing in order to support your busy life. Sleep, stress, and age highly influence this aspect of our body that determines our energy level, moods, focus and zest for life. The modern day living expectations are high and in order to not only survive but thrive you must take an active approach in optimizing hormones. SymplifiHealth episode 12 will discuss a general overview of hormones with co-hosts Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne and guest Dr. Shahan Chowdhury, owner of Integrative Health and Heart in Frisco Texas. *Know that you are not alone if you feel foggy headed and not your best self. *Comprehensive testing of all the hormones will create the accurate guide to restoring balance *Find a qualified practitioner to focus on hormone replacement therapy *Understand the role that stress plays in disrupting balance and be ready to make some lifestyle choices If you have a question or would like to connect with Dr. Jill Wade then email her at [email protected] Dr. Shahan Chowdhury can be reached at 214-945-3621 For a copy of the mentioned testing download associated with this episode please go to Professionals interested in learning more about dental wellness, visit

EPISODE 11: Gut Health - What Every Person Needs To Know
Dec 06 2018 26 mins  
Gut health is the newest frontier on over-all health and wellness but can medicine catch up fast enough to help patients today? Co-Hosts Dr. Jill Wade and Aurelia Bryne RDH feature Dr. Uche Odiatu an internationally recognized health and wellness expert. Dr. Uche joins the episode of SymplifiHealth while attending the world’s largest fitness expo. As dental professionals, we all agree that the quality of healthy gums and breath is influenced by what you eat. But why must we get serious about what we use as fuel? *70% of our immune system resides in the gut *6000 enzymes produced by a healthy gut flora digest our food *Eating a wide range (key words) of fruit and vegetables creates a more diverse flora *Limit exposure to antibiotics if not truly needed because they can influence disruption for up to 6 months *Exercise creates more diversity and stronger gut flora *Whole foods are still king *Probiotics - you get what you pay for, 5 key strains are recommended Episodes 11 “Gut health what every person should know” leaves you with the thought: What we ate over the last 30 days influences what you see in the mirror today! If you don’t like what you see… start your changes in what you eat today. Do you have a question for Dr. Jill Wade? Then email her at [email protected] Follow Dr. Uche Odiatu on Instagram at fitspeakers and at Professionals interested in learning more about dental wellness, visit and for any of the downloads associated with this episode please go to

EPISODE 10: The Burning Secrets About Acid Reflux
Nov 29 2018 28 mins  
The mouth is the start of the digestive tract. Strong acid of the stomach was never meant to be in the mouth and if it back flows, even in vapor form, it can wreck your teeth and eventually erode your throat to harbor cancer causing environments. This episode of Symplifihealth shares easy lifestyle common sense changes that can help you and your family stay healthier. Join Dr. Jill Wade and Dr. Neelesh Mehendale having a burning conversation that needs to be heard on silent reflux. Listen for detailed descriptions on what you might be experiencing like dry coughing, bad breath, burning, tickle in the throat, something stuck in your throat, or new cavities. Hear from an amazing Ear Nose Throat specialist explain the difference between Band-Aid therapies and root cause solutions. Small lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on calming reflux down. This episode will: Identify symptoms of acid reflux Provide Band-Aide solutions versus root cause therapy Review lifestyle changes needed to reduce silent reflux Discuss how stress increases acid production If you suspect you are having issues with reflux, then why not start at an ENT office versus a gastro consult. An easy and quick in-office scope can find the answer in minutes. Proper diagnosis and simple changes can lead to a healthier you. Do you have a question for Dr. Jill Wade? Then email her at [email protected] Dr. Neelesh Mehendale can be reached at or call at 972-731-7654 Or email the team at [email protected] Professionals interested in learning more about dental wellness, visit and for any of the downloads associated with this episode please go to

EPISODE 6: Stop A Heart Attack 92 Percent Of The Time
Aug 16 2018 12 mins  
Today, we’re going to start the discussion of lifestyle choices and the chance to reduce your risk of a heart attack by 92%—that’s huge, guy. Heart attacks are the number one killer of women and more than all cancers combined that people died from. So heart attacks kill more people than all cancers combined. We use these word choices for a reason. Why? Because we have a complete choice—100% choice—of how we live our lives. We choose what we want to eat, what we drink, and we choose if we’re going to exercise or not. I want to highlight a few lifestyle choices that will decrease your risk by 92% of a heart attack, choices that you can control. It’s more effective on saving your life than any magic pill that you can take or be prescribed with. Some of you may know that we're big supporters and advocates of the American Heart Association. They are truly dedicated to heart-health education and research and they do a great, great job. We're so proud to be a supporter of them and to be a Circle Of Red member. Back in 2010, the American Heart Association came up with their seven essentials list for heart health. We're going to quickly review those seven items with you. If you would like a printout of this, feel free to visit our site at and you can print an easy download version for yourself. This list became really very important to research in order for them to create relevant research and to document it to help patients themselves, but even more to help doctors actually take care of patients.

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