Pardon My Take

Dec 02 2020 95 mins 27.3k

On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.

Frank Caliendo
Nov 13 2017 78 mins  
Fastest 2 Minutes from Week 11 and a full recap of the weekend of Football (2:02 - 7:53). The NFL is going to kick Jerry Jones out of the league, maybe ( 7:53 - 21:02). Who's Back of the Week and Football Guy of the Week (21:02 - 31:38). Frank Caliendo joins the show to talk about his career, what it was like working for pregame Football shows, how much money he's worth and a script reading Scarface (31:38 - 61:50). Segments include Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules, Sabermetrics for the Giants, Uhhh Ya Think for Josh Beckett, Whats the internet mad at today and Thats enough internet. Thanks to our Sponsors: Omaha Steaks - for only $49.99, you can get my Family Gift Pack when you go to and enter my code PARDON Seat Geek - Just download the SeatGeek app and enter promo code TAKE today. That's promo code TAKE for $10 off your first SeatGeek purchase. Mugsy Jeans - You can get the best looking, most comfortable men's jeans ever made for just $98, and usecode PMT to get $10 plus a pack of Big League Chew—that's $10 off and a pack of nostalgiausing code PMT. Upstart - ​Skip​ ​the​ ​traditional,​ ​loan​ ​process​ ​and​ ​see​ ​HOW LOW​ ​your​ ​Upstart​ ​rate​ ​is​ ​NOW​. It​ ​takes​ ​just​ ​two​ ​minutes​ ​to​ ​check​ ​your​ ​rate!​ ​ ​That's Upstart​.​com/PMT My Bookie - Join now and MYBookie will match your deposit with up to a 50% bonus at

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cmackle Nov 30 2020
Timmy tortellini

nelsoncarr8 Nov 06 2020

Realpodaholic Oct 08 2020
The very best of course. Benign violations left and right. They manage to say terrible things while keeping it friendly.

Jmull Jun 12 2020

Andrewskaggs Jun 01 2020

Gzusone May 09 2020
Award Winning Listener for over a year now. Since Feb 29th 2016!

Jim Jimmerson Apr 13 2020
Alien Theorists Theorizing Three plucky Canadians and one nerdy American discuss all things alien and some things conspiracy. Usually over a few too many beers. Good for a lot of laughs. Todd and Gordo give 4 thumbs up.

oso722 Apr 12 2020
Big Cat and PFT are very funny. Great podcast!