The Glass Cannon Podcast

Oct 13 2020 81 mins 14.3k

In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of five super-nerds engage in an Actual Play podcast of Paizo's Giantslayer Adventure Path. Using the rules of the Pathfinder RPG system, the Glass Cannon interweaves immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor to deliver the experience of what it's really like to sit around a table rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds. The Glass Cannon Podcast is an officially licensed podcast of Paizo, Inc.

4.9 • 34 Ratings

LordPodcast Oct 15 2020
GCP is the best around!

Gimptastic matt Oct 09 2020
I've been following the GCP guys for years now I can't recommend nthis podcast enough, it's the perfect blend of comedy and drama.

tinycatsamurai Oct 08 2020
The boys never let us down with great laughs and some solid intriguing story telling. Highly recommended.

[email protected] Oct 07 2020
Amazing podcast - really feels like you're at the table with them (although the few episodes can be a bit tough the jokes do get better and Matthew is always bringing the class!)

Tbag Oct 06 2020

dmdad636 Oct 06 2020
Excellent story that keeps getting richer as the story goes on.

Therealchickench Sep 28 2020
Best tabletop RPG podcast I've come across, and I've tried more than a few! Every episode is a treat!

slxslippy Sep 27 2020
I stuck with it until halfway through episode 189 before calling it quits. Troy, Skid, Matthew, & Grant are great. Joe is incredibly annoying & just gets worse with time. If he wasn't on the show it would be a 5 star show. My only criticism of Troy is that he inexplicably focuses large swaths of the show on Joe's inane & pointless characters. A 3 part diversion arc about Nestor would be pure gold. But nah, you get Lorc whining instead. Joe is awful & ruins the show. Give others the spotlight.

BrandlarAK Sep 25 2020
Ever wanted to play a tabletop RPG? Heard of dungeons and dragons? Glass cannon podcast they play a similar (much cooler) game called Pathfinder. These guys are hilarious, they have a blast every episode. I've been inspired by them, listening to how much fun they have, and bought some Pathfinder books of my own. I can't wait to start playing, but in the meantime, I can't wait to listen to each episode. Thank you glass cannon crew!

Hrusheekaes Sep 02 2020

Mancomb Seepgood Aug 10 2020
Love it!

brevmcsandwich Aug 10 2020
These guys kill it every damn week

Why Lisa Why Aug 01 2020
Great mix of RP and combat. I've tried another shows but many seem to over due it with the RP. I don't want to listen to people RP for 2 hrs to just buy 3 health potions. Critical Role players are amazing actors but I prefer GCP way of RPing when it means something and not bothering for meaningless things like buying items. I also appreciate that the crew is a nice mix of experienced players, relatively new player and a brand new player. That mixed with an amazing GM.

happyjon Jul 26 2020

nextj3nn Jul 17 2020
Best actual play podcast out there. Strikes the perfect balance between joking around and roleplaying drama, amazing cast chemistry, excellent production value, and just a great story all around. I've given up on Critical Role and Adventure Zone in favour of these guys! Do yourself and favour and get into it - if the episode count is intimidating, try starting with their Strange Aeons or Side Quest Side Sesh series on YouTube. GCP Naish for life

Diggy Dordugler Jul 08 2020
Listened though twice. Love it!

ReneAT Jul 03 2020
Love these guys, after a couple of episodes I became a patron and have been one for almost two years.

Dadderrath Jun 30 2020
Excellent pod! After 300 hours of listening I'm still reacting out loud to intense story moments and risky combats. This crew knows how to have fun and knows how to tell one hell of a story! If your not listening you're making a mistake.

CareyVVZ Jun 29 2020
I love the characters and investment in each character as well as the over all performance.

Spamsolo Jun 22 2020
Such an amazing podcast. They are great storytellers and incorporate lots of different branching storyline to form a cohesive tale. Be sure to support them on patreon for even more fantastic content.

perkyhedgehog Jun 14 2020
Best pathfinder podcast ever

teddyr5001 May 26 2020
Best RPG live play podcast going. Stupid funny and sometimes just stupid. The start of Ep. 107 is solid gold!

Robeauxcop May 23 2020
I've been listening to The Glass Cannon for many years now. While I have enjoyed other actual play podcasts, I have yet to find another that matches the audio quality, the characters, and the pure fun that the Glass Cannon crew captures. If you're at all interested in tabletop role-playing, or just good stories in general, I cannot recommend The Glass Cannon enough!

tophrbski May 16 2020
Best Pathfinder actual play podcast out there. Audio quality, story lines, roleplay, banter, it's got it all

Glimmer May 07 2020
Favorite podcast group with hundreds of hours of fantastic content.

aettic May 07 2020
The GCP is full of fun, fury, fantasy, and friends having fun. If you enjoy roleplaying games, or even if you just like the theater of the mind, this podcast can't be beat.

Jepson Apr 23 2020
What can I say? I've filtered through other D&D podcasts and dropped them. I never thought I'd like a Pathfinder system due to its complicated rules but this easily tops any other podcast I've listened to purely from how lively and alive each character feels, not to mention this podcast is bestfriends playing a game they genuinely enjoy.

SinfulSquash70 Apr 15 2020
The guys have great chemistry that keeps me coming back every week! Love every minute!

Warbird Apr 15 2020
Started listening when their other podcast Androids and Aliens came out. Listened to 3-4 eps every day till I was caught up. Engaging, fun and at times literally laughing out loud fun. They use a few episodes to find their footing, but it only gets better over time. Fully recommended - from someone who never played pen and paper rpgs.

Michael Panique Apr 14 2020
Roleplaying at its best! The story is compelling, the characters are deep and well acted and the GM is a heartless monster. All together it's a recipe for hours of listening enjoyment.

Ziggi777 Apr 14 2020
It's like if Critical Role was actually entertaining. Cannot recommend more.

SkubaFr0g Apr 13 2020
A group of guys having a great time. Way to keep it going!

Literal_Cheesehe Apr 13 2020
THE best real play group out there, full stop. Nobody else can weave Homebrew into prewritten modules like they can. They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry, they'll make even your cold, dead heart feel again. Plus, there are literally hundreds of episodes to listen to, so you've got over 10 solid days worth of content at your fingertips.

Liam54 Apr 11 2020
These guys are the best!