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#15 - There's a gun in the oven w/ Vic Ferrari
Mar 01 2018 38 mins  
Show Notes Interview with 20 year NYPD veteran Vic Ferrari who has a never ending supply of hilarious stories. Check out his new book NYPD: Through the Looking Glass. To an outsider, the New York City Police Department is a mysterious well-oiled machine responsible for maintaining law and order in the world's greatest city while looking brilliant in blue. However, things are not always what they appear to be and may surprise you. New York City has over eight million people residing in its five boroughs, covering over three hundred square miles. To run this three ring circus you need a thirty-five thousand member police department with a sense of humor. After a memorable twenty-year career, New York City Police detective Vic Ferrari shares his colorful stories while pulling no punches about the funnier side of the world's largest police department. You might be surprised to learn that moving a corpse to avoid working late is not a good idea. Or how hiding a gun in your oven can ruin an evening. And, what about the time there was gunfire inside a crowded cemetery during a funeral procession? Or the practical jokes that went too far. And, all the NYPD Precinct nicknames! The unofficial NYPD glossary and much more! NYPD: Through the Looking Glass is a behind scenes look into the NYPD filled with action, suspense, and nonstop laughs! A must read for cop buffs, true crime readers and anyone with a sense of humor! Law of Self Defense Case of the Week Short Weekly NARCs As always, thank you to our music sponsors FAZETONE and EARTH JONES

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