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ONRS - Ep458 - A Dusting of Downey and Moth Splaining
Aug 14 2020 117 mins  
Mikey B was trusted with writing the show description this week, I think he did a wonderful job. This is what follows: Topics for 8-13-20 -Big onion challenge rock and roll cahsews ty loves all the nuts date of onion challenge first week of september donation available for onion challenge Onion Smoothie Sam says no sauce... hard line-owens spectrum is not working right owen has a few and calls 45 minute wait Whole system is down owen wants to call the supervisor william is the supervisor dont be so hard on bill owen backs down like a pussy owens chatting on his service call call customer service people and make friends.. new bit. trick them to be friends.whats the feelings on milk TG Lee isnt that bad by ty standdards not a lot of milk drinkersOwens jealous of the golf cart guy. mike talks about his golf cart days Owen wants legal drunk driving. cool golf cart guy that owen wants to beTy's Minnesota report ty's high father son sandwich time what kinda cut? straight diagonal. double diagonal. potatoe chips sandwich Clips!clip1 CLOONER- King of farmington Rap from michigan. Farmington white boy, with a disjointed flow. Moves, ass. dusting of the downy clip2 King Maney- Addicted to Ink Poor dude is just covered in bad tats contradicting himself with his own lyrics pays for tats or not? Clip 3 Yukon 800 Drops his passenger. Moose Soup Dirty Son of A... Clip4 Moth Man- Landis Harry Larry Tys new project.very trippy.. mothsplaining incident OWENS ENGLISH FACE! Owen is upset about his english face. Second segment POOP TALKOwen enjoys his toilet time.Ty is a mid-range pooMikes black poo nugget. Owen Hates a rok auto commercial. Owen wants a to strangle the rock auto commerical. Owen hates Rok Auto. Rok auto is a bunch of Jabroni'sMIke B's gaming cornerTy's octopus Owen cries at love on the spectrumOwen doubts their level of spectrum.Mike B is a man child Owen's got a Mcmansion going up next to his little duplex.owen doesnt like it. He wants it to stay trashy.why dont hippies chain themselves to trees.Steve-O tapes himself to billboard!Owens smelly red head guy gets hired and refired.Mike B owens got a papaya tree sooo big! URBAN DICTION! Manther Spud Happy Tapioca udders badders getting the old cotton eyed joe FYD EABOD -ONRS

ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 11
Jun 05 2020 62 mins  
We are back! We took a week off last week to revamp our show by changing up our format a bit. Don't worry you still get to hear our lovely voices wax lyrical about all that is Covid 19 and our lives in quarantine but we've added a new call in interview segment! Excited to debut it today on our 11th episode with our special guest and long time friend from Orlando Florida Mr. Omar Mendez. On this episode Kath and I start the show off right away with diving into the current events that have been rocking our country through out the past week with the mass protests against police violence toward people of color spawned from the unjust killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We discuss our roles in this movement as people of white privilege and how people like us can best be supportive and understanding of this movement. Following that up we get into catching up on all that is Covid-19 here in the USA with talks of re-openings, cases and deaths counts, potential vaccines on the horizon and our stance of 80 plus days in quarantine. Then it's onto the debut of our newest segment with a phone conversation joined by Omar Mendez from Orlando Florida. Omar, a good friend of mine who I attended film school with in Orlando is an instructor at Full Sail University and runs a video production company with his wife Marianthy. Their company specializes in event videography, wedding slow-motion booths and a of recent live web broadcasting. We talk in detail about the pivot Omar has had to endure within his teachings at Full Sail and within his own business due to the current Covid-19 crisis. We also dive into what life has been like for Omar and his wife living in Orlando during the quarantine and his thoughts on what the future holds. Thanks again to Omar for joining us on this maiden voyage for our new segment. We will be aiming to do phone interviews every week on the show so if you or someone you know may be interested in participating in one feel free to drop me an email personally and we can set something up ([email protected]). Thanks again for listening! See ya next week! CLIPS and THINGS played or mentioned on today's episode: INTRO SONG - PIG FEET by Terrance Martin RESEARCH ON DONATING TO BLM PROTESTS / DONATE TO BLM PROTESTS CHECK OUT OMAR MENDEZ AND OMARVELOUS PRODUCTIONS OUTRO SONG - FTP by YG TO CHECK OUT PAST EPISODES OF THE SHOW - CLICK HERE

ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 7
Apr 30 2020 51 mins  
Boy O' Boy we are back with another episode folks and do we cover some ground! Let's just say this episodes takes us on a walk down memory road (more a walk back to the good ole 90's) and we of course chat about the impending doom and gloom of Covid 19 and our lives in isolation. Some of the shit we cover on the episode to name a few are discussing the state of the film/tv industry and what networks like the BBC are doing to start up work again, talk about how everyone is going stir crazy and with states opening back up again (*cough GEORGIA) people are slowing starting to acclimate back to normalcy but to what end also how other states like Michigan are up in arms literally with protestors storming buildings with guns thinking they are combating tyranny, we deep dive into how the 90's TV show "Dinosaurs" had a depressing final episode which foretold our future with climate change, remembered the show "Little House on the Prairie" and how even they had an episode that dealt with quarantine and finally play some Table Topics and remember how fun it was to be a kid during summer along with various other topics. CLIPS and THINGS played or talked about on today's episode: INTRO SONG - Friends Parody (COVID VERSION) by Michael Rose BBC talks quarantining cast and crew to ramp up TV production again The Final Episode of the 90's TV show DINOSAURS Even Little House had a Quarantine episode OUTRO SONG - Don't Want to Miss a Thang parody by Five Times August

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