The Firebear Republic

Jul 05 2020 56 mins

The Fire Bear Republic is a weekly discussion about Movies, TV and the entertainment industry. We use a lot of fowl language and insult people as well. Check us out!

S02E07 - Did Bill Clinton Ruin Jamie's Childhood?
Jul 05 2020 56 mins  
Talking about highlander, star wars and a bunch of DC stuff.

S02E06 - MCU Flashpoint
Jun 28 2020 48 mins  
What if the MUC started in 1991 with James Camron? An epic discussion!

S02E05 - Now Available in Regular D!
Jun 22 2020 41 mins  
All the news plus some Star Wars talk and Peter Jackson WETA Explained.

S02E04 - Dustin and the Amazing Destiny Palz
Jun 16 2020 47 mins  
The ps5 is here! also discussing all the news, that hbo goodness and Evil dead 3 or is it 4 or what the fuck?

S02E03 - Goddoom Kevin Feige
Jun 07 2020 39 mins  
This week we hit the news as well as talk xmen in the MCU in the multiverse.

S02E02 - Push it to the MAX...HBO Max.
May 31 2020 53 mins  
Talking about Jackpot, Agents of Shield, Battle Star Galactica, and HBO MAX!

S02E01 - Welcome to the Apocalypse
May 25 2020 68 mins  
Welcome to the post apocalyptic firebear republic. Come scavenge for resources with us and enjoy the show.

An Update on The Firebear Republic
Apr 19 2020 23 mins  
Updating the listeners on whats up in the next few months

Episode 99 - Nature vs Nurture vs Freaks
Mar 22 2020 67 mins  
Talking about the production houses move to video on demand, the marvel rumor mill and reviews for altered carbon resleeved, freaks and the outsider.

Episode 98 - Coronas and Family...See you next year.
Mar 16 2020 63 mins  
This week we've gotta address all the delays as well as review the Godlike Castlevania S03 and the less godlike Bloodshot.

Episode 97 - She who will not be named.
Mar 10 2020 45 mins  
Huge week for naughty dog plus Altered Carbon and Guns Akimbo

Episode 96 - Don't Drink Nazi Coke....
Mar 02 2020 55 mins  
Talking about hunters and Altered Carbon + the News.

Episode 95 - Ryan Reynolds was the bomb in Safe House yo
Feb 26 2020 50 mins  
Talking about all these click bait articles you fuckers keep clicking on. Also we watched Episodes 1 of clone wars S07 and Hunters.

Episode 94 - Nice...
Feb 17 2020 64 mins  
We saw Sonic and it wasn't bad!

Episode 93 - Getting that Strange on the Side.
Feb 10 2020 61 mins  
4:23 George R. R. Martin delays books8:01 Rick Moranis9:42 Stranger Things season 413:54 Super bowl Marvel Trailer18:06 Sam Raimi Doctor Strange 221:30 DC Movie and TV rant33:53 Birds of Prey48:42 The Lighthouse

Episode 92 - Dustin Time/Red Bull/Pop-tart/One Piece/Repeat
Feb 04 2020 54 mins  
We watched October faction so you don't have too! Also Bad Boys 3 and The Gentlemen.

Episode 91 - Crisis of Cheapness.
Jan 26 2020 75 mins  
Talking about house of M, the witcher anime (fuck) and we watched Picard,Crisis

Episode 90 - The new Marvel Papal Conclave
Jan 21 2020 63 mins  
By Holy Edict we're talking watchmen, dr strange, seth macfarlane and we watched the outsider e01s01, 1917, and Underwater.

Episode 89 - How to Convince the Public that Your the Messiah
Jan 12 2020 64 mins  
We finished Messiah and Reprisal and also got some new on Wandavision, New Mutants and Love and Thunder.

Episode 88 - End of Times: at least the weekend got a hand job
Jan 06 2020 54 mins  
We saw a ton of movies over the holidays and finished all our series!

Episode 87 - All Shit We Loved in 2019
Jan 04 2020 62 mins  
Reviewing all the stuff we loved from 2019

Episode 86 - The fact that jon saw this movie and it still came out is fucked.
Dec 27 2019 73 mins  
Its the star wars review....

Episode 85 - Crisis in the Republic
Dec 21 2019 72 mins  
We watched the CW Crisis adaptation, Jack Ryan and there is always the new right?

Episode 84 - The fellowship of Studio Ghibli
Dec 13 2019 64 mins  
We're watching the movies your not! reviews an opinions on movies and tv plus black widow trailer shit!

Episode 83 – We're Definitely going Extinct...
Dec 06 2019 63 mins  
This week we watched some artsy art house films and then tried to discuss them!

Episode 82 - Thanksgiving Theories Extravaganza 2019
Nov 30 2019 55 mins  
Theories of marvel, dc,star wars and more!

Episode 81 - The Ultimate Retaliation!
Nov 24 2019 46 mins  
This week were talking about DC, Netflix retaliation in the streaming war, Death Stranding and the sonic movie!

Episode 80 - Death Cat for Kubrick
Nov 17 2019 62 mins  
Disney plus is finally here! plus see and Dr Sleep!

Episode 79 - In Jojo Rabbit we trust...
Nov 08 2019 51 mins  
Talking movie reviews for jojo rabbit and terminator and some news! Post spooky season episode.

Episode 78 - The Least Spooky Halloween Special 2019
Nov 02 2019 55 mins  
Halloween Episode! Talking about the spooky and the not so spooky.

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