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Dec 27 2019 12 mins 84

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Card Talk: TAVR and glass ceilings
Nov 29 2019 43 mins  
This week’s Cardiocast is devoted entirely to Card Talk with cardiologist brothers Jim and Jerry Dwyer. They welcome two structural interventionalists at the Structural Heart and Valve Center at Emory Healthcare, Kendra J. Grubb, MD, and Isida Byku, MD. Both followed a unique track, training in both cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology and practicing in the fast-moving field of structural heart disease. * * * Help us make this podcast better! Please take our short listener survey: * * * From the “picture that went around the world” of an all-female transcatheter aortic valve replacement team at Emory to advances in structural heart disease treatment, this interview includes expanding TAVR beyond the aortic valve and interventional heart failure treatment using “hooks and anchors and pulleys” to reshape the heart. Dr. Grubb is assistant professor in surgery and medicine at Emory University in Atlanta and surgical director of the Structural Heart and Valve Center at Emory Healthcare. On Twitter @KendraGrubb. She is an adviser, consultant, and/or speaker for Boston Scientific, Edwards, and Medtronic. She is also a principal investigator in Medtronic’s Optimize PRO trial and Ancora’s CorCinch PMVI studies. Dr. Isida Byku is an assistant professor at Emory University. On Twitter @IsidaByku. She has no disclosures. * * * For more MDedge Podcasts, go to Email the show: [email protected] Interact with us on Twitter: @MDedgeTweets

ISCHEMIA trial, DAPA-HF, and valsartan recall: AHA Special
Nov 26 2019 32 mins  
In this special meeting edition of the Cardiocast, MDedge Cardiology editor Catherine Hackett is joined by MDedge reporters Mitchel L. Zoler, Bruce Jancin, and Richard Mark Kirkner. The MDedge cardiology team reviews three big stories from the 2019 annual scientific sessions of the American Heart Association in Philadelphia. * * * Help us make this podcast better! Please take this short listener survey: * * * ISCHEMIA trial hailed as practice changing The results of the ISCHEMIA trial were emphatically declared practice changing by interventional cardiologists and noninterventionalists alike at the AHA meeting. Bruce Jancin discusses the story. DAPA-HF: Dapagliflozin's HFrRF efficacy confirmed in nondiabetes The results in nondiabetics from the practice-changing DAPA-HF trial gives clinicians strong evidence that the diabetes drug dapagliflozin is equally effective at reducing cardiovascular death and acute exacerbations in heart failure patients regardless of diabetes status. Mitchel L. Zoler discusses this report. Weakness exposed in valsartan recall ED visits for hypertension in the month after the 2018 recall spiked 55%. The 2018 recall of generic forms of the antihypertensive drug valsartan exposed weaknesses in the recall systems for generics in both the U.S. and Canada that caused many patients who were on the drug to fall through the cracks. Richard Mark Kirkner goes deeper into this story. * * * For full coverage of AHA 2019 visit MDedge Cardiology For more MDedge Podcasts, go to Email the show: [email protected] Interact with us on Twitter: @MDedgeCardio

Statins tied to skin, soft tissue infections; new Card Talk episode
Oct 18 2019 41 mins  
Statin use linked to risk of skin and soft tissue infections Use of statins was associated with increased risk of SSTIs at an average of 91, 182, and 365 days. Rivaroxaban trends toward higher thrombotic risk than vitamin K antagonists in APS Patients who took rivaroxaban experienced almost two times as many thrombotic events as patients who took dose-adjusted vitamin K antagonists. HHS floats Stark/anti-kickback revisions to support value-based care Health law attorneys say reforms should remove some of the risk in value-based care arrangements that exist under current law. * * * Card Talk: Cardiologist brothers Jim and Jerry Dwyer welcome Jennifer N. Avari Silva, MD, and Berk Tas, to talk about an investigational system for electrophysiology procedures that displays holograms of patients’ anatomies in real time. The SentiAR system uses an augmented-reality head-mounted display that allows physicians to manipulate the data and enhance their understanding of the case. Dr. Avari Silva, MD, is assistant professor of pediatrics at Washington University in St. Louis and director of pediatric cardiac electrophysiology at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where she leads the largest pediatric electrophysiology program in the midwest. Dr. Avari Silva has published numerous papers bringing new technologies to pediatric patients. Berk Tas is CEO and president of SentiAR. He has led development of emerging technologies and companies in Fortune 500, private equity, venture capital funded and privately held organizations. For more MDedge Podcasts, go to Email the show: [email protected] Interact with us on Twitter: @MDedgeCardio

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