Level 3 Mathematics

Jul 14 2010 43 mins 11

A selection of recordings suitable for third-year mathematics undergraduate students at university.

Uniform convergence and Pointwise convergence
May 24 2010 80 mins  
This video is a combination of the three screencasts from Chapter 9 of the second year module G12MAN Mathematical Analysis, lectured by Dr J. Feinstein (Nottingham). See also Dr Feinstein's blog at http://explainingmaths.wordpress.com/ and, in particular, the associated blog post at http://wp.me/posHB-7j The aim of this material is to introduce the student to two notions of convergence for sequences of real-valued functions. The notion of pointwise convergence is relatively straightforward, but the notion of uniform convergence is more subtle. Uniform convergence is explained in terms of closed function balls and Dr Feinstein's notion of sets absorbing sequences. The differences between the two types of convergence are illustrated with several examples. Some standard facts are also discussed: a uniform limit of continuous functions must be continuous; a uniform limit of bounded functions must be bounded; a uniform limit of unbounded functions must be unbounded. Target audience: Most of this material should be accessible to anyone who understands what a real-valued function is, and understands the notion of convergence of a sequence of real numbers. This should include most mathematics undergraduates by the end of their first year. An understanding of continuity and of boundedness for real-valued functions defined on various types of domain would help the student to understand the latter part of the material.

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