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Oct 27 2020 60 mins 308

While Black: A seriously opinionated podcast bringing you the real and the sometimes raw on anything happening while black.

Corona Virus (COVID19) PART 1 - Emergency Episode - We Want You As Informed As Possible
Mar 18 2020 59 mins  
SHARE SHARE SHARE THIS IMPORTANT EPISODE If you have any questions or need the most up to date information please visit The Center For Disease Control and Prevention www.cdc.gov Additional credible sources are The World Health Organization (https://www.who.int/) Given how new COVID19 is and how fast information is changing please make sure you are using credible sources for your information. We apologize that todays episode is lower quality sound than our normal however we felt it was important enough to trade sound quality for much needed information on the Corona Virus (COVID19). As such we recorded this interview over the phone. BTW Dr Sutton was a trooper ...no hero..bc she did this interview even though just the day before she had a potential exposure to COVID19. So when she said lets do this over the phone instead we understood. In part 1 of this emergency session we are joined by Dr Madeline Sutton who has a long long list of credentials but served for 20 years (Until last year) as an Epidemiologist at the CDC. Dr Sutton takes some time to break down all the most current information on COVID19. In addition, she busts a few early myths. Again Dr Sutton was potentially exposed to COVID19 earlier this week and as such we decided to make the move to record via phone so the quality is not our normal - please forgive us but THIS IS MUST LISTEN TO INFORMATION!!!! Lastly, in order to get this episode to you as fast as possible (overnight) limited editing was done. Enjoy, take heed, be safe, and SHARE so your brothers and sisters can also be informed

A Voice For Atlanta's Missing and Murdered Children w/Atlantis Filmworks
Mar 15 2020 61 mins  
In Atlanta GA between 1979 and 1981 approximately 2 dozen black children were abducted and murdered. To this day no one has been charged with ANY of these murders and the many stories that have been told primarily ignore the perspective of the voices that matter most - those of the victims and their families. The story of The Atlanta Child Murders is one full of false reporting, conspiracy, and pain. There were major racial, political, and economic factors in the city dubbed "Too busy to hate" that all played a role in the concentrated murders of black youth in primarily black Atlanta. Today we with sit down with Atlantis Filmworks a powerful team who have taken on the responsibility of connecting with the families and telling their stories. They are committed to those who are voiceless and are lending their expertise, time and talents to uplifting the missing voices. An aggregate of the many ignored voices is being combined into a fictional character (Cassandra) and magnified via a film production of the same name. This is an amazing episode that will get you a bit closer to the tragedies that haunted Atlanta and im sure still haunt the families. Please connect with Atlantis Filmworks via their websites at https://themoviecassandra.com OR https://www.atlantisfilmworks.com/ Don't forget to get social with While Black IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: [email protected]

"Black Women Are Superheroes" - The State of Black Women Today
Apr 28 2019 64 mins  
Have you checked on the black women in your life? If you are a black woman how much time do you spend on YOU? Today we are joined by the amazing Dr Joy Bradford from the platform and podcast Therapy For Black Girls and she talks specifically to and about black women today. Dr Joy hits home on point after point as it relates to the mental health of black women and she helps us to understand what we can do personally to be better help mates to black women. She also scares us a little with her private message to all women “IT’S TIME” …. As she said it we couldn't help but hear Beyonce’s “Bow Down” and “Girls Run The World” playing in the back of our minds. But nonetheless, Bow down to the black women in our lives we will gladly do! Just say no is a theme you will hear throughout this episode and we concur that it is severely needed. After all black women have been the heroes to the human race so we need them well taken care of until the rest of us get our ISHT together. BTW do you know where the fictional Hillman college was located? This episode is a HUGE thank you and we love you to all black women (Love you Wife, Mom, Mother in law, Sister and sister in law...This one is for each of you!) Catch Dr Joy on IG/FB: @therapyforblackgirls or on her website https://www.therapyforblackgirls.com/ Don’t forget to get social with While Black IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: [email protected]

If you ain't first, you're last w/Bill Lester - NASCAR … While Black
Mar 16 2019 66 mins  
We get some dope guests on While Black and today's guest stays the trend..this brother was literally on Honey Nut Cheerios cereal boxes. Now real talk how many folks do you personally that have been on a damn box of cereal? (I'll Wait) While Black had the chance to sit down with NASCAR pioneer and living legend Bill Lester. Bill wanted to drive fast since his teen years and finally by age 40 made it to the nation's biggest racing stage. Our conversation today leans in hard on how to find your way to your dreams even when the thing you are dreaming about isn't necessarily accepting of who you are. Bill discusses how powerful the support of a black woman can be and calls out his wife specifically for pushing and pulling him to get out there and make his dreams come true. (Pro tip: Black Woman are indeed magic) He also goes in depth on being black and educated in NASCAR shining light on both the amazing times and struggles that being a black race car driver created. Bill is a member of a VERY small group of African Americas to participate in the sport of NASCAR. His story is both black history and a reminder of what black future can look like - we can do anything, be anywhere, and accomplish everything!!!! This is not only a good episode but it holds true to the While Black promise of exposing you to new perceptions and experiences. Enjoy this episode and make sure to go engage with Bill at www.billlester.com Please follow While Black on our social media IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: [email protected]

Black Proud and Republican - Republican ... While Black
Mar 02 2019 72 mins  
When you hear that someone is a black republican what is the first thought that you have. We polled a few people and the answers didn't surprise me.. Entitled Sellout Bougie Detached Wealthy Regardless as to if you agree or disagree with the words used to describe black Republicans I'd like to pose the question are those words fair? Is it fair to judge someone simply because of a political affiliation? We are of the mindset that if we as black folks are to change our situation and rewrite the accepted narrative on us we will need all of us regardless of income, education, or party affiliation. We need the power of diversity represented by the full spectrum of black people. So as you listen to our black Republican guest Takosha Swan and whether you agree or disagree consider where we can find common ground to go out and win...together! As with any conversation there were points made by Takosha that While Black disagreed with but there were also some that we agreed with. This episode will help you learn a different mindset as well as how to partner with someone that you may disagree with. Lastly please remember that While Black is a forum meant to bring black people together and discuss our struggles, similarities, and differences..this isn't Fox or CNN and there will NEVER be fighting between blacks folks on this show Hit play or download to get all the details Then make sure you get closer to Takosha and all of her work by visiting businesswomenconsulting.com or her IG: @Takoshaswan Please follow While Black on our social media IG: WHILE_BLACK; TWITTER @whileblackpc; FB @whileblackpodcast or email: [email protected]

Our Music Our Stories w/Grammy Nominated Artist Dwele - Soul Music … While Black
Jan 06 2019 43 mins  
This episode was recording on location in Dwele's Atlanta Airbnb so the sound is slightly different from our normal - but its still AMAZING!!! This is a side of Dwele that you have not seen in interview before so take it in and enjoy it! The interview was simply DOPE!! Today we chat with National Recording Artist Dwele about the role of black music today as well as his music and its role in the culture. We touch on the history of music's relationship with black folks from songs like Strange Fruit to What’s Going On all the way up to todays music. We honestly have a great time talking good music. We learn whose entire musical catalog Dwele would erase if he had to and believe me the choices was gave made it an impossible question. Dwele also tells us what he thinks black folks need to create a better country for ourselves and has some dope advice for our community to “build a window” toward greater opportunity. For you Dwele fans this is a very different glimpse into one of the dopest soul music artists around today. Check this episode out now!!! Hit the download button now to join this conversation and have a great time learning about Soul Music, Dwele, and our culture. This is a great episode that you dont want to miss. We also want to know whose musical catalog you would cut...While Black Isht!!! Follow Dwele on his social channels below IG:@therealdwele; FB: @Dwele; Official Website: www.Dwele.com Don't forget to follow and interact with While Black FB: @whileblackpodcast; Twitter: @whileblackpc; IG: While_Black; Email: [email protected]

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