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Oct 15 2020 75 mins 260

Join me, Matt Lawrence, and my co-host, Mike Karan, as we dive head first into the world of web development and design. In this show we discuss running a small business, making websites and web apps for customers from all over the industry. We'll be diving in deep on things like our latest projects, our business strategies and much, much more!

Full Time and Side Hustles w/ David Lindahl
Apr 17 2019 100 mins  
In this episode we sit down once again with David Lindahl to discuss his full time job and many side hustles. Segment 1 - What’s New? Tell us a little bit about yourself and what’s happened since we last spoke. Segment 2 - UI Developer How long did it take you to fully settle into your role? Before you got a full time position you were working on a variety of side hustles, many of which are still online today. How was the transition from being your own boss to working under a company? Is there any sort of issue with you running side hustles and working at your day job? Conflict of interest? Do they own a piece of that income as apart of an agreement? How fast were you expected to “spin-up” when you were hired? For example, were you just thrown a bunch of work and expected to know how to do it on the first day/week? How are the hours? Are you doing a lot of overtime? If so, is it mandatory? Which do you prefer? Working a day job, or being your own boss? How involved are you in the work environment? (ie company sports teams and events) Do you recommend being active within a company in this way? Segment 3 - Side Hustles What side hustles do you have going on? Are you planning on generating a passive income from these projects, or do you have different goals in mind? Rainier Watch is a big side hustle that seems to be getting bigger all the time, what’s your secret? Any tips and tricks for people that are trying to build a side hustle on Instagram? How’s your work/life balance work out with your day job and side hustles together? Are you planning for your side hustles to eventually take over your day job and becoming your full time occupation? Web News - Organic vs Algorithm on Social Media Whenever you look up growing on social media, most of the advice is specifically for exploiting the algorithm in some way With that being said you need to have a good amount of content ready to go so that you actually have something to post, understanding how the algorithm works is great, but if you don’t have anything to post then you can’t get any exposure at all. In terms of content, higher quality is obviously preferred, but if it doesn’t generate good numbers then it seems like putting in the extra time for quality isn’t worth it How much time should you spend on your content? Should you just keep posting quality content and expect results over time - with consistent posting? Should you be prioritizing algorithm “hacks” to get your content more exposure? Is there a balance between using the algorithm and organically making quality content? Should you work on getting a following on multiple networks (ie Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) or should you focus on one? David's Links "Made With Spark: (The MVP site David mentioned in the show) - New website coming really soon" RainierWatch - Basecamp - You can find us on... Facebook | Twitter | Instagram RSS | Patreon | Spotify Medium | YouTube | GitHub Reddit

Mar 28 2019 34 mins  
In this solo episode, Mike discusses the code refactoring process and then deep dives on work/life balance. Segment 1 - What is Refactoring Refactoring definitionChanging your code to improve its organization and structure without directly influencing it’s performance Explanation of terminologyCode SmellsSomething you notice as your coding that you think will later require a restructure/reorganization ExtensibilityAbility to later down the road use your current code to extend the capabilities of your program without having to rewrite large portions of code Maintainability Make it easier to fix bugs and find issues in your code down the line when you’re not as familiar with it Extraction/componentizationTaking functionality from a method and creating its own method so that it becomes reusable to other functions Segment 2 - Tips Refactor often Create a refactor listWhen you notice a code smell but need to focus on functionality, jot it down in a refactor to do list so you don’t forget to go back and correct Change obscure variable names to proper named variables (Maintainability)Also use appropriate variable types. In JS we are limited but we still have the choice between let, const, var When you notice you’re using the same of similar functionality in multiple functions, externalize that functionality into its own function (extraction/componentization)That could be a seperate function, or it can be a seperate file with a it’s own class and extensible functionalities In vuejs currently you can used Mixins which allow the use of methods across components (in the future this will be handled with hooks) Remove old code that you previously commented out Clean up unused files, folders, functions and images Change code to be extensible to your needs (Extensibility)During sprints with short deadlines sometimes you’ll write code to just get something working while realizing that certain functionality that needs to be implemented in the future won’t work with the current implementation Example: Internationalization Remove unused librariesWe all add libraries as we code to try to meet deadlines faster, but sometimes they don’t work the way we want and we move on to the next one. It’s important to remove them when we realise they don’t fit Use tools like prettier and lint to help maintain code structure on a daily basisExample making sure everything is in spaces instead of tabs Arrow functions instead of expression functions Add comments to sections of code you think need explanation (maintainability) Web News - Work/Life Balance One of the disadvantages of being a contractor/freelancer is not having that 9-5 work structure that you have to follow Depending on your situation though it might be an advantage, if your wife works from home also, you can sometimes spend the best parts of the day together. Instead of going shopping at peak times you can go earlier and just work when you get back Take advantage of off hours for traffic A structured day is great, but everyone has a different work rhythm and being able to structure your day based on that can greatly increase productivity. If you work better in the mornings and early evenings you can make the middle of the day your time off for instance If your considering freelancing you have to be able to structure your own days, which seems simple but can really be a challenge. You can find us on... Facebook | Twitter | Instagram RSS | Patreon | Spotify Medium | YouTube | GitHub Reddit

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