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Why Michael Kuech Built The Most Nutritious Company Your Super - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #096
Sep 26 2019 44 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast's  ‘Why I Built This’ show, we are honored to introduce you to someone with an extremely inspiring and empowering story: Michael Kuech, the Co-Founder of Your Super. Once an aspiring pro tennis player, Michael’s life took a dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, he managed to recover and one of his secret weapons turned out to be a daily dosage of superfoods, "prescribed" to him by his partner Kristel De Groot. Eventually, all of this inspired the two of them to found Your Super, a direct-to-consumer nutritional supplements company.If you would like to learn about the full story of how superfoods actually helped Michael through his hard times and why Your Super is very different from your typical nutrition supplement company, then you should definitely stay tuned!Three Things You Will Learn1) Superfoods At Your SuperEven though superfoods only got hyped in Western societies a couple of years ago, they go a long way in the Eastern world. These ancient veggies and fruits are extremely high in nutrients and have been used for decades as alternative medicine by different cultures.Maximizing their benefits and making them easily consumable, Michael and Kristel decided to combine various superfoods and create 7 different powder mixes. Each of them is a functional powerful mix that brings different health benefits to the consumer. With only one spoon a day, you can get all essential fruits & veggies in your diet.Their Forever Beautiful Mix is, for instance, supercharged with anti-oxidants and aims to nourish your skin. While their Power Matcha Mix is a great alternative for coffee as it will boost your energy. Listen on to hear about the other superfood mixes they have for you!2) The Your Super IngredientsAt Your Super, we only meet with superfoods in powder form, which might make you wonder whether they give you the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruits and vegetables? The answer is that superfoods don't just give you the same amount, but actually a lot more. As superfoods are dried and shredded, which count as very minimal processing, they don't lose from their nutrient content. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables lose nutrients as soon as they leave the ground and you also never really know whether the 'fresh' label in the supermarket really means something. Taking it a step further, all the Your Super ingredients are strictly organic, non-GMO and come from the highest quality sources. Michael and Kristel make sure of this by actually visiting every single farm where they source their ingredients from and by running lab tests on everything they put in their mixes. Press play to hear why the Your Super founders put such a high emphasis on sourcing from the right places and why they'd like to educate people to read the labels before buying anything in a grocery store!3) Outlook On Our Future Health TrendsAccording to Michael, it's not a surprise that people are becoming more and more receptive to superfoods. He sees that while in the past everything revolved around convenience, today we are simply not willing to make a choice between convenience and quality. People have become more health-conscious and "force" brands to create products that excel on both ends. As brands recognize that trends move in a healthier direction, they offer a greater variety of high-quality options. Which in turn further pushes people towards a healthier lifestyle. And Your Super is ready to stand at the forefront of these changes by sharing knowledge and educating people about the benefits of a more plant-based diet. Tune in to hear more about how Michael sees the future of our nation's health and in what ways Your Super will educate people to eat more plants!

How Technology Can Help To Stay Hydrated - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #095
Sep 19 2019 18 mins  
Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we are discussing a crucial matter for our health: hydration. Hydration is extremely important not only for fitness purposes but for basically keeping yourself alive. 60-70% of our body is made up of water and it's essential for maintaining a healthy functioning of your key organs, like your heart. Losing as little as 2% of your body's water content can lead to dehydration, which could have several negative effects on your daily life. But today we're here to prevent this by introducing the best innovations out there that won't let you ever experience dehydration. Press play to learn how tech can help you to stay on top of your hydration game!Three Things You'll Learn1) Cheap Hydration RemindersAs you probably could've guessed, there are a number of apps out there, which are specializing in hydration. These apps can basically take the place of your personal assistant and make sure that you never forget to drink enough water. The first one is called Plant Nany, which aims to gamify hydration. As the name suggests, you get a virtual plant that you have to take care of. Every sip of water is translated into watering your plant, which will help in its growth. Besides having fun, you can also set water-intake goals, look at your historic data and work on improving over time in a systematic manner. For those who are not that interested in the gamification part, we have Daily Water (for iPhone users) and Water Drink Reminder (for Android users). These apps have the same underlying approach of trying to build your habit of drinking enough water via reminders throughout the day. They will let you set your unit and volume of choice and provide you with more detailed insights on past consumption habits. Listen on to hear more about the different features these hydration apps have!2) Smart Water BottlesTaking it a step further, there are also physical products that can help in hitting your hydration goals. On the smart water bottles' end, we have Hydrate Spark 3. This smart bottle reminds you when to drink by lighting up and also tracks your water intake.  The bottle comes with an app that sets your personalized hydration goals every day based on your activity level, physique, and the weather. After the data is synced to the app, you can compare how well you are doing based on your targets. If you're one of those who don't like caring water bottles around, you can also get a hydration reminder attachment called Ulla. This tiny gadget can be placed on any glass or bottle that you're drinking from, which is a great flexibility benefit. Ulla also tracks when you're drinking water and sends you reminders by blinking min 1x/hour. This way you'll never forget to sip on a glass of water regularly. Press play to hear how Hydrate Spark 3 and Ulla will ensure that drinking enough water becomes your next healthy habit!3) The Multifunctional Water Bottle Finally, we have a gadget that's not just a smart water bottle, but also a nutritionist at the same time. Lifefuels is probably the most high-tech water bottle you've ever seen. On one side, this smart nutrition bottle also helps you stay hydrated by tracking your beverage consumption, allowing you to set goals and giving you feedback on your hydration progress.And on the other hand, which is the wow factor of Lifefuels, it also ensures your right nutrient and vitamin consumption in a tasty way. You can insert fuel pods in the base of the bottle and with the help of the app dispense these in the liquid the bottle contains. There are various categories of fuels, such as wellness and fitness, with special flavors and benefits.Tune in to today's episode to discover what fuel pods you can get with your Lifefuels bottle!

Why Omri Yoffe Built The Smartest AI Virtual Trainer Vi - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #094
Sep 12 2019 34 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast’s ‘Why I Built This’ mini-series, we bring to you Omri Yoffe, a guy behind a very interesting company in the health & fitness space, called Vi. Omri’s path is definitely not your average tech founder’s, as he is a former Israeli Air Force pilot. And today he is the mind and leader behind Vi, the ultimate next-generation running coach: an AI personal trainer, who gives you real-time feedback. Even though Vi started off with a focus on running, Omri and the team have much bigger goals for the company’s future. Listen on to find out more about Omri’s journey from the Air Force to the fit-tech space. And how he’s planning to fulfill Vi’s mission of growing the world's best AI companion for body & mind!Three Things You Will Learn1) The Vi ExperienceYou must be wondering how Vi looks like and what it's like to go for a run with her. Well, Vi is also an app, just like the rest of your health & fitness apps sitting on your smartphone. But due to Vi's three magic ingredients: data collection, machine learning tools, and her UX, she will take you on a more immersive, natural & audio journey. After completing the on-boarding and going on your first running "date", Vi will start learning about you and get to know you as a person. From that moment onwards, she will build up a truly personalized training plan that's in line with your fitness level, goals, and personality. Each session will be highly personalized, using your own name, stats, and goals with the right kind of music in the background. Press play to hear how Vi is crafting your personalized running sessions and what else she has to offer!2) How Vi Will Coach You For Your First 5kWhile Vi can be relevant for all levels, the team is most passionate about casual runners or those who have not even started running yet. So if you're just about to start training for your first 5k, Vi is definitely a running buddy for you!Vi will set up a weekly plan for you every week and all you have to do is press 'play' on the app and start running. After each session, you can give her feedback, which will be taken into consideration when Vi plans your next run.And the most valuable part of all is that Vi is also there with you during each run and gives you feedback in real-time. She will pay attention to your cadence and make sure that you maintain the right step rate. She will also give you advice on how to stay in the optimal HR zone based on your personal goals. And finally, Vi will give you feedback on your pace as well. Tune in to learn how Vi is able to give you all these real-time feedback and how she will guide you to reaching your personal goals!3) The Evolution Of ViVi was officially born and taken to market in 2017 after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. However, the technology itself was built a few years back for a completely different purpose. Vi was originally built as a voice feedback technology for pilots & astronauts. A system that was created to save lives after a tragedy that happened to one of Omri's friends in the Airforce. But after a few years, Omri realized that it's not only pilots and astronauts who could make use of Vi. He thought that the "hands-free - eyes-free" experience also has great potentials in the fitness industry. And that there’s some magic in getting into this “audio zone” with the right music, coaching, and personalization. And he was right. The team started off with running, but Omri gave us a sneak peek of where we can expect to see Vi popping up in the near future. Tune in for more!

How Technology Can Help To Turn You Into A Better Surfer - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #093
Aug 29 2019 23 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we’re taking you out on the ocean, as we’ll cover tech that comes handy for surfers. Some might have a misconception of surfing and think of it as just a fun activity rather than a challenging sport. But as soon as you get out on the water you realize that this is not the case, and there’re a number of devices that can also prove this to you.Press play to hear about the gadgets that will become your best surfing buddies and to learn how they can guide you both before and after your sessions!Three Things You'll Learn1) Forecast & Rewind With These Surfing AppsIt really shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a number of dedicated surfing apps that are available right at your fingertips. For pre-surfing help, you can, for example, download Surfline. An app that is considered as one of the world’s most trusted ones in weather forecasting.With a professional meteorologist team behind Surfline, you can get information on the conditions of hundreds of surfing spots around the world. You can access long range swell forecasts and also see what’s happening at more than 500 surf & beach camps via real-time data. This way Surfline will always ensure that you know what to expect ahead of getting out on the water.While Surfline also tracks your surfing performance, an app that specializes in this, even more, is Dawn Patrol. This app works with Apple Watch & iPhone integrations to analyze your surf and log all your sessions. Your Apple Watch & Dawn Patrol together track everything from the distance and the number of waves surfed to your HR and calories burnt.Listen on to hear more about the before and after guidance, these surfing apps can provide!2) Your Virtual Surf CoachIt’s one thing to get some feedback on your surfing performance, but taking it to the next level really comes with recommendations based on that feedback. Which is exactly what By The Wave, a company that provides virtual coaching for skate, surf, and snowboard, does. And this time around we’ll focus on their device, called Ride+ that was built for surfers.Ride+ is a tiny gadget that can be attached to your board and connected to your phone via their app. The gadgets track your rides and provide you with all the basic data measured by the previously mentioned apps as well. But what makes Ride+ unique is that the device also measures your form and can detect errors in it.When you open up the app you get a visual representation of yourself via a virtual avatar. With this virtual avatar Ride+ goes through your mistakes and shows the correct form of each movement. Tune in to hear more about how Ride+ will turn you into a pro surfer over time!3) The Surfing ExtrasBesides all the gadgets that focus on your performance and form, there are quite a few innovations that we can think of as “extras”. One of which is a really useful tool for especially those who shred the waves of more wild waters. The Sharkbanz 2 is a wrist band with a technology developed by marine biologists that “scares” sharks away. The band has a strong electromagnetic field that releases 1000x stronger sensations than anything in the shark’s normal food chain. As a result, sharks are deterred away.And if we take turns from focusing on things that benefit the individual surfer to innovations that benefit the entire planet, we can take a look at Smartfin. Smartfin is not just a technology, it’s a movement that provides its members with research-grade data collecting surfboard fins. This integrated technology then collects data that can “help fill the gap in the oceanographic data”. An innovation that can aid the research on how Earth is going to respond to global warming over time.Press play to learn more about the Smartfin’s movement and to hear about other exciting innovations in the surfing world!

Why Craig Elbert Built The Mecca For Personalized Vitamins Care/of - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #092
Aug 22 2019 36 mins  
This week we are lucky enough to have someone on the show, who basically pioneered one of the biggest trends in today’s health & wellness world: personalized vitamins. Craig Elbert, a double Ivy League graduate, has co-founded Care/of, the first personalized vitamin company in 2016 and has changed the way we all think about vitamins and supplements. In less than 4 years, Care/of has grown into a worldwide known brand with millions of customers. Listen on to hear about Craig’s story, why he decided to found Care/of and their overall mission that goes way beyond vitamins!Three Things You Will Learn1) Why Care/of Was BornTraditionally the thought of buying vitamins and supplements was nothing fun or pleasant. It was more of a miserable experience of walking into a store and grabbing something off the shelf with no idea whether it would work or not. This is exactly how Craig felt about vitamin shopping as well, until one day he realized that he could actually change this. Craig figured that the vitamins & supplements industry is perfect for e-commercialization and that he could apply his knowledge in user experience design to create something much better. Which is exactly what he did by building Care/of. From this week's episode, you can learn more about the Care/of experience and how they personalize every users' vitamin pack. Press play now!2) How Care/of Fixes A Broken IndustryThe vitamin and supplement industry has always been quite self-regulating. Meaning that vitamins don't have to go through FDA approval to get on the shelves. Which, unfortunately, leads to companies cutting corners here and there and not being transparent with their customers. Care/of has decided to take a different approach. Their local supply chain team have decades of experience and connections all over the world. They source their ingredients globally, aiming for nothing but the best quality. These ingredients are then shipped to their US manufacturing plants, where they go through several rounds of testing, which is crucial in the process. Listen to the interview with Craig to learn more about Care/of's vitamin "menu" and where they source their ingredients from!3) The Evolution Of Care/ofCraig and his Co-Founder started Care/of as a simple online vitamin company, but it quickly turned out that it will grow into something much bigger. The Care/of team knows that vitamins and supplements are just a piece of the healthy living puzzle. And as they're putting the customer at the heart of the company, they decided to provide support on other fronts as well. Besides selling their products and educating their customers about vitamins and supplements, Care/of also creates content around other aspects of health & wellness. Their ultimate goal is to build an ecosystem where their consumers can get continuous preventive health guidance. Including topics around nutrition, fitness and the science of habit building. Tune in to hear all about the Care/of initiatives and how they are planning to perfect their services in the future!

Our Favorite Health & Fitness Apps Of August 2019 - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #091
Aug 15 2019 18 mins  
Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we bring you the popular mini-series special, our favorite health & fitness apps of the month. To take full advantage of our last summer month, we dedicated this episode to outdoors activities. Because why would you want to get stuck in a gym, when you can exercise in the fresh air as well?Listen on to find out which are the outdoors physical activities that are not just efficient, but also fun and which apps you should download for them!What You Will Learn1) Our Favorite Hiking Apps - Gaia GPS App & Maps 3D ProThe best form of physical activity that takes full advantage of the weather and the beautiful nature is hiking. While we might think of hiking as more of a casual sport, it actually also brings significant fitness gains to the table. With an hour of hiking, you can burn as much as 370 kcals.Our ultimate go-to hiking apps are Gaia GPS App & Maps 3D Pro. Gaia GPS App has an over 1 million people community and a great database of hikes. For each trail, you can check its length, difficulty level and how long it takes to complete it before you get on the road. The Gaia GPS app uses intelligent routing tools, and tracks your distance, altitude climbed and elevation change.Just like Gaia GPS, Maps 3D Pro will also allow you to download maps and use them offline and track a bunch of metrics during your hike. But what's really special about Maps 3D Pro is its 3D visualization feature of the trails. So if you're struggling with topography, you can ask Maps 3D Pro for help! Listen to this week's episode to find out which of the hiking apps is the one for you!2) Our Favorite Mountain Biking App - Trailforks AppIf you want to opt for something of a bit more an extreme sport, try mountain biking. With Trailforks you can discover more than 130,000 trails in 95+ countries that you can ride through with your bike.The app acts similarly to a crowdfunding campaign, as every user can submit new trails to the library. Similarly to the hiking apps, Trailforks also has an offline map feature and gives you a bunch of info about each route. These include route popularity, elevation profiles, topography and points of interest. And if you don't want to ride alone, you can use the heatmap feature to discover where you might find some other bikers. Based on the heatmap, you'll also be able to discover the most popular trails in your area. So, are you ready to hop on your bike?3) Our Favorite Rockclimbing App - Mountain ProjectTo up your extreme sports game, you can also go for an exciting rock-climbing trip. This sport is not only fun but as you can imagine elevates your heart rate and hence has great cardiovascular results.Finding the best climbs might be tricky sometimes, but the Mountain Project is here to help. This app has almost 200,000 routes right at your fingertips. Once a climber finished a route, they can leave comments and also add pictures to it, so other users can find the perfect spot for themselves. Additionally, you can also filter the climb database of Mountain Project based on difficulty level, star rating, and discipline.To keep track of your climbs, you can log each one you've completed and add data, such as date tried, style, whether you've climbed solo and attach pictures. Besides the app, Mountain Project also has a great desktop version. Here you can find additional climbing information, such as blogs and forums, which can come handy for both beginners and pros. Press play to learn more about why Mountain Project should be your ultimate rock-climbing buddy!

Why David Tao Built The Gold Mine Of Strength Training BarBend - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #090
Aug 08 2019 48 mins  
This week's episode is all about strength training & weight lifting, as we have the pleasure to introduce you to the editor & Co-Founder of BarBend, David Tao. David is a veteran in the health & fitness industry, with nearly a decade of experience building editorial teams in the space.Press play to hear all about David's story and how he built BarBend, the gold mine of strength training!Three Things You Will Learn1) The BarBend EcosystemThere are a lot of great blogs out there. There are also some awesome YouTubers and inspiring social media channels. But when a brand can do it all, that's the real deal. BarBend grew from a tiny blog into a whole ecosystem of a blog, YouTube channel, social media and soon a podcast. As, according to David, they are trying to build "multimedia packages" from every piece of content rather than just focusing on a standalone format. Content-wise, BarBend is centered around strength training. They cover everything from events to expert opinions, training plans and nutrition guides. And recently they have also started to work with brands that they personally use and support, as well as to review products in the industry. Listen to this week's episode to hear what sort of advice you can get if you visit one of the BarBend channels and who their main target audience is!2) Why Is BarBend Different Than OthersThe core philosophy of BarBend is creating credible content that has not been created before and making it accessible to all. To ensure the content's credibility, David has collected an amazing network of experts, including coaches and PhDs, who are all working hard to ensure the high quality. Referencing research papers and getting experts to verify articles however if only one side of the story. On the other end, David says that making a piece of content as enjoyable and easily consumable as they can is another key factor they strive for. And so creating something more engaging, like a video or an infographic, that goes with a given article is a must and is also something that makes BarBend stand out. Finally, we all know that every story has several sides, which doesn't necessarily mean that someone is wrong and someone is right. This is how the guys at BarBend think as well. So they aim to give a full picture to their readers, introduce several opinions and contextualize them.Press play to learn more about why BarBend's unique and who stand behind the great content they publish day by day! 3) How BarBend Was BornDavid got into both weight lifting and the editorial world even before leaving college.  After a significant injury and an unsuccessful recovery process, he started training with the weightlifter community in Boston - as weight lifting was known for focusing on mobility. This is where he got one of his passions. And his other passion, creating content, was born when he started working for Greatist, a well-known online health & fitness magazine. After leaving Greatist he continued to follow his two passions and jumped onto the road of freelancing mainly in the fitness world. And this road of freelancing is what took him to meet his Co-Founders today. As someone who has been into sports and worked on great content all his life, his disappointment about not being able to find the right quality content around strength training has been building up for a while. So after meeting his Co-Founders in 2015, David presented them with the idea of BarBend and started building it straight away.Tune in for some more on the founding story and to hear how the name, BarBend was really born!

How Technology Can Help To Start Practicing Mindful Eating - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #089
Aug 01 2019 21 mins  
As we all know, "abs are made in the kitchen", meaning that if you want to see results, you'll always have to pay attention to what you eat. But what if all the tracking and counting drives you crazy? You're definitely not alone, and this is when you should turn to mindfulness.So if you want to make mindful eating a habit for a beneficial long-term change, press play to learn about the resources you should use! Three Things You Will Learn1) How To Build Up Your Mindful Eating Knowledge BaseBefore jumping straight on to the mindful eating wagon, you should build a thorough understanding of what mindful eating really is. And to do this, what better resources could we recommend than some other fantastic podcasts out there?The first addition to your library should be the Brain over Binge podcast by Kathryn Hansen. And the episode you should aim for is #42 The power of mindfulness in binge eating. In this episode, Kathryn interviews someone who used to struggle with binge eating for a long time and managed to finally overcome it with the help of mindfulness. The next one on your playlist should be the Technology for Mindfulness podcast that introduces a range of topics where mindfulness can help you. The host doesn't just "explore the intersection between mindfulness and technology", but also interviews experts in the field of mindfulness, who all share their tips & tricks. Finally, to learn more about various cues that can signal hunger and fullness, you should press play on the Just Eat It podcast! In every episode, the host, Laura Thomas, will help you build a more meaningful relationship with food and teach how to stay on top of your intuitive eating game. 2) Guided Through Mindful EatingOnce you feel like you get it all, you can actually move on to practicing mindful eating. While some might argue that technology takes away the whole point of mindfulness, at the first stages of your practice, it won't hurt to use some mindfulness apps for guidance.Smiling Mind is one of the most popular ones, with a massive database of mindfulness programs designed to deal with challenges in all fields of your life. After creating a profile, go in the "Find 10 minutes for your mind" category and look for the mindful eating session. This will help you take the first steps on your mindful eating journey!If you're looking for something longer-lasting, you can turn to the famous Headspace app. Headspace has a 30-day long mindful eating course that will explain to you why we eat the way we do and what drives our different choices when it comes to food. During this course, you'll also learn various techniques, such as "body scan" & "noting", which will be helpful in the mindfulness journey ahead of you.Listen to this week's episode to find out more about the mindfulness apps, their features and decide which one will suit your needs the most!3) How To Hack Mindful EatingFor those who feel like actively practicing mindfulness is not their thing, there's another way around incorporating mindful eating into your routine. And it's all about getting to know your body and your state of mind. With the help of Spire Health Tag, a tiny tracker, you will be able to learn everything about your daily activity and how you feel deep inside. After you clip a Spire Health Tag on your clothes, it will start tracking your workouts, HR, and breath/min.Based on these data, Spire will provide you with insights on things like your sleep quality and stress level throughout the day. Press play and learn how you'll be able to use these insights in becoming more mindful in your everyday life!

Why Richard Lin Built The Answer To All Your Gut Health Questions Thryve - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #088
Jul 25 2019 32 mins  
Today on the 20 Minute Fitness we dig deep into a topic that has not entered the mainstream markets yet but is extremely important: gut health. And to get real professional insight on the topic, we talk to Richard Lin, the founder of Thryve, a personalized probiotics company targeted for your gut health. Listen to learn more about gut health, why it's important and how Thryve will get you the personalized probiotics your gut calls for to live a happy & healthy life!Three Things You Will Learn1) Why Thryve Is Better Than Your Average ProbioticsYou can easily walk in any major supermarket and get a bottle of basic probiotics. But to be fair, you might not be doing any good to your health & body with that. As 1) you don't actually know what you're getting & 2) it might have completely different strains than what your body needs.In contrast to this, Thryve works at a completely personalized basis. The first step with Thryve is to do an at-home microbiome test, which is then sent to a lab for analysis. Once you receive your lab test results, you'll know all the ins and outs of your gut and what bacteria live in your body. Based on these, Thryve will give you an overview of the various symptoms that you’re likely to have. Additionally, they'll also provide you with food recommendations and truly personalized probiotics. Tune in to hear more about how Thryve's gut health testing works and the benefits your body will gain from personalized probiotics! 2) Microbiome A-ZMicrobiome testing is unfortunately not that common yet, but it can really go a long way. There are a lot of chronic diseases as well as digestive issues that you can get to the bottom of with a simple microbiome test. While you might think, "I know how to eat healthily, I just have to avoid processed foods & eat more veggies", which is indeed a great generic advice, one size doesn't fit all. Meaning that your microbiome might call for completely different veggies than your best friends'. Personalizing your diet and complementing it with the right probiotics can have tremendous benefits for your gut health & overall wellbeing. The variety of bacterial species found in your gut will increase, just like the good bacteria. While the unpleasant bacteria that live in your body will decrease. This will ultimately result in improvements in digestive & metabolic issues. Press play to learn more about the microbiome and why microbiome testing can be beneficial for you!3) How Thryve Was BornYou might think that Richard has some sort of medical background, which is why he founded a gut health & personalized probiotics company. But this is not the case. In reality, Richard has a completely different background, however, he went through a very serious disease, which made him realize how important his gut health was.A couple of years back, Richard was misdiagnosed, put on some antibiotics and got a superbug in his stomach. Even though he could feel that something was wrong, all the doctors that he saw told him that he was perfectly healthy.So he went on to the road of self-diagnosis and looked for answers at online forums. Finally, he found out that he has a very serious chronic illness which kills about half a million citizens a year in the US alone. After being successfully treated and getting better, Richard came to the conclusion that consumers don’t have a good tool to understand what’s happening in their microbiome. Which he wanted to change.Listen on to hear all about Richard's dramatic journey and how he used one of his competitors to gain inspiration for Thryve! 

How Technology Can Help To Burn More Calories During Your Cardio Workout - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #087
Jul 18 2019 19 mins  
Cardio might not be your all-time favorite workout, but this week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we're here to change this. As today we'll focus on fitness technology that is specialized in cardio. Let it be an app that motivates you with great music or a piece of smart equipment that makes cardio more fun, it's guaranteed that you'll push harder. And ultimately burn more calories.Press play to hear how technology can help to burn more calories during your dreaded cardio session!Three Things You Will Learn1) The Power Of MusicA not-too-high-tech and a quite simple concept that you might not think of when it comes to burning more calories is music. But believe it or not, music has amazing motivational powers, which is exactly what Fit Radio plays on. Fit Radio is an app that combines workout music and personal coaching with a goal to make you push harder. The app has a music library of thousands of DJ mixes with new tracks added daily. And you can choose from a variety of guided exercising programs, like running and HIIT. If you go for running, the app will match the music to your pace, which will definitely give you an extra kick in the butt. Tune in to learn more about Fit Radio and its different features! 2) How Smart Is Your Kettlebell?If you're bored of the traditional cardio workouts, it's time to go for something different. Kettlebell workouts are a great way to spice up your regular routine and nonetheless, they also come with some amazing results. Kettlebell exercises will help to burn those calories fast and work different muscle groups simultaneously. And of course, as you could've guessed it, we already have some smart kettlebells on the market that will further improve your workout output.The connected kettlebell by JaxJox allows you to adjust the weight with 6 different weight options in a matter of seconds. And the accompanying JaxJox app will make sure that all your kettlebell workouts are tracked accurately. Your connected kettlebell and the app together with count your reps and sets and track your power and workout time. Listen to this week's episode to find out more about why kettlebell workouts are so great and what your JaxJox Fitness IQ score means!3) Cardio In A Luxury EditionFor those of you who are looking for something more high-tech and more professional, we have two very exciting pieces of tech today. The first one is a smart rowing machine, Hydrow.Even though rowing is also a very efficient cardio workout, sitting in front of an indoor rowing machine can be quite monotonous after a while. Which is what Hydrow is here to change. With the Hydrow rowing machine, you'll be transferred to a real water experience and can really enjoy the workout without actually leaving your own apartment. Via Hydrow's smart touchscreen you'll be able to join live rowing sessions that are coached by professional athletes and recorded on real outdoors water. This is what they call a 'live outdoor reality' experience. Hydrow will also give you real-time feedback on your workout performance with data points like calories burnt and distance completed. A real cardio gem for burning calories and enjoying your training at the same time. Finally, if you're more into body-weight exercises, Otari's Smart Exercise Mat might be the perfect choice for you. Definitely not your average workout mat, the Otari mats have a digital display and are embedded with pose recognition technology. They will provide you with a good selection of exercises ranging from yoga to pilates and even Bootcamp. No matter if you are taking live or on-demand classes, their embedded technology will track your form constantly leaving no room for error. So they won't only mix up your workout routine, but also make sure that you're doing every move as you should. Press play to hear more about the more luxurious calorie burner pieces of equipment, Hydrow, and the Otari Smart Exercise Mat!

Why Khalil Zahar Built The First Interactive Home Boxing Gym FightCamp - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #086
Jul 11 2019 44 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we have Khalil Zahar, the Founder & CEO of the very first interactive at-home boxing gym, FightCamp. Khalil is an engineer by profession and became personally invested in boxing during his studies in Toronto. He had the chance to train with some of Canada's best boxing coaches, which made him fall in love with the sport.Listen on to hear all about the ins and outs of FightCamp that will teach you how to master your punches with real-time feedback on every move you make!Three Things You Will Learn1) What's In The FightCamp BoxSo how should you imagine an at-home boxing gym? Just a pair of gloves and that's it? Nope. With the FightCamp gym, you really get everything that you need to become a pro boxer. You'll receive the best quality punching bag, a heavy workout mat, quick wraps, premium boxing gloves, and the "secret sauce", motion trackers. Once you put the motion trackers in your wraps, they will track your hands 1,000 times/second. By tracking your punches, the FightCamp algorithms will build your output profile based on the type and speed of every punch you make. On top of all these, FightCamp also comes with an app through which you can tune in to live classes or access any workout from their on-demand library. Pretty much like Peloton for boxing. Press play to learn about the specific programs FightCamp provides for pro boxers vs those who're just about to throw their first jab at the punching bag!2) Moving From The Pro Athletes ToA Mainstream MarketFightCamp has an older brother, Hykso, that was born back in 2015. This was around the time when Khalil was living in Canada and had already started to immerse in boxing. After he'd learnt that the only way to measure incremental progress was to look at how long you were able to go in the ring, he wanted to find a solution. So he started to focus on the technology piece and built a motion tracker, Hykso. Hykso was first picked up by those who had been craving the boxing data the most, professional athletes. Namely, the first client of Hykso was the Canadian Olympic team and their coach.After a number of product iterations, these professional boxers started to use their trackers with their private clients or during group workouts that they were teaching. By hacking the device, which was originally created for athletes, they gamified the more fitness-oriented boxing experience of everyday people. Listen to this week's episode to hear how Khalil and his team have built the FightCamp that we know today!3) The Future Of At-Home Fitness & FightCampWe've already seen an amazing evolution of at-home fitness. We had moved away from fake and overpromising products to authentic companies with innovative hardware and software and great business models. Today, at-home fitness is really for a health-conscious audience, who have busy lives and hence struggle to find time to go to a physical gym. One aspect that people still tend to criticize about at-home workouts is the lack of social experience. However, if we think about it, the real beneficial social gain that we get from an in-person gym experience is the social pressure to push harder. Which is something that can be replicated in a virtual setting with performance data. Hence, Khalil believes that at-home fitness will only see increased popularity and growth in the future. Looking at FightCamp in particular, Khalil shared some secret features that we can expect to pop-up soon. These involve everything from further gamification to getting the users to immerse in the history of boxing. Tune in to learn more about the sneak peeks now!

Our Favorite Health & Fitness Apps Of July 2019 - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #085
Jul 04 2019 22 mins  
oday on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast's 'How Technology Can Help' mini series we are back with our favorite health & fitness apps of the month special. As July is definitely the month of vacations, you might feel a bit off track with your exercising routine. Which is exactly why our theme for this month is 'staying in shape on-the-go'.While it might have been easy to find excuses in the past, since the emergence of health & fitness apps, what's easy is to work out in a hotel room. Bodyweight, yoga, frequent flyers or vacation travelers, there's something out there for everyone. Listen to this week's episode to hear all about our favorite fitness apps that will keep you sweating away from home as well!What You Will Learn1) Our Favorite Fitness App For Facilities All Around The World - MINDBODYMINDBODY, one of the 'Most Innovative Companies' of 2018, allows its users to find all sorts of health, fitness & wellness facilities near their locations. They offer millions of fitness classes, gym classes and even local salon & spa treatments all around the world. Once you download the MINDBODY app, you can easily search in your area and filter for your specific needs and wants. There's no subscription fee, you can simply book on the fly and MINDBODY will guarantee the best possible price. This great flexibility makes MINDBODY the perfect choice for all your July travel plans. 2) Our Favorite Fitness App For The Yogis - Down DogIf you feel like you'd rather improve your flexibility, coordination and balance than do something high intensity while on vacation, yoga might be your perfect choice. And Down Dog, the #1 yoga app on the market with an impressive number of 6,000 ratings, will be your partner in crime for this. The Down Dog app has classes for different experience levels that range from 7 to 35 minutes. The various modes will all their own purposes and with their boost feature you can even choose a specific body part to focus on. The HD instruction videos together with the soothing voice of the instructor and the relaxing music make Down Dog the closest thing you'll get to a real studio experience. 3) Our Favorite Fitness Apps For An All Around Solution - KeeloKeelo, as they call themselves, is 'high intensity fitness for all'. They have both strength-based and conditioning oriented full body workouts with or without equipment. There are also different levels ranging from beginner to advanced.But the 'wow' parts of the Keelo app are more about its other features. Their AI-based algorithm for instance will make sure that all your muscle groups get enough training and rest. Their Keelo coaches will respond to any question you may have about fitness or nutrition. And their tracking feature will allow you to follow your fitness activity and calories burnt over time. Could you even ask for a more comprehensive workout buddy on the go?4) Our Favorite Fitness Apps For Frequent Flyers - SanctiflyIf you feel like you're practically living your life at airports, Sanctifly is here to spice up your routine a bit. This higher-end app is designed for frequent flyers who want to break a sweat in between two flights. Sanctifly currently has 200 locations at 90 airports with a long list of airport hotels, gyms, pools and so on. Once you become a member and sign up for one of their packages, you can access the facilities of their partners without a direct reservation. Packages range from blue to gold and include different benefits. So if you know that your next couple of layovers will be lengthy, you might want to take Sanctifly with you!

Why Austin Cohen Built The Uber For Fitness Flexit - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #084
Jun 27 2019 34 mins  
Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we have Austin Cohen, a two-in-one VC and entrepreneur with an MBA from Columbia University and a strong track record of leading early-stage startups. While the VC side of Austin might always be on the hunt for the next Facebook & Uber out there, his entrepreneur side seems to have found its true mission, which is to make fitness more accessible.Austin founded a company called Flexit, an a-la-carte digital fitness solution that enables users to work out at whatever facility they want to, wherever and whenever they want to, and pay only for the time that they actually spend at the studio. Even though Flexit has only launched in 2018, the company has been scaling at the speed of light and already has over 500 gyms that users can choose from.Listen to this week's episode to learn more about Flexit's success and what you, as a Flexit customer, will get if you sign up today! Psst, if you listen to the episode, a special surprise might be waiting for you!Three Things You Will Learn1) Revolutionizing Your Gym ExperienceHave you ever walked into a traditional gym and had a smooth first-time experience?  Me neither. Which is the number one reason for downloading Flexit right now. Flexit is an app that provides the most frictionless access to its users to any of their partner fitness facilities. All you have to do is open up the app, create an account, walk in to any gym on the platform, check-in with your app and enjoy your workout. No front desk interference and absolutely no commitment. And besides the flexibility of training in any gym that you like, you only pay by the minute. Meaning that you'll only be charged after your active, sweaty hours. While Flexit's core offering is traditional gyms, they also have CrossFit gyms, boutique studios, spin studios and a lot a more. Press play to hear all about the variety of options and how their pay-by-the-minute system really works!2) Flexit As A MarketplaceTo create true value, Flexit has to attract two sides: the users and the fitness facilities. Hence, Austin had to built an appealing offering for both sides.For the users, Flexit created an experience unlike anything a consumer has had before. Flexit empowers the user with the flexibility to travel from one city to another and simply walk into any gym on the Flexit platform without any paperwork.And unlike other emerging fitness trends, Flexit is actually pulling new customer for traditional gyms and lowering the acquisition costs. Just like the perfect marketing extension, Flexit focuses on bringing the right people to gyms via their smart targeting efforts.All in all, according to Austin, everything they do at Flexit is to help the gyms that sign up to be their partners. Listen on to learn more!3) How Flexit Was BornDuring one of his business trips only a couple years ago while sitting in his Uber and ordering from Postmates, Austin was wondering how and where he was going to work out during the trip. Which is when an idea hit him.He decided to create a model for gyms to capitalize on current consumer trends and for users to access gyms like other consumer verticals. Or in other words, the Uber for fitness. On the short-run Austin's goal with Flexit was to share his passion for fitness with others and make it accessible for everyone. And in the long-run, he set out a mission for Flexit to become the ultimate means for consumers to discover, try and join new fitness facilities. Listen to this week's episode to hear about what Flexit has achieved to this day. And what exciting things we can expect to see in the near future!

How Technology Can Help To Lose Weight With Nutrition Plans - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #083
Jun 20 2019 21 mins  
Staying very much on the summer theme, this week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we talk about losing weight in the most efficient ways. While trying to force yourself to live in the gym and only focusing on your calories-out can be exhausting for your body, nutrition tracking is a more sensible way to go. It won't only help with reaching your short-term weight loss goals, but also put you on a healthy path for the long run.And thanks to some great innovations out there, you won't need to become a nutritionist and come up with your own meal plans. All you have to do is download an app and you'll be ready for your smart diet journey. Listen to this week's episode to learn about the best products & services that will keep your nutrition in check!Three Things You Will Learn1) Apps That Will Teach You How To Cook Healthy MealsIf you're on a serious weight loss journey and don't prep your own meals, you've got to change now. The first app that can help with this is Paprika. Paprika has an extensive database of recipes that can turn you into a master chef in a sec. Each recipe has a star rating and an ingredient list that you can use when doing your grocery shopping. And to make your life as easy as possible, use their calendar to create meal plans a month in advance!Paprika can be a great fit if you like flexibility, but if you prefer being told what you should eat, DietPoint is the app for you. DietPoint comes with fairly similar features to Paprika, but it has the added benefit of fixed diet plans. DietPoint has 130 plans to chose from, all of which are designed to create a caloric deficit. They have a good variety of options to cater for all tastes, and each of them comes with an estimated weight loss number. Press play to learn about the specific diet plans of DietPoint in more detail!2) The Most Comprehensive Nutrition Tracking AppHealthy meals and diet plans are useful, but what really does the magic when it comes to losing weight is nutrition tracking. And this is why you should grab your phone, click on the App Store and download Lifesum right now!Lifesum is a comprehensive healthy eating app that helps you keep track of your nutrition intake via a diary screen and your personal macros page. To maximize results, fill out the Lifesum quiz and let the app recommend a diet plan that matches your goals.Once you've chosen your plan, the app will set your calorie intake and macros ratio recommendations that you can track your actual intake against every single day. At the end of each day, you can get a nutrition breakdown displayed on pie & bar charts for some great visual feedback. Besides the daily breakdown, Lifesum also has a food rating system that will rate each one of your meals. The rating algorithm takes into account factors like biological effects, satiety index and of course how well you follow your suggested macros distribution. Amazing features to learn and improve your eating habits for good.Lifesum has a little surprise for all our 20 Minute Fitness listeners, so tune in to find out more!3) How Your Genetics Can Guide Your Meal PlansFinally, a more scientific approach to losing weight with nutrition plans is when you let your genetics to set the road. Diet Fit by DNAfit will help you uncover everything about your dietary DNA profile via conducting a salvia test.Once you receive your test results, DNAfit will set a highly personalized nutrition plan based on your genetics and any potential intolerances or allergies you may have. You'll kick off with a private consultation with a dietitian and get support throughout all 12 weeks of your program.Press play to learn about how DNA testing can help you reach your weight loss goals and set you up for a long-term success! 

How To Solve A Nation Wide Health Crisis With Connor Young - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #082
Jun 13 2019 35 mins  
Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we have the second half of our interview with Connor Young, the founder of Ample Foods. As you could hear in the first half of the interview, Ample Foods is a meal replacement company that provides you with your optimal nutrition on your busiest day no matter what diet you follow.As the head of a "food company", Connor knows a lot about nutrition, but also various food intolerances and diets and he shares it all with you in today's episode. We'll cover everything from extreme dieters to fundamental issues of our agriculture & food industry as a whole to Connor's hopes for a more health conscious future.Listen to this week's episode to hear about all the ins and outs of nutrition, Connor's future vision for Ample and how he thinks our society could be pushed towards healthier eating habits!Three Things You Will Learn1) Extremist Diets: Who Should & Shouldn't Follow ThemUnfortunately not all of us our lucky enough to be able to eat without restrictions. Those who suffer from certain illnesses or food intolerances may not be able to enjoy certain foods ever in their lives. For these people,  extreme diets can actually bring amazing health benefits. But for those who don't suffer from any health issues and their bodies digest all sorts of food well, these extreme diets may not be the solution to anything. Finding some moderation in our lives is crucial, as we can't just think about our physical health, but also need to pay attention to our mental health at all times. Press play to hear Connor sharing his thoughts about extreme dieters and his own personal struggles with food intolerances!2) Challenges of A Healthy Nation Wide DietWhen we think about our society's health crisis, most of us tend to associate it with the lack of education or affordability issues. While these are both relevant to the problem, these are just the byproducts of some more fundamental issues. According to Connor, the whole crisis can be rooted back to the artificially low prices of commodity corps, like wheat, corn and soy. As these low prices had created a surplus of these cheap ingredients for big food companies, they became incentivized to convince people that they are healthy. Which in reality caused a nation-wide addiction to these actually not-too-healthy corps.Learn more about this long-lasting issue, its potential solutions and our responsibilities as consumers!3) Future Hopes Vs Thoughts On Eating HabitsWe all have some big hopes for the society moving into a more health-conscious direction, and Connor is not an exception. He thinks that there are certain measures, which will of course take time and effort, that can be done to push the nation as a whole in a good direction. Things like trying to tighten the feedback loop between food company's products and their consumers health, conducting better nutrition studies, shifting our agriculture to a new direction, are just a couple of examples here. However do these "hopes" reflect a realistic picture for our future? Listen to this week's episode to find out now!

How Technology Can Help To Kill Your Boxing Workout At Home - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #081
Jun 06 2019 20 mins  
This week we're turning the 20 Minute Fitness podcast into a fight club and aim to improve your punches. While boxing traditionally might have been seen as a "two-men" sport, today we look at it as an amazing workout for everyone. No matter if you're in for the weight loss or want to get stronger, boxing can take you there. Listen to this week's episode to learn more about the tech that can improve your uppercut and knock out your virtual target!Three Things You Will Learn1) Track Your Punches With These GadgetsThe very first step towards not just becoming a pro boxer, but getting a good boxing workout in is mastering your punches. There are a number of factors that you should look at from technique to speed and force. And all of these can easily be tracked by tiny little sensors that you can hide underneath your gloves. The first one of these sensors is the PIQ ROBOT - a collaboration between PIQ and Everlast. This gadget is "more than just a sensor". It is an AI-powered system that delivers actionable information that will allow you to improve your punches. Get an insight on how your punch speed and your G force are improving and learn about your strengths and weaknesses that you should work on!Another similar innovation is the Hykso punch tracker that tracks your hand movement at 1000 times/second. The 6000 data points you get will detect the number, type and velocity of your punches and provide you with all this information at real time. This will give you a great basis for becoming a better fighter. But if you still need an extra boost of motivation, you can compare yourself to elite level boxers and try to catch up to them.Finally the StrikeTec Sensors are the tiniest of all, but will give you the highest number of data points. With StrikeTec, you won't just know how fast and powerful your jabs are, but also see whether you throw that punch accurately enough. Press play to learn more about the ins & outs of all three sensors and to find out which one is the one for you!2) Transform Your Home Into A Boxing StudioGoing a step further than tracking, you may also want to start taking classes from professional instructors. So you should sign up at a gym that offers boxing, right? Absolutely not. FightCamp can turn your own living room into a boxing studio in a matter of a second. With the FightCamp Gym, you'll get all the equipment you need for a proper boxing session. And that includes guided workouts as well. FightCamp has an extensive library of on-demand classes led by the best boxing trainers in the US.All workouts will vary based on your proficiency level, but they are all built on a 3-min round - 1-min rest format. And if you're just starting out, they have a 10-week program for newbies that will start from scratch and help with learning all the basic boxing moves. Listen on to hear what's included in the FightCamp package and how your virtual trainer will motivate you to hit that punching bag harder!3) The Boxing System For ProsIf you're a gym owner or someone who's very into boxing, the BotBoxer could definitely be something exciting for you. This system is a comprehensive robotic boxing stimulator that will challenge even pro boxers.With its high speed computer vision and motion recognition, the BotBoxer will also train your boxing tactics and ensure that your opponent won't get out of your punches' way.Tracking the force, velocity and the directions of your punches is just the beginning here. The real deal comes when you turn your BotBoxer into fight mode. This will result in the stimulation of a real human and turn your fights into the closest it can get to reality. Tune in to learn more about the BotBoxer's features and human characteristics!

Why Connor Young Built The Natural Meal Replacement Ample - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #080
May 30 2019 31 mins  
In today's episode we have Connor Young, the founder of Ample Foods, who doesn't really fit the norm of most Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Why? Simply because Connor and his team actively promote a much healthier way of living, in which you actually make sure your body gets all the essential nutrients it needs no matter how many days you have until your MVP roll-out or how many VCs you're pitching that day.Listen to this week's episode to hear the first half of our interview with Connor that focuses on Ample Foods, their magical food replacements that taste like heaven and Connor's definitely not boring journey through the health & fitness sectors. And two weeks from now, you'll get a chance to listen to the second half of the interview where we dig deeper into all things nutrition.Three Things You Will Learn1) What Is Ample & Who Is It ForConnor founded Ample with a simple goal in mind: to solve the issue of living a health conscious life next to a busy schedule. Unfortunately as life gets faster, our schedules get tighter, but the number of hours in a day remain the same, sometimes our diets suffer the consequences. Which is what Connor's friends experienced as well, when they started to bug him for a solution. As he couldn't find a reasonable solution that was already on the market, he decided to create one. And this is how Ample was born. Ample is a meal replacement that includes your optimal nutrition in powder form packed into a very minimalistic plastic bottle. All you have to do is some water, shake it up and enjoy not just a healthy and nutritious, but also very tasty meal.You can get Ample in 3 different versions. The OG, which is higher in protein, is for anyone and everyone. Ample V, the plant-based version, is for all vegans or those who are lactose intolerant. And Ample K is for people following a Keto diet and look for something very low in carbs. Press play to learn more about the difference between Ample and other meal replacement companies. And of course to decide which of the 3 Ample versions should be your emergency!2) The Path From CrossFit Through Sales To NutritionBefore founding Ample, Connor had gone through a very interesting journey in the health & fitness industry. He started with a degree in Biology, became obsessed with CrossFit during college which then led him to opening his own CrossFit gym. After getting bored with CrossFit, he joined a big corporate to sell their medical devices to hospitals. He realized that the medical industry was broken and wanted to get out of the system as his goal was to make a real difference.Tracing back the root cause of the problem to the poor diets & exercising routines of people, he then built a patient engagement physical therapy platform. However quickly arrived to the conclusion that physical therapy is another sector where he couldn't make a difference.So then when a bunch of his friends highlighted another major problem in their own lives, which is not having the time or the access to proper nutrition next to their schedules, he started working on Ample. Listen to this week's episode to hear all about Connor's interesting story and his first nutrition lab aka his own kitchen!3) The Ample CommunityThe immediate short-term goal of Ample is to provide everyday individuals with the optimal nutrition on their busiest day. However the long-term vision is much bigger than this. Connor doesn't only want to build a brand, he also wants to build a community. A community that is built around a health conscious way of living. A community that spreads this idea and grows continuously. And he wants to use Ample as a tool to turn this vision into reality. Listen on to learn more about why Connor thinks that we need this big shift in our current lifestyles and how Ample will help us in getting there!

How Technology Can Help To Keep You Motivated - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #079
May 23 2019 16 mins  
Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we are getting into a topic that many of us struggle with, which is motivation. Three Things You Will Learn1) Social Power That Will Keep You PushingOne of the greatest sources of motivation comes from your friends, family and sometimes even people who you don't now. An app that builds on this social power is BodySpace.BodySpace is a social fitness app run by bodybuilding.com and has a big community of health & fitness enthusiast users. After creating your profile and inputting your personal data, the app lets you connect with like-minded people from their community. Within BodySpace you can follow your friends, make new workout buddies and gain some inspiration from other users' stories.Listen to this week's episode and learn more about BodySpace aka "the Facebook of fitness apps" and how it will provide you with the motivation you need!2) Reward Yourself & Others As You MoveAnother amazing way to motivate yourself can be through rewards. Rewarding yourself for every bit of exercise you do and knowing that there's something tangible you'll receive for your hard work will definitely push you to your limits.Sweatcoin is an app that helps with setting up this reward system. All you have to do is sweat and they'll pay with their digital currency for it. The prizes you can spend your digital currency on vary all the time and of course for greater achievements there're greater rewards. A bit of a different concept but also built on a reward system is Charity Miles. The main difference here is that with Charity Miles, you're moving for a charity of your choice. After each minute of exercise, you'll earn money and donate it to one of their 40 charity partners. The motivation with this app doesn't only stem from the thought of helping others, but also from reading all the inspiring stories that Charity Miles' users share with the community.Press play and hear more about how Charity Miles works and how its users have already raised over $2.5 million!3) Where to Look For Greater Accountability All the amazing apps out there are great if you only need a little push to do that extra burpee every day. However if you're struggling with more significant health and/or motivational issues, you might need to look for something more scientific.This is where health & fitness gadgets, different wearables and trackers come into the picture. Once you start using any fitness tracker, you'll get exposed to a wide array of data that will present you with the truth about your daily activity. You can use this data to see where you're currently at, set SMART goals and track your progress against them.But if you're not a big fan of the dry numbers approach, you can also call an AI health coach for help. Lark is "the leading chronic disease prevention and management platform". It is designed for people who might be facing more serious health issues, such as type 2 diabetes. With Lark's AI coach, you'll be connected to an sms line through which you can receive motivation and advice 24/7. This way you can get the instant feedback and recommendations that won't let you lose your focus on harder days that you may have. Listen on and hear more about why Lark is such a great platform for those who need a real push to put the effort into their health & fitness progress!

Why Billie Whitehouse Built The World's Smartest Yoga Pants Nadi X - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #078
May 16 2019 25 mins  
Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast's 'Why I Built This' mini series, we have Billie Whitehouse a real business lady all the way from Australia. Billie is the CEO, designer and director of Wearable X, "a fashion-tech company that brings together design and technology to create a better quality of life."After graduating with Bachelor's & Master's degrees in design and fashion, Billie had decided to break the traditional career path of the fashion industry and step to the forefront of fashion and tech’s convergence instead. With this decision, Wearable X and a sequence of fascinating projects were born. These projects included garments that help the wearer find her destination using integrated LED lighting and haptic feedback. And jerseys that allow fans to feel what the players feel in real time.However what really put Wearable X in the spotlight was Billie's new product launch, which shifted the focus to the world of yoga. Press play to learn about Billie's journey and how she's finally arrived to her latest development, Nadi X aka the smartest yoga pants in the world!Three Things You Will Learn1) Nadi X - The Next Generation Yoga Instructor Yoga has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years, but innovation wise we haven't really left the software space yet. Until, of course, Nadi X was born. Nadi X is a pair of smart yoga pants with embedded sensors that track how your body's moving through each pose. The Nadi X pants and app guide you through your yoga workout with not just visual and audio, but also haptic feedback. So as you move through each pose, the pants will use vibration to let you know whether your body is in the correct orientation. Listen to this week's episode to learn more about how Nadi X uses vibration as a language to improve your yoga poses day by day!2) Why Nadi X Is Better Than Your Average Yoga AppIf you're into yoga and doesn't always have time to hit a studio, chances are that you have at least one yoga app installed on your phone. While these apps provide some basic guidance as to how your workout should look like, that's really all they do. On the other hand, Nadi X brings a more efficient way of coaching. It makes sure that you work both on your body and your mind at the same time.By designing a pair of smart pants with the accompanying mobile app, Billie built a fully integrated solution. Nadi X creates a seamless yoga experience powered by technology that fades into the background. Which ultimately allows you to practice and master yoga  with professional help within the comfort of your own home. Press play to hear how Billie's education influenced her journey with Nadi X!3) The Evolution Of Nadi XToday Nadi X might seem like the obvious solution to the issues Billie wanted to solve, but of course it hasn't always been this way. As most innovative products, Nadi X has been through a number of iterations as well.The first version of Nadi X was released to customers in 2017. It currently focuses on one main feature, which is at home independent yoga practice. The next step will be adding two extra features: 1) take your Nadi X to your favorite yoga studio & 2) join a live virtual yoga class with Nadi X from your own living room.But of course there's a lot more to Nadi X than just personal yoga practice. Billie also has some ambitious plans to working with physiotherapist and turning her innovation into an aid for post-injury recovery. Tune in and listen to Billie walking us through the evolution of Nadi X and sharing her big vision for Wearable X!

Our Favorite Health & Fitness Apps Of May 2019 - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #077
May 09 2019 22 mins  
Today on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast's 'How Technology Can Help' mini series we have a special episode for you. We introduce our favorite health & fitness apps of May 2019 that will help you make the most out this month.In each of our 'favorite health & fitness apps' episodes, we'll try to focus on factors that might be unique to that given month. Hence this week, Charlie puts the emphasis on two things. Firstly, the possibility to train outdoors due to the warmer weather. And secondly, the usual dieting "sprints" before the summer arrives. Tune in and learn all about our favorite health & fitness apps for outdoors workouts and those that will keep your nutritions in check!What You Will Learn1) The Apps That Will Let You Cancel Your Gym MembershipAs the weather gets warmer, we can basically say that it's a "sin" to exercise indoors. There's literally nothing better than getting your body moving while inhaling some fresh air. And we've got the perfect guidance for you. Our favorite app of May 2019 is Freeletics. Freeletics is a workout app that uses purely bodyweight exercises, making it perfect for outdoors training. Besides having a 'no equipment' focus, Freeletics also puts a great emphasis on personalization. After filling out a questionnaire, the app will create a personalized trainer journey and assign you a digital coach. Reaching your personal fitness goals is guaranteed this way. The second app is more for those who have a clear vision in mind about the exercises they want to do. Bit Timer is "the world's simplest interval timer" that aims to get you doing some sweaty interval trainings. Bit Timer has a specific format of "work - rest - repeat" which can be tailored to your needs. So if you know your exercises and only need some guidance for timing, Bit Timer is the app for you. Our final app in this category is the Ladder, which is perfect for those who need some extra help. The Ladder works pretty much on the same principles as Freeletics, except that this app will pair you with an actual human personal trainer. Pretty much like a social media platform that makes personal training more accessible and convenient to all. Listen to this week's episode to learn about the ins and outs of all three apps and find out which one's the best for you!2) The Ultimate Help That Will Keep You On Your DietAnother quite common activity that we like to engage in before summer is dieting. As we all know the 70-30% rule, what you eat is actually more important for getting in a good shape than how much you exercise. So here're a couple of apps that you can download for some help.Foodility is a nutrition tracking app that finally focuses on simplicity rather than overcomplicating your logging process. This app is the definition of minimalism, as its main feature is a simple calendar where you can add your food intake by selecting a date. Use Foodility to keep track of what you eat, your workouts, your water intake and other useful data in the simplest possible way!Finally 'HowUdish', an app that helps those who like to eat out to stay on track with their diet. HowUdish uses Geolocation data to suggest healthy dining options nearby that match your diet. After setting up your profile, the app will know all your dietary restrictions and also your goals that will help to find personalized healthy food options specifically for you. Press play to hear how you can best use Foodility and what special features you may discover if you download HowUdish!

Why Aly Orady Built The Most High-Tech Strength Training Equipment Tonal - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #076
May 02 2019 36 mins  
On today's show, we have a Stanford graduate and a real Silicon Valley veteran, who has built the shiniest engineering career of all and also become a serial entrepreneur in the process. Aly Orady started his career at HP as a hardware engineer then moved through a number of startups where he was the leader of technical efforts, and finally ended up as a CTO & Board member at his own manufacturing company.While this career sounded pretty much like a dream to all engineers, it became more like a nightmare to Aly's health & wellbeing. By the age of 35, Aly suffered from serious weight-related illnesses and at that point he realized he needed to change. By strength training consistently for many months, he was able to lose 70 pounds. However, the problem was that the schedule of going to the gym several times a week wasn’t sustainable.Aly refused to believe that he had to sacrifice his life to keep his body healthy. So when he couldn’t find a better solution, he invented one. Which is how Tonal, a revolutionary all-in-one equipment was born.Press play to hear all about Aly's journey from working crazy hours to shifting his focus to his health and building Tonal, the first home fitness system to offer highly personalized, science-based training!Three Things You Will Learn1) Tonal Aka The All-In-One Weight MachineHave you ever walked into a gym and felt intimidated by all those big weight machines? Or ended up skipping your workout because you just didn't want to go through the struggle of traveling back and forth from your gym? You're definitely not alone, as these things happen to all of us day by day.But you don't have to search for a solution anymore because Aly Orady built it for us. Tonal is the very first smart strength training equipment that is designed for your home. It uses digital weights, which you can set up to 200 lbs, and hence takes up a much smaller space than any other machines in the gym.Due to Tonal's digitized weight system, you can do things that you couldn't even imagine before. Train with a virtual coach at your own pace. Let the machine automatically adjust the weights for you at real time.Press play to learn more about Tonal's magical features and the future of resistance training!2) How Tonal Was BornYou might think that the founder of a fitness company has been healthy all his life. But this is not the truth. According to Aly he was "growing up as a chubby kid with glasses who could code". It took him 35 years to realize that his health was more important than his career.He then started an intense workout regime, which put him on a good path and turned him into a fitness fanatic. However he was shocked by the fact that strength training was stuck in the past with no real innovations. So he decided to turn things around and build an equipment to revolutionize the industry. Listen to this week's episode to hear all about Aly's personal struggles and how they led to the born of Tonal!3) Why You Will Never Cancel Your Tonal "Membership"Sometimes it's hard to stick to a workout plan and keep yourself accountable. Except if you have a Tonal in your living room. Unlike going to the gym, Tonal offers the most convenient solution for a workout. You can simply hop out of bed and even train in your PJs. You also don't have to worry about planning, as Tonal will set out the exercises for you and also choose your optimal weights.Listen on to learn about Tonal's Machine Learning capabilities and discover the equipment that works like a GPS for strength workouts!

How Technology Can Help With Muscle Recovery - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #075
Apr 25 2019 22 mins  
On today's 20 Minute Fitness episode we are looking at a very important topic, which is muscle recovery. As you probably know, when you're working hard in the gym there are micro tears created in your muscles. Your muscles then start working hard on recovering from themselves however, they surely appreciate a little help.So today we're introducing you to all the magical innovations that you can you can use to help your muscles recovery faster and more efficiently. Press play to learn about the different techniques and innovations that can make your muscles' lives easier!Three Things You Will Learn1) Stretching. Is it Good For Your Muscles?The topic of pre & post workout stretching is a quite controversial one. Most of the research agrees that pre-exercise stretching improves performance. But research on the impact of stretching after you are done with your sweat session is inconclusive.However we believe that if you feel like your body appreciates a good stretch, then you should definitely keep on doing it. And a great app that can help you master your techniques is the Stretching app by SWorkit. Stretching by Sworkit is designed to increase your flexibility and provide you with some great pilates workouts. Downloading the app will grant you access to over a 100 workouts and guided sessions. These workouts are categorized based on whether they are full body, head-to-toe or pilates. Press play now to hear more about the scientific findings behind stretching and the various features of Sworkit! 2) Gadgets That Your Muscles Will AppreciateAlthough we often tend to forget about the process of muscle recovery, there are actually plenty of products available for our use.Starting with the Hypervolt gun a muscle vibration device that can help to relax sore and stiffed muscles. The device has 4 different attachments, each of which can be used for specific muscle areas. So no matter where you feel the pain, the Hypervolt gun can help.Using the already discussed Electrical Muscle Stimulation technique, the Powerdot 2.0 is also a great gadget to use after your workouts. By inducing muscle contractions, the Powerdot 2.0 increases blood flow in your body, which enhances recovery.Listen to today's episode to learn more about the Hypervolt gun, the Powerdot 2.0 and two other gadgets that will help you with not just recovering but also building your muscles!3) Luxury Muscle RecoveryBesides the more affordable innovations that can be accessible by everyday people, there are also products towards the higher end of the spectrum. Of course these products are usually designed for athletes as they follow more scientific approaches.The NormaTec Pulse 2.0 stockings were for instance created by a physician bio-engineer. They use three techniques, sequential pulsing, gradients and distal release, to enhance blood flow and speed up recovery.Finally a very different product category that targets your muscles during the night is Signature Sleep's nanobionic mattress collection. These mattresses have three layers, each of them with a different functionality aiding your recovery in a different way.Tune in to get a deeper insight into the NormaTec Pulse 2.0 stockings and learn more about each layer of the Signature Sleep nanobionic mattresses! 

Why Dr Rhea Mehta Built The First Encrypted Wellness Platform Bowhead Health - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #074
Apr 18 2019 38 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we've got Dr Rhea Mehta on the show. She's an entrepreneur with a medical background who's gone through a very diverse journey before arriving at her latest project that aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry.Rhea has a PhD in Molecular Toxicology, is a certified health coach, the founder of Global Smoothie Day and in her free time creates Scientific Wellness content. Besides all of these, today Rhea is also the Co-Founder & CEO of Bowhead Health, a healthcare and blockchain technology company making personalized health solutions more accessible.Listen to this week's episode to hear all about how Rhea's fighting for empowering patients to manage their own health and data using Blockchain technology!Three Things You Will Learn1) The Main Focus Of Bowhead Health TodayRhea and her team have very ambitious goals in mind. Eventually they are planning to revolutionize the personal health & wellness industry at many fronts. But for now, they are taking one step at a time.Currently Bowhead Health acts as a platform through which you can fill out health & medical surveys, track your daily healthy habits and order clinical lab tests. All your personal data is then stored in one secure place that is the Bowhead Health platform. So why is it more secure than other platforms that are linked to specific medical companies? Because Bowhead Health uses Blockchain technology to protect your data. All information that is uploaded to the Bowhead Health platform is owned and managed by you and no one else.Tune in to learn more about why data protection is such a pressing issue in the medical industry nowadays! And to get a better idea of how Blockchain works in a healthcare setting!2) The Anonymous Healthcare TokensCryptocurrencies have been all over the place lately. But one place where we probably wouldn't have expected to see a digital currency is the health & wellness industry. Until the born of Bowhead Health of course. Another very interesting innovation that Rhea and her team have launched in their ecosystem is the 'Anonymous Health Token'. With the use of this cryptocurrency, they are introducing a reward system where users get rewarded for building out their own health records.Press play to hear more about the first cryptocurrency in healthcare and how you will be able to benefit from it in the future!3) The Future Of Healthcare In An Ideal WorldThe big vision for the Bowhead Health team is more than just a Blockchain-powered platform. It's really to have a globally integrated and secure healthcare system where patients are in charge of their own personal data. Rhea imagines a future where everyone has a digital self with all their health, wellness and fitness information. This information is only accessible and manageable by the user, who can share it with all kinds of medical professionals via the platform.Listen to this week's episode to learn more about Rhea's vision for Bowhead Health and the future of healthcare! 

How Technology Can Help To Get Killer Abs - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #073
Apr 11 2019 19 mins  
This week, the 20 Minute Fitness crew really starts to get ready for summer. Because the number 1 summer must-have that will never go out of fashion is your abs. So on today's episode Charlie gets into some magical products that can help with building the abs of your dreams this summer.But of course, it's important to mention that while all these apps and gadgets are there to support you, they won't do the work for you. So firstly, lay down the number one rule, which is to burn more calories than what you consume. Secondly, decide in your head that you'll push hard to see results. And finally, press play to learn how technology can help to get those killer abs that will go perfectly with your swimwear!Three Things You Will Learn1) Apps For AbsAfter you put your nutrients in order, it's time to hit the gym. But instead of trying to come up with some DIY exercises, download an app and make sure you're doing everything right. The perfect app for this is iMuscle 2, which has won several awards before for a reason. iMuscle 2 is an extremely visual and detailed workout app that uses an anatomically correct 3D human model for illustration purposes. You can for instance identify muscle groups on the model and view specific exercises that target those muscle groups. And of course watch the model completing the exercises to learn the correct form.Another excellent app is the Daily Ab Workout - Abs Fitness, which specializes in core exercises. The Daily Ab Workout app currently only has a limited number of workouts, but each of them are accompanied by instructional videos and text. This way making sure that each of your moves are on point.Tune in to learn more about how you can use each app and which one would fit more your workout routine!2) How To Use Electrical Muscle StimulationIf you feel like going beyond the traditional sense of building muscles at a fairly reasonable price, check out SIXPAD's Ab Fit 2!This gadget has 6 wings, which are designed to be fixed to your abs. Through the wings, the device uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to create involuntary muscle contractions. All you have to do is stick the specially designed gel sheets onto the wings and you can train your abs anywhere at any time with the SIXPAD Ab Fit 2.Learn more about why the EMS technique was originally created and why SIXPAD's device is superior to other EMS devices!3) The FDA Approved Abs BuildingFinally, if you're ready to drop a larger amount on your sculpting the perfect abs, EmSculpt will be your solution.EmSculpt is an FDA approved technique that supposedly builds muscle and burn fat at the same time. It makes use of high intensity focused electromagnetic field technology. This technology creates a rapidly changing magnetic field that induces electric currents in the tissue causing concentric contractions with the target muscles. During the EmSculpt treatment your abs are exposed to supramaximal contractions which increase the workload and forces your muscle tissues to adapt & respond. As a result the technique claims to have outstanding results of 20% body fat reduction and 15% abdominal muscle increase in as short as 2 weeks.Press play to hear more about the EmSculpt, where you can get the treatment, and what the skeptics & the users say!

Why Bruce Smith Built The Peloton For Rowing Hydrow - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #072
Apr 04 2019 32 mins  
This week on the 'Why I Built This' mini series, Bruce Smith, a Canadian rower & entrepreneur from Boston.Bruce has devoted pretty much his whole life to rowing. He has won reputable competitions, coached a US team to a Bronze medal at the 2015 World Rowing Championships, and was the former Executive Director of Community Rowing in Boston. Today Bruce is on a mission to provide everyday people with a magical experience of being on real water within the comfort of their homes via a beautiful machine, Hydrow.Listen to this week's episode to learn everything from A to Z about rowing and get a sneak peak into how Bruce is turning Hydrow into the Peloton for rowing.Three Things You Will Learn1) Why Rowing Is The Best Workout Of AllGoing for a spin class is of course a good enough exercise. But why would you go for good enough instead of the best? Rowing is the absolute full-body training that uses 86% of your muscles, everything from your legs to your arms and even your core.On top of this it is also an amazing team sport that requires you to be in complete sync with 7 other people in your boat. Humans are naturally wired to like being in sync. For us this is a genuine way of connecting with others. Hence, rowing is not simply good for your physical health, but it also delivers great psychological benefits.Press play to find out more about the science behind rowing and why you'll enjoy it even more with Hydrow!2) Behind The Scenes of Hydrow's Live Outdoor RealityIf you haven't heard of Live Outdoor Reality yet, it's about time as it might just be the next big fitness trend coming our way. The first fitness equipment that uses LOR is Hydrow.Hydrow basically teleports you to an outdoor water and with an opportunity to join in real-time workouts coached by professional rowers. Sounds like magic, but all it really takes is a talented camera crew, a very dedicated team, and some charismatic rower instructors. And of course, Hydrow.Tune in to hear all about the sneak peaks of capturing & bringing the magical experience of outdoors rowing to your living room!3) The Future of Fitness & HydrowHydrow is a very new concept that brings a real first-of-its-kind experience to its users. This was also recognized by the health & fitness community, as they sold out all their pre-orders in just a matter of minutes. So Hydrow's success has definitely been great so far, but Bruce and his team are not planning to slow down on innovation anytime soon.The next big step for Hydrow is the introduction of Augmented Reality. Listen on to hear about Bruce's 5-year AR vision of looking over your shoulder and seeing the person you're rowing with!

How Technology Can Make Your Workouts Fun - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #071
Mar 28 2019 19 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we're making sure that everyone out there knows that exercising doesn't always have to be boring. Charlie will discuss gamification and walk us through the most exciting innovations that can make your workouts fun. As always, you'll hear about more accessible options. And we'll also touch the sky with more complex equipment that use VR to transfer you into an alternative reality. Listen to this week's episode and get ready to have some fun with us!Three Things You Will Learn1) The Exciting Running AppsOf course there're some people out there, who generally enjoy running and just like to take in the nature around them. But most of us really wouldn't mind some sort of distraction. If you belong to this latter group, there're a couple of apps, which you should download right now.The first one is Zombies, Run!. This fun little app will put the faith of humanity into your hands via assigning you missions that can lead to saving one of humanity's last output. Trust me, running faster will be a no brainer when zombies are chasing after your.Another great one is CARROT Fit, which assigns you a challenge to turn "CARROT" into a healthy and fit individual. With it's unique and funny exercise names and sarcastic humor, you won't dare to stop during your 7-min workouts.Lastly, Run An Empire is built along similar lines as Zombies, Run!. Start in the Stone Age and run until the Space Age to build a stronger empire than any of your rivals! Press play and learn more about the apps now!2) Join A Group Workout At HomeWho says that you can't have a fun group workout in the comfort of your own home? Well, the guys behind Conbody surely don't. Conbody is an online military style workout platform that offers you a variety of exercises for only $5/month. Conbody was founded by Coss Marte, and ex-con who is not only reforming his own life for the better, but also gives other ex-cons the opportunity to do so by employing them. Besides the good cause, Conbody's other advantage lies within its killer, but also fun 26-min long workouts.Listen on to learn more about what you get for your subscription fee!3) Everything VRTalking about gamification and not mentioning VR would be quite outrageous, right? Well, here it is in the form of two very new and very exciting innovations. For starters, we have Black Box VR, the first fully immersive VR gym experience.A truly unique innovation built by the guys behind bodybuilding.com. In the Black Box VR experience, you become a hero and your body becomes the controller. Using hands-free VR controllers and resistance straps, each of your moves, or attacks in the game, will be initiated by various resistance exercises. And you have one and only overarching goal, which is to destroy the enemy crystals and become the winner.To enjoy Black Box VR, you'll have to leave your home and go to one of their physical locations. But if you'd prefer a VR training at home, ICAROS will be your favorite choice. ICAROS, a technology that mixes health-science & gaming, will let you fly through space and race against other users. While using the equipment, you'll engage in 3D movements and not only have fun, but also work on your core & upper body. Press play and learn more about the crazy fun workouts Black Box VR & ICAROS have on the menu for you!

Why Matteo Franceschetti Built Eight The Game Changers In Smart Sleep - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #070
Mar 22 2019 34 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we have the founder of another Y-Combinator startup, who was not afraid to dream big and bring some real innovation to the sleep industry. Matteo Franceschetti is an Italian entrepreneur, who moved to New York a while ago and co-founded Eight Sleep in 2015. While Matteo is currently at the forefront of innovation in smart personalized sleep with Eight Sleep, he had not always been one of those with an excellent sleep routine.Listen to today's episode and find out how Matteo shifted from being the typical worked-up entrepreneur to building a company that is determined to improve your sleep performance with cutting-edge technology!But First A Little Surprise To Our Listeners...The Eight guys were so kind that they didn't only share the story of their latest innovation, The Pod, but also decided to give us a promo code.  So if you're looking to improve your sleep performance and liked what you heard about The Pod, today is your lucky day.Simply head over to https://eightsleep.com/ and use the promo code 20FITNESS for $150 OFF your Pod order and enjoy a free mattress removal and Pod setup!Three Things You Will Learn1) Everything About The Pod From A-ZEight Sleep has only been around for a couple of years, but they already made a name for themselves with their amazing products. The latest of which is The Pod. The Pod is an all-in-one innovative sleep solution, a bed that adjusts its temperature throughout the night. This way enhancing the natural temperature changes in your body and improving your sleep performance. Press play to learn more about The Pod, how it came to be and why it's the ultimate device you should turn to for maximizing your sleep fitness!2) Eight Sleep & Its Comprehensive Sleep SolutionsAs mentioned earlier, Matteo had also struggled with sleep before, but he simple couldn't find a solution to his issues. Which is exactly why he decided to make a move, dive into the science behind sleep and build a solution himself. This is how Eight Sleep was born, the very first company that provides both comfort and data and also helps in improving the user's sleep.Today Eight has the most comprehensive sleep solutions fueled by scientific research and innovative technology. Tune in to find out more!3) The Three Pillars Of Health & Sleep HygieneHealth has three main pillars: nutrition, exercise and sleep. While the first two tend to be common sense. the third one, sleep, unfortunately still lacks the necessary attention. However, Matteo and the team behind Eight are determined to change this. In this week's episode, besides the story of Eight, Matteo also shares some of his great advice for improving your sleep starting from the very basics. Listen on and learn the tricks & tips of a good night sleep from consistency to what you should and shouldn't drink before bed!

How Technology Can Help To Measure Your Body Fat Percentage - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #069
Mar 14 2019 20 mins  
On today's 20 Minute Fitness episode we'll dive right into a very useful and key indicator of your health & fitness, which is body fat percentage. After laying down the basis of what your body fat percentage is and why it is superior to, for instance, BMI, Charlie gets into how you can actually measure it. You'll learn about all sorts of methods, from more basics with greater margin of error to very futuristic and much more accurate ones. So press play now!Three Things You Will Learn 1) The Simple Ways Of Measuring Your Body Fat PercentageIf you think that body fat percentage can only be calculated with super high-tech gadgets, you're wrong. There is a method that is accessible to virtually anyone with a measuring tape and an online calculator. Simply head to a website with a calculator, such as active.com, plug in your body data and let the magic happen. Now of course the downside of this method is the element of human error.Getting a bit more techy and stepping up on the ladder of accuracy, you can download Body Barista from the App Store. This app tracks your body composition and muscle groups through the phone's camera using a patented technology. Listen to this week's episode to learn how Body Barista works and achieves its ± 5% accuracy!2) The Handheld DevicesThere are several devices out in the market, which use more scientific techniques to calculate your body fat percentage. One of the most well-known ones is the Omron Handheld Body Fat Analyzer. This very compact and easy-to-use device uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to give feedback on your body composition. While it has many advantages, like its portability and low cost, this device has also been criticized for its low accuracy. Another gadget that is built on a similar concept is the Skulpt Scanner. The Skulpt Scanner was founded by a neurologist at Harvard Medical School, who originally aimed at building a solution to track the progress of his patients with muscle disorders. So he built a device that uses Electrical Impedance Myography, which later on proved to be an effective method for everyday people to track their health & fitness. Press play and find out more about both Omron & Skulpt and which one has been found to be more effective according to users!3) The Future Of Tracking Your Body Fat PercentageLastly we arrived to a device that's more technical, quite futuristic and definitely has greater accuracy. ShapeScale is a first-of-its-kind 3D scanning body scale that tracks and visualizes the user's body composition. ShapeScale uses volume and weight measurements to calculate not only your overall, but also your localized body fat percentages.Besides the detailed and accurate feedback, you also get access to your interactive and photorealistic  3D avatar and various cool features. These include the Heat Map, which uses color coding to show where you’ve been losing fat and/or gaining muscles, and a lot more...Tune in to hear all about the technology behind ShapeScale and what other features this magical device has to offer!

Why Jenn Pattee Founded The Future Of Group Workouts Public Recreation - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #068
Mar 07 2019 47 mins  
This week on the 'Why I Built This' mini series we're bringing you a local guest from San Francisco who stands really close to our hearts. Jenn Pattee, who had not always been a health & fitness professional, is the founder of Public Recreation. If someone wanted to describe Public Recreation in a few words, they would probably say 'it's a fun, entirely outdoors workout group at an affordable rate'. But the truth is that it is so much more than that...Listen to this week's episode to hear all about Jenn's story from being a designer at Apple, to starting a real revolution in the health & fitness industry. Learn about Public Recreation, a workout group that really feels like a community!But First Little Surprise To Our SF Listeners...Public Recreation’s new Ferry Building location, just across the street from it, opens in 2 weeks on March 19th. They are offering an insider deal to our listeners, 3 months of unlimited classes for $90. Normally it would cost $180... So there you go! Just go to publicrecreation.com/shape to sign up. It’s only valid until March 10 though, so hop to it!Three Things You Will Learn1) The Benefits Of Outdoors WorkoutsExercising out in the wild can sound a bit intimidating at first. But if you are brave enough to take the first step and leave the "safe environment" that is a gym, you'll shortly see great rewards. When you're doing an outdoors workout, you gain skills and use muscles that you wouldn't necessarily be able to gain and use in the gym. Tune in to learn about the benefits outdoors workouts have and how you can hack the city to become your "free gym".2) The Story Of Public RecreationJenn has one of the most exciting career stories to share. She has gone from politics to design and finally when she realized that the most important thing from her life, taking care of her health & fitness, was missing she decided to change.Her first business in the fitness space, which was also built around outdoors training, inspired Public Recreation. However before getting to what it is today, Jenn and the team went through a number of ideas, such as 'outdoors fitness furniture design' and 'subscription for a box of outdoors workout equipment'. Press play to hear Jenn's story from getting chased off public spaces in San Francisco by security guards to Public Recreation!3) Why You Won't Miss A Single Class At Public RecreationThere are so many workout groups out there and all give you kind of the same: burning some calories with a group of strangers. But there's one exception, Public Recreation. And the main difference between Public Recreation and the others is not the fact that it's outdoors, but that it's more than just a workout group. Public Recreation is a real community that won't just get you fit, but also introduce you to your local neighborhood and the people living there.Listen on to hear how Public Recreation is using its power of community to ensure that you never press that snooze button on your alarm to skip a workout again!

How Technology Can Help You Swim Faster Than Ever Before - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #067
Feb 28 2019 20 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we'll push you into the pool and take you for a swim. During the swim Charlie will introduce you to all sorts of gadgets that can coach you under water. So by the end of the episode, you'll be able to swim faster than before.Listen to this week's episode to learn about the tech that can turn you into a pro athlete in the pool!Three Things You Will Learn 1) How To Become A Better Swimmer At A Low CostHiring a swim instructor is just like a personal trainer. Expensive and time-consuming. But luckily, there are other  cheaper solutions out there. The Finis Tempo Trainer is a waterproof device that secures beneath your swim cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. It has various modes that will help you to become a more efficient swimmer. But if you're looking for something more comprehensive that will focus on your efforts not only in, but also out of the water, MySwimPro is going to be your guy. This app, which can connect to your smart watch, will provide you with fully customized training plans and guided workouts that will ultimately improve your endurance and speed in the water.Tune in to hear how both the Finis Tempo Trainer and MySwimPro can become trainers for swimmers of all levels!2) Wearables That Are Made For UnderwaterNormally you might be like 'Uhm, is this smartwatch waterproof?'. Well the Swimovate PoolMateHR and the Moove Now definitely are! The PoolMateHR that comes with a pod and a chest belt is designed to accurately measure your HR while in the water. The watch displays your HR in real-time, but you can get a much more detailed analysis of your swimming style and technique after you're out of the water. While PoolMateHR is purely focused on swimming, Moov's Now is a multifunctional wearable that you can also use for running, cycling and boxing. When it comes to the water, it uses 3D motion sensor technology to track and analyze your movements. Thanks to the 3D sensor technology Moov Now is able to distinguish between all 4 types of strokes and provide detailed stats on each lap you've taken.Press play to learn how Moov Now can help you improve your turning time and optimize your breathing!3) The First Real-Time Swim AnalyzerSeeing your HR real-time is not that outstanding, but getting feedback on your performance during the swim is. Even though we're already used to this in most other sports, like running or cycling, for some reasons there hasn't been a device developed that lets swimmers enjoy the same feature too. But this is soon to be changed by SwimAR "a holographic heads up display for swimmers that attaches to a regular pair of goggles". With SwimAR's cutting edge technology, swimmers will be able to see their performance metrics without having to get out of the water.Listen to this week's episode to hear all about SwimAR and how it's planning to revolutionize the world of swimming. 

Why Julian Jagtenberg Founded Somnox A Sleep Robot - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #066
Feb 21 2019 35 mins  
This week we have the pleasure to introduce you to a very ambitious and knowledgable young engineer from the Netherlands. Julian who knows the ins and outs of sleep has started to work on Somnox, the world's first sleep robot about 5 years ago. Today he shares all he's learnt about sleeping patterns and the reasons that cause sleeping issues during these 5 years of trying to build the best possible solution to insomnia.Listen on to hear how a simple university project has grown into Somnox, a product that has the potential to improve the sleep of millions worldwide!Three Things You Will Learn1) The Development of SomnoxJulian has always been fascinated by robotics. However, the projects that he had worked on before didn't give him the full satisfaction, as he sort of felt that they had no real purpose. Therefore, he decided to build something that could tackle the issue of many people around the world, including her mom, which was insomnia. He started to work on the project with his university mates first and went through a number of iterations.Press play and listen to the exciting evolution of Somnox from the size of a big dog to its much smaller current form of a pillow!2) Somnox Is Not Something But SomeoneThe sleep industry has been booming in the past couple of years. We have seen everything from gravity blankets to sleep trackers and smart mattresses. But Somnox is definitely something new. It's the first-of-its-kind sleep robot that combines breath simulation with specific relaxing sounds to help you sleep faster, longer and better.In today's episode you can learn about how Julian and his team are trying to increase Somnox's effectiveness by creating a feeling of affection between the user and the robot.3) How To Tackle The World's "Sleep Crisis"Julian believes that the increasing popularity and development of the sleep market will not slow down anytime soon. He definitely sees a stable role for Somnox in the everyday lives of people. However, he also thinks that the current state of sleeping issues is so big that it'll require a whole ecosystem of innovative companies to solve them for the long run. Tune in to hear about how Julian sees the future of Somnox and the sleep industry as a whole!

How Technology Can Introduce You To Mindfulness - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #065
Feb 14 2019 21 mins  
Today's 20 Minute Fitness episode is all about mindfulness. After Charlie discusses the basics of mindfulness and its benefits, he'll dive into the innovations that were built to help you practice mindfulness. We'll touch upon everything from apps to wearables and even a very unique and exclusive device.Listen to this weeks episode to discover ways of how technology can introduce you to mindfulness that you have never heard before!Three Things You Will Learn 1) The Not-So-Mainstream Mindfulness AppsWe all know Calm and Headspace, which might be the most dominant apps on the App Store, but not necessarily the best ones. If you're bored with the mainstream apps, try Aura. Aura is an app that focuses on reducing anxiety and improving focus and sleep. It uses Machine Learning to provide you with highly personalized daily meditation sessions and a lot more. If you're looking for something more exciting, Provata VR is the one for you. As the name suggests, this app uses VR to virtually transport you to magical and relaxed locations, such as beautiful beaches. Additionally, with their Apple Health integration, Provata VR also allows you to visualize the effects of meditation. It shows how your heart rate is affected and lets you optimize your sessions based on the feedback. Press play to learn more about these less known, but very interesting mindfulness apps!2) Wearables That Will Help You Calm DownEven though mindfulness is a relatively new industry, there're already a couple of impressive wearables out there. These wearables focus on reaching your inner peace. Muse, for instance, is an EEG headset that senses your brain waves and renders your brain activity into natural sounds. This way you get real-time feedback on your state of mind. The Spire wearable stress tracker takes a different approach of breath analysis. Spire however, is a multi-functional wearable. It also tracks things like activity and sleep and correlates these for improving your overall wellbeing.  Listen on to learn how Muse can help you to reach a peaceful state and how Spire's comprehensiveness can aid your health journey!3) An Exclusive Way Of MeditationFinally, a unique meditation experience that most of us have probably not heard of before, the Somadome. The Somadome is an illuminated dome, which creates a private escape pod only available in 15 locations worldwide. It lets you drift away using a combination of color therapy and binaural beats. Tune in to learn more about the experience and the various guided meditation programs the Somadome offers!

Why Pablo Abad Built Muvr The Wearable Your Joints Need - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #064
Feb 07 2019 35 mins  
On today's episode, we have Pablo Abad, who, just like most real engineers & scientists, has always been fascinated by inventing and building things. From hacking robots for fun in his Silicon Valley apartment, Pablo ended up drifting towards digital health with a more serious mission of helping thousands of orthopedic patients.Today Pablo and his team stand behind an amazing concept, called Muvr, a wearable medical device and software platform that guarantees a better and smoother recovery process.Press play to find out more about Pablo's journey from Stanford & CalTec to his personal health struggles that led to the foundation of Muvr!Three Things You Will Learn1) How Muvr Was BornLiving in Silicon Valley as an engineer, Pablo has recognized some great potentials in digital health. However the idea of Muvr only came about when he got involved with an organization at Stanford, called Stanford Biodesign. Listen to today's episode to learn more about how Pablo and a group of "fellows" came up with the idea of Muvr from a list of 250 needs in the health care industry! 2) How Muvr Can Make Your Post-Surgery Recovery SmootherGoing through a surgery is not easy, especially because your journey doesn't end with leaving the hospital. For an orthopedic surgery to be successful, the patient has to follow a rigorous post-surgery physical therapy program. But unfortunately, as the experience is usually not as pleasant as expected, patients often fail to stick to their programs and end up with the feeling of dissatisfaction.Tune in to hear how Muvr is planning to improve patients' after surgery experience and aid their better recovery process!3) The Long-Term Vision For Muvr & TelemedicineMuvr was only born a couple of years ago, meaning that there's still a long path ahead of the project. While the main focus of the team have been knee surgeries so far, Pablo plans to expand to other promising areas of orthopedics too, like hips and shoulders. And of course, moving into sports medicine and even VR are among the plans of the ambitious Muvr Team. Besides the future of Muvr, Pablo also shares his thoughts on where telemedicine will head in the future. Listen on to hear Pablo's vision for improving the health care system with tracking devices and Muvr's role in his scenario!

How Technology Can Bring Your Group Workouts Home - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #063
Jan 31 2019 17 mins  
Charlie is back with an exciting and relevant topic on the 'How Technology Can Help' mini series of the 20 Minute Fitness podcast, which is streaming group workouts. The most common excuse for skipping a workout is 'I don't have time for it'. Well, good news is that after listening to this episode, you won't be able to pull this one again because we introduce you to the most convenient ways of doing a fitness class: at home. Press play to hear how technology can bring your group workouts home, start moving and stop making up excuses! Three Things You Will Learn1) HIIT Live Or On-Demand From Your Own Living Room You guys have probably all heard of ClassPass before. But have you also heard of ClassPass Live? It's a relatively new service of ClassPass that offers interactive live and on-demand workout classes making it easy to tune in wherever you are. The on-demand really excels on the convenience dimension, whereas the live classes will truly make you feel like working out with a group. Very similar to Class Pass Live, but leaning more towards the on-demand side is Booya Fitness. Their workout library is absolutely extensive, covering everything from bootcamp to HIIT and dance classes. Listen to today's episode to find out if ClassPass Live or Booya Fitness is the one for you!2) Do You Have a Virtual Trainer?Gixo is a fitness app that provides very similar services to ClassPass Live & Booya Fitness, but they really level up on the live virtual classes aspect. Besides you being able to see the trainer on the other end of the app, you can enable the camera feature so the trainer will be able to see you as well. This way you'll get real-time feedback on your form from a real professional at an affordable price. Listen on to learn more about Gixo's virtual trainings and a lot more!3) Race Against Thousands Around The WorldLast but not least the ultimate revolutionizer of at-home spinning, Peloton. Besides providing you with the most high-tech equipment for indoor cycling, Peloton also makes sure that you get the all-around experience of a real spinning class. Live classes, performance tracking and racing against spinners worldwide. Tune in to hear what else Peloton has to offer!

Why Yunha Kim Built Simple Habit The Spotify For Meditation - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #062
Jan 24 2019 20 mins  
This week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we've got Yunha Kim, a Duke University graduate and ex-Wall Street investment banker who's already running her second startup success story. Yunha started meditation a couple of years ago and when she realized that there was a gap in the market, she decided to fill it. This lead to the born of Simple Habit, one of the most popular meditation and mindfulness apps that is used by millions of people around the globe.Press play to learn about Simple Habit and to get an insight into the story of a real powerhouse woman in  a leadership position!Three Things You Will Learn1) How Simple Habit Differs From Other Meditation AppsSimple Habit doesn't only stand out because it's the youngest among the most popular meditation apps, but also because it introduces a whole new concept. Unlike its competitors that have a niche focus and mainly create content in-house, Simple Habit acts more like a market place. Tune in to understand how Simple Habit works and why Yunha likes to refer to is as the 'Spotify for meditation'!2) The Story Behind Simple HabitYunha started off as an investment banker on Wall Street. Then one day she quit her job and founded her own company hopping into a CEO position at a very young age. This obviously came with a lot of stress, so she decided to turn to meditation to reach a more balanced and happier state of mind. However, she felt like something was missing from the market... Listen on to hear all about Yunha's "accidental" entrepreneurial journey and what led her to build Simple Habit!3) Meditation Trends & Simple Habit's MissionDistractions, stress and difficult situations are things that people have to face day-by-day. But you don't necessarily have to face them alone. Meditation provides a great solution to cope with these situations and the team behind Simple Habit wants to increasingly build on this idea. This is why one of the main goals for Simple Habit is to grow not just their content library, but also their content categories. Press play to get a sneak peak into how Yunha envisions the future of both meditation and Simple Habit!

How Technology Can Help To Stay On Track With Your Diet - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #061
Jan 17 2019 19 mins  
On today's 20 Minute Fitness podcast episode, we're focusing on dieting and nutrition tracking. But instead of discussing specific diets or giving you "the best" advice on what you should or shouldn't eat, Charlie talks about apps and gadgets that can come real handy in your everyday life. Press play to learn 'how technology can help to stay on track with your diet'!Three Things You Will Learn 1) Apps For Basic Calorie & Macronutrient TrackingYes, yes we all know about the MyFitnessPals and LoseIts, but you can also find other, potentially better apps on the App Store. MyNetDiary Pro for example, was ranked as the #1 mobile diet app in a study conducted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. An area where MyNetDiary seem to excel is the accuracy of foods and their nutrient contents in their library. Tune in to hear about the other great features of MyNetDiary and to meet Yazio, another great nutrition tracking app!2) It's All About PersonalizationMoving to the mid-range category, we talk about apps that put the spotlight on personalization. 8Fit, which is both a workout and meal planner, uses a personal assessment when you first open the app to create your unique diet plan. This diet plan is entirely based on your personal data, health & fitness goals and activity level.The Rise app takes this even a step further. These guys connect you with a real nutrition coach, who becomes your personal diet whisperer. Listen to this week's episode to get an insight into how virtual nutrition coaching will keep you accountable!3) How To Hack Your MetabolismOne of the most exciting innovations in this arena that we have seen in the recent years is Lumen. Lumen is a tiny gadget that gives you real-time personalized nutrition advice based on your breath. And no, it is not magic, it's pure science. All you have to do is breath into the Lumen device, which, based on the concentration of the different gases in your breath, will tell what your body is currently burning - carbs or fat. Once Lumen knows what you're burning, it will also know what you should eat. Press play to learn more!

Why Jason Loewy Built MyMacros+ The Most Flexible Diet Tracking App - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #060
Jan 10 2019 31 mins  
The New Year's very first 'Why I Built This' episode is here and we are bringing you Jason Loewy in it. Jason was a Computer Science major who got into professional body building after his university football career was ended by unexpected injuries. As an athlete he had to pay attention to his diet from an early age. But when it came to tracking, he simply couldn't find an app that met his expectations. So he decided to build his own. Listen to this week's episode to hear how Jason mixed his professional life with his true passion and turned it into MyMacros+, an app that's today ranked in the Top 10 on the App Store!Three Things You Will Learn1) The Journey Of MyMacros+Jason has been an athlete since an early age, so tracking has always been a part of his life. But as a professional body builder, he had some more specific requirements when it came to tracking his macros than an 'Average Joe'. So instead of going from one trial & failure to another, he decided to take matters to his own hands.Press play to find out how MyMacros+, an app that Jason originally built only for himself, has turned into a success story!2) Why You Should Download MyMacors+ Instead Of Other AppsWe know that nothing is perfect. But as Jason explains, there are a couple of very fundamental issues with most nutrition tracking apps out there. Let it be the too complicated process of logging your food, the high subscription fees, or the inflexible nature of the app. Listen to this week's episode and find out why MyMacros+ could potentially be a superior choice for individuals at all levels!3) The Future Of MyMacros+ & Nutrition TrackingMyMacros+ was born in 2011 and although it's been growing at a constant rate since, innovation doesn't stop. This is true for both the app itself and the diet tracking industry. In today's episode Jason and Martin touch upon what the future holds for MyMacros+ as well as how they see the evolving trends of nutrition tracking.Tunes in to get a sneak peak of what you can expect to see in 2019 when you press the MyMacros+ icon on your phone!

How Technology Can Help To Improve Your Sleep Quality - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #059
Jan 03 2019 18 mins  
New Year, new episode on the 'How Technology Can Help' mini series of the 20 Minute Fitness podcast. This week Charlie brings some great tech products and services that can put you on track for a year of great night sleep. If you've ever struggled with insomnia or sleep deprivation, this is your episode! Listen on to learn how to overcome the struggles of bad sleep!Three Things You Will Learn 1) How Different Apps Can Make You Sleep BetterAlthough using your phone before going to bed is generally a bad habit, there are certain apps that are exceptions. The Sleep Cycle app for instance will aid your good night sleep by tracking your sleep cycles and waking you up while you're at the appropriate sleep stage. Whereas Calm is taking a different approach and uses meditation and breath technique coaching as means to improve your sleep quality.Find out more about these apps and their various features from this week's episode!2) The Gadgets Of Your DreamsOf course the wearables market has something to offer in the sleep department as well. The Oura Ring is the ultimate solution for accurate and fashionable sleep tracking. The ring and the Oura app will provide you with comprehensive data and sleep analysis, including your sleep efficiency, sleep disturbances and a lot more. However, if you're not a big fan of wearables and mainly struggle with falling asleep and waking up, the Phillips Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up light should get on your shopping list instead. These lights will ensure that you fall asleep easier and wake up more naturally by stimulating sunrises & sunsets. Press play to find out why natural lighting is better and hear about others' experiences with Somneo!3) The Smartest Bed AccessoriesWhat would a smart home be without a smart bed?Thankfully we don't have to find out as innovations like the Somnox Sleep robot will quickly turn your average bed into one that fits in our 21st century lifestyles. However Somnox's new gadget doesn't only sound cool, but is actually super useful. It packs almost all the features that the previously mentioned products have into a pillow form that will quickly become your favorite sleep buddy.Finally finishing off with the basis of a good quality sleep, the mattress. They might be a bigger investment, but the Eight Smart Mattresses will definitely ensure your comfort with their top foam quality and also use their built-in sensors to provide feedback on your sleep. Tune in to learn how Somnox will help you feel great when waking up and what factors do the Eight Mattresses track!

Why Gene Gurkoff Built An App That Makes You Run For A Good Cause - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #058
Dec 27 2018 28 mins  
This week we're back with a new episode on the 'Why I Built This' mini series, where Gene Gurkoff, a Harvard Law School graduate explains why he decided to quit being a lawyer to build his own app. The proud founder of Charity Miles talks us through his not-always-smooth journey and the powerful impact of Charity Miles that gives him hope day-by-day. Press play to hear all about a Wall Street lawyer's crazy entrepreneurial journey and how he has finally found his passion in life, an app through which he makes a real impact on everyday people's lives!Three Things You Will Learn1) The Story Of Charity Miles's FoundationGene started off his career as a lawyer on Wall Street and while he did enjoy it, he always felt the entrepreneurial spirit in himself. After two not-so-successful businesses he was about to give up on his dreams and go back to the law office when the idea of Charity Miles was born. Listen to this week's episode to hear why Gene knew that Charity Miles was 'the one' and what kept him going even during hard times!2) What The Real Value Of Charity Miles IsFor every step you take you can donate a certain amount of money to your chosen charity. This is an amazing cause in itself, but according to Gene, this is not the most impactful outcome of Charity Miles. The strong community and the way Charity Miles is able to influence each user's life in a positive way carry much greater value. Tune in to find out more!3) Behind The Scenes Of Charity MilesCharity Miles is not just a simple app. It's a multi-sided platform that depends not only on the users, but also on corporate sponsors and the charities where your donations go. From today's episode you can learn more about the back-end of Charity Miles and how Gene was able to use his previous career and experiences to develop the app.

How Technology Can Help To Train For Your Next Marathon - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #057
Dec 20 2018 18 mins  
So press play now to make the most out of your next run!If your New Year's resolution involves the word marathon, we've got you covered! Because on this week's episode we introduce you to all the 'tech hacks' that can aid your training for the big race day. Whether you're getting ready for your first run or you are a marathon veteran, Charlie has something for you.Three Things You Will Learn 1) Which Are The Best Free Tools For Running TipsThanks to technology, we don't only have expensive gadgets but also a number of free / low-cost resources available. There are plenty of great blogs out there that will guide you through your marathon prep with advice on diet, the perfect race attire and a lot more. Listen to this week's episode to hear which blogs should get on your reading list!2) Top Apps To Improve Your Running TechniqueOf course we are all familiar with the more mainstream running apps, like Strava and MapMyRun. However, you can find many more hidden gems on the app store, which will actually give you better insights, feedback and guidance throughout your training. Some apps are really keen to track your impact and cadence to maximize your running efficiency. Other apps, like Aaptiv, put more emphasis on personalized training plans. Press play to learn what apps are out there and which approach seems to be the way to go!3) Wearables That Will Become Your Virtual Running CoachesThe wearables market is striving, so the possibilities for gadgets that you can call for help when training for a marathon are becoming endless. However, most of these wearables have different focus areas so it really depends on your goals which one you should go for.The Lumo Run for instance aims to perfect your running technique, whereas Polar's Stride Sensor is more keen on optimal pacing. And taking it to the next level, besides all the same measurements, the Vi headphones also provide personalized real-time coaching. Tune in to learn more about the best running wearables!

Why Allen Chen Built Fitbod The Smartest Strength Workout App - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #056
Dec 13 2018 26 mins  
This week we're bringing you the second episode of our 'Why I Built This' mini-series on the 20 Minute Fitness Podcast. Having Allen Chen on the show, who is the Co-Founder & CEO of Fitbod, we talk about how Allen has built Fitbod with one of his college best friends, what Fitbod really is and how it works, and where the Fit-tech industry is heading. Listen on to learn about Allen's journey from Wall Street to an office located at the back of a gym in downtown San Francisco and why he thinks Fitbod is at the forefront of innovation in the fitness world!Three Things You Will Learn1) How A Portfolio Optimization Strategist From Wall Street Built A Successful Workout AppAre you in finance, but want to make a career jump into health & fitness? It's not impossible! Allen was actually going to build his career at a hedge fund on Wall Street but instead he decided to build a smart strength workout app, Fitbod. On this week's episode you can learn interesting things about how he was able to utilize his skills from finance to create Fitbod. 2) What Fitbod Is, How Its First Version Looked Like And How It Works NowA precise AI-powered recommendation platform for strength training packed into a little IOS app is what Fitbod is today. However, it started off as a much more simple idea that Allen and his Co-Founder created to tackle the issues they were facing at the gym. Press play to hear how Fitbod worked when it first launched on the App Store and how it has improved ever since!3) The Upcoming Trends In Fit-TechGoing beyond Allen's journey with Fitbod, we also take a look at the direction the fit-tech industry is headed. After we have learned to master the tracking of data, it's time to process it and provide actionable recommendations to users. Tune in to learn more about Allen's vision for health & fitness innovation and why he thinks Fitbod is at the forefront of it! 

How Smart Clothing Can Help You To Get In Shape - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #055
Dec 06 2018 20 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we're giving you a snapshot of a still fairly new subcategory of wearables, connected clothing. Charlie will start off by discussing some predictions about the future of the connected clothes market. Then, most importantly, he will talk us through how various pieces of smart apparel can help you reach your fitness goals more effectively. Tune in to learn about exciting brands and how their innovative active wear will get you in shape!Three Things You Will Learn 1) What The Fitness Benefits Are Of Smart Clothing By Under ArmourUnder Armour is a well-known brand among all health & fitness enthusiasts. But what might not be common sense for everyone is that they have entered the fit-tech space as well. Listen to this week's episode to find out what smart clothing you can get with the Under Armour logo, and of course how they will help you to get in shape!2) Wearables For Mastering Your Running TechniqueRunning is definitely one of the best cardio workouts, but to ensure its effectiveness, you really have to master your form. OMsignal and Sensoria are two brands out there who have also realized this. Although their smart apparel are very distinct, both of these brands are driven by the same goal. And this is to help you master your running technique and in turn minimize the risk of injuries and maximize results.Press play to learn about the different approaches the two brands take to reach this goal. In particular, how OMSignal's connected bras use breath analysis to improve your running technique. And how Sensoria's smart socks and anklet capture data while running to provide you with recommendations.3) A Virtual Personal Trainer Built Into Your Gym ClothesFinally reaching the 'wow' category, Athos is definitely a name you should know about. To overcome the boundaries of high personal trainer costs and to ensure extremely accurate performance tracking, the Athos guys have created active wear with built-in sensors.From today's episode you can get an insight into how the Athos connected shirts and leggings work and whether they live up to their nearly $700 price tag. 

Why Tim Peck Built Call9 A Platform That Reinvents The 911 System - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #054
Nov 29 2018 38 mins  
We're back again with a new episode on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast, but not just any episode. Today marks one of the most exciting milestones in the history of 20 Minute Fitness. We're bringing you the very first episode of 'Why I Built This', a mini series introducing innovations that are revolutionizing the health & fitness industry and of course the master minds behind them. On our first episode we had the pleasure to sit down with Tim Peck, who left his Chief Resident position at Harvard Medical School and moved to Silicon Valley to build Call9 (https://www.call9.com/), a platform that can reinvent the 911 system. Although most people thought he “lost his sanity” at that time, Tim has proved all of them wrong. Call9 has already delivered life-changing care to over 3,500 patients and this is just the beginning. Stay with us to hear about Tim's journey and how Call9 is making a massive impact on the Emergency Care system in the US!Three Things You Will Learn1) How Call9 Works And Why It Is So ExtraordinaryThe systems of Emergency Care and Nursing Homes are fundamentally broken. These broken systems don't only result in extreme expenses, but on the most serious end they can also cost lives. Although many might have recognized the issue before, Tim was the very first one, who was brave enough to actually act upon it.Listen to the interview to learn about the shortcomings of Emergency Care and Nursing Homes and how Call9 provides a solution to overcome them!2) Tim's Journey From Harvard Medical School To The Silicon Valley And Living In a Nursing HomeBuilding such a radical innovation takes time and, of course comes with sacrifices. Back in 2015, Tim quit his job, moved to the Silicon Valley and decided to dedicate his life to Call9 and a greater good. Press play to hear about his journey including things, like living in a nursing home for 3 months.3) The Future of Call9 & The Way Tim Predicts Healthcare To ChangeCall9 has already reached amazing milestones and has proven to be a solution to the issues Nursing Homes are facing with Emergency Care patients. But it still has a really long way ahead with amazing potentials. Tune in to hear Tim's vision for Call9's future and also his predictions about the future of healthcare.Sign the petition here to help Call9 achieve its mission & further revolutionize Emergency Care: http://www.rushact.org/#!/

How Technology Can Help To Improve Your Strength Training Performance - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #053
Nov 22 2018 24 mins  
The first episode of our brand new 20 Minute Fitness Season 2 is finally here. And we're bringing you nothing less than seven amazing fitness apps & gadgets that can help improving your strength training performance. Charlie will walk us through products from 3 different categories from 'more accessible & easy to use' to the very high-tech end of the spectrum.Listen to today's episode to learn about the benefits as well as some of the drawbacks of fit-tech innovations, like the Shape band by Atlas when it comes to strength training. And of course to find the one that will be the best for your personal goals! Three Things You Will Learn 1) The Good & The Bad Of Our Top 3 Strength Training AppsFitbod, Gymaholic and Fitted Lifts are three amazing apps that definitely won't disappoint when it comes to weight lifting. They all share some similarities, but their key benefits are quite distinct. Fitbod uses AI to plan fully personalized workouts. Gymaholic's augmented reality capabilities put the focus on visualization. And Fitted Lifts is on-point in everything tracking and logging. Of course this is not all, so press play now to learn about all the great features of the three apps as well as their potential shortcomings!2) How Fitness Trackers Can Help To Optimize Your Strength TrainingThere are a ton of wearable fitness trackers out there. And even though it wasn't always the case, the number of strength-training specific wearables are growing as well. It's not a surprise as technology offers an opportunity to get some amazing insights into one's performance. These insights can then be used to master your technique and ultimately reach your fitness goals more effectively.Listen to this week's episode to find out how wearables, like Shape by Atlas, Strenx by Gymwatch, and the Beast Sensor can aid your weight training. Believe it or not, but their benefits extend beyond the gym as well.3) Increasing Your Training Efficiency Through Improved Brain PlasticityAs you could've probably guessed, we are hitting our most high-tech "wow" category here. Halo Neuroscience is "the first headset that stimulates the part of your brain responsible for muscle movement". The headphones apply mild electric field to your motor cortex, which is the area in the brain that's responsible for controlling movement. In today's episode you can learn a lot more about how Halo Neuroscience really works and whether it is a device that's worth using for the everyday weight lifter or designed more for athletes. 

Fit-Tech Season Teaser - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #052
Nov 15 2018 4 mins  
Today's episode is a very special one on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast. And the reason behind this is that we have the pleasure to finally introduce you to our very own season 2. We have been working really hard on this new season in the past couple of weeks and so hope to get you as excited as we are. Let's dive into it, shall we?The team behind 20 Minute Fitness has decided to take the podcast into a more fit-tech, health-tech direction. Of course this doesn't mean that we will lose our general health & fitness focus, but rather that we'll take it to the next level. We'll be mixing our health & fitness topics with technology. And there are two main reasons behind this. Reason #1: Technology is the future of health & fitness. It is revolutionizing the industry and is here for your benefit, you just have to learn how to take advantage of it. Hence, we find it important to teach our listeners about the amazing innovations born every day and show how you can benefit from these innovations to reach your health & fitness goals more effectively.Reason #2: This is the arena we operate in with ShapeScale. This is where are expertise lie. And this is our greatest passion that we would like to share with you guys. Season 2 - The Fit-Tech SeasonWithin Season 2 we are introducing not one, but two very exciting new sub-series.How Technology Can Help SeriesSeries 1 is going to be our 'How Technology Can Help' series. In each episode we will set a specific and very common health & fitness goal, like losing weight, as our focus. Then we'll introduce a number of tech solutions that can help you in reaching that specific health & fitness goal in a more efficient and better way.The main goal of this series will be to show how technology can help you along your health & fitness journey.Why I Built This SeriesSeries 2 is going to be our 'Why I Built This' series. With a more entrepreneurial spill, we'll be running exclusive interviews with the founders & co-founders of the most extraordinary health-tech and fit-tech companies out there.Unlike in the 'How Technology Can Help' series, here we'll be focusing exclusively on one amazing health & fitness innovation and the mastermind behind it in each episode. We will bring you insightful and very interesting conversations about the 'behind the scenes' of the given brand and the fundamental issues that have given rise to its products and services. Coming up...Before we let you press play, here's a little bit of sneak peak to get you excited. In our first couple of episodes of the 'How Technology Can Help' series, we will be focusing on health & fitness goals, such as improving your strength training performance, training for your first marathon or getting in better shape. We'll bring you some amazing fit-tech innovations that will get you on track towards reaching these goals. In our 'Why I Built This' series we'll be interviewing inspiring individuals, like Tim Peck, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Call9, a health-tech company reinventing 911 and emergency care. We'll introduce you to Gene Gurkoff, who is the brain behind Charity Miles, an app that combines exercising with the amazing act of charity. And Jason Loewy will share how he built one of the most successful nutrition apps, MyMacros+, before even graduating from college.

How To Boost Your Metabolic Rate Part 2: Training - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #051
Nov 08 2018 15 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we dig into the world of metabolism. More specifically, how can you adjust your training regime to make your body a metabolism burning machine. However, we are not just going to give you quick tips on how to spike your metabolism once in a while. This is about making your metabolism and body more efficient on the whole. So we are here to offer you advice on how you can boost your metabolic rate in the long term. Three Things You Will Learn 1.) Boost Your Metabolic Rate With HIITWhenever we hear the term HIIT or "high-intensity interval training" it usually follows with "and you burn tons of calories." Which probably makes you wonder whether HIIT is the fairytale of calorie burning or reality. Listen to this week's episode to find out how efficient HIIT actually is in burning calories and whether it's scientifically proven. 2.) Weight Lifting = The Key To The Ultimate Metabolism Like we mentioned in our previous episode about boosting your metabolic rate with nutrition, the best way to fire up your metabolism is to build it from the inside out. Which is why building lean, strong muscles via weightlifting is the best way to go. Find out how you can transform your metabolism from the inside by clicking play! 3.) Debunking the "AfterBurn" You may have come across this ambiguous term, but what exactly is the "afterburn"? Well, it's the referring to the heightened state of oxygen consumption post exercise. This heightened state is mostly connected to HIIT training and its magical metabolic effects. So let's dive into what the afterburn is and if this is a myth or another metabolic miracle. 

Completing Badwater The World's Toughest Foot Race Interview With Cory Reese - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #050
Nov 01 2018 17 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we sit down with Cory Reese, an ultrarunner and author of the book 'Into The Furness'. Cory, who lives in Southern Utah with his wife and three kids, started off his running career with simple half-marathons and ended up racing in one of the hottest places in the world, Death Valley. Listen to this week's episode to find out how to train for and push through the world's toughest ultramarathon!Three Things You Will Learn 1.) What Motivates An Ultrarunner To Sign Up For A RaceUltramarathons can be anywhere between 26.219 miles to 3100 miles. Which, to most of us, seem scary even by looking at these numbers. Hence, signing up for an ultra race is definitely something that needs courage and a big bucket of motivation. In our interview Cory shares some insights about his transition from marathons to ultramarathons and what makes him sign up for a new race.2.) How To Prepare For The Toughest Race In The WorldBadwater is usually referred to as 'the world's hardest ultramarathon'. It is a 135-mile long race that starts 279 feet below sea level in the Badwater Basin located in Death Valley, and ends 8360 feet above sea level at Whitney Portal. As you imagine it is a race that challenges even the toughest and most experienced runners and so it's essential to properly train your body for it. Press 'play' now for the best tips on preparing for a deathly race, like Badwater!3.) The Key To Pushing Through An Ultra RaceDuring an ultramarathon you're likely to face a number of challenges. When your body is giving up but you still have a long road ahead, you need to find a way to keep yourself going. Listen to this week's episode to find out how Cory managed to overcome his struggles, like sleep deprivation, during the Badwater Ultramarathon! 

How To Boost Your Metabolic Rate Part 1: Nutrition - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #049
Oct 25 2018 18 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we dig into the world of metabolism. More specifically how you can boost your metabolic rate in the long term. There are a lot of tips floating around the internet about eating spicy foods or drink six gallons of green tea. All promising to boost your "metabolism" and torch calories. So we are here to offer you advice on how you can boost your metabolic rate in the long term. Three Things You'll Learn1.) Boost Your Metabolic Rate Starting With ThisThe first step to boost your metabolism is to actually understand what is. This may sound a bit boring but your metabolism had the power to change. In fact, it can change a little bit every day. So find out in this episode! 2.) It's All About The Long-Term BurnWhen it comes really kicking your metabolic rate into high gear it takes more than a few sips of caffeine or drinking ginger juice. The best way to change your metabolic rate for the long term is to start from the inside out. Essentially, the more muscle you are packing the higher your metabolic rate is. Meaning that increasing your protein intake in order to build that muscle is a top priority. Find how to make your protein work for you by clicking play! 3.) Everyday Habits For A Fast MetabolismAlthough your metabolism won't drastically change from a couple of quick fixes. You can help your metabolic rate by incorporating some easy daily habits. By adjusting your water intake and incorporating the appropriate amount of caffeine in your daily diet you can torch a few more calories. Which can add up over time! 

How To Power Up Your Training With These Tips Interview with Jess Martin - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #048
Oct 18 2018 18 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we sit down with Jess Martin, the owner and CFO—“Chief Fitness Officer”—of Stronghorn Fitness! He made the switch to being a powerhouse personal trainer after climbing the corporate ladder for 15-years. Ditching the cubical for the kettlebells Jess now is the proud owner of one Austin's most loved training facilities. With his infectiously positive attitude, it's hard not to be inspired by this guy.  Listen on for real fitness tips, knowledge guidance, and a good dose of inspiration. Three Things You Will Learn 1.) Get A Sneak Peak Into The Methods Of An Experienced Personal Trainer Jess MartinJess is a font of information when it comes to the best training practices to boost your well being. If you are unsure on how you should start your training or what training is best suited for your goals, Jess has an answer. Press play to find out Jess's best advice for reaching your goals. 2.) Learn What's So Special About KettlebellsJess's Stronghorn Fitness is 'Austin's only kettlebell based fitness solution. Most of us might be quite familiar with kettlebells already in a sense that it's a pretty common tool at every gym. But do you actually know what's so special about them?  You can find out in today's episode, where Jess shares why they have decided to tailor their workouts to kettlebells. 3.) How To Keep Your Momentum MovingEveryone has signed up for a class or maybe even a couple and told themselves this is the time fitness is going to stick. However, rarely do we find ourselves six-months later still sticking to that same routine. Jess gives us some advice on how to stay consistent and how to approach training that sticks. Listen to the episode to hear his advice and find out what he means by 'earn your shower every day'!

Which One Is The Best Cycling Class: Flywheel, SoulCycle or Peloton - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #047
Oct 11 2018 29 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness Lesley and Lilla will discuss a hot topic. They'll dive into the next generation of spinning and share their personal experiences. Do these "high-tech" boutique classes really live up to their hype? Three Things You Will Learn1.) Can You Get On the Flywheel Leaderboard?First up on the list is Flywheel. The spinning studio that is famous for its intense workouts, pro instructors, and heated competitions. This reputation definitely set Lesley's and Lilla's expectations high. While the facility and service did impress both of them, they were still not sure if they'd go back for a second round. Why? Maybe they didn't make the leaderboard? Listen to our episode and find out now!2.) Is SoulCycle Worth The HypeSoulCycle, the brand that is behind the whole spinning revolution, has a different kind of standing in people's eyes. Their loyal base of spinners would probably swear their lives on SoulCycle's amazing classes. Whereas to others, it may seem more like a 'status symbol' that people are doing just for the sake of having fun rather than burning calories. Which group do you think is right? Make your bets now!3.) What It's Like To Try A Peloton BikeThe most Silicon Valley version of spinning is definitely brought to you by the Peloton bikes. Virtually joining their live NYC-based studio classes without leaving your own apartment is how they want to turn home-spinning into a social experience. Listen to Lilla sharing her experience and get a sneak peak into how high-tech those Peloton bikes really are!

Smashing Body Type Barriers & Owning Your Body Interview with Jessamyn Stanley - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #046
Oct 04 2018 19 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we have the amazing chance to sit down with the Jessamyn Stanley!She is a yogi who breaks all the stereotypes, has built a life as an internationally recognized yoga teacher and award-winning Instagram star by combining a deep understanding for yoga with a willingness to share her personal struggles in a way that touches everyone who comes to know her.Now she brings her body-positive, emotionally uplifting approach to yoga in her book Every Body Yoga that will help every reader discover the power of yoga and how to weave it seamlessly into his or her life.Three Things You Will Learn 1.) How Jessamyn Stanley Is Transforming FitnessAlthough Jessamyn is focused on the practice of yoga, she is also using her social platform and love of the practice to make waves in the fitness community. Jessamyn is making strides to disrupt the "norms" of the fitness industry by demonstrating that yoga (and fitness in general) applies to a massive array of body types. 2.) Why Fitness Is More Than Skin Deep Stanley practices and teaches high-energy Vinyasa-flow yoga, an athletic style of yoga that strings various poses together to create a sequence. Her classes provide a body-positive approach that focuses on how the body feels vs. how it looks, a technique she developed through her own personal practice.3.) What Changing Your Perspective Does Listen to what Jessamyn has to say about the wonders of changing your perspective can do. Plus, the surprising tip to accepting your own fitness path.  

Surprising Ways Recreational Drugs Effect Fitness - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #045
Sep 27 2018 20 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness Charlie guides us through the various effects recreational drugs have on our health, fitness and everyday lives. He discusses the thoughts and experiences of athletes as well as the findings of scientific studies on the most popular drugs. Three Things You Will Learn1.) What Happens To Your Body When You Frequently Consume Alcohol Frequent alcohol consumption can decrease your body's ability to absorb water, which can lead to dehydration. A previous study has found that if you're more than 2% dehydrated, your workout performance is going to drop. So why do we hear it all the time that 'a daily glass of red wine is good for you' ? Click on the play button to find out now!2.) The Controversial Opinions About The Effects Of Marijuana On Our Health & FitnessAccording to scientific papers, long-term use of marijuana has negative effects both on your mental and physical health. Firstly, it often leads to lower levels of intrinsic motivation, which is an absolute key when working towards a health & fitness goal. And secondly, it can also lower your exercise endurance. Listen to the episode now to find out what athletes think!3.) How Higher Class Drugs Affect Our Health, Fitness And General WellbeingA class A drug, cocaine has been found to have short-term effects, like improved reaction time and alertness. However, when looking at the long-term negative consequences of the drug's usage, it's clear that they massively outweigh these short term effects. From today's episode you can learn more about how cocaine and ecstasy can damage your health & wellbeing in the long run.

Meat Vs. Plant: Find Which Is The Best Protein — 20 Minute Fitness #042
Sep 06 2018 16 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness Charlie discusses the heated topic of the best protein source. Is it meat or plants that fuel your body with the necessary micronutrients and amino acids? Three Things You Will Learn 1.) Which Protein Is Better For Your Body's General Functioning In the past couple of years we have seen an growing trend of reducing meat from our diet. A change that has been kicked off by the claims around red meat increasing the risk of various diseases. Cutting meat means that you need to look for other sources of protein to keep your nutrient needs satisfied. But can you really replace animal-based protein with plant-based protein? Listen to our episode to find out which protein contains more of the amino acids your body needs! 2.) Meat Vs Plants For Reaching Your Fitness Goals Maintaining and building muscle mass is a job you have to take seriously. If your fitness goal is to gain lean mass, you need to provide your body with full support of consuming the right macronutrients. Which type of protein do you think will aid your fitness progress the most? Click 'play' now to find out! 3.) Health Benefits Of Various Protein Sources Animal-based and plant-based protein are packed with different micronutrients. In this week's episode we'll talk about the micronutrient content of both protein sources. You'll learn about the roles of various micronutrients and also get some on-point tips on the ideal ways of sourcing your protein for maximum health benefits.

Creating Indestructible Clothing for Extreme Sports — Interview with David Wood — 20 Minute Fitness #041
Aug 22 2018 23 mins  
On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we had the amazing chance with David Wood a Marine Corp Veteran and founder of Virtus Outdoor Tactical Gear. We talk with David about his history of being in the Marines and how that has shaped his relationship with fitness. Along with how his service in the Marines and heavy interest in extreme sports lead him to create Virtus, his own tactical clothing company. While on the topic of extreme sports, David tells us about some of his most intense stories from the adventures abroad. Three Things You'll Learn 1.) How Marine Training Shapes An Athlete As I'm sure many of you can guess Marine training is no joke. The sheer mental stamina to survive in such extreme conditions is mind-boggling. David shares with us some of the techniques he has used. So you can be a couple of steps closer to being mentally tough like a Marine. 2.) What It Takes To Make Quality Gear David also chats about his company, Virtus. A specialized clothing line made to last and perform even in the most extreme weather and elements. Virtus clothing is crafted with Patented Engineered Fabric called Virtex. Which is a highly durable material that has unparalleled performance. The people over at Virtus were kind enough to treat our listeners to 20% off all nonsale items and bundles with the code 20MINFITNESS. Also, check out episode #032: This Is How You Overcome Your Fears & Become A Great Athlete (interview with Simon Marshall) 3.) Stories From The World of Extreme Sports One of the main sources of inspiration behind Virtus is David's own passion for extreme sports. David has been a long-time adventurer. He shares some amazing stories like the time he found himself scuba diving in a hurricane. To hear the rest of the story, listen in on this episode!

Everything You Need To Know About Hormones & Fitness — 20 Minute Fitness #040
Aug 15 2018 22 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness Charlie takes a look at a number of hormones and their effects on our body’s health and fitness. Hormones play a part in a number of physiological reactions in the body including energy metabolism, tissue growth, and hydration levels, so we can begin to see how important they really are. So sit back, relax and enjoy this deep dive into hormones. Three Things You Will Learn 1.) Deciphering The Difference of Hormones We first discuss the 3 major classifications of hormones, those being steroids, peptides, and amines before moving onto looking at a few hormones in more depth. 2.) Cracking The Code Of Testosterone Testosterone is most frequently associated with men and many “gym bros” will tell you that the more testosterone you have the more muscle you can gain. Although it is true that testosterone is responsible for muscle protein resynthesis and the repair of damaged muscle tissue as seen in the study Effect of testosterone on muscle mass and muscle protein synthesis, it is not the full story. Charles R Drew published a study of the effects of testosterone on healthy young men. They found higher testosterone levels did lead to increased muscle mass but not nearly as much as one might expect. In fact, a statistically significant increase in muscle growth was not actually seen until testosterone levels were 20-30% above the normal range. 3.) Hacking Your Adrenaline We also take a look at adrenaline and how this hormone when secreted into the bloodstream can heighten our abilities by expanding our blood vessels. This then allows more blood to run to the brain increasing alertness. Finally, we discuss cortisol, human growth hormone (HGH) and Oestrogen ad we look at the various effects these hormones have on our health and fitness.More on 20minutes.fitness!

How To Unlock Your Physical Limits Interview with Jennifer Pharr Davis — 20 Minute Fitness #039
Aug 08 2018 21 mins  
On this episode of 20 Minute Fitness we had the amazing opportunity to chat with ultra trail runner, Jennifer Davis! In 2011, Jennifer covered the 2,185-mile Appalachian Trail in forty-six days, eleven hours, and twenty minutes, maintaining a remarkable average of forty-seven miles per day. By doing this, she claimed the overall (male or female) fastest known time on the “A.T.” and became the first woman to set the mark. She has recently come out with a book accurately titled 'The Pursuit of Endurance'. Where Jennifer reveals the secrets and habits behind endurance as she chronicles her incredible accomplishments in the world of endurance hiking, backpacking, and trail running. Three Things You Will Learn 1.) How To Train To Run 45 Miles A Day For 40 Days We are 99% positive Jennifer Pharr Davis is superhuman. Running the unrelenting path of the Appalachian Trail in 46 days is nothing short of spectacular. However, she didn't get there without training. Listen in on she prepared for such a grueling trek. The Best Hiking Apps To Use This Weekend 2.) How To Beat The Odds and Finish The Appalachian Trail Only about 1 in 4 hikers actually finish their attempt of the Appalachian Trail. Find out how you can beat the odds and prepare yourself to finish and enjoy your time on the trail! 3.) Find Out The Best Advice This Running Pro Has Received Having trained and done many years of trail running, hiking, and adventuring Jennifer has seen the many sides of trail running. Listen to what the best advice she has received in her career running through the wild. 45-Minute Interview With Jennifer Pharr Davis We are very excited to announce we have partnered with Breaker, the social podcasting app! We will be releasing exclusive content to Breaker, starting off with an extended 45-minute interview with Jennifer! You can find this exclusive episode here or click the Breaker icon below. Three Extra Things You Will Learn In The Extended Interview 1.) Where Are The Best National Park Hikes In The US In this extended interview, Jennifer reveals the best-hidden hiking spots across the United States. Having hiked in every single state, she may just be the best person to ask. 2.) World Hiker's Favorite Trails Globally She also reveals her favorite trails globally, including a hidden Icelandic hike that can't be missed. 3.) Backpacking With Two Babies And Husband Included in this episode is Jennifer recounting the time she, her husband, and two little children embarked on 1,175 miles of North Carolina hiking on the Mountain to Sea Trail. If you would like to hear how infants, a marriage, and a rural hiking trail mix, listen on!

Weight Loss Tips For On The Go and Traveling — 20 Minute Fitness #038
Jul 31 2018 19 mins  
On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we welcome a new addition to our team, Lilla! Both Lilla and Lesley sit down to talk about the ways that you can keep the weight off while traveling. A common pitfall that many of us run into is losing all of our fitness progress while on holiday so listen on for some helpful weight loss tips for your next vacation. Three Things You Will Learn 1.) How To Train Without The Gym Making it to the gym while you are traveling or on vacation sometimes just isn't an option. Either you don't have access to a gym or your schedule just doesn't allow for it. Lilla brings up some of her HIIT favorite apps to bring on the road with her. Why HIIT? It provides the benefits of a high-intensity workout in a short period of time. Plus, HIIT is known to have lasting calorie burning effects long after you finished your training session. A win all around. For Lilla's top HIIT App picks click here. 2.) Making Your Fitness Routine Part Of Your Vacation However, if carving out time for your fitness routine isn't in the cards for this trip or vacation Lesley likes to involve fun fitness activities into the travel plans. Utilizing local trails and hikes is a great way to get moving while still exploring. Also, you can check out her top picks for hiking apps to see where the locals hike and hidden adventures here. 3.) How Using Your Phone or Hand Can Keep The Calories Down It's a huge bummer to come back from traveling and realized that you may have lost some of your progress. However, this is something that easily avoidable! With the use of apps like Noom with real-life integrated support, it's easy to adjust your diet while on vacation. Plus, Lilla also has the great tip of using your hand for measurement to practice mindful eating while on the go. You can find a full description on how to do just that here. Thank You To Our Sponsor! This episode of 20 Minute Fitness is brought to you by Care/Of Vitamins! Care/Of is a monthly subscription vitamin service made from effective, quality ingredients personally tailored to your exact needs. Care/Of's fun online quiz makes it so easy to figure out what vitamins and supplements you need! Your subscription box includes individually wrapped packets for easy grab and go and you'll receive your 30-day supply right to your door. For 25% off your first month of personalized Care/Of vitamins, visit takecareof.com and enter code 20FIT. 20 Minute Fitness $1300 Fitness Gear Giveaway This summer the 20 Minute Fitness Podcast is putting on summer giveaway! With 14 amazing brands on board, we are so excited to share some of our favorite fitness gear with our amazing audience! From fresh gym gear to exciting newly released tech to new kicks, this giveaway is set to power your summer workout. To enter simply review our podcast on iTunes and send a screenshot of that review to [email protected] Couldn’t be easier! If you need a little how-to feel free to follow these instructions!

Can Clean Meat Change The World? Interview with Paul Shapiro — 20 Minute Fitness #037
Jul 23 2018 19 mins  
In this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we had the fantastic chance to sit down with clean meat expert, Paul Shapiro! Paul is a big supporter of the 'Clean Meat' movement and is absolutely chalked full of great information about this new frontier of lab-grown meat. Shapiro is a four-time TEDx speaker and long-time leader in food sustainability. Shapiro has published hundreds of articles in publications ranging from daily newspapers to academic journals. Three Things That You Will Learn 1.) What Is Clean Meat? Clean meat is the name penned for lab-grown meat that is grown from the cell of animals to create actual meat without the slaughter of animals. 2.) Can Clean Meat Be Healthier Than Conventional Meat? Lab-grown meat is made in a process without the removal of organs or waste, meaning that clean meat is at a much lower risk of containing harmful food-borne viruses. Also, meat grown in this way has much less impact on the environment! Find out more from Paul himself in this episode! 3.) What's The Response To The Skeptics? Listen to Paul's insightful response to those who say that the production of Clean Meat may be unethical. His response may surprise you! Also check out "Secrets of Notorious “SuperFoods”: Myths and Facts" on our blog! Thank You To Our Sponsor! Big thanks to Green Chef! Green Chef is a USDA certified organic company that includes everything you need to easily cook delicious meals that you can feel good about. With Green Chef, it’s easy to maintain a specialty diet and enjoy exciting new options. Meals plans include Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Gluten-Free, Omnivore, and Carnivore. Green Chef thinks dinner should be planned around your life, not the other way around. Let Green Chef do the meal planning, grocery shopping, and most of the prep for you week after week. Get $50 off your first box of Green Chef by going to www.greenchef.us/20fit Full show notes are — as always — available on our website at 20minute.fitness!

Secrets of Notorious "SuperFoods": Myths and Facts — 20 Minute Fitness #035
Jul 06 2018 18 mins  
On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we are diving into the myths, legends, and facts behind "superfoods". We've all heard of them. Whether on the cover of a magazine, the label of supplement, the talk of "medical" shows like Dr. Oz. However, the question remains can foods actually be super? Tune into to listen to a rundown of the most acclaimed superfoods from avocados, to kale, to goji, to fish. Also, find out if any of those heavy hitters live up to the hype. We go through the actual nutritional "bang for your buck" value of each food. Determining whether or not it truly deserves the title of superfood. Three Things That You Will Learn 1.) What Categorizes a Superfood Since a superfood is not a scientific term we had to make a little make-shift definition. Essentially, determining a superfood to be something that has off the charts nutritional value. Very scientific, we know. 2.) The "It" List of Superfoods Fame With an idea of a superfood is in mind, we go down the heavy hitters of the superfood realm. Comparing the proposed benefits(read: snake oil) that have been touted for a couple of years now to the actual dietary value of foods like avocados and coconut water. Also, we do get into the nitty-gritty of whether it's nutritionally worth it to choke down a kale salad. If you're interested in finding out the answer press play! 2.) The Do's and Don'ts of Making a Proper Smoothie A little bonus topic that we thought we would throw in here is the topic of smoothies. More specifically the question of whether emulsifying your food leaves you better off. To find out the deal: are they sugar, carb-bombs or a health miracle in liquid form? Listen to get the scoop. Enjoy! Full show notes are — as always — available on our website at 20minute.fitness! Also on the Shape blog: 10 Micronutrients To Super Charge Your Fitness

Transformation In a Jail Cell: Coss Marte's Inspiring Story of Sheer Will - 20 Minute Fitness #034
Jun 28 2018 18 mins  
At the age of just nineteen, Coss found himself to be a drug kingpin in Manhattan's Lower East Side. At the age of twenty-three, Coss got caught up in the law and was sentenced to seven years in prison. At the time of his sentencing, he weighed 230 pounds and was given the prognosis that he may die before his release date. In a nine by six jail cell Coss began his weight loss journey. In creating a routine of simple bodyweight only movements Coss managed to lose seventy pounds over six months. During his time in prison, he also helped other inmates lose weight as well. By the time he was released Now that he's out of prison, Coss Marte is still working out, only not alone. He is the founder of Coss Athletics, an exercise program he markets as "prison style." With his studio ConBody based in the same New York neighborhood he grew up, Coss has taken his training program to new heights. Also, Coss has a new book of the same name where you can learn his no BS fitness method. The only thing you need: sheer will. Things You Will Learn 1.) A Regime That Doesn't Discriminate A big reason why the ConBody method has experienced so much success is that it can be done by anybody. Regardless of current physical ability or economic status, the ConBody Method is as clean cut of an approach as you can get. Hear more about what Coss has to say about his own journey to fitness. 2.) Sticking With The Essentials In all honesty, fitness has become a bit complicated. With advice ranging from working out at specific times, eating specific things, sleeping a specific amount. It's become a little...much. However, stories like Coss' have proven that sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles. Sometimes you just need your body and the will to change it. Learn about what keeps Coss motivation up and how he turned it into an empire. 3.) Keepin' It Simple In terms of keeping it simple, the ConBody method could not be more to the point. Find out how you can transform your body with no equipment and see results. Enjoy! Full show notes are — as always — available on our website at 20minute.fitness!

What Is Biohacking? The Basics & Simple Tips - 20 Minute Fitness #033
Jun 22 2018 19 mins  
You don't have a mainframe or a motherboard...so how could your body possibly be hacked? Well, biohacking isn't actually rewiring the circuits in your brain. Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to ‘hack’ your body’s biology and feel at your personal best. Really it goes along the same lines as the age-old thought of everything we put into our bodies – foods, thoughts, and movement can affect our behavior. Biohacking yourself will boost your energy levels, allows you to feel more productive and become the best possible version of yourself. That's why in this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we break down some of the basics of biohacking. Three Things You Will Learn 1.) I'm Not A Robot...So How Can I Be Hacked? Biohacking is really just a fancy way of saying being a little extra mindful of your body. What you put into it. How much sleep you get. How you move it. It can all be "biohacked". In this episode, we break down some of the most popular hacks used by the most popular hackers including Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield. 2.) Sleep Like a Baby (Or A BioHacker) Sleep. It's a fine balance between binging a series into the late hours of the night to oversleeping and feeling groggy all morning. So how do we get our sleep back in sync? Well according to some dedicated hackers and science you can get your circadian rhythm back to the norm with light! Or rather the manipulation of light. Intrigued? Listen on to find out more! 3.) It's All About The Fat Carbs are out and fat is in. However, it turns out that this nutrition flip may not be just a trend. In fact with some heavy hitting science behind it, fat focused diets (like the Keto diet) may just be here to stay. This is considered a hack because the increase in healthy fat and the decrease in carb intake causes your body to run off a secondary form of energy. A back generator if you will. This secondary source of energy is quite the fat burner. Find out how to torch that body fat with some healthy fat in this episode! Enjoy!

Overcome Your Fears and Be a Great Athlete - With Simon Marshall - 20 Minute Fitness #032
Jun 14 2018 18 mins  
On this week’s episode of 20 Minute Fitness we have a very exciting guest, Simon Marshall! Simon is an expert in exercise and health with a focus on changing people’s behavior. He really is an expert because he has published over 80 scientific articles and book chapters about the science of health behavior change. But in case scientific articles in your spare time isn’t your number one hobby Simon and his wife, wrote a book called The Brave Athlete: Calm The F**k Down and Rise To The Occasion. Essentially, it’s a guide on dissecting the feels of nerves, anxiousness, stress, whatever you want to call it and learning how to manage those feelings in a way that will help you well calm the eff down and rise to the occasion. Find Out More About The Brave Athlete Here THREE THINGS YOU WILL LEARN 1.) HOW TO CONQUER NERVES We all are familiar with the jitteriness of last-minute nerves rumbling in our stomach. Nervousness can exist on and off the track, court, or gym. However, the way that we deal with them is largely the same. In this episode, Simon talks about strategies to cope with those nerves whether they are before a big race or a big presentation. 2.) GET YOUR ANXIETY TO WORK FOR YOU There’s a saying that nervousness and excitement are the same emotion, it just depends on how we interpret it. Listen to Simon’s take on getting your anxiety to work in your favor! Listen on to 3.) HANDLING PRESSURE LIKE A PRO Everybody experiences anxiety and nerves, even the pros! Although it may seem like they have nerves of steel, they are really just like us. So how do they do it? Find out in this week’s episode! Enjoy! As always full show notes are available on our website 20minute.fitness.

How To Harness The Power of Keto Interview with Brad Kearnes - 20 Minute Fitness #030
May 31 2018 29 mins  
In the episode of 20 Minute Fitness we have a very exciting guest, Brad Kearns! Brad is a former professional triathlete and performed on the international triathlon circuit. We got to sit down with Brad and talk about his take on the Keto diet and how he his relationship with fitness has evolved being a former triathlete. Recently, Brad has also worked with his buddy Mark Sisson to create the Primal Blueprint books and evolutionary-based diet, exercise and lifestyle movement. He and Sisson co-authored a book called Primal Endurance in January 2016. To keep the theme they also have a fantastic podcast called the Primal Blueprint Podcast, that you guys should definitely give a listen. 3 Things You Will Learn 1.) Staying Active As You Get Older Brad being a former professional athlete has a long history of leading a highly athletic. Now, even with his professional boots hung-up, he still likes to lead a very active life. So how does he do it? Find out how Brad has still kept up with being active as he has gotten older in this episode! 2.) Adapting The Keto Diet For You Although the Keto diet may seem like it has a strict set of rules to follow, we talk with Brad about finding the right guidelines for each person. Because there actually is some leeway when it comes to the Keto diet. Emphasis on the some. However, even a little tweak can make the whole process of being on a fully Keto diet much easier. 3.) A Seasoned Pro's Take On The Keto Diet If anyone was to give tips on the Keto diet it would be Brad. Having been fully Keto for the past two years and also helping head a company based on primal nutrition and health. Brad was a great source of knowledge when it came how the Keto diet can benefit your health, along with his own personal experience. Enjoy! As always full show notes are available on our website 20minute.fitness.

How Pro Runners Boost Endurance & Surpass their Physical Limits — 20 Minute Fitness #028
May 19 2018 24 mins  
If you are looking to run or cycle longer and accomplish ever greater athletic achievements, then this episode is for you! On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we have a very exciting guest, Alex Hutchinson! Alex is a National award-winning journalist and you may know him as a writer for the popular runner's world column “Sweat Science”. Having competed as a middle- and long-distance runner for the Canadian national team for more than 10 years he knows a thing or two about running and how to build up stamina and endurance. His latest book is an exploration of the science (and mysteries) of endurance. It’s called ENDURE: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance. It's a fantastic read and has a straightforward approach when it comes to looking at the studies and research regarding the elements of endurance, along with building endurance. Things You Will Learn 1.) How To Reframe How You Think About Pain The way we interpret signals of pain largely contributes to the way our body responds to pain. Pain tolerance is not about being numb to the pain. However, knowing how to reframe it and how to distract yourself from it. Learn about Alex's top tips on reframing the way your brain thinks about pain. 2.) Beginners Guide To Building Endurance The tried and true method of getting better at anything is practice, practice, practice. Same is true for building endurance. Getting out there is the best way to learn. Alex also talks about is better to push through the pain or when it's best to take a break. 3.) What Endurance Means For A Seasoned Runner Endurance is tough. It makes or brakes an athlete. See what a ten-year national team runner has to say about his relationship with endurance. Along, with what tools he keeps in his back pocket help get through even the worst training sessions.

Trying Cryotherapy: Supercooling Therapy to Heal Your Body - 20 Minute Fitness #027
May 10 2018 20 mins  
On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we are jumping on the trend of cryotherapy and sensory deprivation tanks. Exploring what they are, where they came from and if they actually work. Cryotherapy is essentially stepping into a booth that is cooled with gasified nitrogen. The benefits suggesting this hyper-cooling therapy activates your body's cold shock response. Unlock a trove of benefits from increased metabolism to lowered inflammation. While the sensory deprivation tank (AKA float tank) is a pod that you float in a skin temperature solution of 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt and water. All in order to achieve the sensation of weightlessness. Just because we love our listeners so much I even tried them for myself! Hear all about my experience at the lovely Reboot Float Spa who offers both cryotherapy and float tanks, here in San Francisco. While I was at Reboot Float Spa, I also explored some other alternative therapy treatments too! Including a session in Reboot's infrared sauna. Three Things You Will Learn 1.) What's The Science Behind These Alternative Therapies 2.) What Being Cooled To -147 degrees Fahrenheit Actually Feels Like When walking into the “cryo” experience it was a little intimidating. I mean it's a booth that fills with freezing mist, that's a little scary. However, it's not that bad. In fact, when stepping into the booth it was almost refreshing. I tried a beginner session of three minutes cooling down to -147 degrees. After about 2 minutes it became noticeable chilly, but nothing unbearable. What I can equate it to is standing outside waiting to get into a bar in January. So if you have ever had a horrible cold New Years then congrats, you can handle cryotherapy. 3.) If There Is Any Noticeable Benefit To All Of This? When walking into the session I was feeling a little groggy coming down from a pretty gnarly cold. However, after the cryotherapy, my sinuses felt distinctly less congested. After that, I moved on to the infrared sauna. In 30 minutes of sitting in the sauna, I forgot I felt sick that morning. Then leaving after completing the float tank, I felt my throat feel clear and my energy was up. So, placebo or not I did feel way better after leaving. Enjoy! As always full show notes are available on our website 20minute.fitness.

Vegan Fitness Nutrition Tips with Cyclist Shawn Remy - 20 Minute Fitness #026
May 03 2018 16 mins  
On this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we sit down with amateur cyclist and avid vegan Shawn Remy! Shawn is an amateur category two cyclist based here in California or more specifically Sacramento. After being fully vegan for the past two years and pairing that with being a highly active lifestyle, Shawn was chalked full of info. THREE THINGS YOU WILL LEARN 1⃣ THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VEGAN FITNESS NUTRITION AND PROTEIN One of the main reserves that many people have in regards to starting a vegan fitness nutrition plan is getting in the protein. Shawn sheds some light on the topic by explaining that a simple and consistent diet of veggies provides more than enough protein to sustain the body. Even a highly active once. “There’s no term for protein deficiency, it’s called starvation. If you are not getting enough protein…then you are not getting enough food. If you are eating whole foods until you feel satisfied, then you will be getting enough protein for you and a friend.” In fact, he suggests that instead of putting an emphasis on protein and “rather focus on fiber, the world would be a much healthier place.” 2⃣ TIPS ON HOW TO TRAVEL WITH A FULLY VEGAN DIET Traveling while trying to maintain a specific diet can be tricky, even when you don’t have food restrictions. However, one of the ways that Shawn maintains a clean and vegan diet is to research and know of restaurants that offer vegan options beforehand. With the increase in awareness and availability of vegan options in the past few years definitely makes the diet more accessible. 3⃣ EXAMPLE OF PRE-WORKOUT FUELING FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE In this episode, Shawn also touched on some misconceptions that people may have in relation to building blocks of athletic nutrition. Such as the popularly dreaded carb. However, Shawn explains that regardless of whether he is training or having a rest day he is consuming close 800 to 1,100 grams of carbohydrates per day. In order to maintain an efficient metabolism and sustain enough energy to push through hard training sessions. Enjoy! As always full show notes are available on our website 20minute.fitness.

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