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Oct 29 2020 30 mins 1

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Former Howard Stern Show Head Writer Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling To Perform In Seymour
Feb 26 2019 54 mins  
Click play to listen to an audio interview with former Howard Stern Show head writer Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, who is scheduled to perform 8 p.m. Saturday March 2 at The Strand Theater, 165 Main St. in Seymour. Here's an episode guide for people who can't focus: 1 minute, 5 seconds: Intro and the plugs! 3 minutes, 57 seconds: Jackie says he's 1,000 years old and no longer knows how to travel. 6 minutes, 26 seconds: Jackie talks about how he managed to lose his beer gut 7 minutes, 22 seconds: CLASSIC JACKIE LAUGH 8 minutes, 9 seconds: Jackie interrupts to make sure the plugs get mentioned. 10 minutes, 18 seconds: Jackie about the strange convergence of dirty jokes, Alexa, and streaming-music services. 11 minutes, 45 seconds: I suggest that "The Joke Man" has been around so long he's now considered "alt-comedy." 13 minutes, 29 seconds: Jackie reminds listeners his views don't necessarily represent the views of me, the Online Journalism Project, or any sponsors. 13 minutes, 40 seconds: I admit I previously interviewed Jackie and tried to get him to bash Howard Stern but he would not take the bait. 14 minutes, 47 seconds: Jackie on something that bothers him from his Stern Show days. 16 minutes, 2 seconds: Jackie on whether he walked off the show. 16 minutes, 42 seconds: Jackie references a bloated attorney. 17 minutes, 59 seconds: Jackie reveals the name of the one guy who stood between him and a raise on the Stern Show. 19 minutes, 16 seconds: Jackie, responding to a question from listener Pete Gerner, talks about what the work week was like when he was doing both "The Howard Stern" radio show and "The Howard Stern" television show on WWOW in 1990. Some sketchy Ralph behavior mentioned. 24 minutes, 58 seconds: Jackie on the last time he talked or communicated with Connecticut-native Fred Norris. 26 minutes, 16 seconds: Jackie on the most underrated Stern Show staffer or personality. 28 minutes, 21 seconds: Did Jackie asking for writing credit wreck his relationship with Howard? 33 minutes, 33 seconds: Jackie on his career immediately after he was no longer a Stern Show staffer. 35 minutes, 55 seconds: Jackie on why he didn't want a gig with Anthony Cumia's Compound Media. 39 minutes, 39 seconds:How's Stuttering John doing? 42 minutes: Jackie teases a project he's working on with Billy West and Stuttering John. 45 minutes, 55 seconds: How sweet would a Stern Show-related convention be? 49 minutes: What is Jackie doing in California? 52 minutes: Jackie says goodbye. Show ends with a Jackie laugh compilation.

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