Bringing Grace to the Nations

Nov 30 2019 28 mins 8

Hey! Im Victor and I am the host of Bringing Grace to the Nations Podcast! A podcast that tackles all sorts of theological questions, in an easy to understand and fun way! I am a seminary student, and part-time barista! I hope you love the conversation and are encouraged by the content!

Toxic Charity | Mustard Seeds and Mountains
Mar 31 2018 32 mins  
Hey guys! Today I sit down with the Director of Mustard Seeds and Mountains, him and his family have been serving the Lord faithfully for many years through their ministry in McDowell County WV. I interned the summer of 2017 with them and it was an amazing experience, but trust me the summer was not easy, it had its challenges and obsticles, but that didnt hinder God in any way from working not only in my heart, but in the communities heart aswell. Here are some shocking statistics regarding the town of Northfork located in Mcdowell County, Population- 429, with 173 households, and 108 families. Median Income for a household- $16,544 the Per Capita Income- $ 10,001– this number represents the income per person instead of the household By the year 1990, McDowell County ( The county in which Northfork is in) the poverty rate was the highest for any county in West Virginia, and 50.3 % of all children were below the poverty line. The largest private employer in the county, Wal-Mart, closed in 2016. Putting 140 people out of jobs. In 2015 McDowell county had the highest rate of drug-induced deaths of any county in the United States. The average rate in the US was 14.7 per 100,000 people McDowell County had 141 per 100,000 people There is more improvement being done on the tourist areas of this region. Support Mustard Seeds and Mountains Here: Sign up for our newsletter here:

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