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Dec 26 2019 39 mins 15

Interviewing 90s babies, generation z, and those "lazy millenials" we all know and love. Listen for opinions and stories from us twenty somethings from all different paths and places on any topic we can muster, be that porn, identity, art or activism. Make sure to rate and review!

Being a Multidimensional Creative with Karen Miano
Nov 05 2019 52 mins  
Starting out as a photographer Karen Miano has always had sights on the bigger picture. Named as one of the People To Watch in 2018 in the media category of the Irish Times & GCN, their entrepreneurial work to date has always been to uplift their community. In 2015 Karen started working with musician, producer & filmmaker Sal Stapleton (aka Bad Bones) they interned with Goldmoth Media as an assistant then working as a web designer & producer for small commercial projects and music videos. Making the switch from film & design to the music industry was an easy transition as Karen grew up with musician’s in their friend group and regularly offered advice and oversight they have also worked as artist liaison with festivals such as Body & Soul, Electric Picnic & stage managed the trenchtown EP stages. 2016 saw Karen managing Blackfish Collective & Tour Managing Bad Bones. With Blackfish winning AFROPUNK’S (2018) highly sought after slot in London, they are currently roundhouse resident artists. After a stint as Bad Bones manager they made the move to tour manager. Both have since started a co-op record label DIAxDEM with Karen acting as A&R and management, they also DJ under the pseudonym KARMA all of their sets are a conscious effort to play 87% sonics/tracks with poc or queer artists. In early 2017 Karen started the inception of GXRLCØDE with partner Mona Lxsa, working on the branding launch event and name. Seeing the importance in seeing themselves represented the small but pivotal decision was taken to play on gender and wording hence GXRLCØDE... Autumn of 2017 they started radio training in RTÉ with hopes of starting a show on rté Pulse with GXRLCØDE, with family issues taking precedent on one of the members the show fell through - Karen has used this knowledge to start Éalú (escape in Irish) With nearly 10 years of creative work behind them, outspoken, unequivocal, resourceful, and empathetic in their approach to community work through arts, Karen Miano is a creative with a focus on inclusion and uplifting marginalised voices.

Ethical Questions on "Anti-Pollution" Make-Up
Oct 15 2019 23 mins  
The skin is the largest organ in the body, it is extremely porous and absorbent- these are things we all know. Some of us spend fortunes on preserving, covering and caring for our skin- yet until recently haven’t really stopped to think what our skin is absorbing the most of.. the air around us. I recently purchased an “anti-pollution” foundation. I saw the bottle with “Anti-Pollution” in great big red writing my heart sank. It was one of the fastest unplanned purchases I have ever made, and that’s probably because it was born out of my eco anxiety. So basically pollution can make your skin oily, greasy, dry, aged and weathered. Again.. this isn’t surprising… surely we all knew there is dirt and toxins in the air especially in cities. Air pollution is responsible for an estimated 1,180 premature deaths in Ireland each year, according to a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency. There’s just a few things I want to put forward here. After my podcast about cultured branding with Saoirse, the way in which I see/ or see through certain advertising has changed. My question is in this whole podcast (which is genuinely just a rant) do we or should we expect certain and specific climate conscious and anti pollution measures, aids, and promises to be made by brands and corporations if they should be able to profit from pollution itself in any way. This Podcast is sponsored by Depop. My Depop shop of the week is @remass for Y2K staples.

Cultural Branding with Saoirse Ní Scanláin
Sep 17 2019 49 mins  
Saoirse is a recent graduate, finishing up a masters in the Politics of Conflict, Rights and Justice in SOAS, London, where she is based. Originally from Carlow, Saoirse grew up around music. She is a trained musician and has worked in events for years, but found a passion for activism and political thinking at university. She is currently on a mission to figure out how she can blend these two very different parts of her life - to continue her work in the creative industries while trying to make a difference. I came across Saoirse's page when I was trying to find reliable information on the Sudan Uprising and ever since have been fascinated by the information and recourses she shares both in conversation and on her instagram @saysxa . Upon meeting Saoirse for this podcast she shared with me where she saw her future (I really bring up the most intense conversations) and she told me about something I had never heard of before... "Cultural Branding". This is a new area of work, which you'll find out more about in this podcast, that Saoirse believes she can make the most difference. This podcast is brilliant for understanding the significant role brands will play in future global research, and how it could help particular causes. Thank you to Depop for facilitating brilliant conversations and encouraging young people to ask questions. My depop shop of the week is @larri_d for stunning hand picked second hand clothing of all sorts. She has an amazing eye and I've been using her page lately for styling inspiration.

Episode 1: with Between Two Books Co-Founder, Leah Moloney
Aug 13 2019 45 mins  
Athlone Native, Leah Moloney, co-founded online book club community 'Between Two Books' Florence Welch's official book club ,in 2012. Since then they have recommended and read 43 books, had guest recommendations from the likes of Greta Gerwig and Nick Cave, travelled from Arizona to Ireland interviewing Pussy Riot & Yrsa Daley Ward  and collaborated with 'Gurls Talk' Founder Adwoa Aboah twice. Seven years on the community boasts 120k followers/members on Instagram and 14.9k followers/members on twitter. But what's more impressive? Leah co-founded and was (is) active creative director of this community all the while she graduated secondary school and a psychology degree in Trinity College Dublin. Now, Leah takes stock on her life so far as she works in Starbucks by day and travels with Florence and The Machines team by night, interviewing great literary minds of our time. Leah tells us what she's learned from the book club, and the emotional journey it has brought her on from starting such a larger than life project with an Iconic musician at such a young age.  Thank you Leah for consistently inspiring me to read, it was her who inspired me to start my own little non-fiction community and I will forever be so thankful to her for getting me back into reading at 22. This week's Depop Shop of the week is @radbooks for beautiful editions of excellent books. Based in London, the shop has a huge range of second hand books and is an active seller so make sure to check them out.

Episode 18: with Model Mimi Mcveigh (internet_baby)
Jun 25 2019 31 mins  
Today I chat with one of my biggest inspirations and major girl crush Mimi Mcvey , also known as @internet_baby . I first saw Mimi’s uniquely beautiful face on (designer) Emma Brewin’s instagram. I was so fascinated with how different she looked to anyone I’d ever seen, with confidence and style. Mimi also models for Unif. This is a girly chat with the most chilled out girl in the world. We talk about school, college, and modeling. Mimi is signed to Anti-Agency, the agency that has individually incredible faces such as Tia Jonsson, Zaina Miuccia and Tin Gao. The agency represents, as they state on their website ( ‘We focus on hand selecting the most iconic internationally based guys and girls with personality, individual style and talent. The agency is for people with real lives on the verge of exploding in music, fashion, art, illustration & the creative industries‘. The collection of faces, shapes, sizes and talents they represent is easily seen in this podcast with Mimi, it is high time we see a different type of girls in our magazines, campaigns and media. Mimi, who is 17..(what!?) speaks so eloquently about being herself and her own person in 2019. Thank you Mimi for being such a legend. Thank you to Depop for sponsoring this podcast. I asked Mimi for her favorite Depop shop (because to be honest she’s so much cooler than me) and it’s @internetgirl . Thank you so much for supporting my podcast, please share and rate it if you can.

Episode 16: with Female Barber Superstar, Hayden Cassidy
Jun 11 2019 40 mins  
Today I am in London speaking to Dublin native Hayden Cassidy on her career so far, travelling the world as a men's hairstylist. Hayden has done shows in Indonesia, Dusseldorf, Rome, New York, Moscow, London, Italy and of course Ireland and is renowned for her work. Hayden tells us about how she got into barbering, after she had to completely turn around her life when she suffered a sports injury on a football scholarship in the US. How she found barbering when she was with friends messing around, and how she got her first job in the industry in Cut and Sew in Dublin. Hayden describes that in hairstyling you can take in the energies and emotions of whoever sits in your seat, and I thought this was really intriguing. We chat about how she deals with that and the digital world that comes with an aesthetic career. When I said I was travelling to London and looking for suggestions of people to interview, Hayden's name was suggested by a mutual friend. I could not believe I had never heard before, an Irish woman so successful in a male dominated craft. I was actually really nervous to do this interview, because of how well respected Hayden is within her community and how highly everyone spoke of her, but she couldn't have been more eloquent and kind. So thank you so much Hayden! Hayden's instagram is @hayden_cassidy and her youtube channel with her barbering tutorials is @haydencassidyhair. Thank you to Depop for sponsoring this Podcast. The shop I am loving this week is @sadsac for both handpicked thrifted gems from an Undertaker T shirt to 90s Bart Simpson Bedsheets as well as incredible prints on hats and T Shirts. I am a major fan. If you enjoyed this podcast please subscribe, and if you are on Apple podcast please review as it really supports my podcasts.. thank you! LOVE!

Episode 15: With young icon Appiok Tong
Jun 04 2019 32 mins  
Today I am speaking with the beautiful and talented Irish Model Appiok Tong. Appiok is 19 and is represented by Not Another Agency, probably one of the most diverse agencies in Ireland. As well as being a covergirl on Image Magazine, Appiok has graced many Irish editorials, runways, and campaigns such as The Irish Times Magazine, Stellar Magazine, Brown Thomas, Umit Kutluk and Helen Steele to name a few. As a child she admired the confidence and charisma of Jourdan Dunne, Leomie Anderson and Naomi Campbell and when she was approached to model she was ecstatic. Modelling is Appiok's passion, it is something that she loves to do and her drive and ambitions are unparalleled. Already, in Ireland Appiok has experienced problems with inclusivity in many aspects of the industry already. In this podcast Appiok tells me about the problems she faces too often with hair and makeup on set, having to bring her own foundation, and being singled out. We also chat about her experience of tokenism and the importance of representation. I know Appiok is going to be a superstar. Thank you to Depop for sponsoring this podcast. My shop of the week this week is @myaemade. I have tried and tried and TRIED to get my hands on one of her incredible hand made dresses, two pieces or tops but they sell out in a flash. Most recently seen on Jordyn Woods, Myae's unique garms are in high demand so be on the lookout. If you enjoyed this podcast please like and review because it really helps me out! LOVE.

Episode 14: 'CAN WE GET A SCENE CLAP' Sustainability, Presenting and Manifesting with Fiona and Youth
May 28 2019 46 mins  
This week's podcast brings me overwhelming joy that I cannot even try to sum up in this description. I am joined in London by Youth and Fiona Short, two BBC3 Presenters who's show 'Deadstock' will be released this Saturday. The series follows Fiona and youth as they travel around the U.K to visit people with collectibles and treasures (think antiques roadshow, but young). Fiona and Youth both are famed Depop sellers (with a combined following of 274,000) and have supported themselves by sourcing handpicked and secondary hand garments and reselling them on the platform, it has led them to find a community of like minded and creative friends including each other. As well as clothing, Deadstock and sustainability, Fiona, Youth and I bonded and found friendship with our belief in law of attraction and manifestation. We are all extremely passionate on the subject and share each of our individual and unique methods of how we manifest. I have been asked a lot recently if I practice law of attraction and if I would speak about it, but I was scared because it's a belief and coping mechanism that has helped me through some trying times... so I was delighted to speak about with my two friends on how it has all impacted us differently. Follow Fiona (@fionajhappy) and Youth (@youth_i.d ) on Instagram for more of their beautiful faces. Of course thank you to Depot, not only for sponsoring this podcast but also for bringing us all together. To Fiona and Youth, I am grateful to you two beyond belief for your friendship and love. Thank you two for being you. This week's Depop Shops are of course @fionashort and @youthclubstore. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this podcast please hit like below and subscribe, as it really helps me out. LOVE!

Episode 13: 'People always ask me..Who does the man stuff?' Pansexuality with Emma Roche
May 21 2019 49 mins  
Today I am joined by the beautiful Emma Roche (@wolverinetits) to explore the topic of sexuality. The quietly powerful Emma is one half of the "Talkin' Shite" podcast as well as a carer for disabled children and we got together to have what we feel is a much needed conversation on sexuality, mainly, bisexuality and pansexuality. Growing up, we often have connotations of bisexuality and pansexuality as 'stepping stones'. We also see young girls 'exploring their sexuality' as doing so just for the male gaze. As not being 'real' or being 'for attention'. I thought it would be really beneficial to ask Emma to come and record a podcast on assumptions she has faced with her sexuality and her own personal experience with being pushed to label herself  from secondary school to now. Emma identifies with pansexuality an attraction to others regardless of  gender identity or lack thereof. We discuss the adversities she has faced trying to tirelessly explain to others that this isn't just an experimentation or vehicle to 'becoming a lesbian'. She kindly shares anecdotes of her past relationships, as well as stories about the reaction to her parents being two women. I say 'like' about a million times to many in this podcast, because honestly Emma was so engaging and honest with what she shared with us and I completely forgot I was even recording. I cannot thank her enough for what she taught me, and I really hope you guys feel the same. I cannot thank Depop enough for sponsoring this podcast! My favourite shop this week is @pattonstudio , I actually found this beautiful page from Alex Morgan (who's Depop page is @moroni_peperoni) and I cannot get enough. She has some incredibly rare handpicked vintage pieces from accessories like hats, headscarves and glasses to clothing like jackets, cardigans and dresses.

Episode 12: 'Like a Child' with Gerry Grennell
May 14 2019 39 mins  
Today's podcast is a pinch me moment. I talk with Gerry Grennell, voice coach to Heath Ledger, Jonny Depp, Meryl Streep and more, on his concepts of the self. Gerry's techniques are rooted in ideas of deep self reflection and 'Ownership'. We talk to him about these ideas, particularly that concept of 'Ownership'. Gerry is renowned around the world as a great thinker and voice in the art of acting, particularly film, but his concepts can be valuable lessons to everyday life. Having learned about Gerry's concepts in acting school (Bow Street Screen Acting in Dublin) the process of using the techniques he shared with us completely changed the way I approached life. I began to accept who I was in a way that I never had before, and born out of that was this podcast and everything I am so fortunate to be involved with now. If you are lost and seeking direction, going down a new career path or even interested in the human mind I think you will really love this podcast. You will notice that during the podcast, I don't ask about the celebrities Gerry has worked with or what were they like (if you would like to know more on this search his name on youtube and there's lots of interviews to enjoy). I just felt it unnecessary, his success speaks for itself, but what we really should take from this is why he was so successful as a coach, why did these people choose to learn from him. Thank you to Depop for sponsoring this Podcast. My depot shop of the week this week is @zedxed for vintage cameras, first edition books, vintage menswear, and generally really special one-off and unique items.

Episode 11: With DJ and Presenter Tara Stewert
May 07 2019 65 mins  
Today we learn from one of my ultimate role models, Tara Stewert. From the very start of this podcast I wanted to ask Tara to be a guest, so it was an honour to talk about her career so far (I say 'so far' because this girl has BIG dreams which are sure to become realities). Tara has led the most intriguing, constantly evolving life so far from having worked as a Judge's Assistant when she left school to moving to Dublin to pursue a career as a musician. She tells me about growing up in Alice Springs, a small town in the fairly desolate Northern Territory of Australia, with her Malaysian Mum and her Irish Dad and their life in their own bar and restaurant. We talk about why music became such an influential part of her expression and life from such an early age to now as a booked and busy DJ and Presenter that's also represented by Select Model Management in the UK. We also talk about how she became such a familiar voice to us in Ireland on RTE 2FM. Feeling at a standstill with her band and falling out of love with what she was doing, Tara saw an opportunity in a tweet from an Irish presenter that would change her career trajectory. With pure hustle and grit she made sure that she was noticed, cycling to the RTE buildings on her lunch break from waitressing just to make sure she was seen. It is beautiful to see how her hard work is paying off. Thank you so much to Depop for sponsoring this podcast! This week I asked Tara what Depop shop she was loving, her pick was @cool_as_kim_deal for great +size options of vintage and pre-loved clothing from the UK.

Episode 10: 'does that say Space Odyssey on your f**cking trousers?' with Jessica Anne Woodley
Apr 30 2019 64 mins  
Halfway through my second season, it is an incredible honour and quite a surreal moment to bring you an interview with Jess Woodley, a fiercely intelligent, honest and open individual who I have looked up to and followed since I was about 14. In one of the most open podcasts I've posted so far, Jess discusses her journey to be taken seriously as a creative having appeared on reality television. We talk about her upcoming television series and how she uses poetry that she has written since she was a young girl to develop aesthetic creative media for instagram and other creative enterprises she works within. This podcast deals with discussions on mental wellbeing and issues with sense of self. We discuss how as women, we have let relationships and being sexualised from early in life define our worth in the past. Jess explains why she feels she is at her most aspirational and hard working when she is single. The podcast takes a really engaging turn when I tell Jess how easily susceptible I was to being 'influenced' as a young girl struggling with low self esteem. Jess is incredibly aware of her audience size and of her contribution to the platform and explains how she herself has felt low as a result of comparing herself to others, we question the benefits of the mental health discussions on instagram and express our vulnerabilities being part of a generation confused. Thank you Jess, for sharing your bubbly, hospitable personality with us and being so honest about your feelings and struggles. Thank you to Depop for fascilitating these conversations. This week's depot shop of the week is @nellskitsch for Sabrina the Teenage Witch style second hand clothing in sizes 8-14. I am currently looking for plus size Depop pages to spotlight, please dm me on Instagram @mouldyparsnips or email me at [email protected] with suggestions. Thank you for watching!

Episode 9: with 19 year old Drag Queen Faux Joli
Apr 23 2019 41 mins  
19 year old Drag Queen Faux Joli is a regular performer at The George Nightclub in Dublin City as well as a fashion student in NCAD. This podcast is hilarious and has to be heard to be believed. I cannot even do Faux any justice in describing how incredible it is. Faux started Drag as soon as she possibly could, a few days before her 18th birthday (as there's an 18+ age restriction in most drag venues) and has been developing her art ever since. She is widely regarded as one of the most promising young Drag Queens in the game, but this comes as no surprise when you hear of the creative thought, planning, sewing and choreography that is channeled into each and every one of her performance. Drag is her passion and her career. Ms. Joli reveals her personal drag stories, from her first performance, perceptions from others, support from her family, attitude of other Queens and her drag mother. When I announced I was recording with Faux, her brother replied to my Instagram story story 'That's my little brother!...There are yellow feathers all over my house'.That's when I knew this one was going to be a special one. I have an overwhelming respect for Drag, and what it represents. I really hope you all love this podcast. Listen for some of the best laughs as well as an all round inspiring individual who is not afraid to speak their mind and reach for their dreams. Follow @fauxjoli on Instagram. PSA: my wig is a mess do not come for me. Thank you to Depop for sponsoring this podcast. The shop I'm loving this week is @amykloch for sustainably handmade vibrant pieces ready to wear OR made to order using incredible cartoon y2k fabrics perfect for festival season.

Episode 8: Give Us The Night with Sunil Sharpe, Rachael Bailey and Marcus O'Laoire
Apr 16 2019 22 mins  
Today, with a short podcast, Sunil Sharpe, Rachael Bailey and Marcus O'Laoire inform us on 'Give Us The Night'. As stated on their website ( Give Us The Night is 'an independent volunteer group of professionals operating within a night-time industry, campaigning for positive changes to nightlife in Ireland, with particular regard to music venues'. Explaining where the current issues lie in the night time economy and why this movement is so critical are three guests doing stunning work within the in the music industry: - Sunil Sharpe is one of Ireland's most celebrated DJ's and tirelessly campaigns for this cause, educating and enlightening on why archaic licensing laws among other issues are causing venue closures discouraging a fostering of a night time industry that reflects the 'wide range of lifestyles and working hours' in Ireland. -Rachael Bailey creates sponsored content centred around underground music, club culture and festivals. -Marcus O'Laoire (DJ) has held residencies in Tramline, The Academy and Opium as well as the recently closed Hanger and District 8. Listen for a digestible understanding of what this movement is and why you are hearing about it everywhere. To see what you can do or gain a deeper understanding of what these inspiring guests are talking about, I strongly urge you to head over to and read the incredible mandate this group of volunteers have drawn up and follow @giveusthenight on instagram. Audio by Pete Regazzoli. A huge thank you to my sponsor, Depop, for fascilitating me cover these really important discussions. The Depop shop I am loving this week is @loafcameras for fully refurbished 100 percent working second hand cameras from the throwback underwater film cameras to Canon AE-1's. These guys have an incredible collection at really great deals and a guarantee of function for those of you trawling through second hand shops for film cameras only to find they're not working!

Episode 7: With The Little Green Spoon, Indy Power
Apr 09 2019 48 mins  
Indy Power/Parsons (who happens to be my sister-in-law) is a food writer and author from Dublin who creates incredibly quick, mouthwatering and simple nutritious recipes. At 26, Indy is an extreme example of modern success having started posting recipes while in college as a hobby and growing an organic and dedicated following, writing her first cookbook her first year out of college, while also getting married to my brother (lol) and basically just being a beaming ray of sunshine always. Indy's success obviously speaks for itself, but in this podcast myself and Indy have an honest and frank conversation about what working for yourself can really mean, and what people should know if they decide to take that plunge. We also talk through this 'on the grind' trend on social media currently, whether it is authentic and how it makes us feel, something that I have been thinking about for ages but never knew how to express. There's a huge pressure in every job sector it appears with millennials to be 'booked and busy' constantly and it's a weird space to be in. In every step of this podcast I have gone to Indy for help, and I really want to say thank you to her. It can be so scary putting yourself out there, knowing how to value yourself, and just generally handling the self imposed pressure of going after your passion as a career and Indy has helped me with it all (and will probably continue to forever because I'm a ball of stress). I couldn't have wished for a better extra sister. Thank you to depop for sponsoring this podcast! My favourite shop this week is @maddyhay for handpicked 90s staples straight out of cruel intentions. Get your Selma Blair on.

Episode 6: "I was like where is this 'G Spot"' with owner Shawna Scott
Apr 02 2019 51 mins  
In this episode of Molly's Minutes we talk to Shawna Scott, the woman behind on pleasure, specifically female pleasure, the barriers to it and the tools to stimulate it. We talk about masturbation, orgasms, porn, sex toys and education. Shawna helps me to debunk some widely believed myths on female pleasure and the 'G Spot', as well as discussing the science and anatomy behind the clitoris (internally and externally). Shawna, like me, believes that sex education in Ireland fails so many of us on a number of issue such as being heteronormative and lacking explanation on female pleasure and how subjective it is. We discuss how penetration doesn't necessarily=sex and how to heighten your sex life ten fold. It is important to note that this podcast isn't just for women looking to understand their own bodies, but also for people who want to explore how to delight sexual partners and have a deeper understanding sexuality in general. It is so important to understand human sexual anatomy in the day and age of completely false narratives displayed in the media of what sex is and what it entails. This podcast is important to me and so many of the women I know who have put their sexual pleasure secondary to that of their partners for decades. For women who have thought there was something wrong with them for masturbating, or even for never having an orgasm. Listen for open, honest and raw conversation about toy usage, sexual stimulation, the orgasm gap and the monopoly of 'tube' sites in the porn industry. Thank you to Depop for Sponsoring this podcast! It means so much to me that they support these incredibly important conversations. My shop of the week is @skyknowles for handpicked second hand clothing. This shop rarely has anything that isn't in pristine condition and seems to have a never ending supply of floaty skirts and pretty summer dresses.

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