Ascension Speed Show

Mar 26 2020 72 mins 26

The show's purpose is help the people to play the Kingdom of Loathing's ascension game more efficiently and perhaps introduce players to speed ascension.

Ascension Speed Show 13 - Bob and the Gropocalypse
Jul 02 2019 66 mins  
Edit: Lyft accidentally used the wrong audio file for the intro music! If it sounds worse, that's because it was the rough first draft of the theme song! Sorry! News It's been a while! But we have been busy, and there are lots of awesome things coming soon! Here is a bit of the latest news: Dark Gyffte Run logs from Aenimus, Lyft, and Monsieur Bob: The Summer challenge path, Two Crazy Random Summer, is here, and plasticlobster and cdrock have been working hard with the ASS/general KoL community to bring you a database for all 54(!) seeds. Check it out at There are also query-able versions for items and effects: Podcast Episode 13! Monsieur Bob has recently returned to KoL after a long break. Despite that, he completed two very speedy ascensions, earning himself a Gold and Silver Commendation in Softcore and Hardcore respectively (yet to be distributed)! We will discuss what planning and preparation went into this incredible feat, and how other returning players can compete with the rest of us! Nerfs. Jick (finally) bombs green smoke bombs. What does this mean? What does this change? Why did this happen? Discussion about April's IotM: PirateRealm, and its optimal use for both aftercore and in-run (we were waiting for the signal puzzle, but we will just cover that when it comes, if need be). Discussion about May's IotM: Fourth of May Cosplay Saber, and its optimal use for both aftercore and in-run (and how this may change!). How does speed ascension and routing develop? How do we plan runs, and how are gold runs decided? How did the community work together to do this? We'll discuss both generally and from the perspective of Dark Gyffte. Discord Invite link:

Ascension Speed Show 11 - Bat Path's Boss Bat Beefy Bodyguard Bats
Mar 30 2019 56 mins  
Violetinsane will be walking us through the never seen before Glitch season and how we can best get our hands on the new PvP item, which still remains unimplemented. If it ends up becoming ascension relevant, we'll all want one! Phillammon is a prime example of a new and improving listener of the podcast who is learning all the important mechanics of the game. Phil has been making incredible progress on his journey to speeding, and the only things slowing him down are a lack of permanent skills and niche knowledge that comes with years of play. Phil has made a zone simulator for the 8-Bit Realm. We'll be talking a little bit about that, and perhaps how this could be extended to other areas of the game. Spreadsheet with Phil's findings March's IotM: the vampyric cloake! In depth discussion of Dark Gyffte. Expect tricks, tips and routing that builds upon last episode's brief overview! Discussion of resource management, particularly limited-per-day skills, such as banishes, as well as "sniff skills" (producing "queue copies"). What else is new? The Ascension Speed Show talk with KoL creator, Jick on April 13th! Submit your questions for our special guest in the #Jick-Questions channel on Discord. Bonus Podcast: In preparation for the resource management section of the podcast, The Dictator and Aenimus held a short broadcast to remind people what the "queue" is, and what we mean by "queue copies"; i.e., using "sniffs": Full version Twitch, YouTube; Special turn generation and resource allocation spreadsheet for Dark Gyffte. It also has loads of resource planning, courtesy of The ErosionSeeker and others. Check it out! The ErosionSeeker's latest infographic on how to Ensorcel a Spant! Dudemcbob's Chasm NC Cheat Sheet (Updated!) Discord Invite link:

Ascension Speed Show 10 - The Late February Show with Chameco
Mar 08 2019 68 mins  
We're pleased to have acclaimed speeder and spader Chameco with us on the late February show! Chameco has been on the ascension boards for quite some time, and is quick to spade mechanics (both new and old) for the community. Kramco revisited - Some of the goblin encounter ceilings still require further spading. The numbers presented in the show are not final. The community is still working hard gathering data and testing. There's still much to learn about January's IOTM! Analysis of February's IotM: Lil' Doctor(TM) Bag. A brief look at Dark Gyffte (the Spring Challenge Path). Expect a bonus episode in the future to cover the path in greater detail! How do we optimize the Shen's snakes, Copperhead, and the protestor quests? Can we speed these up and what mechanics are in play? We take a look at these "new" quests in great detail. What else is new? PlasticLobster (#1919839)'s Kingdom of Loathing Skill Tracker Analysis PlasticLobster has made an incredible tool to assist players keep track of which skills they have perm'd. This webpage and associated mafia script crossreferences the Ascension Speed Show's Perm Tier List and gives a summary of which relevant skills you are missing! Find it here: With lots and lots of help from The Dictator, the Ascension Speed Society has launched an Ascension Turn-generation Planning Sheet. It needs to be updated for Dark Gyffte, but it has most things you would expect for a run. We'll eventually support it for aftercore, but it's mostly already there. This is a fantastic resource where you can just alter checkboxes and drop downs, and the spreadsheet does everything else for you! If you have any questions, just ask. Lyft finished updating the Standard Pull List reference spreadsheet for 2019! We will continue updating this reference throughout the year. Discord Invite link: Other links: Hardcore/Softcore Perm Tier List + Decision Flowchart

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