One Day Contract - A Panthers Talk Show

Oct 28 2020 81 mins 48

A Carolina Panthers podcast where host Nikki Wolfe and panelists Josh Klein and Colin Hoggard invite a new guest each week to sign a One Day Contract and talk about the Panthers news of the week.

New Panthers HQ With Special Guest Erik Spanberg
May 22 2019 84 mins  
With the offseason in full swing, the gang is joined by Erik Spanberg, Managing Editor of the Charlotte Business Journal to talk exactly what South Carolina did to lure the Panthers new headquarters, what that headquarters might look like and whether or not they can build the building in the shape of the Panthers logo. If you're not into the banter, they start talking football at the 10 minute mark, but you'll be missing out on Game of Thrones hate, the panel's top three favorite shows of all time - including the phrase "I'm debating between Family Matters and 60 Minutes" being uttered for the first time in the history of podcasting. Then Erik illuminates the panel on what kind of benefits South Carolina actually gave to the Panthers, whether that was a good move on their part, how Two States, One Team is more of a business model than we think and how much the tax breaks actually gave to Mr. Tepper. And don't think Colin, Josh and Nikki let Erik go without analyzing the financial implications of a new stadium, whether that new stadium is a possibility or an inevitability and how THE PANTHERS ARE NOT MOVING FROM CHARLOTTE. Plus, they'll talk Phil Collins, MLS and Colin gets three uninterrupted minutes to talk about the Hornets -- and it's the return of one of our favorite games, eBay Fun Time! One Day Contract is a proud part of The Riot Network and is powered by OrthoCarolina. Please rate, review, subscribe and tell your friends about your favorite Panthers podcast! eBay Find #1: eBay Find #2: eBay Find #3: We wish the Tulsa Panthers well!

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