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Cryptonomics is about the principles of cryptocurrency and investing. Learn about personal finance, the disruptive power of this emerging industry, and how it might change your life in more ways than one.

How To Buy Bitcoin & What To Do With It
Apr 23 2019 10 mins  
There's a lot to know when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but a lot of people just want to know the basics - how can I buy it and what am I even meant to do with it? In this episode, Kurt explains how to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, by purchasing from a regular exchange in your country, arranging a purchase on, buying from a decentralised exchange such as Bisq, or buying in person. He also explains the opportunities after you buy your coins - store them and hope the price goes up, trade them for other tokens to speculate or use, or use them for purchases such as Amazon gift cards - or illicit goods on the dark net. Important links: Nobody cares about cryptocurrency -  Purchase a Trezor to keep your crypto safe: Please upvote on Steemit:  Watch on BitTube: Website:  Facebook:  YouTube:

Why Is Dash Pumping? April 2019
Apr 02 2019 6 mins  
Dash has outperformed the cryptocurrency market over the last month, rising from $79 to $120. For people not familiar with Dash, rises in price always seem unusual, but for those who follow it closely they know that good news is always coming out. After there was a 51% attack on ETC, there was a lot of uncertainty in many smaller crypto projects. Bitcoin and Ethereum are big enough to make such attacks impractical, but for the rest of the market, they may be exposed to this exploit. Dash is working on a solution in the form of Chainlocks, using the Dash masternodes to prevent doublespends, making the system more secure and give faster confirmations. The Dash Core Group has publically released the code for Evolution, the wallet which Dash supporters hope will make crypto more user friendly, looking more like PayPal or Venmo than Bitcoin, allowing merchants to integrate into the wallet and offer discounts, increasing their conversions. However, it seems the main reason that Dash has increased in price over the last month is something more related to short-term trading. Binance added two pairs - Dash/BNB and Dash/USDT. That means traders on Binance are now using those pairs to try to gain an advantage and make more money. Dash Force News - This week in Dash March 25 - March 30: Purchase a Trezor to keep your crypto safe: Please upvote on Steemit:  Watch on BitTube: Website:  Facebook:  YouTube:

Do you regret buying bitcoin? With Chris Guida
Jan 22 2019 12 mins  
The other day I sat down with my friend Chris Guida, long term Bitcoin enthusiast, software developer and all-round nice guy, to discuss some questions about cryptocurrency that people had raised on the Internet. Please upvote on Steemit:  Watch on BitTube: Website:  Facebook:  YouTube: Firstly, do we regret investing in cryptocurrency? Both of us started buying years ago, so the answer was a clear no. However, there are many people who didn't have the good fortune to buy so early. Chris says it's likely that the crypto market will come around again - just like with a traditional market, there's a boom and bust. It's easy for a lot of folks in the media to say that bitcoin is dead and will never come back - but literally hundreds of pundits have said that before, and it hasn't stopped crypto yet. We also discussed whether the crypto bubble of 2017 was a pump and dump scheme, a manipulated effort by whales and market makers, pushing money in and loudly and taking it out quietly. Wherever there are markets, it's almost guaranteed that people are trying to work them in their favour, but in this case it's unlikely that there's one grand conspiracy to push up the price. The price, and the bubble, is a result of a lot of individual actors, buying, selling, holding, and saying the truth or saying lies about what they're doing.

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