Small Town Dicks Podcast

Oct 16 2020 47 mins 10.8k

Small Town Dicks is a podcast about the big-time crime that’s happening in Small Town, USA. Each episode features the detectives who broke the case in their small town, and includes assets like jailhouse phone calls, suspect interviews and 9-1-1 calls. The show is anchored by veteran, identical-twin detectives Dan and Dave, and hosted by actress, Yeardley Smith.

2: Kilcullen 248: End of Watch, Part 2
Sep 04 2020 66 mins  
(Part 2) The murder of Officer Chris Kilcullen, in broad daylight, devastated the community he served. Our own Detective Dan was the first to arrive on scene and tend to him, while the armed suspect fled, leading multiple law enforcement agencies in a treacherous, high-speed chase up a remote logging road. Where the road dead-ends, a tense standoff commences and our own Detective Dave steps in as the crisis negotiator. In this two-part episode, Detective Dan reflects on the worst day of his law enforcement career alongside Chris’ widow, Kristie, and Chris' former lieutenant, and partner, who remember the kind of man and police officer he was. Special Guests: Ret. Officer Risko Risko is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and was born and raised in Chicago, Il. Prior to becoming a police officer, he served 3 years as a paratrooper in the US Army. After leaving the Army, Risko became a police officer and his career in law enforcement spanned nearly 30 years. During that time he worked on patrol, as a FTO, narcotics detective, and motorcycle officer. He was also a member of the SWAT team. He served an additional 8 years as a member of the National Guard while working as a full-time police officer. Risko is a member of the Peer Support Team which offers assistance to people in law enforcement after critical/traumatic incidents. Risko has a master scuba diver rating, has assisted in scuba instruction, and volunteered at a coastal aquarium, an activity he enjoyed with his best friend and work partner, Chris Kilcullen. He’s married and has 3 adult children. Lt. Bills Lt. Bills recently retired after serving her community for over 25 years. She has worked on patrol, bike patrol, Crowd Control-Bike Officer, background investigations, and as a crisis negotiator. Bills volunteered for her department's Honor Guard and served for 10 years. She was eventually promoted to Sergeant and then Lieutenant which saw her supervising Special Operations, Investigations, and serving as a Watch Commander. In addition to her supervisory roles, she served as the Crisis Negotiation Team Sergeant for 4 years. Bills graduated from the FBI National Academy and the Senior Management Institute of Policing. She is married to a wonderful woman and they have a son who became a police officer. Her hobbies include playing ice hockey, ski patrol, and all things two-wheeled (bicycles & motorcycles. Lt. Bills feels most privileged to have been asked to be the family liaison to Kristie Kilcullen after Chris Kilcullen's murder. To read the transcript, go to: For more information on the Chris Kilcullen Memorial Scholarship Fund, please go to ( .

4.7 • 7 Ratings

ratm33 Jul 26 2020
One of the best podcasts out there

bj14klein Jul 11 2020
Love the format.

Squirrel Jun 29 2020
I really enjoy this podcast. Great voices, great stories.

AutumnPoppy May 29 2020
I love how different this podcast is. With a new case each week, the stories come straight from the officers and the detectives involved. In some cases, first responders tell they're tales like in my favorite episode titled "Engine" about a hair raising night including a madman with a shotgun and the brave first responders that were caught off guard. This podcast is definately a great listen!

JHayden01 May 22 2020
This podcast would be so much better if it was only hosted by the two detectives. Yeardley Smith completely ruins the show. I mean, you run a podcast about police work and you haven't taken the time to learn the difference between a rifle and a shotgun? Ridiculous.

Soph May 03 2020
Love this podcast

Gavin Johnson Apr 18 2020